Interstellar Impregnation Pt. 07

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Everyone in this story is over the age of 18

Scarlett looked around the room, the reality of it all slowly dawning on her. She was completely naked and bent over — lewdly exposing every bit of her body. A slim, brown-haired boy was standing next to her, also totally nude. His eager cock pointed straight at her.

Compounding things further, Scarlett was loaded up with hormones to make her incomprehensibly horny and incredibly fertile. She was surrounded by roughly thirty other stalls, each filled with her classmates — all equally naked, drugged, and worked up as she was.

The experience was so overwhelming, her brain was only capable of forming one word, over and over again.


This was the best day of her life, by far.

Scarlett turned to her assigned partner, sure he’d be feeling the same level of excitement. If there was one thing that she knew about boys, it was that they loved sex. This had to be a dream come true for him. But he was standing off to the side of the stall, looking strangely anxious.

His name was Xavier, Scarlett remembered. He was cute, with a compact body and a warm smile. Scarlett remembered him from a few of her classes, always well-dressed in a sweater and corduroy trousers.

Now, of course, he was naked. Scarlett was excited to see he had a very nice boy body. A bit boney, perhaps. But there was one big bone on his body that Scarlett was more than excited about. His penis wasn’t thick but nicely long with a bit of a taper at the end. It stuck out wonderfully from a thick, dark bush of hair. Scarlett supposed he had other features — arms, legs, and the like — but those weren’t nearly as important.

“Um, hi,” Xavier said, noticing Scarlett’s stare. He ran his eyes over her body, a salacious mix of hunger and fear.

Scarlett chose to think of herself as ‘full-figured.’ She wasn’t fat; maybe a couple pounds overweight. And even if she didn’t eat for a year, she’d always be thick. That was just the way genetics made her.

There were awesome benefits to being that way, though. Her boobs were freaking huge, and she had a big, curvy butt. More than a few guys had called her the apex of sexy. Well, she imagined boys talking to her that way, anyway.

In real life, Scarlett was super shy. She couldn’t talk to a guy without turning bright red and giggling like an idiot. The issue was, she was also ultra horny. Like, all the time.

Scarlett had tried everything: watching porn, using toys, none of it seemed to satisfy her. Worse, the more she engaged with it, the more twisted her urges became. A thirty-person, doggystyle, forced impregnation orgy, though? Scarlett was pretty sure that was going to suit her needs just fine.

“Hello?” Xavier again tried to get Scarlett’s attention. She laughed to herself. She was so excited by the idea of everything that was going on, she wasn’t pay attention to it as it actually happened.

“Isn’t this awesome?” Scarlett asked.

Xavier startled. “I mean, um. Not really?”

“Come on, look at this!” Scarlett said. “Everyone we know is around us, fucking like animals. It’s so hot!”

Xavier looked around, nervously, at the other stalls. He sure didn’t seem to be enjoying anything. Again, Scarlett couldn’t understand it. He had a hot, dark-haired girl tied up and raring to go right in front of him! It didn’t get any better than that.

“No no, it’s great,” Xavier said. “I’m just, um, a little nervous? I’m, ummm…” He leaned in, like he was about to tell Scarlett the world’s most terrible secret. His voice a ragged whisper. “I’m a virgin.”

“That’s great!” Scarlett exclaimed, “I am too! That’s so spicy. Both of us learning together.” She made a point of adding ‘first-time’ to the rapidly growing list of kinks she’d be able to check off in a moment.

Xavier stepped back, his eyes widening even further. Scarlett went from confused to concerned. A normal boy would already be halfway buried in her needy cunt by now. All of her usual problems — her terminal shyness, her giggly self — were neutralized by the situation. While all of her strengths — her built-for-sex body and her permanent DTF status — should have put her over the top.

Instead, Xavier kept eyeing her like she was a rabid wolverine about to rip him to little bitsies.

“Do you think, maybe, we could talk first?” Xavier asked, “You know, get to know each other better?”

Get to… What? This kid had walked into a straight-up, triple-X, hardcore porno, but he kept acting like he was the lead in a PG, John Green adaptation. What the fuck?!

“Ok, fine,” Scarlett said, resigned to the situation. It was weird introducing herself completely naked, bent over at the waist, and hooked to a metal bar. But she didn’t have much choice.

Xavier sat down on the floor next to her, legs crossed. His penis stuck up like a fleshy obelisk. “I remember you from Social Studies,” he said, “You were always passing notes in the back with another girl.”

“That’s Riley,” Scarlett şişli escort said, “We do drama together.” She looked around and saw that her tiny, blonde best friend was eagerly getting plowed by some oversized dude she didn’t know. If only she could have been paired with that rapacious brigand instead of Sir Sweetness.

“Right,” Xavier said, “I saw you in the one-act play last month. You were really good.”

“Thanks,” Scarlett said, “Can we start fucking now? Or do you want me to go through my whole life story first?”

Xavier blushed. “I just feel like I should get to know you,” he said, “At least a little bit.”

“Wouldn’t you rather be plumbing my depths in a different way?” Scarlett asked.

“I’m not that kind of guy,” Xavier said. He looked down at the ground, like he was legitimately ashamed to admit it. “I mean, I like women. Definitely. But don’t you need feelings to be able to do something like this? I always assumed I’d fall in love first.”

Scarlett sighed. She supposed she could be a little more patient with the guy. But if he didn’t start slamming her soon, she was going to have to rip herself out of this contraption, shove him into position, and take him, herself.

“Ok, so tell me about yourself,” Scarlett said.

“Oh, ummm.” Xavier still couldn’t look her in the eye. “I mean, like I said, my name’s Xavier. I like to draw a lot?”

“Art’s cool,” Scarlett said, “I like the hentai stuff with cool, rapey tentacle monsters.”

“I do mostly flowers,” Xavier said, “Like, with watercolors?”

This wasn’t going anywhere. If anything, Scarlett felt her girl-boner starting to go down. In this situation, this scenario, that should have been literally impossible. She decided she needed to take this in a different direction.

“I have an idea,” she said, “Why don’t we start with kissing. You know, get us all warmed up?”

“That would be OK, I think,” Xavier said.

Finally, a tiny eager grin played on his face. He leaned over so his lips could reach Scarlett’s, and they both shared a quick, chaste kiss on the lips. It was awkward, what with how Scarlett was lashed to the bar in front of her, but not unpleasant.

They kissed again, just pressing lips together. It wasn’t sexy, but Xavier seemed to like it. Better than him talking about his desire for daisies, or whatever. But Scarlett needed to get things going way faster than this. She let her tongue slip out and licked at Xavier’s lips.

The boy jumped back like he’d been bitten by an eel.

“What was that?” he asked.

“My tongue, silly,” Scarlett said.

“No, I know. But don’t you think that’s a little fast?”

Fast? They were both naked in a holding pen and profoundly fucked up with fertility drugs. This was already hyperspeed, baby!

“What exactly do you think we should be waiting for?” Scarlett asked, her frustration pushing through.

“Second date for kissing,” Xavier said, like he was quoting the official rulebook. “Maybe third. You don’t want to spoil a potential love match by being too eager.”

“Are you sure you like girls?” Scarlett asked, raising an eyebrow.

She’d never had a real boyfriend, but she was pretty sure Xavier was one-of-a-kind and not in the ‘oh my soulmate’ way he was probably picturing. Fuck, if Scarlett wasn’t up to anal by the third date with a boy, she figured it wasn’t meant to be. At least, that’s how she hoped things would go once she went to college in a few months. If college was still a thing that might happen. Ugh, all of this was so twisted around.

Scarlett looked around the room. None of the other couples seemed to be having these kinds of problems. Beth, one of the cheerleaders, was getting straight up plowed in the stall right across from her. To Scarlett’s left, Mia, a skinny stuck-up bitch, was shaking like crazy as orgasm after orgasm rolled over her. And not too far away from that, Scarlett could see Oliver and Liv, the twins, full-on fucking. That was so hot! Scarlett wished she had a brother that she could be forced to fuck.

But it wasn’t only the visuals. The sounds of it all — Scarlett was getting better than 7.1 audio on everything and it was amazing. Loud moans and low groans. Courtney, a popular girl, was wailing like a banshee. Jason, the Black boy paired with pale, blonde Annie, grunted loudly with every thrust. And the smells, fuck, the stench of cock and cunt…

All of it combined to get Scarlett dizzy with it. Drunk. And yet here she was, with Roger Romance, waiting by the side to get started because he couldn’t find a rose to court her with. Fucking hell.

Literally. This was fucking hell. And Scarlett needed to get out of there before her own aching body exploded.

“Look, Xav,” Scarlett said, doing her best to appear sweet and soft. “I get that this isn’t how you dreamed it would be. The meet-cute, the first kiss in the rain, the trips to Paris. The whole dance of the will they-won’t they. I see the appeal of it, for sure.”

“Oh yes,” Xavier said. He let out a long, wistful sigh. His eyes were closed, like he was watching it all play out in his mind.

“Well, it’s not going to happen,” Scarlett said, “I’m sorry, but here we are — both naked and drugged up so bad we can barely think. So, I’m willing to work with you to help make this something we both enjoy. Or, you can keep pretending like it isn’t happening and then, I swear, your first time will be me ripping your head off and shoving it up your own ass. Understood?”

Xavier stumbled back against the wall. His face went so pale, Scarlett thought he was about to pass out. “Maybe we should try kissing again,” he said.

“Great idea,” Scarlett said.

The skinny boy made his way back over to Scarlett and knelt so their lips could meet. This time, when Scarlett snaked her tongue over, he opened his mouth and let her slip it inside. He wasn’t a terrible kisser, Scarlett thought, though she had no baseline to compare it to. It was way better than all those make-out sessions she’d had with her stuffies and the back of her hand.

But this was a far cry from what Scarlett actually needed and, unfortunately, she was bound in a way that wouldn’t let her fingers move things forward. She needed Xavier to download a course on assertiveness immediately, Matrix-style, or she was going to explode.

“Play with my tits,” Scarlett said.

“What?” Xavier startled back.

“This kissing is nice and all, but we need to move on,” Scarlett said. She tried to think of it in terms of romance, the way she knew Xavier would respond, but her hormones were screaming so loud she couldn’t think. “You know, our… forbidden passion. It, um, knows no bounds. You know?”

“Oh, right,” Xavier said.

The cute boy couldn’t keep the smirk from his face. Scarlett sighed in relief. Her huge titties got in the way constantly, hurt her back something awful, and were generally a pain to have. But they had their benefits, for sure. They were easily the biggest in the school. She’d even caught teachers eyeing her chest sometimes. Scarlett knew even Loving Larry here couldn’t resist the chance to get his hands on her massive jugs.

Xavier’s dedication to affairs of the heart were immediately forgotten as he eagerly groped at Scarlett’s boobs. He hefted and squeezed them like testing watermelons at the supermarket. Scarlett felt the same amount of arousal as she got from feeling fruit, as well, but she didn’t care how awkward and clumsy Xavier was so long as it got him on the road to sampling her other offerings sooner.

“These are awesome,” Xavier said, “I mean, um, this intimate moment of sharing with you. It means so much to me.”

“Uh huh,” Scarlett said. She was glad to know at least one thing she’d believed about boys was true. Even a genius turned into a drooling idiot at the sight of tits, especially monster yabos like the ones Scarlett had been blessed with.

“Let’s keep going,” she said, quickly.

“Back to kissing?” Xavier asked. He couldn’t hide the hope in his voice. The boy really seemed to enjoy that part.

Scarlett, though, was over it. As if she wasn’t already raring to go, all this foreplay was making her even hornier. She wouldn’t have thought that was possible at the start of all this. Kissing again would be like throwing gasoline-soaked crepe paper on the fire; it’d be black smoke before it even touched the flames. No, Scarlett needed a thick, healthy log to feed her hungry desire. And there was a particularly nice piece of wood that she spied sticking up precipitously from between Xavier’s legs. Kissing was the last thing she wanted. Although.

“Yes, kissing,” Scarlett said. But when Xavier went back to her lips, she quickly shook her head. “Not up here.”

“Oh?” Xavier looked confused for a moment. “Ohhhh.”

“See?” Scarlett said.

“I guess we could do that,” Xavier said. Thank. Fucking. God. Finally!

Xavier stood up. He aimed his penis in Scarlett’s face. And before she could protest that he had it the wrong way around, she found his cock pushing between her lips.

Oh well, this was still better than nothing.

Xavier groaned as his dick slipped into Scarlett’s mouth. She wondered how he could justify his insistence on romance when he was making her suck him off, but Scarlett no longer cared. The hot, warm heat of his masculinity making its way across her tongue put her in another place entirely.

This was sexy hot amazing! Even better than the condom-covered cucumber she’d practiced with in her bedroom that one time when her parents were away. Scarlett let her jaw hang loose to accommodate Xavier’s stiffness. It felt magical. Even the taste — that salty, testosterone-y flavor — was better than Scarlett could have ever believed.

Now it was her turn to groan.

“That feels so good Scarlett,” Xavier said, his eyes rolled back.

“Mmhmmm,” Scarlett said.

This wasn’t the most comfortable thing in the world to be doing. Hanging off the bar and turning her head to the side like this made her neck feel like it was about to snap. But Scarlett let the positives of this experience outweigh the negatives. She was giving a random guy a blowjob in the front of the whole school! That had been one of her favorite fantasies. Sure, in that version they were all cheering her on, enthusiastically, rather than focusing on their own fuck-fest. But in some ways, this was even better!

“Oh God… Scarlett…”

Xavier’s words brought her back to the present. She felt his dick begin to swell in her mouth. Even a virgin like Scarlett knew what was about to happen. She eagerly pumped up and down his dick. Should she swallow it all? Fuck that’d be so hot. His slimy, sticky, salty spend slowly slipping its way down her throat. Oh! But then maybe he could cum on her face. Marking her for the sick slut that she truly was. Or, even better, blast his baby batter all over her big, fat tits.

But wait! If he came on her body, then it wouldn’t be… Fuck!

Scarlett let out a frustrated groan, but she spat Xavier’s dick back out. It hung there, bobbing and practically purple, like the cock, itself, was chewing her out for not finishing the meal it was about to provide.

“Scarlett?” Xavier asked. He was trying to be nice, but she could tell he was disappointed. As if she wasn’t feeling that same sense of loss. But no, there were far more important uses for that tool of his.

“Enough of this,” Scarlett said, “It’s time to get down to business.”

“Um, what?”

“I need you to fuh… I mean, it’s time for us to engage in the true physical expression of our affection,” Scarlett said. She goggled at her own words, unsure of where exactly they’d come from. Man, the drugs these aliens had given them were weird.

All around them, the action of the horny teenagers had only accelerated. Mr. Everett was throwing himself into a curvy brunette girl with tits almost as big as Scarlett’s. the girl wailed with every one of his thrusts. Sophie, a redheaded girl with a permanent sneer, now had her face twisted into a rictus of incredible pleasure as she got slammed by some hairy dude. The stuck-up girl grunted like an animal with every thrust. Owen, a boy who Scarlett had to concede was quite cute despite being a bit of an asshole, was feeding his dick to a spinner named Clair, her eyes so wide they looked about to pop right out and roll across the floor.

All of them engaged in an endless orgy of screaming, spectacular sex. A carnival of carnal cacophony filled Scarlett’s ears. Prickled her skin. Burned at her pussy. She was a bomb, ready to explode, and everything around her was only encouraging the fuse to burn faster. Except for one, stupid thing.

“Scarlett, love?” Xavier asked, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

Ready?! Scarlett had been raring to go for what felt like hours. Was she ready?

“I just don’t want to risk what we’ve built so far by going too fast,” Xavier said.

“Let me guess, sex isn’t a first date thing?” Scarlett asked. She didn’t even bring up the blowjob. Jeez, even romantic men, apparently, were still stupid, selfish ones.

“Tenth date,” Xavier said, clapping his hands earnestly.

“Really?” Scarlett asked, incredulous, “You sure you shouldn’t wait for marriage?”

“Oh no,” Xavier said, “It’s important to establish physical compatibility before agreeing to any kind of long-term commitment like that.”

He spoke the words like he was reading them right out of a book. Like he’d memorized the thing. Actually, Scarlett realized, he probably had.

“Well, sweetness,” Scarlett said, doing her best to make her voice sound affectionate despite the fact that the rest of her body felt like a rutting slut. “We’re going on the accelerated path, remember? For advanced users.”

“We are?” Xavier asked.

“I mean, I know it’s been a short time and all,” Scarlett said, doing her best to toss her hair flirtily. “But I truly feel this amazing connection with you. Don’t you feel it too? Um, lover?”

“I mean, I guess…”

“Wouldn’t you say that we’re meant to be?” Scarlett said, “That we, soulmates, weren’t put here by the aliens, so much as fate? It’s our destiny to be together. So, we should go ahead and fuck each other’s brains… I mean, express our physical passion with each other. Right?”

“Yes,” Xavier said, “I do feel it. That connection between us. I always thought the way you looked at me during Social Studies meant something more. Like our souls were already entwined from a previous life.”

“Oh for sure,” Scarlett said.

“This is our romance. We were always intended to be together. The aliens knew it, too,” Xavier said.

“Exactly,” Scarlett said, “So maybe we could, you know, hurry it up a little?”

“Oh, of course!” Xavier said, snapping out of his romantic reverie. He scrambled back to Scarlett’s backside, like a little boy excited to go on the slide at the playground.

Scarlett took a deep breath. Finally. She swore she could feel her hungry pussy opening to accept Xavier’s tool. Desperate to be filled. Oh, it was going to feel amazing. Scarlett knew it.

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