Intertwined Fates 03: Stress Relief

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3: Stress Relief

It was early morning and Kally came home to a room strewn with clothing. One thing that she especially notices is that there are buttons lying on the floor.

‘Hmmm, looks like Joy had fun with her date. I’ll have to get the juicy details out of her later,’ thought Kally as she walked towards the kitchen.

When Joy woke up with the weak dawn sunlight beginning to stream through the windows, she found that Carl was not next to her. She then heard a screech that sounded just like her flatmate.

Joy hurriedly put on some underwear and rushed out into the kitchen and found a naked Carl standing in front of her stunned and shocked flatmate.

“I’m so sorry, Kally. I forgot to tell Carl that I had a flatmate,” said Joy.

“Oh it’s ok. It was a nice shock,” said a stunned Kally.

“Carl, your clothes are still in the living room,” Joy told him.

“Right, thanks Joy,” said Carl rather embarrassed.

After Carl had departed the room Kally said, “Wow he’s really hot, Joy. How did you manage to get him?”

“He’s my boss, Kally,” said Joy.

“Wow,” said Kally.

“Yeah, I know. I think he wanted me for a while. He made his move when we were alone at the office two days ago. That was wild and I intend to pay him back for it,” Joy says.

Carl came back in dressed with the exception of his tie and shirt which was hanging open.

“Well I got to go home and get changed. I’ll see you at work, Joy. Got a lot of work to do today,” said Carl, he then kissed her full on the mouth.

“Bye, Carl, see you later,” said Joy

“Wow. I can see he’s attracted to you,” said Kally

“I know. I never really saw too much of him. He was always so busy so he stayed in his office for most the day. I keep thinking that if he never got a divorce that I would not have ever seen him much,” replied Joy.

“Well, you’re lucky. My last boyfriend cheated on me. I came home early and found Şanlıurfa Escort him in bed with two women!” exclaimed Kally

“I have to get ready for work now, Kally or I’ll be late. Peak traffic is a bitch at this time and Carl is right we do have a lot of work to get through. I’m also probably the only person who stays behind. He probably only really noticed me after I started doing all this extra work,” said Joy.

“Are you going to be home for dinner? Because if you are I’m going to be cooking,” Kally tells Joy.

“I don’t know. I probably won’t be. I still have stacks of orders to put into the system,” Joy replies.

“Alright. Call me if can make it. I just haven’t seen much of you lately, girl,” said Kally.

When Joy got to work she walked up to her level and heard shouting coming from Carl’s office. A distinct and pretty angry sounding woman.

Joy deciding to do the nice thing opened the door and rescued Carl from his encounter.

“Is everything alright here Carl?” asked Joy.

“Yes, Joy can you show this woman the door? She was just leaving,” said Carl.

“We are not done here, Carl,” stated the fiery woman.

“Yes we are, Miranda. I don’t want to have anything more to do with you. You are not getting anything and that’s completely final,” Carl told her determinedly.

Once Joy had returned she asked a stressed looking Carl who the woman was.

“That was my bitch of an ex-wife. She’s trying to get her filthy hands on some of my property when she already agreed to only take her stuff,” said Carl rather crankily.

“Wow, what a bitch. Well I’m already behind on my work. I got stuck in an accident on highway so I gotta catch up. Are you going to be free for lunch? I want to share some ideas with you about the filling system,” Joy asked.

“No, sorry, Joy. I won’t have time to have any lunch. I’m just so busy at the moment. How about dinner?” asked Carl.

“Ok, Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan I’ll talk to you then, Carl,” Joy replied as she walked over and placed a kiss on his cheek and walked out the door and back to her office.

Nothing eventful occurred over the course of the day until lunch time, when she decided to give Carl a lunch time surprise.

Saving her work, she locked her workstation and went to Carl’s office, opening his door.

Seeing that Carl had his back to her in his chair and hadn’t heard her come in, since he was talking on the phone, she quietly closed and locked the door before stealthily walking over. She wrapped her arms around his chest, planting a kiss on his left ear, giving him a big shock, and making him almost drop the phone.

Trying to not let her surprise throw him off track, he continued on with his phone conversation with the client. Joy however was doing her best to throw him off whispering in his ear.

“I love the sound of your voice. It’s so sexy,” she purred, while licking the outside rim of his ear and massaging his chest muscles.

Once Carl finished with his phone conversation, he put the phone back down and said “Well this is a nice surprise Joy,”

“I could see how stressed you were earlier but I had so much work to do. So I came in here to relax you and that’s exactly what I’m going to do,” said Joy.

She spun his chair around and groped his pronounced hardness through his pants and massaged him while her other hand unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She drew down his zipper and dragged his pants down to his knees. She then began rubbing his erection through his silk boxers making him moan and squirm in his seat.

Joy then yanked his boxers down to his knees and thrust her mouth over his straining erection making him cry out. She used one hand to rub the underside of his hardness and the other hand to massage Escort Şanlıurfa his balls while licking around the head of his member.

“Oh god, Joy, that’s so good,” moaned Carl as Joy looked up at him her brown-grey eyes burning with passion.

She started increasing the pressure around the head of his shaft, making him moan long and hard. Joy felt his body tense and she knew that he was very close, so she engulfed as much of his erection as she possibly could. She sucked him as hard as she could, giving Carl an explosive release. After making sure she got every last drop of his come, she got up and gave him a passionate kiss.

“How do you feel now Carl? Less stressed?” asked Joy.

“Yeah. Thanks, Joy, I feel so much better. Now, let’s see what I can do for you,” said Carl dazed from the pleasure.

When Carl started to reach up her dress to pull down her panties she pulled his arms away and said, “That was for you Carl you needed it. Don’t feel as though you need to repay me. Do you want me to get you anything for lunch?”

“Yes, thanks, Joy. A salad would be nice,” said Carl as he got up and pulled up his boxers and pants and started refastening them.

“Ok, I still got a pile of work to do so I’ll get you that and then I’ll see you in lobby at what time?” asked Joy.

“7?” asked Carl.

“Yeah, sure. And also, Carl, I have other things to talk about then just filling,” said Joy as she bent down and kissed him on the cheek and left the room.

‘Wow. She’s positively amazing. My ex-wife never did anything like that for me,’ thought Carl as he got back to work.

The remainder of the day past without incidence for them, but Miranda was not coping with Carl completely rejecting her.

“Markus, we have a problem. Carl is not budging on the issue. Something needs to be done,” Miranda said to a shadowed figure standing in the corner of an opulent room in a fancy hotel.

“Don’t worry my love. Everything will work out eventually. We always get what we want because we are very, very patient,” said Markus

“I still don’t understand how you can be so patient,” said Miranda

“Darling, when you have been around for as long as I have you learn proper patience,” said Markus.

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