Is This Cheating?

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Cassie, 29, works in marketing for a real estate investment firm. She rose quickly in the company thanks to her intelligence, savvy, and work ethic. She’s vivacious, open-minded, and seems to get along with anyone she meets. A former high school and college cheerleader, she now channels her non-work energies into running, yoga, dancing, reading, movies and listening to music. She stands 5-4 and weighs about 105 pounds with measurements of 34-24-35 and a bra size of 32B. She has brown hair and green eyes, and sports a striking half-sleeve tattoo of floral design from shoulder to elbow on her right arm. More than once she’s been told she resembles Danica Patrick and similar petite women. Hailey has been dating Julian, 31, for a little more than three years. Their relationship is stable, but recently it has lacked passion.

Danny, 48, a respected financial advisor, has an office in the downtown building where Cassie works. He is modest, reserved, kind, and polite without sacrificing his masculinity. A former college baseball player, he stands 6-3 and weighs about 190 pounds. He remains fit with regular trips to the gym, golf and a variety of weekend warrior activities including long rides on his Harley. He has salt-and-pepper hair, with the salt rapidly advancing the last couple of years, and a nicely trimmed beard. His chest is hairy but the rest of his body is not particularly shaggy. He usually manscapes the vicinity of his thick 7-inch penis, but sometimes he shaves. He’s been married to Darcy, 46, for 23 years and they have one son. Danny and Darcy have remained faithful to one another through a series of ups and downs, but lately they have been in more of a down phase.


Note from Cassie: I wrote this letter to Danny’s wife. I’ve yet to send it. I might never send it. But I had to start putting words to my thoughts about Danny, thoughts that have become increasingly intense, giving way to beautifully orgasmic fantasies. Maybe this is just a first draft.


Dear Darcy,

You don’t know me, but I know your husband, Danny. Perhaps he has mentioned me, although I doubt it.

My name is Cassie. I eat lunch with Danny about four times a week, always in the coffee shop in the lobby of the building where we work.

We’ve become close, but not in the way you might think. We’ve never touched one another. He’s always been a gentleman. He’s never said or done anything inappropriate in my presence. He’s never asked me out.

And I was the one who initiated our lunches. I asked to sit at his otherwise empty table once when the coffee shop was crowded. We barely made small talk that day, more than a year ago.

Now we are friends. Very good friends. At first it was just casual conversation, then me picking his brain about financial matters, then chats about the world, books, movies, TV, music and so many other things.

Gradually, however, we began to open up to one another about our ankara escort lives and our feelings.

I’ve shared things with him I’ve never discussed with my boyfriend or my best female friend, and I get the feeling that Danny has told me many things he’s never shared with anyone else. Not even you.

Our conversations are enriching. He asks such thought-provoking questions. He listens to my responses. He respects me. He seems to enjoy and think about what I have to say even though I’m so much younger than him.

Have we discussed deeply sexual things? No, at least not in a graphic sense. He doesn’t yet know about the things that reside in my sexual soul or the darker corners of my sexual mind.

Nor do I know the most intimate things about Danny. I do know he’s not happy in your marriage. From what he’s told me, you’re not happy either.

At first I didn’t understand. He’s shown me photos of you and of the two of you together. You’re beautiful. Your photos give off a vibe that I find alluring. But I know a marriage goes far beyond physical attraction, that it can consume ever fiber of your life, sometimes in bad ways, and create wounds that never fully close.

But as we’ve had these conversations, and as they’ve become deeper and more personal, I’ve begun to feel like Danny has been seducing me for all these months. It’s as if he knows I want to know so much more about him. It’s as if he knows I have fantasies about him.

It’s as if he knows that by keeping a respectful space between us, he’s only intensifying my fantasies, making me want him more, pushing me closer to the edge of saying or doing something that will ignite both of us.

I want to know what he craves. I want to know what you can’t or won’t give him. I want to know what’s in his mind when he’s left to masturbate because his attraction to you has waned, and he would prefer to fantasize about other things and pleasure himself instead of initiating something romantic or sexual with you.

Knowing him as I do, I sense his fire is stoked by the same things that stoke the fires of other men. Yet I truly feel like there is so much more burning inside him, that he looks beyond the obvious physical attributes of a woman and pays attention to all the little things that make her wonderful and alluring and arousing.

And while he’s never done anything inappropriate in my presence, I’ve noticed the way his eyes linger on mine at times, just for that extra couple of seconds, particularly when we are sharing personal things.

I’ve seen his eyes on my lips and I wonder if he’s thinking about kissing me … or perhaps something far more graphic.

I’ve seen his eyes on my tattoo if I’m wearing something sleeveless and I wonder if he wants to caress my arms. I wonder if he sees my arms wrapped around him as he takes me somewhere on his motorcycle on a warm and sunny day.

I’ve seen his eyes on my soft, small hands and I wonder if he wants to escort ankara feel them on his body. Does he imagine me touching him gently as we kiss? Giving him a massage? Caressing and stroking his penis? Fondling his balls?

As he tells me something personal, I’ve detected the way his voice changes just a little, shifting to a timbre that is intended only for me.

Does he know that for years I’ve been interested in older men, that I fantasize about them? It’s as if he sensed it well before I casually mentioned a fling I had with an older man before I met my boyfriend.

Does he notice that other older men look at me when I’m with him? Perhaps they admire him for being with someone so much younger. Perhaps they imagine him fucking me. I must admit that those little moments, when older men see me with Danny, even just having a casual lunch, are highly thrilling.

And if he is indeed seducing me, it’s working. I fantasize about what it would be like to be with him, to feel myself in his arms, to feel my lips against his, to taste his tongue. And that’s just the start. Lately, my fantasies about him have become more pornographic. Raw. Intense. Volcanic. Relentless.

Perhaps a letter like this seems cruel. Perhaps it seems I’m taunting you, dangling the possibility that he will cheat with me, that I will tempt him in a way he can’t resist.

Maybe it is cruel. Or maybe you already knew it was coming and you were powerless to stop it. Maybe you feel like if it wasn’t me it would be someone else. Surely you’ve seen other women admire him, and they don’t know him like I do. If that makes you jealous, makes you proud, or even turns you on … I have no way of knowing.

So that’s why I’m writing, to find out where you stand. Maybe you would tell me it’s none of my business. Maybe you would tell me to go fuck myself.

Or maybe you would see my reaching out to you as something else, an offer of friendship. That, perhaps in an odd way, your giving him to me is something that we would both cherish.

After all, I don’t want what you have together. I don’t want a boyfriend or a future husband. I want someone I connect with on a deeply and profoundly sexual level. I know Danny is that man.

You can ask how I would know that since I’ve never had him. I know his mind, at least enough of it. I’m beyond confident that if and when the dam bursts and we unleash our physical lust upon one another, it will be beautiful, amazing and even profound.

The kind of sexual connection so few humans experience, where all the excess relationship baggage is tossed aside, where all of the game-playing of the dating world is ignored. The kind of connection focused almost completely on giving one another pleasure.

Perhaps you think I’m spinning out of control, letting my extremely vivid fantasies and masturbatory urges overwhelm the rational parts of my brain. I can’t stop you from having those thoughts, but I hope this letter ankara escort bayan is a beginning of something for all of us. Not an end. Please give it thought.

I need to know where you stand. I need to know how far I could go if you prefer that Danny not cheat.

Is it cheating …

… if I hug him as we part ways after lunch?

… if I give him a kiss on the cheek as we part ways after lunch?

… if I take a walk with him?

… if I hold his hand as we walk?

… if I have a drink with him after work?

… if I have dinner with him after work?

… if I don’t wear a bra on days I know I will have lunch with him?

… if I give him my phone number?

… if I ask him if he likes my dress?

… if I send him photos of me in outfits I’m trying on?

… if I send him photos of me in lingerie I’m trying on?

… if I send him photos of me at the gym? At the pool? At the beach?

… if I send him photos of me in the nude?

… if I send him videos of me masturbating?

… if I send him a video of me making out with a girl?

… if I tell him to send me photos of his bulge?

… if I tell him to stand naked in the window at your house as I drive by?

… if I tell him my blowbang and gangbang fantasies about older men?

… if I tell him I have a cum fetish?

… if I tell him I need my nipples to be pinched and pulled?

… if I tell him how often I fanatsize about the experienced tongue of an older man?

… if I slip a pair of my panties into his pocket after lunch?

… if I give him a bottle of lube?

… if I give him a Fleshlight or some other masturbation aid?

… if I tell him I wish I could watch him masturbate?

… if I tell him I would do anything he wants?

Is he cheating if he never touches me but in his presence I …

… dance for him?

… try on dresses for him?

… try on swimsuits for him?

… try on lingerie for him?

… do a striptease for him?

… whisper erotic and pornographic things to him?

… take him to a sex shop and show him toys I like?

… model a strap-on for him?

… take him to a strip club and watch one another get lap dances?

… tell him to get naked for me?

… watch him masturbate?

… hold out my hands to catch his cum as he ejaculates?

… tell him to shoot his cum on my face or in my mouth as he ejaculates?

… fellate one of his friends while he watches?

… have one of his friends fuck me as he watches?

… have one of his friends bend over so I can lick his anus?

… fellate his three golfing buddies as he watches?

… look into his eyes as his golfing buddies cover me in cum?

… have him go to a bar with me and watch as I pick up an older man?

… have him go to a bar with me and watch as I pick up a woman?

… wear leather and restraints for him?

… let him lead me by a chain into a sex club while I’m blindfolded?

I’m just scratching the surface, but I think you understand.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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