Island Dreaming

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We arrived early afternoon on the most beautiful island surrounded by warm, clear, calm waters. We had spent the day soaking up the sun and playing in the water. It seemed as if we were the only two people there.

Just before sunset, we went back to our place. I must have taken a shower because I was standing on the balcony wrapped in a towel leaning against the railing. I was sipping a glass of wine, watching the waves when you came up behind me. You had a towel around your waist. You took my wine glass from my hand and placed it on the table.

You put your hands on my shoulders and just stood there pressed up against me for a few moments, neither of us moving. You slowly started dragging your hands up and down my arms. You entwined your fingers with mine and walked me over to the corner post, still pressed up against me. You started sliding your fingers between mine, back and forth, very slowly. How you knew that the webbing of my fingers is one of my most sensitive erogenous zones I’ll never know, but I felt each stroke all through my body, ending with a jolt between my legs. You started kissing my neck and shoulders. You moved our hands to the front of my body and moved the towel away, sliding it down my hips to land on the floor. We were still facing the stone post at the corner of the balcony when you took our hands and moved them up and down the front of me, circling my breasts with each circuit. Even though it was my hands touching them, my nipples got very hard and began to ache.

You slowly brought our hands around the post and without words let me know you wanted me to keep mine there. Antalya Escort You started running your hands up and down my body, up to my nipples, rolling them between your fingers, pinching and pulling on them, down my belly to the top of my thighs, never quite delving between them, which is where I needed them to be.

The alarm clock rings and the dream ends. I’m surprised to find that I am aroused. All day long I think about my dream and finally decide to daydream the rest.

Your hands begin to travel in circles around my belly to my back. Each circle bringing your hands over my ass, stroking and kneading, then to my hips, flaring your fingers and then dipping them low in front, but not quite low enough, and up my chest, stroking and pulling and kneading my breasts. You reach out with one hand and grab the tanning oil we used today. Slowly you pour some down my back, following the slippery trail, massaging the oil over my back, down, down to the very center of my body. You slide your hands between my legs, feeling just how hot and wet your stroking has made me. You lower yourself to your knees and gently push my legs apart. You have one hand on my abdomen and the other hand gliding between my legs from front to back, front to back, in a slow, steady rhythm. You gently insert your thumb into me while your fingers part my lips and find my sensitive, swollen clit. Each time you slide your fingers forward, your thumb goes deeper into me. I am beyond rational thought, my legs begin to shake and quiver. Your hand begins to move, faster and faster, your thumb, deeper and deeper. Finally, with a gasp, Antalya Escort Bayan I cum. You slowly stop stroking me while I catch my breath. You slide your body up mine and kiss me. I turn in your arms, making the kiss deeper.

My hands begin to roam your chest, grazing over your nipples, down your belly to your cock, all the while, sliding my tongue around yours, sucking on it, nibbling your lips. I push the towel off your hips, finally getting you completely naked. I pour some oil into my hands and start stroking you, hand over hand. Slowly, from base to tip, dragging my palms over the head of your cock. I slide one hand under your balls and begin to massage them. I kiss my way down your chest, nipping at your nipples, swirling my tongue around your belly button. My lips drag along you until I can slide the head of your cock into my mouth. Slowly I circle the head with my tongue, spreading your pre-cum around. I start sucking on you, sliding you farther into my mouth with each stroke, all the while rolling your balls around in my hand. You grab my head as you start to pump in and out of my mouth, your cock getting harder with each push.

Finally, rock-hard and almost at the point of cumming, you push my mouth off you and drag me up to stand. You turn me around and make me grab the post. Using your feet, you spread my legs. Taking your cock into your hand, you slide it down my ass and then between my legs, just slipping it to the front and back, not entering me. I drop my hips so that the angle is just right. With each forward slide, your cockhead grazes my clit. Back and forth you Escort Antalya move, spreading my wetness all over your cock. With a firm shove, you slide your cock into my pussy. My muscles squeeze your cock as you begin to rock back and forth. You drag out each motion and drive me to the brink, again and again. You slide your hand to the front of my body to find and rub my clit. With every push, your cock runs over that soft, spongy g-spot, making me wetter and wetter. I can barely breathe, my entire body is on fire. Every stroke of your cock is like an electric shock. I start pushing back against you, trying to force you to let me cum.

You start moving in and out of me, faster, harder. The pressure begins to build inside me and you know. You know I am almost there and you start pinching my clit, making me insane. Your cock starts slamming in and out of me, deeper and deeper, faster and faster, your balls slapping up against my ass. I’m moaning, my heart is racing and my body begins to tighten up, almost there, almost there. Your fingers on my clit are making me jump and pushing me to that edge. When I think I can’t take any more, you finally put your mouth to me ear and whisper “This is the way I’ve always wanted to fuck you.” Your words make me scream and my pussy explodes! Drenching your cock with my juices, my pussy keeps squeezing around you, pushing you over the edge, milking your cock so that with a loud groan, you start cumming inside me. Our orgasms last what seems like forever until we finally are able to catch our breath. Our hearts start slowing down. Only the post is keeping me on my feet. That, and your body against mine.

You finally turn me around so that I am facing you. You put my arms around your neck and wrap your arms around me. Forehead to forehead you look into my eyes and with that adorable little crooked smile, you say “That’s only the beginning.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32