Island Lust

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It was what they had both feared would happen.

She had mentioned to him before they left. The people in her homeland were different than in America. They were very sexual. Very aggressive, yet very seductive. When Mari became separated from Craig neither of them were too surprised. Just recently they had declared their relationship to be sexually open. But despite their willingness, the situation threw them both into a flurry of confusion, leaving Craig stuck at the bar while Mari was pulled into the crowd. Her heart rushed and her blood pumped as she was forced past the many bodies of partying islanders.

Before long, she had broken free of the crowd, and she saw the face that belonged to the hand that had pulled her away. She smiled when she saw that it was Palo. Before leaving the island, Palo and she had been best friends. Of course, they were only 10, but upon Craig and her arrival, she immediately reconnected with the very handsome young man. He was a wealthy, well-respected bachelor – the entire island viewed him as a role model. Her local family members considered him to be her soul mate. Although she was trying to keep her commitment with Craig serious, she couldn’t help but entertain her family’s thoughts. Her relationship had been dwindling for weeks, hence their agreement. Though in her heart she considered herself true to her boyfriend, the heat between her legs was strong enough to put their relationship to the test. To make herself feel better, she pictured Craig with some of the beautiful island girls.

Palo led Mari to his luscious bedroom, hinting to where their evening was leading. He stayed silent, wasting no time with words as he removed his shirt before her. He had the body of a god. Her eyes moved to his crotch, which was still covered by his khakis. She twisted inside at the thought of him being inside her. Before he removed them, he moved toward her. She could still hear the faint sound of the party outside. They knew she was here with him. She imagined their cheers as cheers of joy for her sexual Şanlıurfa Escort union with her soul mate. She smiled to herself cleverly. Maybe Palo was her sexual soul mate. His soft hands brushed against her tender skin, pulling the straps of her dress to her sides. It fell with ease, revealing her naked body to him. He snickered with awe, staring at her. She had always been proud of her body. Like him, she was an islander goddess, and she stood out among the American girls that typically surrounded her. Because of her beauty, she couldn’t help but wonder if Palo’s body would rival hers. Or his sexuality. She had always been a very sexual girl, which was why when she had lost her sexual appetite with Craig, she became extremely frustrated. She needed something new. Possibly something a little closer to home.

Palo studied his beautiful prize. She had been on his mind for years, but he had never imagined her to be this beautiful. His eyes wandered up and down her slender build. Her breasts were luscious and full, her nipples dark and tempting. Her skin felt as soft as it looked, and between her legs was the small patch of dark hair where her lips begged to be spread. Palo smiled when he noticed the small trail of wetness that ran down Mari’s inner thigh. He then removed his pants.

Mari gasped. It wasn’t that his cock was monstrous, just that it caught her off guard. Except for Craig’s, she had only seen the cocks of a handful of past boyfriends and lovers. Palo’s cock didn’t seem to have the normalcy that the others did. It had a sort of thick charm that made her squirm with delight as she could already feel it inside her. Palo moved her to the bed gently, laying her down where she spread her legs, revealing her pink to him. She waited in anticipation, legs spread wide as she watched him. Slowly, his body swooped into hers. The tip of his hard cock pressed against her pussy’s willing opening. She squeaked with delight as he teased her. Palo smiled and then slowly pushed his thick cock into her. Her squeak Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan turned into a gasp and she greedily, pushed herself into him. Although he seemed to be a normal size, he felt huge inside her, stretching her walls with ease. She grunted and moaned with pleasure as she accepted him. His fucking was slow and perfect, a steady rhythm that bucked her just barely with each thrust. His lips moved across her body, kissing and nibbling every inch of her skin.

Palo thrust his hard cock into Mari even deeper. She cried out in pleasure, her body writhing as he explored it. There was something about his touch. It was as if they were made to do this. Her legs wrapped around him, heels digging into his ass cheeks. She pulled him deeper into her and before she knew it, he had lifted her off the bed and was now fucking his in mid air. She bounced on his cock, crying out with each thrust he made into her. He moaned and continued to bite her neck. The juices that came between them felt so sweet and so sexual. Her body tensed as her vaginal walls contracted. She was having an orgasm. With ease and much to her surprise, Palo pulled her off of him and tossed her onto the bed, where his face dove to her crotch. He began to lick her sweet juices with a wicked force. It was something she had never experienced. Her orgasm began to increase instead of decrease. He was pushing her body into realms it hadn’t touched. She began to scream with pleasure as each flick of his tongue against her weak clit made her gush. She began squirting her juices wildly across his face. Palo finally pulled away and stared at her. Her eyes were glazed, weak with the orgasm she had just endured. She giggled with what energy she had left as she watched her cum dribbled down his face.

With his soft hands, he turned her onto her stomach and pushed her onto her knees. She pleaded no for a moment, but it was too late, his cock dove into her overly-sensitive pussy from behind. She screamed with ecstasy and tried to pull herself Escort Şanlıurfa off, but he held her firmly in place. She could barely handle the intensity of each thrust as it pushed her past her pleasure threshold. Her soft “no’s” turned to loud “yes’s” and she started to get into the situation, bucking back into Palo’s cock. She could feel the juices still leaking from her pussy, splattering all over her naked thighs and the bed below her. She spread herself a little and embraced it, letting the sloppiness turn her on with each push. Her hand moved to her sensitive clit and she began thumbing it wildly, forcing herself to orgasms again. It came quickly this time, squeezing and begging Palo’s cock to squirt into her. Her moans turned into squeals and she begged him cum. She wanted to feel his perfect cock squirt his milky cum inside her. Each thrust of his thick cock made her eyes go wider and finally, she pulled herself off of him.

Mari fell onto her face, panting with sexual overload. She turned herself forward again, backed herself against the headboard and then begged him to fuck her. Palo accepted the invitation hastily and began pounding his throbbing cock into her. She knew he was going to cum soon. She could feel it in the tension of his touch and the engorged thickness of his cock as it rubbed against her wet pussy walls. The fingers of one of his hands moved to her little ass and one of them began to press against a hole that was rarely touched. Just the feel of the anal intrusion made her cry out with her third orgasm. She was no longer in a realistic frame of mind. As Palo fucked her, she fucked back wildly, obsessed with his perfect cock inside her. Their sexual union drove her to spill her juices again and again, her eyes rolling back and forth while sweat covered both of their bodies. Palo could no longer hold his seed and he released it with force, pounding them both against the headboard with each spurt. Mari threw her head back and screamed as she felt each thick glob of his cum spurt into her. Her pussy swallowed it greedily, drinking every drop. It was what she had been fucking for. They both panted heavily and sank to the bed, their bodies wrapped together in perfect form. She watched his eyes close with exhaustion and then followed his lead, dreaming of her gorgeous islander lover: her new sexual obsession.

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