It Runs In the Family

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The woman of my family are big. Not big like fat, big as in tall with big thighs, big hips, big butts and giant tits. And they were all going to be meeting in one place to plan for my mothers baby shower. They were all coming to our house in Pennsylvania. The list of women was long: My mother, my two sisters, my aunt Jenny who lived in our neighboorhood, my aunt Meridith who was a widow from Washington, my aunt Kris who never got divorced and lived in South Carolina, my aunt Sarah who never got married from Maine, and my aunt Erica from a county away. In addition Meridith was bringing her 15 year old daughter, Rachel, and Erica was bring her 18 year old, Lauren. Rachel, Meridith, Kris and Sarah were staying at a hotel, because our house was barely large enough to fit the 4 people that lived in it.

On the day my aunts arrived my mom told me I should go to the Hotel with the four who were staying there because I didn’t spend enough time with them and plus, her Jenny and Erica would just be talking about boring things anyway. I agreed to go. I hated my aunt Meridith and aunt Kris, but Sarah was a incredibly nice woman even if she was a bit quite an ecentric, always reading a book. Even Rachel was fun to hang out with even though her mom was a monster.

Once I got there, me and Rachel explored the hotel and just hung out and talked, but eventually Meridith and Kris went out to get some lunch and visit my mom and said Rachel had to go with them, so I went to see my aunt Sarah. Even if she was a little weird, I loved her.

“Hi Aunt Sarah,” I said when she opened the door.

“Hello Matt. Come in. How are you?” she said with a smile. She was wearing a dark red sweater was tight over her tits and some black slacks that hugged her hips and thighs. She wore glasses too. She reminded me of a teacher.

“I’m ok, I’m preety sore. I’ve been outside for the past 2 days because of the nice weather, and I’m beat. I slept poorly last night too and my back hurts, but you know, nothing that’s too bad…how about you?”

“I’m good. Thanks for asking. You’re back hurts though?”

“Yeah, it’s a little stiff.”

“Would you like a back rub?”

I didn’t know how to answer. What an odd question, to come from Aunt Sarah of all people. I decided I didn’t want to be rude, plus, it was a rare occasion that I got a massage, so I agreed.

“Go lie on the bed,” she told me. I did so after I took off my shirt. She set the book she was reading down on the night stand and sat next to me. She started rubbing my back, but stopped in a few seconds.

“This is no good,” she said. “Hang on a sec.” I felt her climb atop me and straddle be down a little below my butt. “Agh, these pants gaziantep lezbiyen are too tight for this.”
She climbed off and stood next to the bed. She undid her pants and pulled them down. I felt my cock stir in the confined space between my body and the bed, when I saw the tiny lace thong she was wearing. I could almost see her pussy through it. I couldn’t beleive this was the same aunt I had known my whole life.

“That’s much better, don’t you think?”

“Yes…” I muttered in amazment, as she straddled me again. She started massaging again, but soon stopped.

“Would you mind taking your jeans off? They’re a bit uncomfortable on my legs.”

“Uh…sure.” I said. My heart was pounding with excitement. I got off and removed my pants. She had to see my cock growing hard in my boxers, but all she did was smile. Soon we were back in position and she was rubbing my back again. It felt good. I almost fell asleep, but I woke up when she shifted herself furhter down my legs and started rubbing the backs of my thighs. It felt really good too. My thighs hurt so bad. Everytime she rubbed up though she went further and further up and soon her hands were roaming half way up my ass. Then she stuck one hand up each pant of my boxers and began to massage just my ass cheeks. She massaged it so as to pull my cheeks apart alittle and then she slid her thumbs down my crack and blatantly pulled my asshole open a tad. She removed her hands and I heard one pop out of her mouth. Soon I felt her finger massaging her spit into my asshole. She was done in a second.

“That was nice,” she said cheerfully.

“Y-y-yeah…Thank you.”

“I’ll go pour you a nice hot bath. That will make you feel better.”

“Ok.” I agreed.

She got up and walked into the bathroom. I flipped over releiving my hard cock from it’s uncomfortable position. I didn’t know what had gotten into aunt Sarah, but I really like it. I picked up the book she had been reading from the nightstand. I was soon to discover that it wasn’t a novel or a biography, but a compilation of erotica stories. Not a rommance novel or anything, but a book full of some of the kinkiest sex stories I had ever read. I didn’t even know they made things like that. As I skimmed through the book, reading the passages that caught my attention, my cock grew harder. I had been hoping my boner would have been gone by the time Sarah returned, but it wasn’t.

I heard the water turn off, and I replaced the book. She walked out, still in just her tight sweater and tiny thong. She looked right at my hard-on and smiled.

“My, you’ve grown up so much Matt. Your bath is ready.”

“Thank you Aunt Sarah.” I got up, looking down trying to hide my embarassment and excitement and entered the bathroom. I took off my boxers and got into the hot bath. I just relaxed trying to rid myself of my boner. I couldn’t wank here. Sarah told me she was leaving and would be righ back. When she returned she knocked on the bathroom door.

“Come in.” I said, trying to position my legs as to hid my penis. She came in. She was fully clothed now.

“I went down to the soda machine and got you a Coke. I always get so thirsty in really hot baths.”

“Thank you…I only need one though.”

“Oh, the second one is for me…I thought maybe I could join you, if you dont mind.”

“No…not at all.” I slid down to the end with the faucet to make room for her (not that it mattered, it was the biggest bathtub I had even seen). I watched as she set down the sodas. She removed her pants again. Her large thighs were so fair and her thong hid her little snatch between her round hips. Then she peeled off the sweater. Her tits must have been smashed inside that sweater, because they were even bigger once she took it off. She reached around and undid her bra. Her tits sagged a litte but were suprisngly perky. She had a hard nipple on each, surrounded my a big pink areola. The she pulled down her panties and gave and I saw her trimmed, but not shaven, little pussy. She climbed into the bath with me.

“Ah…this feels so good.” Her foot touched my hard cock. “I see you’re enjoying it too,” she said smiling.

“You’re beautiful Aunt Sarah-“

“Just Sarah is fine.”
“Um…Sarah, but this is so unlike you.”

She seemed to just ignore my comment.

“Do you have any fetishes?”

“Well…uh…yeah…” I said embarassedly.

“Oh, do tell. There’s no need to be shy.” She was rubbing her foot against my cock.

“Well…um…I like pissing.”

“Mhm…and is that all?”

“Well…no…I like alot of stuff. I like assholes, enemas, lactation, pregnant, some beastiality…I like alot of stuff…”

It was the most embarassing experience of my life, but I just couldn’t say no.

“I wrote that book that I was reading.” she said. I was stunned. That meant she was just as kinky as I was, if not more. I couldn’t beleive this. “I love anal sex…Would you like to see my asshole?”

I had never heard Sarah curse. What made assholes so atrractive to me was because they were taboo, and the way she said it just made it even better.

“That would be amazing…”

She smiled and turned around. Soon her big, round ass was in the air. She brought her knees together so her cheeks spread giving me a great view of her asshole. It wasn’t as tight as I would have guessed, but she had said she loved anal. I just looked at it, and her pussy, which was also visible.

“Do you not like it?” She sounded disappointed. “You can play with any other part of me if you want…”

“No…I love it.”

“Well, then…go ahead and play with it. I don’t mind at all.”

I didn’t know what to do. I just reached out and spread it some at first. Then I stuck a finger in. Then two. With a little water I had about half of four of my fingers in my aunt’s asshole.

“Keep at it and you can get your whole hand in,” she said to me. I did just that and it was not long before I had my entire hand in my aunts asshole.

“Oh, Matt, that feels so good. Over there.” She pointed to a bag. I opened it up and inside were an assortment of dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads and a thing that looked like a syringe with no needle on it. I pulled out a big dildo and a big vibrator. I put them both in my aunts loose ass and turned the vibrator up to max. Then I toyed around her pussy with another vibrator, and discovered it was quite tight, much to my suprise.

“Oh, that feel so good! I’m gonna cum soon.”

My aunt shuddered as she orgasmed. I removed the vibrators and dildo. I liked her pussy juices off her soaking slit. I spit them into her gapping ass. Then I took the syringe looking thing and filled it with water. I then filled my aunts ass with the water. Despite her gaping hole, she kept it in preety well. Then I stood up.

“Are you ready?” I asked her.

“Mhm.” she said.

I rammed my dick into her asshole. It was so loose and the water was splashing out around my dick, but I kept on going, because it felt good, and it felt even better to know it was my aunt. I moaned as I blew my load into my aunts aquarium of a rectum. I pulled out and she let her enema flow out.

We sat at our respective ends of the tub. Then Sarah moved forward and straddled my lap, her tits pressing into my chest. My dick soon grew hard again and as it arose it collided with her pussy. She moved to let it get its full length and then sat down again so that it slid up into her amazingly tigh pussy.

“Thank you Matt,” she said.

“Thank you Sarah,” I replied, and she kissed me. As out lips were together she began to bob up and down on my cock. We began to make love, sitting there in the tub. Then the door to the room open. Sarah smiled.

“In her Rachel,” she called. I didn’t know what to do.

My cousin walked in. There she was, watching me as I sat naked in a tub fucking our aunt. She just stared at us for a moment and then walked out. Sarah was still smiling, and suddenly I realized she had planned this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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