Intimate Stopover Ch. 01

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This was inspired by a wonderful female friend of mine, she knows who she is…

Low lights illuminate the cabin. My face lit by the array of dim lights before me on the control panel, I allow my thoughts to turn to you at last. I whole month it has been, a whole month of missing and waiting for you. I have climaxed only once in that time, and I am more than ready for you. My heart gave a leap as soon as I saw that you would be joining me on this trip. Since then, only anticipation.

Only once have you poked your head around the door, as much to reassure yourself that I am indeed here with you, as much as to make the standard cabin report that all is well. You were careful not to meet my eye, for fear of a sly smile tracing across your lips.

God I’ve missed you. Apart from anything else, you are damn good at your job. Maybe professionally not the most outstanding stewardess I have worked with, but certainly the most rounded, the most personable. I don’t think I have ever seen you genuinely fazed by anything. You have a wonderful coolness, a wonderful strength. I know. You’re also very good with the passengers, and very good at leading and motivating the other girls in your team. Rumour has it that at least one of them has a crush on you. But this is you, isn’t it, so cool, so discrete, always well away from real trouble, this is why so many colleagues, myself included, admire you so much. Discretion indeed, if only they knew of just a few of the things that have passed between us, and those that are still to come. If you sense that a child needs a blanket or a warm drink, you will deal with it, if you sense that I’m desperate for you, you will deal with it, all with the same sympathetic smile. A genuine bond of trust and affection holds us together, all too rare in our profession.

My mind wanders to your elegant cabin shoes, no stilettos, sadly, too impractical and one has to think of safety concerns of course. The smooth, firm curve of your calves, your smart dark blue skirt ending just below the knee. I know that you stockings will be genuine, and of high quality, the seam holding the curve of your leg, just as it should. I love the way your perfectly-fitting skirt holds the delicious curve of your ass, a lovely firm tight ass. I have noted how you bend over in front of the passengers rather more than you should, and I really should advise you against it. However, as long as I do not miss out on the same delectable sight in the privacy of our hotel room, I will not complain.

It is always a pleasure for me when, in summer in particular, your jacket comes off and I get to see your lovely firm womanly cleavage. I notice that you choose deliberately tight blouses that show off your wonderful large breasts, a button lower would be to go too far. I have also noted how you persist in wearing darker bras beneath your white blouse, a blouse that is only just thick enough to conceal the wonderful dark contours of your bra underneath. I love to see your breasts swing before me, heavy and firm…discrete yet classy jewellery also, small golden earrings, maybe a slim necklace, your lipstick just the right tone of dark red. Your rich dark auburn hair is so full of sweet, delicate colour, I like it any way, but neatly clipped up as it is tonight is as pleasing as anything. I speculate on which panties you will be wearing tonight. You have assured me that you have occasionally gone pantieless, though I find this hard to believe, your assertion that you sometimes wear ordinary cotton panties equally difficult to believe. A woman like you wants, needs and deserves the feel of quality lingerie against her slit whenever she can.

God I’ve missed you. Time to redirect my attentions towards our final approach.

A few hours later, and I await you within our hotel suite. On other occasions I may have done a little socialising, or more likely, taken an early night. When you are with me, however, there can be no other intention. The hotel is quiet, comfortable and discreet, its modest facade belying the comfort and high level of service to be found within. We are well away from irritating colleagues, staying elsewhere, or other distractions. Whilst for the sake of form you booked another room in the same hotel, there is no question that you will shortly been joining me, or that we will spend the night in each other’s arms. I have removed my jacket and tie, and also my stiff shoes and socks, allowing my toes to play sensuously against the thick pile of the carpet. The room is warm and well-appointed, with a large, firm double bed. Next door the comfortable dim light from the bathroom penetrates our room of love. This is one of the best bathrooms in the hotel, with shower, bath, and large Jacuzzi. We have made use of all this room has to offer several times before.

I cross to the mini-bar and fix the chilled martinis we both have a weakness for. As I add the sliced lemon, I hear your tap at the door. I cross to open the door, and you Karabük Escort are there, a warm generous smile across your face. The door clicks behind you, and you cross to the bedside table where you leave your handbag and a small nightbag. I help you off with your outer coat and uniform jacket, and hang them up in the closet.

At last, we turn to face each other. Immediately we are in each other’s arms, your delicious warm hair pressed firmly against my shoulder, taking a moment to regain a physical sense of the other, the warmth of skin, the subtle perfume that you are wearing. You raise your head towards me and we kiss passionately for some moments. Your warm, soft lips feel so good, I note the odour and taste of the darker, bolder, sluttier lipstick freshly applied since you came off duty.

I kiss my way across your cheek to your ear and nibble lightly, ‘It’s been too long, hasn’t it, my sweet?’ I murmur into your ear. By way of response you nod your head slightly and then start to firmly rub and caress my buttocks through my trousers. Head spinning with desire and need, you pull me towards you, your back against the wall. Unable to restrain myself, my left hand works firmly up your stockinged thigh, so firm, so warm, to trace around the top of your stocking and the dark blue silk tape holding it in place, roughly pulling up your skirt as I do so, while my right hand holds the back of your neck lightly, pulling you towards me as we kiss further. You reach up, skilled hands urgently working at the buttons of my uniform shirt, easing it open and then casting it aside, before tracing light, soft fingertips through and across the hair of my chest. We kiss passionately again before you again break off, a gap of pleasure escaping your lips. Eyes glazed with passion, you murmur ‘I want to feel your cock inside me tonight, but make it last, OK? I need your cock to last for me…’

With that, you lower your hands to my belt, and with urgent application loosen and pull it open. Your right hand lowers my flies and immediately slips inside, while your left continues to knead and explore the muscle of my ass cheeks. Your questing hand is greeted by a silk – clad strong erection, already a little damp where the fabric struggles to maintain my hardened length in place. As you start to rhythmically rub my cock up and down, I trace my tongue down to your neck, drinking in the delicious scent of your flesh.

Light-headed with lust and desire, I reach up to loosen the silk uniform tie around your neck, open it and pull it aside before opening the upper button on your white blouse. I trace my lips further from the base of your neck across to your shoulder, breathing in the wonderful delicate perfume you have applied. I sense the mixture of scents from everyday work and airport contact upon you, second-hand tobacco most prominently, but it only turns me on all the more. In response, I feel your warm experienced hand ease its way inside my boxers and start to work my hardened length. With your other hand, you firmly lower my silk shorts and kick them away, together with my trousers.

‘Sit down,’ you murmur softly. I cross to the black leather sofa positioned between the bed and the TV set. I sit down, taking on a relaxed posture, quite comfortable at sharing my own nakedness and state of arousal with you.

You come with me to the sofa, and place your right leg on the sofa arm. You have taken the time to change into a pair of your shiny black stilettos, a new pair I have never seen before. Only inches away from me, you slowly ease up your skirt to the top of your thigh. Your stockings are as usual wonderful, expensive and well chosen, they hug the pale white flesh of your thigh perfectly. You take my hand in your own, and guide it your pale thigh, allowing me to explore it for myself with warm sensuous fingertips. I take my time, measuring your desire, your need. You close your eyes momentarily as you anticipate what is to come, and as you open them again your gaze is filled with tenderness and gentle humour as well as lust. You step back from me a little way, still quite close so that I can fully enjoy the sight of you as you continue your teasing.

‘Open your legs a little for me,’ you murmur. ‘That’s it, you know how I like to see how full and firm your balls have become for me. And raise your arms, show me your torso, how well you’ve been working out.’ I do as you say.

‘Well now, guess what I have for you here. I took my time over choosing this one.’

Holding me with your eyes, you slowly raise your skirt until it is bunched high around your waist. You look incredible, a pair of fine dark-blue silk panties follow the contour of your pubic mound to perfection, the lace of your suspender belt is equally elegant and well-chosen. You pose a little, rubbing your thighs together, varying the angle at which you stand, allowing me to see how well the stockings and suspenders hold the side of your legs. You reach behind Karaman Escort you with deliberate intent to unzip your skirt, and then let it fall to the floor.

With a light giggle, you reach up both hands to the back of your head, offering me that submissive, inviting pose I love, before deliberately lowering them again to the front of your thick white blouse. From the top, you pull at and release each button, the dark red of your nail varnish catching the light as you do so. I cannot fail to notice that your hands tremble ever so slightly with excitement. You slip off your shirt and let it fall noiselessly to the floor. Having completed this part of your striptease, you move to the leather armchair opposite me.

My cock is still quite firm as I watch, transfixed by this glorious spectacle. You sit down, legs crossed, as you lean forward. Looking down, you readjust your stiletto slightly, ensuring a slightly better fit, before then slowly tracing your palm upwards over your ankle and calf, manipulating and massaging the flesh a little as you do so. Your hand again moves to readjust the fit of your stocking around your thigh, we are both utterly absorbed in the sensuality of the moment. Presently, you raise your right leg and place it deliberately over the arm of the armchair, your stiletto clad foot dangles oh so invitingly before me.

You gaze at me dreamily a moment, then trace your index finger across your lower lip, before taking it into your mouth with a long, unhurried sucking motion.

I sit opposite you, breathing slightly heavily, lost in your beauty, hardened shaft quite exposed for your pleasure, wondering just where you might take us next. The fingers of your right hand play lightly across your smooth pale belly and abdomen, caressing and teasing.

‘I’m surprised you’ve been able to hold back from playing with me for so long,’ you murmur. ‘You must be developing a new-found self control. Or maybe you’ve been practising? You know I love watching you play with your cock, watching you get more desperate, making you remove your self – control, layer after layer. Of course I’d really love to have you come inside me, but well, just watching is a lot of fun too.’

With that, you lean forward a little, and use your arms to press your breasts together, a wonderful, perfect view of your fine, deep cleavage. Your large, ample breasts, heavy and firm, are exquisitely beautiful as they press down and strain against the dark satin.

I take in the particular refinement of your bra, a really nice piece, the lighter blue of the upper lacework so fitting against the darker blue of the 40DD cup.

‘I was asking myself how easy it easy it is to arouse yourself through a cup like that,’ I comment.

You give me a coy smile, purse your lips together, and say quietly ‘Oh it’s easy, really very easy.’ With that, you lean back, and, still holding me with your eyes, start to trace slow, unhurried circles around each of your large pink nipples. The aroused buds become rapidly discernible through the silk as you toy with them.

Unable to wait longer, the finger and thumb of my right hand encircle my shaft as I very slowly begin to work myself into a state of further arousal. This is a greeted with a broad smile of approval, ‘That’s it honey sweet, nice and slow for now. I want you to save yourself for me if you possibly can, but if it is too much,…then I’ll just have to crawl over and clean it up for you.’ Your long delicate tongue snakes from your mouth and plays across the tip of your finger by way of emphasis.

You continue to tease the lace across the top of each of your bra cups, and then slowly and carefully pull down each one, so that each silk pocket is left covering no more than the underside of each breast. You return to the lazy, unhurried circular movements around each nipple, each one now quite protruding, hard and erect. A deep sigh of desire passes between your lips.

I continue to steadily wank myself for you, my forehead and torso beginning to glaze with sweat as I pump my hard, aching shaft.

‘Mmmh. Now I have a question for you,’ you murmur softly. ‘I want to know what you really think of my new lingerie. I spent a lot of time choosing it. But was it really worth all the effort? I think you need to have a much closer look in order to give me the honest opinion I need. Get over here. On your hands and knees.’

The soft pile of the carpet caresses my hands, knees and feet, almost weak with anticipation and desire, gratitude also at the amazing show you are putting on for me. A dirty grin spreads across your lips as I approach ‘That’s it darling, nice and close, I need a really unhurried expert opinion here. You had better not be wrong on any point either. Oh, to be really concentrated on your …viewing…I need to keep working that lovely hard cock for me, don’t stop for a moment.’

With that you lean back and spread you leg further, offering me a perfect Kars Escort view of your pantied gusset. You reach down and make some minor adjustments so that the silk is pressed tight against your pussy. The outer lace border struggles to cover every part of your intimacy, your fleshy outer lips are only just concealed. The slit of your vaginal opening is clearly distinguishable through the silk, I can tell that your inner lips beneath are already distended, aroused, opened like a budding flower. The smallest damp stain is already visible on your panties where the silk meets the top of your vaginal entrance, becoming more prominent as it slowly starts to spread…

‘Well, what do you think,’ you purr softly. ‘Do these meet with your approval?’ You bite your lower lip slightly, revealing your own inner tension and arousal. Long sensuous polished fingernails graze across your belly, your navel, up towards your breasts in order to lightly caress your hard, budded nipples before descending again to your sex, reaching across to your lovely broad firm thighs before again moving inexorably back to the centre of your sexual being. You reach up for a moment, unclip and then unhurriedly ease off your bra, laying it casually on the back of the leather armchair behind you.

You lean back again, legs fully spread, enjoying my intense desire and your hold over me. You raise your hands to the back of your head and gaze at me, wanting to see more, wanting to see me rub my cock still harder, my eyes sometimes closed despite myself, lost in the eroticism of the moment. The head of my cock is quite firm, an angry dark violet, the veins pulsing their arousal down the whole outer length. A little pre-cum seeps from the tip, and I massage the trace of shiny liquid into the rest of the glans.

‘So then, I’m still waiting for your comments. Do you like my pussy in these? Do they show her off to best advantage, are you able to see my lips well enough through them? Or just a little too classy, too refined perhaps, not quite enough of the …dirty whore…I know you want me to be for you?’

With that, you reach down and carefully move each side of the panties closer inwards towards your slit, exposing the smooth, clean flesh of your outer labia, and then drawing them in still further, more tightly between your lips, so that a tin strip of dark blue silk, running all the way from your mound, down between the cleft of your ass cheeks, is fully revealed to me.

With your left hand you continue to manipulate the heavy mound of your breast, your supple fingers straying to play across your nipple from time to time, while with your right you arouse yourself, rhythmically working the silk up and down across your damp aroused opening. Your panties are rapidly becoming damp, soaked even, as you continue to become more lustful, more bold, more aroused.

‘That’s it darling, keep on working your cock for me, nice and slow, show me how thick and hard you are for me’. My breath is coming more heavily, I feel quite light-headed as I continue to rub myself with both hands, drinking in the beauty of your womanhood. I feel myself melting into your love, your warmth. I know that if I were indeed to climax now, too soon, you would indeed unhurriedly lick up my seed. It’s that kind of relationship.

With a wicked smile you add, ‘Well I’m afraid I’ve got my panties quite wet, quite sodden. I can’t leave them like that, can I? It looks as though I have no choice but to take them off. Would you like to see how sodden my panties have become?’

With that you lean forward and slip them down to your knees, so that the damp silk is spread, fully exposed, between your parted legs. You give me a delicious challenging stare, your eyes say yes. Without further hesitation, I reach forward and rub my mouth and nose across your gusset, breathing in all your delicious scents.

‘Lick me.’ This is what I have been waiting for, hoping for. I reach forward and trace a long tongue stroke the length of the damp cotton, licking and tasting as much of your delicious juice as I possibly can.

‘Go further honey, all the way back, just imagine where my panties have been all day.’ With total application I lick all the way back, breathing in the scent of where the silk has been pressed against your intimacy for several hours. As I do so, I feel your soft hand play across the back of my head, running through my hair, encouraging, sympathising with me in my exquisite need, ‘ that’s good honey, just how you wanted it, isn’t it?’

‘Take them off,’ you instruct me presently, ‘we won’t be needing them again tonight. Now, what about some attention to my feet?’

We exchange a knowing grin, for we both know that you enjoy leading me on in this game as much as I enjoy being led. I manipulate your right foot and ankle through the stocking, caressing, kneading and kissing softly. As though by unspoken command, I carefully unbuckle your shoe and release your beautiful foot from it, before continuing my caresses a lot more, and then applying the same assiduous attention to your other foot also.

‘That’s nice my love, really really nice. Now turn around for me, I have a little surprise for you. And put your hands behind your back.’

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