Irish Hospitality Ch. 02

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The morning after.

Tom woke to the sound of the shower splashing, reflecting in the dressing table mirror through the open bathroom door, he could see Vera and Eileen kissing and fingering each other, the erotic sight stirred his cock, it rose tenting the duvet, throbbing, recovered from last night. He pondered whether to join the naked beauties, to enjoy them again. He didn’t have chance, the shower was turned off the bathroom door closed and soon after they emerged wrapped in towels, into the bedroom, smiling broadly. “Good morning Tom,” Eileen said, we have a proposition for you, Vera and I, we want you to come back with us to Ireland, to our home and our riding stables. We have plenty of jobs that need doing, if you want work that is.” Vera took up the proposal. “We want a man around the house, someone who can take good care of us two, to share our bed, do odd jobs … we will give you a hundred euro a week cash in hand, free keep and all the fucking you can manage.” Eileen was softly laughing at Vera’s choice of words. Tom was smiling. “Come back with us today, we are leaving around mid day to catch the overnight ferry, we can pick up your belongings before we leave. We’ll get your tools sent over… what do you say,” Eileen asked expectantly.

Tom pondered the thought of a job, the amazing sex he had experienced withe Vera and Eileen and the slightly indecent proposal, he had no ties, it would mean preserving his savings, be great to sample the Irish hospitality and Eileen and Vera, but could he keep up with their appetite. He’d never been to Ireland and had heard good things about it, why not give it a go was his conclusion.

“I’m very interested in your offer, a couple of concerns come to mind, I need my tools, I will want to get a full time job and my tools are in Ipswich, I don’t want to let my former employer know where I am, he doesn’t like me for personal reasons to do with his daughter… ” At Vera’s bidding, Tom wrote the address of the boat builders he worked for down on hotel note paper, he wrote a letter instructing his former employer to release his tools to the bearer and signed it. “If we can do this I’ll be with you on the ferry.”

Eileen took the note and letter down to reception to arrange it all anonymously, she returned about half an hour later “all arranged!, the tools are being picked up within an hour. No names no lies, sorted.” Vera suggested istanbul escort Tom and her get a cab to the houseboat and get his gear, so they left Eileen to pack and settle their bill. At the house boat moored near the city Center, they went aboard, fortunately no one was home, Tom shoved his clothes in two bin liners, put his lap top, chargers, his battered camera and toiletries in his ruck sack, along with his passport, drivers licence, banking details and other personal items, not a lot to show for thirty years. He quickly scribbled a note saying he’d moved out and thanks… with that they got back to the road and found a taxi.

They arrived at the front of the hotel, the cab pulled up behind a Range Rover, a new, upmarket version, the valet was loading cases and shopping bags into the boot, supervised by Eileen. She saw them arrive and came and helped Tom and Vera with Toms gear with the commissionaire fussing around them helping too. All loaded Eileen tipped each of them twenty pounds and thanked them as did Vera, Tom said nothing. The three of them got settled in the car and Vera drove off to Holyhead and the ferry.

They were quiet in the car as they cruised in luxury along the North Wales coastline, the ferry was boarding from seven p.m., it was scheduled to arrive at six a.m. the following morning, Tom studded Eileen and Vera, they looked immaculate, make up perfect, hair cut and styled in youngish ways, they spoke with a cultured soft Irish manner, their clothes were expensive and it looked like they had been adding to their wardrobes judging by the designer labelled bags on the rear seat with Tom. He knew they were financially comfortable, his observations confirmed it. They arrived early for the ferry, so Vera drove through the town to a newish marina and the killed an hour with a snack and tea in the small cafe’. Then they drove to the ferry terminal, after collecting a prepaid ticket for Tom and presenting theirs they were soon boarding. They collected a key to the cabin they had reserved, the three of them found the cabin, the small double cabin, Eileen jumped on the bed, Vera and Eileen’s perfume filled the confined space. Making Tom heady. Eileen wriggled out of her dress, leaving her in stockings and suspenders she wore no nickers or bra. She opened her legs wantonly, showing her wet puffy pussy lips.

Vera undressed Tom, struggling in the confines of the cabin, şişli escort handing his rock hard cock as she did so. “Fuck her Tom, make her scream, she’s a horny cock hungry bitch, fuck her hard.” She instructed him as she positioned him between Eileen legs, holding his cock firmly, near her cunt. Then she fed it into her partner, guiding his throbbing cudgel into her wet willing pussy and then stroking her clit. Eileen was beside herself, transported into ecstasy. Vera slipped out of her light dress, to reveal her nakedness and joined the humping lovers on the bunk. She kissed Eileen, fully on the lips, keeping contact as Tom pounded her, inserted her tongue deep in her mouth and received the same from the excited Eileen, tongues and lips mashed in lust for each other. Holding Eileen’s nipple Vera squeezed it firmly, making her moan emitting guttural noised indicating her enjoyment. Vera kissed and sucked her boobs, nibbled her hard nipples as she stimulated Eileen’s hard rubbery pronounced clitoris at the same time as Tom filled her with his eight inches of cock, fucking her hard. Inevitably she exploded, with a massive orgasm, dribbling and moaning from her mouth, dribbling from her cunt, incoherent word jumbling from her slack mouth and lips. Tom had not come yet, his staying power was fascinating to both Eileen and Vera.

As Tom pulled out of Eileen’s juicy vagina, Vera got over her in a sixty nine and planted her pouty pussy onto her mouth instructing her to lick. She dove into Eileen’s open orifice and tongue fucked her as she vigorously rubbed Eileen’s red sensitised pronounced clit. Tom kneeled on the small bunk bed and guided his steel rod like cock in Vera’s tight hole, steadily pushing it in her hot tight vagina, he hit her cervix, he had not had a better feeling around his cock, Vera was his best fuck ever, they fitted perfectly. Slowly he withdrew before pushing in till Vera’s cervix felt the pressure of him again, she moaned in pleasure, Eileen alternated between licking Vera’s clit and Toms low hanging balls, taking them into her mouth and sucking them laviciously. The three of them got in a rhythm and speeded up Their sexual frenzy, fucking, licking, sucking and moaning loudly in sexual enjoyment. Tom felt his orgasm approach as Vera’s vagina pulsed in a milking action as she came in her climax, Tom backed out of her hot love hole and shot his load over Vera’s cunt, rope mecidiyeköy escort after rope of his white viscous sperm jetting onto her open pussy and Eileen’s face.

Eileen devoured the fluids, tonguing Vera as she drank in the sperm from her spunk plastered cunt, she was possessed in her pursuit of every last drop, inevitably giving Vera several small climaxes as she did so. Tom was watching in fascination, Eileen was a sperm addict, confirmed as she licked his wet sticky rod with her mouth, she sucked licked , sucked and took his cock into her come filled mouth, snorting she pushed her head back and took his cock into her mouth and throat, gagging a little till she had him all in, his balls resting on forehead. Tom was beside his self, he’d never experienced being deep throated before. Vera still was devouring Eileen’s cunt as Eileen controlled his action, she slowly moved Toms hips back and forth in a fucking movement, gagging slightly, she controlled his fucking of her throat, humming as she did it. Tom was ready to explode again the eroticism of the act bringing him to the point of no return, Eileen realised it too and held him steady and swallowed on his cock, Toms mind blew as did his cock, he came again, shooting his lesser load down Eileen’s throat. Still she swallowed, getting every last drop in her stomach. Tom couldn’t believe the sensation he was having. He couldn’t believe his luck.

Inevitably sleep followed the bout of sex, the thee of them lay in a tangled tight tableau of naked arms and legs, a flaccid cock and two open sticky pussies… .

Ireland was misty and chilly as they drove the Land Rover from the ferry, though the dock area of Dublin port. All three of them smiling about last nights cavorting, not talking just reminiscing. A few turns and Vera bought the car to a halt at a transport cafe’ a few trucks and work vans populated the street nearby. They entered and to a man everyone looked at them, Eileen and Vera in particular, not surprising their looks, figures and class stood out. Tom felt pride they were his or he was theirs. Eileen confidently at the counter ordered three mugs of tea and three full breakfasts. Telling the girl serving her loudly, sex all ways makes her ravenous, not even showing a slight sign of contrition about her statement, Vera payed, Tom found a table, he was the centre of attention of knowing looks and envy, from all the men in the cafe’. He puffed up his self and confidently looked around.

The breakfast was wonderful, they ate in silence, till Vera commented about Eileen balancing her diet with solids as well as fluids. The three of them howled in laughter…

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