Interview With The Tentacle Demon Chapter 13: Senator

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The intercom signal on Claire’s computer chimed. “Dr. Thompson? I’ve got a, well, someone is out here at the gate.” It was the guard shack attendant.

“Who is it?” she asked.

“That’s just it, Ma’am, she has a generic badge that indicates sufficient clearance to enter, but she won’t show me a photo ID.”

“Alright, give me a sec here and I’ll take a look,” Claire said. She summoned the gate security camera to her computer screen, and was surprised to see Senator Lucille Whitman in the driver’s seat of the car waiting to be let in. “It’s okay, I know who she is and her clearance is genuine. Let her in on my authorization,” she said.

“Yes Ma’am,” the guard replied.

Claire hurried outside to meet the Senator at her car. “Senator Whitman, good morning, what a pleasant surprise, I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I’m sorry for dropping in on you unannounced, Dr. Thompson, but this is an unofficial visit,” she said.

“Unofficial?” Claire repeated.

“Congress is out of session, I had a free day, and I thought it was high time I came out to see your operation. But I’m not really here, if you know what I mean.”

“Ah! No problem at all, you’re welcome here any time, Senator.” Claire looked the Senator over. Though she was a grandmother, she kept in shape and the years had been kind to her. Behind her glasses were cheerful looking hazel eyes. Her wavy gray hair framed a face that was wise with age but not overly wrinkled. Her C-cup breasts had only a hint of sagging. She still wore her wedding ring on her finger. “And how long has it been, Senator, since you lost your husband?” It was good to stay informed about the people that decided on your annual budget.

“Five long, lonely, years,” she replied wistfully. Unspoken understanding passed between the two women. “And please, call me Lucy.”

“And you call me Claire,” she said with a smile. Claire tapped at her computer, activating the system-wide camera swap to the hidden partition. She had actually stopped using it herself. After the threesome stunt Gruthsorik had pulled, with the camera feeding to the normal video logs the whole time, her personal modesty was a lost cause. She’d come to embrace the potential exhibitionist aspect though, the idea that somebody might watch her in the videos, and probably masturbate while doing so, now turned her on. Lucy’s visit was off the record though, as Nikki’s had been. For Claire’s eyes only. “Alright, I’ve deactivated the building’s cameras. Let me give you the tour,” she said. Lucy followed her to the entrance. “This is our door security system, you’ll see these throughout the building. Here’s how it works: look into this, put your thumb here, and eight numbers on the keypad.” Lucy did as Claire instructed. “Good. şişli escort I’ve set you up with a temporary account that gives you full access to the building and will delete itself tonight. Welcome to the mysteries and wonders of the Institute for Xenobiology and Cryptobiology.”

– – –

Claire led Lucy through the Institute, showing off the offices, the labs, and the cold storage area where the remains of several decades worth of creatures were kept, and also one Lauren Mayes. “And how is your research on the late Ms. Mayes going?” Lucy asked.

“I was able to determine that her deterioration and death were due to a complex interaction of imbalances in her system,” Claire explained. “Something, presumably in the energy transference, screws up production of various neurotransmitters, hormones, and other things. Normally any one of them or even several would be almost entirely harmless to a person, and most aren’t even looked for on common medical tests. All of it together though, in layman’s terms I guess you could say it weakens the body’s foundation just enough to slowly bring the whole thing down.”

“Can you see any potential applications?” Lucy said.

“The generals will be disappointed, no I haven’t. Knowing the effects are one thing, but I’m still a long way from figuring out how the transference works for Gruthsorik’s benefit or why it has those effects on the human female. However I have managed to develop a regimen of vitamins, supplements, and other drugs that effectively counteracts the effects and keeps everything running like it’s supposed to,” Claire said, trying to suppress a smile. Even with the pills, she was still limiting herself to three or four times a week, nowhere near what Lauren had been doing but far better than what she’d restricted herself to before. She and Gruthsorik were enjoying themselves immensely.

Finally they arrived at the containment wing. “You picked a good week to come, I actually have a brownie here at the moment,” Claire said while opening the door to Containment Room 2.

“A brownie? Little woodland creature, right?” Lucy asked.

“Very good. Also known by about a hundred other names across dozens of languages, including goblin, elf, dwarf, and fairy, in the old days before modern fantasy writers got hold of those terms and gave them more specific meanings. They have various reputations for being friendly, helpful, indifferent, or mischievous towards humans. Guess which one we have here.” Lucy chuckled, and Claire continued. “They caught him terrorizing a Boy Scout summer camp. We’re letting him stew in here for a while to learn his lesson, then we’re going to release him to custody of a brownie colony deep in the forest of one of the national parks.”

“I don’t see anything,” Lucy escort istanbul said, her eyes searching the seemingly empty cell.

“That’s their little trick. He’s not really invisible, he shows up on the cameras, but the telepathic hypnosis he can put out makes your brain pretend he’s not there. He’s being a stubborn little bastard. Here, try these,” Claire said, handing her a pair of electronic goggles from a table near the door. “The false color visual noise these generate prevent your brain from being able to filter him from view.”

“Oh! There he is!” Lucy exclaimed, now viewing the cell through the goggles. “Looks kind of halfway between a child and a midget, doesn’t he. What do they- Oh! How rude!” She removed the goggles and placed them back on the table.

“Yeah? Same to you, asshole!” Claire said in the general direction of where Lucy had been looking. “Forget him. Let me show you Containment Room 1, right across the hall.” Claire led her out of the room and opened the facing door across the hallway. She let Lucy through in front of her, and stayed in the hall as the door closed. Instantly the grin she’d been holding back spread across her face. Her hand found its way into her panties. She’d been holding that back, too. She hurried off to her office where she could do that more properly while monitoring the camera feeds.

– – –

“Hello, what have we here?” Gruthsorik asked as the elderly but still quite attractive woman entered the room and headed straight for the cell entry door.

“I’m Lucy,” she said. “A U.S. Senator and Claire’s, well, I’m one of her bosses, I guess you could say.”

“I’m pleased to meet you then. I am Gruthsorik, as I’m sure you know,” he said. By now she had come all the way into the cell.

“Yes, I do. My goodness, I’ve seen some of the video, but you really are so much more imposing in person.”

“You’re too kind,” he replied.

“And so polite, too!” she said.

Gruthsorik shrugged. “I’m evil, not uncivilized. It amuses me to be polite when the situation allows it. I’m not normally one for social pleasantries, you know.”

“And speaking of pleasantries, do you think you can show an old lady a good time, big boy?” she said with a wink in her voice.

“But of course,” Gruthsorik answered, his tentacles already extending. Lucy grabbed two of them out of the air and began stroking them. She stopped to undress and then took them back in her hands as the tentacles surrounded her body. As they curled around her breasts, she pulled her legs up, letting her weight settle in to their embrace. The tentacles wrapped around her legs to keep them in place while another went straight for her neatly trimmed pussy.

“Ohhh yes, right there,” Lucy moaned as it sank into her. Her eager merter escort body shook in orgasm as the tentacle filled her and began fucking while she moaned and screamed encouragement. The next tentacle started into her ass, and she yelled out, “Fuck yes, fill my ass up, give it to me!” Gruthsorik moaned in response to her enthusiasm. She came twice more as the tentacle snaked its way up her rear, Gruthsorik had to admire her endurance as well. As he started massaging her clit and sent a tentacle towards her mouth, she suddenly turned serious again, and in between panting and moaning, she said, “I know what you’re capable of. No holding out on me, you hear?”

“Are you sure you can handle it?” Gruthsorik asked.

“When I was much younger, I did shit that would make some porn stars blush. I can handle it,” she said with a wide grin, then leaned forward and licked the tentacle hovering in front of her. Her tongue moved around the head, and up and down the shaft, then finally she eased it into her mouth. It pushed in deeper, reaching into her throat, she took it without flinching and Gruthsorik moaned again, amazed at her oral skill. Her hands were a blur, expertly stroking the tentacles in their own tight grip. Clearly she was not to be underestimated after all. Her stuffed mouth screamed in pleasure as the fourth tentacle thrust into her sopping wet pussy and the fifth rammed into her asshole. The tentacles roughly assaulted her body and she began to thrash as the most powerful orgasm so far racked through her. Gruthsorik screamed as his fired his load, and the rush of cum over and into her made Lucy cum again immediately.

– – –

Lucy managed to find her way to Claire’s office, where Claire was trying very hard to look like she knew perfectly well what Lucy had been doing but hadn’t been stuffing a pair of vibrators into herself while watching it happen. “Lucy! How was your tour?” she asked.

“It was very…” Lucy trailed off, searching for a word. Only naughty ones were coming to mind.

“Yes, I’m sure it was,” Claire said with a wry grin, noting that Lucy looked more relaxed and satisfied than she’d ever seen her before. “I’m afraid we’ve missed lunchtime, but please allow me to take you out for dinner.” Going to a public restaurant would be helpful, it would keep them from talking about awkward and inappropriate things until Lucy had to leave to catch her flight.

“Oh my, was I in there that long? Yes, that would be lovely, thank you,” Lucy said. In fact she had been in there that long, resting and going back to Gruthsorik for more several times. At least Claire didn’t have to worry about all that cum Lucy took inside her, she was well past her childbearing years. Claire hoped her own sex drive and general energy level would still be that strong when she reached that age.

Continued in Chapter 14: Wolf

– – –

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