Interview Ch. 02

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I’ve started my new job, and except for the occasional business trip on which I accompany Teresa and am required to fuck her as part of my duties, our clandestine office affair has been going on for a while now. Each morning I call you into my office, we chat a little about the day’s activities, but always at some point, I quietly shut my office door and on cue you rise out of your chair and approach my desk. We have a certain routine down pat: if you’re wearing a skirt, I ask you to raise it so I can see if you’re wearing any panties. You know that if you come to work wearing a skirt and no panties, you’ll be rewarded by a seat on my desk, reclining, spreading your legs, and having me bury my face in your pussy.

I place one hand on either of your thighs and part your legs, as you rest your heels on my shoulders. You lie flat on your back, excited by my approaching tongue as I lick the insides of your thighs and gently kiss your pussy mound, my chin just grazing your clit. You begin to squirm in anticipation, and as I kiss your lips tenderly, I can feel their moisture on my lips. I turn my head sideways and begin to kiss your pussy a little more deeply and eventually French kiss your pussy, driving my tongue inside of you. You push back against my exploring tongue. I feel your hips gyrate with my face and tongue and begin to work up your pussy until I find your clit, plump, tender, ready to be licked and sucked. You reach down and pull back your hood and my tongue flutters like a butterfly on a flower bud until you cum for me.

Then I stand up, unzip my trousers, and take my cock out of my fly, lying it down across your sensitive, sopping wet pussy. I know you want it inside of you, but before I’m willing to fuck you, I want to see your tits. You lift your shirt up to your shoulders, and I reach forward and pull the cups of your bra down and your ripe tits fall out. I whisper to you, “Good girl,” and slip my cock inside of you with one, slow stroke, your beautiful pussy giving way to the solidity of my prick. I lean forward to suck on your nipples.

My cock is bursting and has been erect all morning waiting for our daily conference. Neither of us wants to be caught so we know we have to fuck fast and hard and cum quickly. I start to pound your pussy furiously. As I fuck you, I tell you how I’ve been thinking about you since you left the office last night, how much my cock yearns to be deep inside of you, how perfect it feels when we’re entwined, how gorgeous you look jiggling and bouncing underneath me. You wrap your legs around me, I pin your wrists on to the desk and lean over you. I can feel your labored breathing in my ear. I know you’re ready to cum, and so am I. I whisper to you, “I’m about to burst and I want us cum together,” and you nod your head. My cock erupts inside of you as you moan in ecstasy, cumming in my arms as my jizz fills you.

Then there are those days when you wear slacks to the office. Of course, we have to have our morning meeting. When the time is right, I motion to you to close the door. You do as I request and come around to my side of the desk. I turn my desk chair toward you as you approach, and you kneel down between my thighs. Your hands work my zipper and slip into my fly, untangling my erect cock from my boxer shorts and trousers, pulling it out and caressing it at the same time. I lean forward and lift your shirt over your head, your arms raised in the air. I squeeze your supple tits while their still encased in your lacey bra, running my thumbs family stroke porno over where your nipples start to protrude. Then, I reach around and unsnap your bra, taking it off of your shoulders and arms. I cup your big tits in the palms of my hands and knead them as you continue to stroke my cock. When I’m ready, I lean back in your chair and your head dips forward, your mouth encircles my prick and you start to draw it into you. I can hear you as you slurp my prick, your one hand cupping my heavy balls, your other hand on my thigh. I want to watch, so I gather your hair in a ponytail so I can see your face, holding you by your hair as your head bobs up and down rhythmically. I whisper to you, “Put it between your tits.”

You sit up on your knees and dangle your beautiful tits so that my cock is in your cleavage. You’re resting your hands on my thighs, looking up into my eyes, as you sway side to side so that your soft tits collide with my cock. I take my cock in my hand and rub it against your erect nipples and then push it forward until it’s wedged firmly in your cleavage. You immediately squeeze your tits together around my cock and start to bounce up and down on my cock. Once again, I hold your hair in a ponytail so I can see your face. You ask me, “Are these tits as nice as my pussy?” I shake my head no. You lean forward and with one motion take my cock in your mouth and deepthroat me, immediately taking my cock back out and wrapping your tits back around it. Once again, you ask me, “Is my mouth as good as my pussy?” I shake my head again. You ask, “Do you want to fuck me now?”

I tell you, “No, today is about you servicing me, so get to work on that cock.” Your lips wrap around my prick again and my hips start to buck. You know I’m about to cum…

Most people in our office are aware that we’ve been fucking on a regular basis even if they don’t know that we’ve been playing every morning in my office. I still service Teresa regularly, occasionally with the rest of the VP’s at the same time, and as long as she gets hers, she doesn’t mind who else I do. I’ve taken you on a few business trips and you’ve been the perfect administrative assistant: incredibly efficient during the day, charming company at dinner, and an absolutely insatiable whore at night.

I have some clients coming to town today and, after meeting with them, I take the clients to dinner. You’re upset that I’m going to miss the office happy hour/going away party for one of the staff, but I promise to make it up to you the following morning. I don’t know who’s surprised more when I drop by the office after the client dinner to find you fucking the summer intern on the conference room table. At least you’ve had the courtesy of not fucking him on my desk. He looks terrified when I enter, expecting to get fired, but I tell him he should continue what he’s doing. He starts to stammer that the two of you have just started and should probably just stop, but I insist. Plus, I can see as you lie on the conference room table that your beautiful pussy is dripping wet. I tell the intern, “Look at her, Andrew, she’s spread, soaking, and waiting for you. Go ahead and fuck her the way she needs to be fucked.”

Overall, I’m surprised. Mostly because I thought you liked slightly older, more experienced men. Whenever we took our business trips together, we’d talk about whom you’d like to take back for a threesome and it always seemed to be the most senior person, never the juniors about your female taxi porno age. You have, however, chosen well, Andrew has a slightly larger than average cock, and he’s certainly good looking. I can see you gasp as he plunges his big prick inside of you. You turn to look at me as he starts to pump you. “That’s okay,” I tell you, “lean back and enjoy it, Jessica.”

You start to buck your hips and work your little pussy against him in the same way that you work it against me. I’m enjoying the show. “Andrew, you need to fuck her harder. Pin her on the desk and drill her. Make her feel every inch of your cock. Do her hard and fast they way she needs to be fucked.”

You look up at me perplexed when I say this, but I just smile at you mischievously. Every time Andrew starts to slow down, I spur him on, “Don’t stop now, Andrew, you almost have her. Give it to her hard.” He’s pumping away at you for only a few minutes when I tell him, “Flip her over. Make her stand and bend over. That’s the way she likes it. Make her big ass shake.”

He pulls out, twists you around, and slides you off the edge of the conference table. You can no longer see my grinning face. Andrew is focused on your perfectly shaped, womanly ass as it bounces out of control. “Slap it, Andrew, slap her ass.” Andrew is shocked, “No, I don’t want to do that to her,” he replies. “What are you talking about, Andrew, it’s what she wants. She wants it rough. Grab a handful of her hair and pull her head back and with your other hand smack her cheeks.”

Andrew is so scared that he practically stops fucking you. “Don’t stop now,” I yell at him; she doesn’t want you to stop. She wants to be fucked raw.” He grabs your hair, smacks your hair, and fucks your supple pussy for all he’s worth. Unfortunately, he’s ready to cum in all of five minutes. What’s really odd is that he pulls out and jerks off all over your ass and back. You turn around with a totally confused look on your face. I know how much you like the taste of cum and I know how much you like the feeling of my hot load squirting inside your pussy that I know you’re not very happy.

“Pull up your pants, Andrew,” I say.

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t worry, just pull up your pants and go home, you’re finished here tonight. You did fine. We’ll see you at work tomorrow.”

“Am I going to get fired?”

“Don’t be silly, just go home.”

You haven’t moved a muscle since he came all over the small of your back and your ass – still bent over the conference room table. He leaves and I take the white handkerchief from the breast pocket of my suit jacket and hand it to you, and tell you, “you should probably clean yourself up a little.”

Your reach around and wipe his cum from your ass and then look at the handkerchief. I just laugh, “don’t even think about giving that thing back to me; just toss it in the wastebasket.” The wastebasket is across the room. You’re completely naked except for your black high-heeled boots that I bought for you when we went shopping on one of our trips. I watch you as you walk across the room to throw away the handkerchief. I’m transfixed by the way your ass and hips move as you walk away. I stare at your big tits as they bounce toward me.

“I should probably get dressed and go home,” you tell me.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Jessica, unlike Andrew, your work isn’t finished here tonight.”

“I’m not so sure you really want me after seeing me with him.”

“Come here. Put female agent porno your clothes down and come to me. Now kneel down in front of me.”

You do so and you move to unzip my pants the way you normally do, but I just slap your hands and say, “I’ll give this to you when I think you deserve it.”

I take off my jacket and flip it on to one of the chairs. Then I lean down and squeeze your beautiful tits, pinching your nipples between the tips of my fingers and lifting your tits in the air so they’re dangling by just your nipples. I unbutton, unzip, and unbelt my trousers, taking them down to around my thighs. I’m holding my hard cock in my hand and I feed it to you. I watch as it slips down your throat. Then I take it out and gently cock-whip your face, before sliding it back in your mouth. Now I hold the back of your head and start to fuck your mouth. Watching you fuck the intern has made me incredibly horny. I’ve always known what an incredibly sexy woman you are, but seeing it so objectively has filled me with an incredible lust for you. You look up at me with my cock in your mouth, as I fuck your mouth furiously and I’m about to cum almost as quickly as did Andrew. I cum down your throat, holding your head close to me with both hands and listening to the gulping noises you made.

After a few moments, you let my cock fall from between your lips and I tell you to put it back in. You do so and continue sucking me, feeling it grow in your mouth. It’s almost completely hard now and I take it out of your mouth, order you to stand up. I take off my necktie and lash your wrists together. I then make you face one of the built-in bookcases and tie the other end of the necktie to it, your arms above your head. I strip off the rest of my clothes. While I undress, I walk to you occasionally and slap your ass, leaving my palm print across your bottom. I love the sound you make as you breathe in sharply with every strike of my hand.

I stand behind you, press my cock against your fleshy ass, wrap my arms around you and caress your body, moving my hands over your tits, tummy, thighs, twat. Working my hand between your legs and rubbing your pussy. I’m amazed to find how wet you still are. The minute my fingers find your pussy, you body convulses and I truly believe you will cum any second. I slide my cock down the crack of your ass, bend my knees just a little, and slide my cock into you, lifting you off the ground with my first stroke. I leave it in and touch your clit, my other hand touching your aroused nipples. With nothing more than that, you approach your climax, but I remove my hands from your body and take my cock out of you. You turn around to look at me. You know that I’m torturing you, but deep down it feels good to you.

We continue this dance a few more times, but I don’t bring you to orgasm. Finally, I untie you from the bookcase and tell you to work your own wrists free as I walk over to one of the conference room chairs. The moment after I turn around to sit down in the chair, I’m surprised that you’re on top of me, your hands still tied together, and you throw your arms around my neck, kneel down on the chair and straddle me, taking my cock in your pussy. I’m your prisoner now and you use my cock for your pleasure, riding it out of control, cumming repeatedly, screaming as your juice drips down my big prick, my neck arching forward to suck and bite your nipples as your tits bounce against my face, my hands continuing to spank your already sore ass. When I’m ready to cum, I stand up, lifting you in the air and putting you on the conference table. Your tied hands still looped around my neck. I can feel the leather of your boots against my torso as you wrap your legs around me, pulling me in deeper. I’m frantically fucking you as you moan and yelp until I cum inside your pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32