It Started with a Jar of Cum

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Bre was a college sophomore. One afternoon, Bre was in class in a large lecture hall. The lecture was particularly boring, so Bre was talking back and forth with her sorority sister Amy. The hall was half empty, so there was plenty of space between Bre and Amy and the next closest students. They were whispering to each other, so Bre assumed that no one could hear their conversation over the professor lecturing. She would later learn she was wrong.

Amy asked Bre, “Have you ever had a guy cum on you?”

Bre answered, “Yes, why?”

Amy responded, “My boyfriend said he wants to cum on me. In particular, on my face. It sounds kinda gross.”

Bre replied, “I used to think that too, but it’s not.”

Amy asked, “When, or how often have you done it? Tell me what it’s like.”

Bre said, “A while back I was with this guy I had been fooling around with. We were fucking one Friday night. When he was about to cum, he pulled out, ripped his condom off, and shot his load all over my stomach. And he was a big cummer, you know, big quantity. I loved seeing it shoot from the tip of his cockhead. It was so sexy and erotic. And I really liked the feeling when it hit my skin. It was warm, slick, and sticky all at the same time. And felt deeply sexual, which I liked.”

Amy interrupted, “But he wants to cum on my face.”

Bre responded, “You didn’t let me finish. We fucked again that Saturday night. He made me cum pretty hard when we fucked. That time, he pulled out and said he wanted to cum on my face. I’d never done it before either, but decided to let him. After I enjoyed him cumming on my stomach so much the night before, I figured I would give it a try. I got down on my knees and he stood in front of me as he jerked off above my face. I was really nervous as he started to tense up. Then, I watched up close his cum explode from the tip of his cock. It was so hot. I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I loved having his cum sprayed all over my face. It felt submissive and dirty. I really liked it. I loved watching it. I loved the feeling. I loved everything about it. I love being dominated like that in the bedroom. It really turns me on. He did it a number of times with me over the next month or so. After that, I was hooked. I guess you could say he made me a cum lover.”

Amy stated, “I still don’t know if I want to let him do it.”

Bre said, “Maybe try dipping your toe in the water first. Compromise. Let him cum on your tits or something. You got great tits, I bet he’d love to see his cum splattered all over your big DD boobs. Hell, I’d love to see that!” They both giggled.

The next morning, after Bre got ready for class, she found a small bag hanging on her door when she was leaving her dorm room. Inside the bag was a small clear jar with a ribbon tied around it. A note was also in the bag. It read, “A gift from your Secret Admirer. Hope you enjoy it.” It was signed with an e-mail address containing some random characters at a free e-mail address domain.

Bre examined the jar closely without opening it. She wasn’t quite sure what was in the jar. Eventually, her curiosity got the best of her and she opened the jar. When she did, Bre realized it was a jar half full of cum.

Bre was shocked. She couldn’t believe someone would leave a jar of cum on her door. As she thought about it, she started wondering who left it, and why. Was it someone she knew playing a prank on her? A stranger? Someone in her dorm? Someone she had class with? She became very curious.

As time passed, she became more and more curious. Eventually, she couldn’t stand the wondering and not knowing, so she sent an e-mail to the address. She wrote, “I got the bag. Who is this?”

After sending the e-mail, Bre went on to class. She kept checking her phone for a reply. The waiting and anticipation were unbearable. Bre kept looking around class to see if anyone was watching her. She thought maybe it was someone from one of her classes that left the jar.

Later that afternoon, Bre finally got a reply. It said, “Did you like the gift I left you?”

Bre quickly replied, “No. It is pretty weird. Who is this?”

After a while, Bre got another reply. “I know you like cum. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me. Be honest. Did you like the gift?”

Bre responded, “I don’t know. Maybe. It’s weird though. Who is this?”

The waiting in-between responses was nerve wracking to Bre. A couple hours later, she received a reply saying, “You want more?”

Bre’s heart skipped a beat. Suddenly, the unusual singular event had potentially turned into continued interaction. She wasn’t sure if she wanted that. Bre thought about it and whether she should respond, and if she did, how. Bre batted her thoughts back and forth in her head for an hour. On one hand, interacting like this with an anonymous stranger sounded dangerous. On the other hand, it kinda excited Bre. She was also dying to know who her “Secret Admirer” was. And, truth be told, she did love cum. Plus, the idea of a guy jerking off for her and giving her his cum was quite dirty and a bit thrilling. It excited her.

Bre reluctantly responded, Antalya Escort “Yes.” As soon as she sent her reply her heart raced. She wondered what exactly it was that she had just sent into motion. She gave up on asking who her secret admirer was that she was e-mailing. She concluded that he wasn’t going to say. Bre also started to like the mystery of not knowing who it was.

Bre waited and kept checking her phone, but there were no more replies that day. She kept awake as late as she could hoping to get another response with more details. Eventually, Bre fell asleep.

When Bre awoke the next morning, she checked for a response and there was none. She got out of bed and went to check her door. Sure enough, a bag was hanging on her door. Bre eagerly opened the bag. Inside the bag was a small giftwrapped box and a card. The card simply said, “Enjoy.” It was signed, “- S.A.” for Secret Admirer.

Bre unwrapped the box. Inside it was another small baby food sized jar of cum. This time it was completely full. Bre admired the jar without opening it. It was a lot of cum. She wondered if that was all one cumload, or did he cum several times to fill it up.

Bre set the jar on her desk and opened her laptop and wrote to SA, “I got your gift. Thank you.” Bre thought for a moment and then decided to ask since she was curious. “Is that one cumload in the jar or several?”

Several hours went by and no response. Bre tried to study, but kept looking up at the jar full of cum sitting on the shelf above her desk and wondering about it. Eventually, she decided to open it.

The smell of the cum aroused her. She stuck her finger in the jar to feel it. Bre rubbed a bit of the cum back and forth between her thumb and index finger. It was slick and sticky.

She gazed at the cum on her fingers as she played with it. As she did, Bre started to think about SA. She wondered what he looked like. Was he tall or short? Athletic or pudgy? What color was his hair? His eyes? How old was he? What did his voice sound like?

Then her thoughts started to turn. She wondered what his cock looked like. Was he well hung? Was it long and thick? Bre started to imagine what SA looked like while he was jerking off. She pictured cum shooting from the tip of his cock into the jar. She imagined seeing stream after stream of cum blast from his cock as it filled the jar.

Bre was getting turned on. She could feel her pussy start to tingle. Bre reached down and slipped a finger in her panties. She slid a finger in her wet slit as she continued to play with the cum with her other hand. She started masturbating her clit as she continued to fantasize about SA. It wasn’t long before Bre arched her back, dropped her mouth open, and her body jerked into orgasm. Bre gasped as her orgasm shot through her body. She tried as hard as she could not to scream out loud.

Eventually Bre’s orgasm subsided. Once she regained her breath, she slipped into the shower to get ready to go to class. After her class, Bre received a reply from SA. It asked, “Did you enjoy your gift?

Bre replied, “Yes I did. Thank you.”

This time SA responded right away, “Did you open the jar?”

Bre replied, “Yes.”

SA quickly responded, “Then what did you do?”

Bre hesitated for a moment. She was unsure whether she wanted to share the truth or not. Finally, she relented and said, “I played with some of it with my fingers.”

SA asked, “Did you like the way it felt?”

Bre replied, “Yes.”

SA asked, “Then what did you do?”

Bre again hesitated. She reluctantly replied, “I touched myself.”

SA inquired, “Did you think about my cum while you touched your pussy?”

Bre didn’t want to admit it, but she replied, “Yes.”

SA asked, “Did that get you off?”

Bre again reluctantly replied, “Yes.”

SA asked, “Would you like to continue our game?”

Seeing the word ‘game’ excited Bre. She was starting to enjoy the interaction. Viewing it as a game stimulated her. Bre also thought about the word ‘continue’. She wasn’t sure what he meant and what further he had planned. She was curious. Bre also knew she didn’t want their interaction to end just yet, so she replied, “Yes.”

SA continued, “The rules of the game are simple. Follow my instructions without hesitation. Acknowledge each instruction when given. No questions. If you do, you will be rewarded. If you disobey, the game will end. Say please and thank you to show your gratitude and appreciation of your presents and rewards. Special requests require escalation. Do you agree to the rules and want to continue to play?”

Bre thought for a moment about what she was getting into. She really didn’t know, which excited her further. Bre liked the word ‘play’ at the end of the message and all the possibilities that could mean. She replied, “Yes, let’s play.”

The game started out with an exchange of e-mails with SA asking Bre questions and other things. The initial conversation went like this:

SA: Have you ever stripped in a strip club (either working there or on amateur night)?

Bre: No.

SA: Ever have sex Antalya Escort Bayan with a stranger or a one-night stand?

Bre: No.

SA: Ever had anal sex?

Bre: No.

SA: Ever jerked off or sucked two cocks at once?

Bre: Umm.. Yes.

SA: Explain in detail please.

Bre: I got drunk at a party a while back. I was hanging out with a guy and his roommate in their room. I ended up making out with both of them. Pretty sure they were hoping to have a threesome, but all I was willing to do was give them hand jobs for a short bit – I wasn’t that drunk!

SA: Have you ever had sex with another woman?

Bre: No. I have kissed a few girls, but not “had sex” with them.

SA: Ever videotaped yourself masturbating?

Bre: Yes

SA: Ever videotaped yourself having sex?

Bre: Yes

SA: Have you ever had a threesome?

Bre: No

SA: Ever watched someone else having sex?

Bre: No

SA: Tell me what you love the most about cum.

Bre: Seeing it shoot from the tip of a cock.

SA: Where have you had cum shot on your body?

Bre: Stomach, tits, and ass cheek.

SA: What about your face?

Reluctantly Bre answered, “Yes.”

SA: Withholding information is the same as disobeying. This is your only warning.

Bre: Ok, I’m sorry. I’ve had it shot on my face and in my mouth too. And to preempt your next question, yes I swallowed. 🙂

SA: In your pussy?

Bre: No.

SA: Where is your favorite?

Bre didn’t want to answer truthfully because she felt it was dirty and degrading, but she admitted, “On my face.”

SA: Are you on the pill?

Bre: Yes.

SA: Do you enjoy talking about sex?

Bre: Yes.

SA: Does it turn you on?

Bre: Yes, kinda.

SA: Are you in your room?

Bre: Yes.

SA: Do you still have the jar of cum.

Bre: Yes.

SA: Did you taste it?

Bre: No.

SA: Did you keep the jar closed?

Bre: Yes.

SA: Open the lid. Stick the tip of your tongue in the jar and taste it. Tell me when you are done. Remember, no hesitation.

Bre: Bre pondered the request for a brief moment, but she was now horny and curious, so she opened the jar and stuck the tip of her tongue in the cum. She liked the taste of it. She replied, “Ok. I tasted it.”

SA: Did you like it?

Bre: Yes.

SA: Describe it.

Bre: It was salty, I guess. But good.

SA: What are you wearing?

Bre: A t-shirt and panties.

SA: Take off your t-shirt.

Bre: Ok.

SA: Now get your phone and the jar and lay on the bed, propping yourself up on your elbows.

Bre: Ok.

SA: Now pour the cum on your chest and let it dribble down till it pools on your stomach.

Bre: Ok.

SA: Now take a picture of it and send it to me.

Bre again paused for a second. But, she figured it was harmless if she sent a picture that didn’t show her face so she took the picture and sent it to him.

SA: Now finger your pussy until you cum. Tell me when you have cum.

Bre started rubbing her pussy as SA instructed. The conversation with SA had turned her on, so her pussy was already wet. It was super sensitive to her touch and Bre felt instant pleasure. Bre looked down at the pool of SA’s cum on her stomach. It felt dirty, which turned her on even more. It wasn’t long before Bre exploded with a powerful orgasm. Once she regained her breath, she replied, “I came.”

SA ended the evening’s conversation by saying, “Good girl. You have played well so far. You will get a reward soon.”

Bre went to sleep that night very excited and intrigued by this new game. She enjoyed the interaction with SA and was looking forward to more. Bre also was anxious to learn what her “reward” would be that SA mentioned in his last e-mail.

Bre awoke the next morning and got ready for class. When she went to leave her dorm room, she noticed another gift bag on her door. Inside the bag she found a six inch long bullet vibrator. Also in the bag was a card that said “Don’t use until I say so. Await further instructions at 8pm tonight.” The card was signed “-SA”.

Bre immediately messaged SA, “Got your gift. Thank you.”

Bre rushed off to class. She couldn’t concentrate on the lecture at all. All she could think about was SA instructing her to use the vibrator. She couldn’t wait until 8pm that night.

At 8pm sharp Bre got her message from SA. It asked, “Do you like sucking cock?”

Bre responded, “Yes, provided it’s the right cock.”

SA instructed, “Suck on the vibrator like you would imagine sucking on my cock. Don’t stop till instructed.”

Bre replied, “Ok.” She started sucking on the vibrator, imaging it was SA’s cock. It turned her on to fantasize about sucking a stranger’s cock.

A few minutes later, SA sent instructions saying, “Now slide the vibrator all the way in your pussy and turn it on.”

Bre responded, “Ok,” and slid the vibrator in her pussy. Bre gasped when she turned it on as it was more powerful than she was expecting.

After two minutes SA sent another message Escort Antalya that said, “Now hold the tip of the vibrator on your clit. Don’t remove it until you cum. Tell me when you cum.”

Bre complied and held the tip of the vibrator against her clit. It was buzzing so powerfully, she could barely stand it there. Twenty seconds later Bre exploded and orgasmed. When she recovered from her orgasm, she responded to SA, “I came.”

SA instructed, “Send me a photo of your juices on the vibrator.” Bre complied and sent SA a close-up photo of the vibrator. SA responded, “Your next reward will be arriving soon.”

Bre replied, “Ok, thank you.”

Bre went to sleep that night quite satisfied. She was continuing to enjoy this fun little game she was playing with SA. She was excited to continue it.

The next morning Bre woke early and immediately checked her door. As she had anticipated, a gift bag was hanging on the doorknob. It was a much larger bag this time. Inside the bag was a giftwrapped box. Since there were no instructions on the outside, she decided it was alright to open the gift.

When Bre unwrapped and opened the box. Inside she found a matching set of bra, panties, garter belt and black silk stockings. She was flattered. The lingerie was by far the nicest anyone had ever given her. In fact, only one boyfriend had ever given her lingerie, and it was quite cheap and slutty.

Inside the box was a card. It read, “Wear the lingerie to class today underneath a short skirt and blouse. Await further instructions toward the end of class.”

Bre got ready for class and started to put on the lingerie. It was her first time wearing a garter belt, so she fumbled a bit with the clips on the garters but finally got them on correctly. As she got dressed, she wondered what the further instructions would be. She was slightly nervous as all her game play to date had been from the comfort of her dorm room. This was the first time the game required venturing in public.

Bre felt sexy wearing the lingerie as she walked to class. She was way overdressed for class but didn’t care. As class drug on, the wait for the further instructions was unbearable. Bre checked her phone almost every minute.

Finally, ten minutes before class ended, Bre received an e-mail from SA that said, “Get up now and go immediately to the 3rd floor of the library.” Bre’s heart raced. She got up and walked up the side stairs of the lecture hall. She could tell everyone was watching her as she stood out by her outfit and was leaving early, which made her a little flush in the face with embarrassment.

Bre walked over to the library and went to the 3rd floor. She was nervous as to what might happen next. She wondered if SA would be there. And this was by far a less public place, so she had a slight fear about whether this was a good idea or not from a safety perspective. But, she did see a couple other people there so decided it would be ok.

Bre messaged SA, “I’m here.”

SA responded, “Go into the ladies’ restroom.”

Bre went inside the restroom and messaged, “Ok, what next?”

SA replied, “Pick a stall and go inside. Rub your pussy through your new panties until you cum; soak the material with your wet pussy juices. Tell me when you cum.”

Bre did as instructed. She went into a stall, closed the door and hiked up her skirt. She started rubbing her pussy through her panties. She liked the way the silky material felt on her slit. The whole scene felt naughty, which aroused Bre. After about five minutes of masturbating, Bre orgasmed. When she was finished, she messaged SA, “I came. My panties are soaked.”

SA responded, “Now take off the panties and go to the book return carts on the first floor. Place the panties inside the book titled ‘Sexual Psychology’ and leave it on the cart. Then leave the library.”

Bre removed her panties and wadded them up in her bag. She went down to the first floor and found the book on the cart. She looked around to make sure no one was watching her, and she put her panties inside the book and left the book on the cart. Bre wanted to stay and see who would pick up the book, but she didn’t want to risk getting caught and end the game, so she left the library and went back to her dorm room.

Bre had hoped she would get another message from SA, but she never received one that night and finally fell asleep. When she awoke the next morning, there still was no message. She eagerly jumped out of bed and checked her door. She was pleased to see another gift bag on the door.

When she looked in the bag, she saw the same pair of panties in it. As she pulled the panties out of the bag, she realized they were completely covered in dried cum; presumably SA’s. There was a card in the bag that read, “Wear the panties again to class today with a short skirt. Shorter than the skirt you wore yesterday. Sit in the front row. After class, leave the panties on the cart in the library inside the book titled ‘The psychology of bondage.'”

Bre had mixed feelings about this next assignment. She thought the cum soaked panties were slightly gross. But, the more she thought about how naughty and dirty it was, the more receptive she became to the idea. She finally conceded her internal battle and decided to go through with it. She slipped on the panties and got dressed and went off to class.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32