Introduction to Tease and Denial

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My wife and I had a few conversations about my lackluster performance in bed. Basically her position was that I too often rushed to completion without enough attention to her needs and that the whole affair was unsatisfying for her on many levels. I, of course, tried to put it back on her that she wasn’t as interested in sexual experimentation and games as she once had been. At the end of each of these discussions there were promises on both parts to “do better” but little really changed. And soon we were having another of these talks, which I had come to dread because they seemed to serve no point except to make us both unhappy by calling attention to the problems. But this time the discussion didn’t go where I thought it would.

At the point where she would have said that I needed to do something different, she said that she was going to do something different.

“I think you would be a bit more attentive if you understood what it was like. So until things improve, our lovemaking will begin with you pleasing me orally or assisting with a vibrator until I have had my orgasm. Then you will be allowed to enter me. And from time to time, I will stop you before you get to finish. And that will be all for the evening. Perhaps when you have been left in the lurch, you will understand how I feel.”

It was hard to argue with the fairness of such a plan, though I wanted to. Something in the matter-of-fact way she presented the idea let me know that there was no point in discussing it further. She also warned me not to “take matters into my own hand.” I agreed, of course, but secretly felt it would be easy to cheat on that narlıdere escort rule if I needed to.

The next two times we made love, I ate her to orgasm and then entered her, only to be pushed aside a few strokes short of cumming. The next time she gave me a chance to enter her before she had cum. A few times I was able to bring her to orgasm before cumming myself, and those were great times. But occasionally I would finish before her, and I knew that I was in for more sessions where I was not allowed to complete. That’s when she introduced a new feature.

“You need more of an incentive to please me. And I am going to give you one. If you cum before I do, you will have to please me orally until I have at least one orgasm.”

“OK” I said tentatively, this didn’t seem like a big deal, I love to eat pussy. But there was obviously more to this that I hadn’t realized.

“Fine,” she said. “You do understand that I mean immediately following your cumming?”

“You mean with my cum …”

“Yes, exactly, dear,” she said with a smile. “I know that may be unpleasant for you, but so is being left excited and without release.”

Again I wanted to argue, but realized that there was no point. The first time I had to consume my own cum I nearly gagged, to which her only response was, “You never had any problem with me eating your cum, so I don’t want to hear any complaints about it from you.”

I don’t have anything against masturbation, but for me it has always been a poor second to the real thing. But I did consider using it as a way to alleviate some of the frustration ödemiş escort I was feeling. The risk of having to eat my own cum should I fail to get her off first was making me a little reluctant to accept the offers to enter her first.

Surprisingly, I did get better at holding off and bringing her to orgasm first. But I was also beginning to feel that she was being a bit of a bitch when she would arbitrarily, or so it seemed to me, force me off before I had a chance to complete. That led to our next discussion.

“You have done remarkably well at improving your performance in bed, dear,” she opened.

I thanked her, feeling that there was a “but” coming.

“But, you don’t do enough of the little romantic things that you used to, and these really got me in the mood more often. I think we should ration your orgasms, so that you will be thinking of trying harder all the time. But I don’t want you to think that you’re not doing well with our other program when I terminate our love making early. So I am going to introduce a game of chance that will decide when you get to cum during sex.”

The game was fairly simple. She would rate my overall performance at romantic gestures and other services around the house each day; 1 = outstanding, 2 = good, and 3 = unacceptable. I needed to maintain an average of 2 or better between play dates to even be allowed to play sexually with her at all. With a poor score I may be condemned to merely watch as she pleasures herself, at most I may be allowed to bring her to orgasm with a vibrator, but there will be no physical stimulation for seferihisar escort me at all. When we were ready to play, and I have an acceptable average score, I draw a marble from a pouch and drop it in a cup without looking at it. She shows me the marble sometime during our play. If it was green I was good to go. If it was blue, well you know what that means. There was only one green marble and 10 blue ones. Once the green marble was drawn, the mix was restored to the beginning. Since we typically played twice a week (if I kept my performance scores good) that meant on average I would get a chance to cum every 2 and a half weeks.

Some of the old rules were still kept. If I came before her, I would have to eat it out of her (even if I had a green marble), and if I came when I had drawn a blue marble, then I had to not only eat my mess (even if I had succeeded in making her cum first) but the number of remaining blue marbles would be added to the original mix. So if I blew it with a blue marble and there were still 3 blues left, then the game would be set to 13 blues and one green.

Things have been fine and I have only missed a few play dates for lack of a satisfactory score. And only once blown my load with a blue marble. (I still think she knowingly took me too close to the edge to stop, but there is no questioning her actions in the game.) Unfortunately it happened when we had just recently started a new round, so my next play date started with one green and 17 blue marbles.

Lately she’s been talking about increasing the standard blue marble mix to 20, but increasing our potential play dates to three times a week. More play dates sounds good, but it also means that an “unacceptable” score on a single day can really upset my running average. She’s also expressed the opinion that low scores could be evidence of masturbation taking the edge off my performance and if that becomes the case she will look into a chastity device.

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