It just happened-[G-36]-part-1-of-1

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It just happened

To this day I don’t know why, it just happened. I was in a committed relation with someone I cared for greatly and we had a great sex life. She never refused me sex. Actually she was the frisky type and initiated sex as often as I did. I won’t say I’d never though about it, but that was only the normal curiosity that all guys have from time to time. I certainly had no desire to really find out.

It started with a dreary over cast day and nothing to do. I had the day off and my girlfriend was working. It was the time of year when school was in session, so I had to scour the paper for a theater that had an afternoon matinee. They weren’t easy to find, the nearest one was over an hour away.

There was nothing standoutish about him, so it must have been because we were park near each other. Whatever the case I first noticed him in the parking lot as I was walking into the building. We were early, so we had to wait in line before the booth opened and they started selling tickets.

Matinees were more popular than I thought and somehow there were fifteen or twenty people between us in line. For some reason my eyes were drawn to his back, the way his hands were jammed deep in his coat pocket and the bored dejected slump of his shoulders. He looked like the crappy weather had him feeling as blue as it had me.

When he looked back and caught me looking at him, I acted like I was looking at something behind him. Then face flushed with shame, stared at my feet. A couple of times I glanced back up and thought he was looking at me, but each time he’d look down.

I didn’t know which movie he bought a ticket to but assumed I wouldn’t see him again once we were inside. At the concession stand I caught him staring at me again. But this time he didn’t drop his eyes.

After I bought a coke and popcorn, I realized that he was stand near the hallway that led to the theaters. When he saw me looking he turned and headed for his movie.

When I got to the hallway, I saw that instead of going into his theater he was standing outside the door as if waiting.

My movie was at the other end of the hallway, Silivri Escort but for some reason I turned towards the strange man’s theater.

I stood out side his theater what seemed like forever but was probably only a couple of minutes.

The lights were already dim when I got inside but there was enough light for me to see that there weren’t but maybe three people in the theater. One was sitting about half way to the screen in the middle of the row and two were sitting down front on the left.

As I was trying to decide what to do I heard the rustling of someone moving in their seat. It was so dark that I could just barely make him out, it was the strange man standing up to take off his coat.

He’d picked the back row in the darkest corner of the theater. He couldn’t have picked a more private seat if he’d tried.

Nervously I moved down the row and sat down beside him. I expected him to say that the seat was saved, or to move over a seat or two, maybe even get up and move. Instead he just sat there.

Now that I was there I didn’t know what to do. My heart was beating so loud that I was sure that he could hear it. Nervously I was rubbing my right thigh.

When the lights went out for the movie to start, he let his left leg slump against mine.

As I massaged my thigh, the back of my fingers was rubbing against his leg.

When he didn’t jerk his leg away, I kept rubbing until my hand was actually on his knee.

I sat there like a statue waiting for a reaction.

When no reaction came, I started to slowly caress his leg as I inch my hand up his thigh. I really had no idea what I was doing or going to do, but this was what I’d done when I was a teenager touching a girls bare thigh in the back row on Saturday night. Of course the girl always stopped my hand short of its goal.
When he grabbed my wrist I almost pee my pants, but instead of shoving my hand away he moved it up and placed it on his cock.

I almost hyperventilated when I realized that I was touching another man’s cock. Once I could breath again, my curiosity got the better of me and I started feeling of it.

I Escort Bayan couldn’t tell much through the material but it didn’t feel any bigger than mine.

When I settled down and started stroking it the stranger let go of my wrist.

In a few minutes he grabbed my wrist again, this time he stood and led me further down the row to the wall seat.

While I was trying to figure out what was going on I heard the sound of his zipper and the rustling of cloth.

This time when he moved my hand back to his crotch my fingers wrapped around hot flesh. It felt like a piece of flesh-covered steel. I almost couldn’t contain my excitement as I stroke it. I couldn’t believe the raw power and the heat that I could feel radiating from it.

As my hand moved up and down his rigid shaft, I thought that if someone had told me something like this was going to happen, I’d have thought they were crazy. Yet here I was in a darkened theater jacking off a total stranger. And worse, I was enjoying it.

I was so busy that I didn’t notice when the stranger casually laid his arm on the back on my seat.

In a couple of minutes, his hand slipped up to the back of my head and he started gently pushing my face towards his lap.

As my face moved towards his lap I knew what he wanted. I thought to myself, “Does this total stranger actually think that I’m going to suck his dick?” Jacking him off was one thing, but sucking his dick was an entirely different matter.
By now I was so close that I could feel its heat on my face and I could smell the musky odor of male sweat. Without thinking I eased back its foreskin and touched my lips to the head.

As my mind screamed no, he gave me another gentle little push and the head parted my lips as it slipped into my mouth.

He continued to exert pressure until my nose and lips were buried in his pubic hair. Having a dick in my mouth was nothing like anything that I’d ever experienced before. When I closed my mouth on it, I could feel the blood throbbing through the veins that lined its length.

As I slowly worked my moist mouth up and down its rigid length I slid off istanbul Escort my seat and down to my knees between his legs.

Still trying to retain a shred of dignity as my mouth moved smoothly up and down his shaft, I thought to myself, “OK, I may be sucking his dick, but there was no way that I was going to let him cum in my mouth.”

I might have been thinking no, no, but the stranger had other ideas. His balls suddenly clinched up and his dick swelled even fatter. I knew what was coming, but the stranger had his hand on the back of my head so I couldn’t have pulled away even if I’d tried.

His balls exploded and scalding hot cum spewed into my mouth like lava out of a volcano. When he erupted, I was on a up stroke and my lips were wrapped around the base of his dickhead, so I felt the full force of his gooey cum crash against the back of my throat as it gushed into my mouth, oozed over my tongue and down my throat.

I surprised myself when I didn’t try to spit it out. Instead I just swallowed it … and kept swallowing as long as he kept cumming.

The taste of his cum wasn’t anything like I expected. It was hot, thick, A little salty and a little bitter. I think the biggest thing to accept was where it came from, another man’s balls by way of his dick. I guess even that didn’t bother me as much as it should have because it didn’t take long for me to get use to the taste.

My head was resting on the stranger’s thigh and I was savoring the taste of cum on my lips as I tried to get up the strength to stand.

When I smiled up at the stranger, there was a head sticking up over the back of my seat staring down at me.

In a fit of panic a million things swirled through my mind. Somewhere in there I realized that we weren’t on the back row after all. There was a half row behind us. I’d been fooled because the end area had been left open to accommodate wheelchairs and hand-I-cap carts.

As I cringed in fear, unable to flee I watched the owner of the head, stand up.

As he stepped over the back of the seat and sat down in my seat, I saw that he was wearing the colors of one of the local biker clubs.

As I cowered there trying to figure out what was going to happen next, I heard the sound of a zipper. Then I felt the biker’s hand on the back of my head as he pulled my face towards his lap.

The end…

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