It Started in the Rain Ch. 02

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This is a work of fiction. While the geography does exist the people are creations of my imagination and are not intended to resemble anyone I know.

I encourage your feedback and votes.

At 1655 on Friday afternoon I was parked near the gate to Point Mugu naval base. Nurse Kathleen said, when she got out of my car last Monday morning, she would be walking out this gate at 1700 on Friday. All week long as I taught my classes, did my weekly rituals of shopping, cleaning, consulting and such thoughts of her kept inserting themselves into whatever I did.

I gave myself a tough time about all my thoughts of Kat. As of Saturday morning I would have known her for one week. We spent all of forty-five hours together in one week! We hadn’t even spoken on the phone once during the week! I must be daft as I heard someone in an English movie say.

At 1703 Kat walked through the gate. She was wearing dark gray slacks and a burgundy sweater and carrying a medium-sized gym bag. When she saw my car she waved. She showed the gate guard her ID and walked quickly to my side of the car. Wondering why she didn’t just get in, I rolled down the window and she leaned in.

She said hello adding a wonderful kiss. The last four plus days disappeared. When she ended the kiss I noticed I was getting hard.

“Lee, I need to ask you a question.”

“So, ask.” I answered with worried thoughts filling my head.

“I have a friend, she’s a nurse too, and we were on Oki together. She needs a good weekend. I wonder if we could share our weekend with her?”

“My plans for the weekend included quite a bit of intimate play. Are you asking me if it’s OK to give those plans up for this weekend?”

“Heavens no! I’m asking if you’d like to have two nurses to play with this weekend!”

I smiled and answered, “Well, call her and let’s get the weekend started.”

Kat put her fingers to her lips and whistled. From behind the gate shack came a woman who would turn heads in the dark. She was about 5’10”, wearing dark Khaki slacks and a dark green sweater. Kat’s sweater held her small breasts gently and the sweater was just a bit loose. This woman’s sweater was filled. She was not ever going to shop in the petite section! Her breasts were at least “D” cups and the sweater showed bumps where her hard nipples were trying to poke their way to freedom. Her hair was just slightly longer than Kat’s, meaning that it was almost long enough to touch her shoulders. Her hair was milk chocolate brown.

As this taller woman approached my car Kat got into the back seat and motioned her friend into the front beside me. She opened the door, put her bag on the floor and got in.

Closing the door she said, “Hi. I’m Pam. I’ve wondered what I would say to you if you said Yes to me coming along. Here goes: Hi, I’m Pam, and I hope to be your unexpected pleasure this weekend.” She giggled.

She was blushing and her eyes sparkled. Her smile was held back just a little. She stuck out her hand to shake mine. I looked at Kat and she gave me an air kiss. I took that as a hint and instead of taking the offered hand I reached around her shoulders and pulled us together. The kiss was short and she quickly touched my lips with her tongue. Just enough of a touch to hint at the future.

The three of us laughed and I started the car. I looked over at the guard and saw that he had been watching. I smiled. He saluted.

On the road back down to my place, Santa Monica and points farther south I was given the details about Pam. She was twenty-eight, from a small town in Nebraska, had been married for about eight months to another officer in the Navy but he had decided that being married cramped his style. She had been single again for almost a year and a half.

As we neared my home I asked, “What would you like to do for dinner tonight?”

Pam spoke first. “I’d really like some sea food, but my budget is a little tight.”

(That registered as code for, “Please buy me dinner.” That wasn’t a problem as I had planned on buying dinner.)

“Sea food sounds good to me too.” Kat said.

I pulled off the highway about two minutes later and parked at a local’s place I frequent. “The Reel Inn” isn’t fancy, but the fish is fresh and the prices are low. We ordered at the counter and then moved to a booth near the windows. When our food was ready they called our names over the PA system. I sat next to Kat and while we ate she played with my leg and rubbed herself along my side. It was a delightful meal. As we ate I also was able to easily feast my eyes on the features of Pam most prominently placed before me.

When we were walking back to my car after dinner I asked the ladies if they had anything they wanted to do this evening. I noted that it was just about seven-thirty. Neither woman answered until we were in my car. Pam got in the back and Kat sat up front with me.

“Lee, we have a specific request for the rest of this evening. We want you to take us to your home and we want you to fuck istanbul escort us.”

“Please.” Pam said.

I started the car and put it in gear. Six minutes later we were in my garage. When we got out of the car I took them both in my arms and we kissed. I started with my mouth on Kat’s and as that kiss was warming up I felt Pam’s lips on my neck. When Kat and I came up for a breath I turned my head and Pam’s tongue met mine. I expected to feel Kat’s lips on my neck but she put them on Pam’s. Things were heating up nicely.

It was as we were standing next to my car in the garage kissing that I heard a small dog bark. It sounded near by. I broke the kiss and looked and Mrs. Calderon from down the street was standing in my driveway holding her little dog in her arms and staring. I smiled and ushered Kat and Pam to my front door.

As I opened the door my phone started ringing. I went into the kitchen and answered. It was my oldest daughter.

“Are you busy, Daddy?” she asked.

“As a matter of fact I am Sweetheart. We went out to dinner and now we’re home for the evening.”

“We? You have a date? Well, good for you! It’s about time you were back in circulation. What’s her name?”

“You are just going to have to wait to find out any details. And, in case you were thinking of it, don’t!”

“Don’t what?”

“Don’t come anywhere near this house this weekend!”

She laughed and when she stopped she said, “I love you Dad. Have a nice weekend. Maybe I should call a nurse for you?”

“That won’t be necessary.” I answered with an all-knowing grin.

I hung up. Both Pam and Kat were somewhere in the house but not in the kitchen. I went looking for them. They had found bathrooms and were using the time to good advantage. I did not intrude. Thinking that a bathroom was a good idea I used the one closest to the front door. When I finished I went back to the kitchen and sat on one of the bar stools.

Kat was next into the kitchen. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me. It was soft and insistent. I returned it in the same manner.

“Lee, is it really OK that we share with Pam this weekend?”

“Are you really OK with me fucking her?”

Kat nodded.

“All week long you have constantly been on my mind. I have been in relationships. I was even engaged once. I have never felt as safe, comfortable, or sated as I have felt all week. I believe you when you say that the more people accept each other the better we would all be.”

“Most people put too much about ownership and rules into being together.”

“I don’t want to be like that. So, yes, I’m ready and willing to have you include my friend.”

Pam was standing in the hallway. She could see us and hear that we were talking but she couldn’t hear what was being said. When we finished talking, we kissed. At the end of the kiss Pam walked in.

“Can I have one of those?” she asked.

I took my right arm from around Kat and held it out for Pam. She took two more steps and the three of us embraced. I kissed Pam on the lips and she welcomed me in. Kat snuggled in while Pam and I kissed. The feeling of having these two beautiful women in my arms was incredible!

When Pam and I broke our kiss she spoke to Kat.

“How did you find this man?”

“I just stuck my thumb out to hitch a ride and he showed up.” Kat said smiling.

Pam opened her mouth and kissed me again. After the kiss I asked both to tell me why they were willing to share.

Kat told me about her history with men who were users and jerks and that she didn’t think there were many good guys left. Pam jumped in and said that when Kat had told her about our weekend she wanted a weekend like that too. The more they had talked the more evident it seemed that the solution was to both be here with me this weekend.

I thanked them for thinking so highly of me and kissed them both. When the kisses ended I had a thought. That thought prompted a question.

“What is your favorite fragrance? Not a perfume, a smell. Like vanilla, cloves, lavender, jasmine.” I asked.

Kat answered, “Vanilla!”


“Perfect! I have a surprise for both of you and it is a wonderful way to begin our weekend. Come with me, please.”

They came along without protest. I took them to the master bathroom. I started the water in the shower so it could get hot. I knew from years of experience that it would take two minutes for the hot water to get to this shower. Then I left them standing by the shower and went to my closet where I got two robes.

Back in the bathroom I asked them to shower, dry, put on the robes and join me in the family room.

Pam listened quietly and then looked at Kat and then back at me.

“When I got dressed for tonight I was sorta hoping that it was going to be you who undressed me.”

“I would be happy to accept that honor.”

I wanted to undress both women and was wondering how to choose which to do first. I told them of my dilemma. They şişli escort decided that I would undress them both, one article at a time and they would undress me together. I knew that this would take a while so I reached in and shut off the shower. I took Kat by a hand and Pam by the other and we went to the bedroom.

Pam and Kat sat on the bed and I removed their shoes. They stood and I hugged Kat and then Pam. As the hugs ended I pulled their sweaters up and over their heads. I put the sweaters over a nearby chair and kissed Kat all along her collarbone from her left shoulder to her right. When my lips arrived at her right shoulder I noticed that Pam’s shoulder was three inches farther along the path I was already on.

I moved over and kissed along Pam’s collarbone to her right shoulder and then I moved down just a bit and made the return trip. On my way I noticed and paid due homage to the lacy and colorful bras they each were wearing. I did not remove them.

Kat pulled my shirt loose from my slacks and Pam unbuttoned it. One of them pulled it off and put in on the chair with the sweaters. The energy in the room was increasing and the hands and lips increased their pace as well.

I reached behind Pam and unfastened her bra. Kat helped it fall from her shoulders and as I knelt to kiss Pam’s breasts Pam reached behind Kat and quickly removed her bra. As I approached Pam’s breasts I saw why the bumps I noticed showing through her sweater were so easy to see. Her nipples were quite large. They were at least the size of grapes and in their erect condition they stood proud and almost three-quarters of an inch tall. After spending time acquainting myself with her breasts and nipples I turned my attention to the smaller but equally exciting breasts of Kat.

Since I was already on my knees I unfastened Kat’s slacks, pulled the zipper and slowly pulled them towards her feet. As I uncovered her I covered her exposed skin with my kisses and my hands. When the top of the slacks passed the widest part of her hips they fell to the floor. With my hands guiding she lifted each foot and I removed the slacks from them. I then stood again and folded the slacks and put them over another chair.

I turned to Pam. She held her arms out and I stepped into them. As she wrapped me in her arms we kissed. I started softly and probed her mouth gently with my tongue. She wanted none of that. Her tongue pushed in hard and she sucked mine into her mouth.

My hands went to her slacks and I unfastened them, unzipped them and pushed them off her hips. They fell to the floor and she kicked them aside. Her hands went to the sides of my face and our tongue dance continued.

Her breath was coming in shallow gasps. Her eyes were wide and expectant. I stepped back and looked. Pam was wearing red. A red lace g-string made of mesh that hid nothing. The red g-string only accented the fact that she had no hair near her vulva and that it looked ever so delicious in the transparent red mesh.

As the g-string headed for the floor I kissed along her chest and then stomach keeping pace with the exit of the g-string. Before it had reached the floor my face was in her vulva. I could feel the heat, smell the arousal, and when I stuck out my tongue I could taste her willingness. I only tasted once.

She put her hands on my head and pressed my face into her cleft. My nose went between her lips and brushed her clit. She shuddered and held on tight. I did not move.

Eventually she released the pressure on my head and I continued the exit journey of the g-string.

“I see you Pam. I see all of you. I’m going to tantalize all of you.”

I stood quite still, looking at her eyes. They filled with lust. Kat was standing right beside me and holding the other robe. Together we put Pam in it and the three of us hugged.

After, I went back into the bathroom and turned the water back on. Kat and Pam were right where I left them still hugging each other.

I wrapped my arms around them and said, “Take your shower when the water is hot enough. When you are dry and back in the robes come to the family room.”

Pam spoke softly, “I may never be dry again in my life.”

I went to the back bedroom and got my massage table, two massage sheets, the Jasmine and the vanilla lotions and carried all that to the family room. I set the table up, lit six candles, turned the stereo on to a soft music CD, and started taking off my clothes.

A voice stopped me.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

It was Kat. Pam was right with her.

“I was getting ready for your return.”

“Taking clothes off is not the job of the person wearing the clothes!”

I was surrounded and out armed. I did what any self respecting man would do. I surrendered. Four hands made short work of removing the rest of my clothes. When I was naked they used their hands, lips and gentle persuasion to peak my interest. When Pam thought my interest was peaked enough she dropped to her knees and kissed the swollen mecidiyeköy escort end of my interest. Kat turned my head and kissed me there. I fondled Kat’s body as much as I could reach. It was strange feeling Kat’s hands on my upper body, her lips kissing mine while Pam’s hands massaged my ass and her mouth was driving every nerve ending in my penis crazy.

I took that treatment as long as I could without losing control completely and then I stopped them. It wasn’t easy.

I told Kat that since she had been undressed first Pam would get the first massage. Before Kat could say anything Pam had dropped her robe and assumed the proper position on the massage table.

I picked up the squeeze bottle of jasmine scented lotion and began to work on Pam. I had studied massage many years ago while I was stationed in Japan. I had been taught that you always begin with the feet of a woman. If you get their feet to relax the rest of her body will follow more easily. As I massaged Pam’s feet it was evident that she was already almost completely relaxed. She had already surrendered.

The room filled with the smell of jasmine as I worked. Her legs and then her butt were next. As I worked the muscles in her ass she spread her legs a little and she moaned. I moved my hands to the small of her back and worked there long enough to get almost all the lotion off my hands. When they felt almost dry, but not quite, I cupped her vulva with one hand and lifted. With direct pressure on her vulva I lifted her hips about three inches and held her there.

She moaned again and then went completely limp. I lowered her hips back to the table and removed my hand from her mons. It was wet with her juices. I raised my hand to my face, smelled her juices and then licked her wetness from my hand.

I looked over at Kat and she had her hand at or in her pussy. I shook my head at her. She stopped.

I straddled Pam’s legs up near her ass and began working the muscles of her back. Long slow strokes from her lower back upwards and the gentle strokes back to her ass. As I made these strokes my balls and cock moved along her skin between her legs up to their junction with her ass. Over and over I made these long slow strokes with Pam moaning during each one.

When I was ready I moved off the table and had her turn over. I went back to her feet and again worked my way up toward her head. At her vulva I pressed down with the palm of my hand and she moaned deeply. I held that pressure for about a minute and then slowly released. At her breasts I worked the lotion in gently and avoided the nipples altogether. My only reason for avoiding putting lotion on her nipples was that nipples don’t seem to absorb the lotion as easily as other skin and I don’t like the taste of the lotion as much as I like the taste of nipples.

With a hand motion I got Kat to come to the table. Without speaking I had her climb up on the table and sit between Pam’s thighs facing Pam’s face. We helped Pam sit up and Kat wrapped her arms around her in a hug. I sat behind Pam and worked lotion into both women’s shoulders and necks. After a couple minutes Pam kissed Kat and the kiss was returned.

The three of us untangled and got Pam back in her robe and into the chair, Kat lying face down on the table and I went in the bathroom long enough to wash the remaining jasmine lotion off my hands.

When I returned Pam’s eyes were closed, and Kat was looking at her. I picked up the bottle of vanilla lotion but Kat stopped me by reaching out and touching my hand. She crooked a finger and drew my face down to hers. I thought she wanted a kiss. She wanted to whisper to me.

“Lee, I want your massage. I’m so wet from watching what you did to Pam that I think if you touch my pussy once I’ll cum. But, I don’t want the massage right now. I want us to take Pam into bed and fuck her completely. Tonight is about her finding out what I found out last weekend.”

She sat up and kissed me. Any man who loves women and could be kissed like that and who could still say “No” needs to be in an institution.

Before Kat could start to get off the table I reached down and slipped my hand between her thighs and cupped her mons. She moaned. I pushed my middle finger into her crease and found the clit. She climaxed and flooded my hand with juice. When she calmed I helped her off the table and we went to Pam.

She had dozed off in the chair and when we touched her she woke up with a start. We helped her stand and led her into the bedroom. One or both of them had turned down the bed while they waited for the shower to warm. They had also found hangers for their slacks and their sweaters were nicely folded on top on the TV. We sat Pam on the bed and sat near her.

I spoke to them both.

“When did you two decide to ask me for this kind of a weekend?”

“On Wednesday night.” Kat said.

“We had finished work and were having dinner.” Pam added. “And Kat was still talking about you. She had the idea that if you really are who you say you are, and who she believed you to be then you would welcome me.”

“We talked until about 2100 or so and then went to our rooms.”

“I don’t know how long Kat stayed up thinking but I was still awake at 0100.” Pam said.

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