It All Started That Summer

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It started when we were nineteen. I remember every second of it. It was a stifling summer night. The weight of the warm air crippling everyone and everything to the minimal movements. Four of us were laying in the breeze of a fan on couches in one of our parent’s houses. The room was dark, with only the TV lighting up the room.

Joseph and Hakeem were already sound asleep, the heat and the weed we smoked had knocked them out early. I was dozing off too, with only my horniness keeping me awake. I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I was a young man, I was horny all the time. A completely covered girl’s body shape could make me hard. So when I stared at the half naked bodies of my friends being lit up by the bright light of the television, my eyes glazing over their muscles and bones, imagining their soft skin, I didn’t think anything of it. I was simply horny and there were no girls in sight.

On the other side of the couch, his face out of sight for me, was Marcus. Marcus was the oldest, and cockiest. Nobody knew exactly why. He wasn’t particularly pretty. His short curly hair always hidden with by a cap, his relatively skinny body always dressed in baggy gym clothes. Yet, he had that confidence that made even the hottest girls giggle. It was infuriating, really. But his coolness was expressed in many ways, for example his ability to be completely unbothered by two joints. I couldn’t see Marcus face, nor did I really care. I told myself if I couldn’t see him, he couldn’t see me. And so I stroked my dick.

The embarrassment of touching myself in front of my friends had long evaporated. Just a quick beat off and I could fall asleep. I held the soft skin of my uncircumcised dick in between my fingers and pushed it over the glans. It wouldn’t take long, I was sure. But instead of my thoughts drifting away to unlikely scenario’s where several girls from our lecture classes would lick my balls and arse until I shot my load over their faces, I kept staring at Hakeems abs and Josephs ass. His tossing and turning and pushed his shorts slightly down, making his ass crack visible. His behind was so big and perfectly round, the light bouncing off of it like glass. The grip on my eight inch, but fairly broad dick, increased.

Now the fast movements of my hands against my shorts were making loud enough noise that you could hear it over the TV. If any of them were awake, there would be no question Avrupa Yakası Escort that someone in the room was beating off. For some reason, this turned me on even more. My pace increased and I couldn’t help but imagine what it was like to shoot cum over Hakeems ripped stomach, the juice dripping into the creases of his six pack. I led out a slight moan and felt an orgasm coming. I couldn’t handle it anymore and turned on my stomach and started fucking the couch.

To my surprise my dick slid in between the couch pillows, making for even a better feeling than I anticipated. I was going to blow my load in there. I didn’t care if Josephs mother would find it the next day. I had to cum. I closed my eyes and shoved my face in a pillow as to not let out more moans. It was then, with my face buried, that I felt the full weight of a young man lay on top of me.

I couldn’t see who it was, and I was at first paralyzed with shock. Was it a prank? Did they hear me? They must have. Were they going to make fun of me? The doubt lasted for a whole second because I then felt something that changed the entire mood: A rock hard dick against my ass.

I had seen hard dicks in porn movies, for sure. But never in real life. Let alone feel another that wasn’t mine. Yet, there it was. Covered in linen, pressed against my shorts. It was so hard, it felt like actual wood, but somehow softer too. And something about feeling its warmth, made my entire body relax. I had never experienced this sensation, but my arms were tingling, my legs shivering and my whole body whirled. Suddenly, my drive to fuck the couch was eclipsed by a drive to feel this organ sliding over me. I pushed my ass up like a bitch in heat.

Somewhere in my mind, a thought appeared that this should embarrass me. That it was wrong to do this as a young man. But that noise was so soft, I ignored it with ease. These were my friends. It was summer vacation and there were no girls around. Whatever this was, it wasn’t gay. It’s just being high and stupid. Right? Or not right. It confirmed what I had always known ever since I saw my swim teacher in his trunks and looked at my classmates changing and showering; I wanted cock. I didn’t have time to think over. I felt my shorts being pushed down and a wet, cold touch against my cheek. The dick felt huge. I wasn’t sure how big dicks felt to other people, but if this was a regular size I Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan don’t know how girls let them into their bodies.

The round tip pushed in between my chicks and slid down my crack until it found my anus. It’s weird how you touch that thing almost every day when you go to the bathroom, but it becomes an entirely different body part when someone else is touching it. Tingles shot up through my body and I felt the most natural urge I ever felt in my entire life. I had to take that dick. I pushed my ass up. The loud, manly sound of someone spitting and the splash of it hitting my ass filled the room. Now I knew for sure it was Marcus pressing his knees and legs on to mine, his hands pushing my shoulders into the couch. Only he spit like that during soccer.

What followed next was nothing but torture. As the seemingly huge mushroom tip of his dick, however soft it was and wet he made it, pressed against my ring, electric shocks shot through my body. Every nerve was screaming alarm and I wanted to scream with it. Now I knew for sure girls were crazy to let these things inside of them. I pushed both hands on the couch in an attempt to end this, to get up and laugh it off as some bad joke. But that only made it slip in further. It hurt so much I thought I was going to pass out and with that the strength in my arms evaporated.

“Take it, cabron. You want this,” is all he whispered in my ear. And his warm breath in my neck was all I needed to realize that I did want this. I wanted this more than I wanted anything before. And so his dick slipped deep down into my bowels. I felt how it pushed its way into my organs. How a long shaft filled me up and pinned me down. I was fucked. I had a dick in me. I couldn’t grasp the idea nor did I care. Marcus let his weight drop on top of me, squishing me until my entire body was covered with his. I belonged to him now and that relaxed my body until my ring and passage let the intruder completely in.

Marcus embraced me with his arms and tightened his grip so as that I couldn’t move. He pushed my shorts further down with his foot so our naked hips and upper legs grinded against each other. I could feel his balls against me, signifying his entire dick , the thing he usually pees with, he usually fucks girls with, the thing I would pretend to not even want to touch a few minutes ago, was inside of me. And then he started Escort Avrupa Yakası fucking me. I let out a high pitched moan, as his dick reached something that hurt really bad. In response, Marcus slid up, changing his angle and somehow reaching even deeper inside me. I entered heaven. The warmth, the softness, the movements, it all felt like heaving. Just having a warm pole massaging my insides made me moan like a slut. And so he dicked me down. He increased his speed and quickly we were fucking like rabbits.

The couch was squeaking under our weight, his balls and my ass made loud slapping noises, his dick in my asshole a squishy sound. I finally opened my eyes out of my tranquilized state and was not at all surprised to see Hakeem and Joseph jerking themselves off and staring right at us. I didn’t care. I was in heaven. The fast movements of Marcus lower body pushed my dick further in between the cushions of the couch. It had softened when my anal virginity was taken but now it grew hard again.

Marcus started to curse.

“Cabron. Imma make you pregnant, puta.” He pushed my head further down as his dick kept drilling me at high speed. I couldn’t’ think. I couldn’t even feel that much, except the sensation of his warm dick inside of me. Suddenly I felt my own cock leaking, in the weirdest orgasm I ever had. I was coming, I was shooting cum, but it felt different than usual, yet satisfying all the same. Marcus started screaming so loud I thought he’d wake the neighbors. While Hakeem and Joseph shot their loads up in the night sky and onto their bodies, I felt Marcus’ load shoot against my inner walls. It was the most erotic experience of my life.

Marcus’ pace finally slowed down and with it he dragged some cum out of me, dripping down my legs onto the couch. When he stopped groaning, he got off of me and laid back on his side of the couch as if he was gonna watch TV or something. I saw Joseph and Hakeem each laying back down and drifting off. We had all enjoyed this as young, horny men and now it was over.

When only the sound of the TV filled the room, and I felt my open hole starting to burn up. It had definitely been fucked. I don’t know why, but I smeared Marcus cum over my ring as to cool it down. I took m hand and put it on my lips, licking some of it, just to make sure my friend had really orgasmed because of me. It tasted musky and slimy and I couldn’t wait to taste more. I didn’t know how it happened, but in that moment I knew that I never wanted anything else than do this with men. I didn’t care what that made me. I still liked girls. But the feeling of Marcus dick in my asshole changed me. And it all started that one summer night when we were nineteen.

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