Is It A Need Or A Want

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Sometimes the need is so great, you just have to accept the ramifications of what you are going to do, and hope for the best. That’s a fancy way of saying, a hard dick and full balls can change the way you do business.

I was going to walk downstairs and into the kitchen totally naked. I was not going to bring a bathrobe, tee shirt or anything to cover up with if I chickened out at the last seconds. I needed to do this, but it was beyond embarrassing. I was going to presenting myself to her naked, hard, shaved and dripping. I also had a hair scrunchy around the top of my balls pulling them down and into a tight package below my bobbing cock. I was then going to ask her to not make me cum. I was going to ask her to tease me right to the edge of orgasm a couple of times, tease me for the rest of the day and make me wait. I was also hoping my exposed and vulnerable balls would be irresistible to squeezing and swatting. I was going to tell her the next time I came, hopefully that night, I needed to cum in her. Then I wanted her to tell me to go down on her and lick up all my sperm. I wanted no choice, I wanted to be forced to lick my cum from her pussy. I had swallowed my cum before, but not often, so this conversation was going to be pretty embarrassing.

As I headed down the stairs I squeezed my now purple cock one more time milking a large drop of lubricant to the tip. There was now a string of pre-cum hanging 3 inches from the end of my cock.

I turned the corner and heading toward the kitchen. I could feel my skin flush as I turned red, my heart was pounding, I was scared she may freak out. I needed to cum badly, but I hoped she wouldn’t let me.

She was shocked, thought my tied balls looked uncomfortable but squeezed them as I had hoped. As she squeezed, I spread my legs offering better access, she looked at me questioningly. I said, “swat it”, she smiled and she did, hard, five or six times, balls and cock flying with each hit. It felt great. It turned out she was more amused than freaked and agreed no orgasms until she told me it was OK, and then, yes, I could licking her clean of my sperm. She smiled as she looked at my extremely aroused state. She squeezed my exposed balls fairly hard and held me close. The rest of the day was spent with aching testicles, a partially to raging hard cock and six sessions of being brought right to the edge of orgasm and denied release. Each time I was totally naked, each time she was completely dressed. She had never been so engaged in my teasing and denial, I have never been happier.

Each time I had to stop her before I came. She found that very entertaining that I would actually tell her to stop when I was so close to an orgasm. On each occasions my hips humped the air as my cock bounced and strained lewdly, right on the edge of release.

Even when not hard, my cock looked as though it needed to cum. Slightly puffed up, a purple hue and very sensitive. It was my balls that actually gave me the most problem, aching and sore, partially from the hard squeezing and slapping, but mostly because of the need to cum. I was totally aware of my cock and balls all day, hardly a minute went by without a twitch, ache or the feeling of wetness as another drop of lubricant dripped from the head.

When I finally did get to cum I knew it was going to be a huge load, saved up İstanbul Escort for almost a week and then from being teased all day.

Late in the day, she asked me how I wanted to do it. I told her I wanted to make love to her and cum in her. Then I wanted her to straddling my face. Pause for a moment two inches from my mouth and let some sperm drip into my mouth and onto my face. I wanted the reality of what I was about to do sink in. Then she should face fuck me, telling me to eat it all, to lick it all and to taste my cum and her pussy. I wanted her to control the action and I wanted her to be the aggressor. I wanted her to cum on my mouth and I wanted the taste of my sperm and her pussy in my mouth all night. I also wanted her to talk to me about being her cum eater, to ask me if I liked it and to tell me she would teach me to love eating my cum

Yes, that was the most embarrassing conversation I have ever had, yes I was naked and yes my bobbing cock was more accurate than a lie detector on showing how I felt about the whole thing. I absolutely loved it.

She just smiled and said OK. She kissed me and put her tongue in my mouth. God, I almost came then and there without her touching me!

After dinner we decided to go out to have a few drinks with friends. Actually, my wife was going to have a few drinks, I was going to stay totally sober to act as our designated driver. She also wanted me to be totally aware of the evening on every level knowing how horny I was. We had a lot of fun and flirted with each other and laughed and chatted with our friends. On the drive home she lightly rubbed my cock through my pant as we talked. She was just high enough to be in a slutty mood, I was so horny and in need of an orgasm, I didn’t need any alcohol to be in a slutty mood.

When we got inside she leaned against me and kissed my neck and told me she was going to watch a little television. Could I fix her a drink and bring it to her…naked.

I enter the room and she is relaxing on the couch watching late night television. I hand her the drink, she strokes my cock. She says, “I’d like to cum”

Without a word, I slowly undress her, kissing her body. Finally she is naked, legs spread. Now it’s time for my favorite thing in the world, licking her pussy. Slowly, her taste is fantastic, I want her cum to be intense, not too quick. It’s not my choice, she cums more quickly than I anticipated. It is an intense orgasm, and no matter how much she enjoyed it, I enjoyed it more. After a moment she says, “Let’s go upstairs”. I pick up our scattered clothing and follow after her to our bedroom.

When I reach the bedroom she is lying on the bed with her knees up and wide apart. “Do you still want to do this?”

“Yes”, is all I can mutter. “This”, of course, is eating my cum.

“You have to stand there and tell me exactly what you want”

She now knew how much I enjoyed my private humiliation, it was now part of my turn on.

“I want to make love to you and then I want you to make me lick my cum from your pussy”

“If you want to lick your cum from my pussy, why don’t you just do it?”

“Because I always chicken out, I lose my desire to after I cum.”

“Your desire will have nothing to do with it tonight. But why do you want me to make you do it? Why would you ever want Escort Bayan to eat your own cum?”

“I don’t really, but in my minds eye, it’s the ultimate in submitting to you. I obviously like it when you’re in control, I like being shaved and naked and hard for you, I like it when you squeeze my balls or swat my cock. Being made to swallow cum is the ultimate in proving my submissiveness to you. To do it at your command or at least if you tell me, would be great”

She smiles, looks at me and rolls over and gets up on her knees, ass in the air. “I think sticking your tongue up my ass is the ultimate in submission so get over here and lick me”

I get on the bed and spread her ass cheeks and give her asshole a tentative lick.

You look back at me and say, “Oh, come on…get your tongue up there”

I do as I’m told and really start getting into being your personal ass licker. This goes on for 10 minutes with my tongue in her ass and my fingers in her pussy and my cock bobbing and leaking.

You pull away and get up on your knees. “I think another sign of your submission is my squeezing your balls. How about I do a little ball squeezing, would you like that?”

“I like ball squeezing and cock and ball swatting too?”

You smile, look at me and say, “Sure, cock and ball slapping, I can add that to my repertoire you little perv. The cock swatting is new huh?”

“Yea, you did it to me a while ago and I really liked the way it felt, and the fact you were doing it.”

I get on my knees, spread my legs and push my hips forward. “I’d think you are going to want to slap my balls more than my cock or you may make me cum.” Yes, I actually said, stick to slapping my balls. Maybe I was a pervert!

“We wouldn’t want you spraying your cum all over the place would we, you wouldn’t be able to lick it up then. Why don’t you close your eyes so you don’t know what I’m going to do. It will make it more interesting”

I close my eyes and wait. She lightly kisses my neck, pinches a nipple and squeezed my balls before she begins.

“Do you like the nipple tweaking?” She has both nipples pinched and pulled at the moment.

I growl, “Oh God yes.”

The first swat is on the head of my cock, fairly hard. I let out a moan as my cock swings from side to side and I reflexively pull my hips back. I immediately push them forward again wanting another swat. This time it’s from the other side, with the same reaction from me. It only hurts a little but not knowing when and where I’ll be hit and being so exposed and venerable makes my cock even harder.

She notices and says, “I can’t believe you’re getting even harder, you’re cock looks great”

My cock beating continues for a few minutes with neck kisses and nipple pinching mixed in. I am slipping into sub-head space and moaning pretty loudly with each swat, pinch and kiss.

The next swats are from under my balls, hitting both of them at the same time. Not too hard but hard enough to get the desired effect from me.

“Would you like me to hold my cock up so you can get a better swat at my balls?”

You laugh, “You are such a slut, yes, hold your cock against your stomach”

I press my cock against my stomach and she quickly swats once from the right, I push my hips forward, and once from the left. I am Eskort breathing very heavy now. There is a slight tremble in my legs and arms.

My ball swatting continues for five or six more swats, left, right middle.

“Let go of your cock.” I do and she swats just the head, down. She waits for the bobbing to stop and my hips to push forward again. Five, six, seven swats down, I have to tell her to stop or I’ll cum.

“Open your eyes”. I do and look at my cock. I have never seen it so hard, red with abuse and pulsing. I look into her eyes and say, “Oh my God, look at what you do to me.”

She looks down and then back at me with a wicked smile. “Yea, I know, it’s pretty amazing. Get on your hands and knees and close your eyes again.”

I can feel her moving behind me. I spread my legs so she has access to my hanging balls.

“Put your head on the bed and get ready, these are going to be a little harder. Tell me if it’s too much I really don’t want to hurt you…too bad.”

She spreads my ass cheeks and says, “Some day I’m going to fuck that ass, would you like that?”

Before I can answer she swats my balls pretty hard.

“Uph” I push my hips back and my ass up ready for another hit.

“You didn’t answer me”

Another hard swat to my swinging cock this time.

“YES, yes, I’d like that”

“You’d like what?” Swat! Back to my balls

“I’d like you to fuck my ass”

Swat! Now my cock, it slaps against my stomach and bobs.

“I knew you would. You really are such a slut.

Another 8 to 10 swats from behind, alternating between my tender balls and hard and hanging cock. She ends with some firm pumps of my prick and a firm ball squeezing.

“Why don’t you rest for a minute, I’ll get us some water.”

I fall onto my stomach.

“Back up on your knees and keep your legs spread. I want you just like this when I return”

I put my head down to relax, my breathing heavy, cock bouncing and dripping as I looked between my legs and rest. My cock is parallel to the bed, not hanging down. God!

She returned with water and a rubber glove. She walks into the bathroom and back.

“Spread your ass for me”

I reached back and spread my ass cheeks, highly embarrassed by exposing my asshole to her on my knees, head on the bed.

I heard her putting on the glove, then felt cool lubricant being rubbed into my asshole.

“For the next few minutes, we’re going to concentrate on your asshole. I’m going to take your virgin asshole, you’re going to ask me to, aren’t you? Look right at me as ask me to do it.” She moves to the side of the bed and puts her face close to the mattress so I can see her better.

I turn my head to face her and say, “Please, finger fuck my asshole”

She smiles.

“I think I can work up to a couple of fingers, what you think”

“I would like you to fuck me.” I said, honestly but with total embarrassment.

“You’re going to have to buy me a toy to really fuck you with. For now though, we’ll get you started with my fingers.”

With that she returns to between my legs and slips a finger all the way in, in one slow, deep thrust. I groaned.

Within a few minutes I had been penetrated deeper and spread wider than I ever thought possible. I pushed back hard, trying to get her deeper. I feel like a total slut. I looked back at her, naked with her fingers inside of me and said, “Honey, I love you”.

You push deeper into my asshole and wiggles her fingers, “I know.”

I moan and close my eyes again.

“Are you ready for your cum?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32