Interview for a Cuckold

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This is story that includes themes of humiliation (male) and cuckold. If that’s not for you then you won’t like. If it is I hope you enjoy……

We had chatted for sometime online, Diane and I, but this was our first meeting. I was very nervous, after all this was an important interview for me.

I had picked up a few items for her on the way. Handed over the trendy paper bag after she let me into her stylish apartment on the outskirts of town.

Her demeanour was very business-like, efficient. Her attire was equally business-like – black pencil skirt, blouse, heels – just perfect for me, I love the hot secretary look. It’s easy to cross the line into slutty or charterture She had taken it up to, but not over, that line.

“Make yourself comfortable” She said gesturing towards a seat as She slipped into another room before returning shortly.

“Ok” She said “Tell me about you.”

“But,” I started “You already know most things, what else can I tell you?”

“I want to hear it from your lips. Anyone can be a keyboard ‘Jock’ after all.”

I blushed. I always found it difficult to talk directly about S E X. She was correct – in that regard I was a ‘keyboard Jock’. I could open up and be myself on a forum, far more difficult in real life. Diane had just called me on it.

Weird thing is, once I started, the floodgates opened and it came out so easily. The more I spoke the easier it became. I was not making eye contact, often a tell of dishonesty it was not in this case, It was both easier to talk honestly this way and safer. ‘Safer’ in that had I looked up I may have seen a look of disgust, contempt, or simple failure that would have sent me scurrying to the door. Plus She had great legs!

Diane listened patiently. When I was finished she explained her first rule. “When I ask you a question you will look at me when answering. Exception to this is if I have given you a chore to do, you concentrate on your chore until instructed otherwise, understand?”

“Yes” I say.

“Rule 2. You address me as Miss at all times, Understand?”

“Yes miss.” This improved response elicits a “Good” from Diane.

For the rest of the story you may assume I follow Diane’s instructions and respond with a “Yes Miss” appropriately.

No point in writing “Yes Miss” I said every few lines – I don’t want to write it and I’m sure you don’t want to read it!

It was Diane’s turn now. She knew exactly what She was looking for and, unlike me, had no issue in articulating it. In short she was looking for a man to have an emotional relationship with but had no intention of giving up her long term boyfriend, She also enjoyed the thrill of the occasional tinder date – the butterflies, the new, the naughty!

She had been married for over a decade. Had always been faithful Ankara escort but sexually unsatisfied. Her husband had been cold / uninterested in the bedroom. One day she came home from work early to find hubby banging the granny from up the road. That ended the marriage and She swore she would never be in that situation again.

She asked if I wanted to continue. Of course I did. “Good” She purred, “Well then, I don’t want you sitting there staring at my legs, god knows what perverted little things are going on in that head of yours. Go to the bathroom, there’s something waiting for you, put it on and return in just your underpants – I want to see what I’m dealing with.”

“Yes Miss” I replied and did as she instructed. I had been perving at her legs, imagining them wrapped around my neck as She force fed me her juicy, sloppy pussy. I was already more than semi.

This was bad news as in the bathroom was a steel cockcage. I used the cold water from the sink to ‘reduce the swelling’ enough to fit the device, the inner ring of which had some rough looking spikes. It took a little time to fit but I emerged ‘fitted’ with only my underpants to preserve my modesty.

Diane was in the living room. She had a glass of wine and a chocolate muffin, neatly quartered on a plate on the table next to her.

“About time” She barked “Seriously, if this is going to work you are going to have to step up.”

“Yes Mi..” I started.

“Don’t fucking ‘yes miss’ me just get your act together.” She was in full ‘alpha female’ mode now. “Come on then, let’s see.”

I dropped the underpants to reveal my flacid cock and the fiendish device designed to keep it that way. She inspected thoroughly, checked it was locked, tight, and held out her hand. I placed the key in it.

She sat down and took a long slow drink of wine as if trying to decide whether I was worthy of continuing with or not.

Finally she explained that she had 3 tests designed to weed out the fantasists and the wannabes from the guys who really wanted to be subservient to her.

She took the plate, a piece of muffin and left the room “come with me” She instructed as she reached the door. I followed her to the bathroom. She stopped me at the door.

“Knees” She instructed. I complied. The door was open but I was not to cross. Her skirt fell to the floor, She stepped out of it, no panties, full view of her gorgeousness. A sharp pain indicated the cage had done its job. She smirked as She saw my face twitch.

She sat on the toilet, legs wide apart, giving a full view and began to pee.

The stream stopped abruptly. She reached over to the plate on the side and placed it on the floor directly in front of the pan.

I knew then what the first task was to be. Sure enough she eased Abidinpaşa escort off the pan, knelt over the plate and restarted her golden stream. It didn’t take much until the cake was saturated and the excess began to puddle on the plate. The stream again stopped and she returned to the seated position on the toilet.

“Task one” she announced “a test of obedience and willingness to accept humiliation. Remain on your knees, no hands, I want that plate cleaned.”

Getting down on my hands and knees I made my way over, and dove straight in face first into the delicious soaking mess.

“Thank you miss” I muttered as I cleaned the plate to a sparkle.

“Very good” her voice kind for the first time since the cage went on. She told me to stand so she could inspect the cage. My little cock was as hard as possible within the confines of its cage. The rough spikes were biting hard.

She sat back and finished relieving herself. She teased me as she did so telling me she know how badly I wanted her stream down my neck, that I’d probably cum if she did – cage or not. She enjoyed it. She wasn’t wrong.

Skirt back on. We returned to the living room and discussed cuckolding. A subject that was clearly of interest to both of us.

Discussing my deepest fantasy with, not only a gorgeous woman, but one that could make them come true. It’s was so erotic every time I got too excited the cage would do its job.

She got up and left the room. I was not to follow.

She returned with a small pair of scissors. “Task 2”. She sat back down, slowly crossing her legs as she did so. Normally this would be very sexy but right now I was more anxious what the task would be. What task would involve scissors?

She showed me her other hand. Closed which she slowly opened to reveal a condom. A used condom. A knot tied 1/2 way down.

“It’s been in the fridge” she explained “Dave (her long term boyfriend) came around last night. Normally we don’t use condoms – I like to feel him direct. But, he agreed too since I was ‘interviewing’ today. “

“You want to be my cuckold, you better get used to swallowing lots of Dave’s cum. Sure you want to continue?”

I didn’t. Cleaning her, licking and sucking her swollen pussy would be ecstasy. Having cold cum dumped from a condom would not.

“Yes miss” I said. This was a means to an end. I’d do whatever I had to.

“Good, come closer then” she said. I nudged closer as subserviently as I could. Keeping my head low and opened my mouth.

“It’s still chilly” she said now standing over me she rubbed the little baggy between her hands before reaching over to get the scissors.

With the condom and scissors poised above my head she paused. “Sure?” She said. This time I did not Akay escort answer, simply closed my eyes, tilted my head back and opened wide.

She snipped and the contents poured into my mouth. Fighting the gag reflex I swallowed as quick as I could.

“Good boy” she said like I was a fucking Labrador!

“Thank you miss” I replied.

“Relax, you’re doing well” she said perhaps sensing I had tolerated rather than enjoyed task 2.

She walked over to the furthest chair sat down crossed her legs allowing her shoe to dangle slightly.

The minimal reassurance together with the little tease dispelled any doubts. Better was to come.

She teased me for a little while. Very soft core, caressing her legs, flicking her shoe on/off. The sort of flirting which could just pass as acceptable in a decent restaurant.

She tossed me the key. I looked at her almost requesting permission. “Go on then” she said.

Those things don’t come off easy. Unlocked and the main body almost shoots off. Then the blood rushes in which makes the spikes dig in to a rapidly swelling organ. Then the back plate. But, once off, oh my god it feels amazing!

The resultant erection is vicious. I take a minute to relax and regain composure. Any contact during that time would certainly have ended with the sticky puddle of a ruined orgasm.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” She asked.

“Yes miss, amazing, thank you” I reply.

“You have done well, so far” she said “so, far you have shown obedience, accepted humiliation, and been fed, all without complaint or resistance. Would you like some release?”

“Yes please miss.”

“Come on then” she beckoned me over “if I let you touch yourself, can you do that without ‘losing’ it?”

“Yes miss” I lied. So desperate to cum I couldn’t guarantee anything.

“Come on” she said offering up a foot “I’ve seen how turned on you are by my heels, you can kiss, lick, do whatever just don’t cum.”

I had been desperate for this since I first met Diane I really went to town, after all I had earned it! Had to limit touching myself as I was so close to coming and this was surely task number 3, wasn’t it?

She allowed me a minute or so of fun before explaining that tasks 1 and 2 had been easy as I was very horny and therefore compliant.

“When I say, I want you to cum over my foot. My foot and shoe should be glazed like a donut, understand?”

I adjusted and prepared to unload.

“Task 3 tests how obedient you are post orgasm. If you cum you clean every drop up. Understand?”

“Cum. Do it now. You wanted this now do it!”

And I did. I came hard. My whole body juddered as I unloaded thick streams of cum all over her leg, foot and heels.

“Now lick it up” she said.

I hesitated. Pre orgasm this is a huge turn on as soon as you cum it’s disgusting.

“Or get me some kitchen roll and fail” she said raising her foot to my mouth.

The end.

Reality check:

This story is semi-true. It is a roleplay I engaged in with a partner in a committed exclusive relationship. Cuckold is a fantasy. The condom was mine.

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