Interruption Ch. 02: Knife’s Edge

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“This knife will slash your face, if you tried to get off” muttered the stranger.

It was indeed a strange situation. I was riding my husband sitting on his cock and we both were in middle of an exciting fuck, which was just the beginning of our weekend holiday and we were interrupted by an intruder entering our bedroom and pointing knife on my shoulders. Akshay’s cock was deep within me, rock hard yet.

The stranger now slowly moved the knife’s edge over my shoulders to my back and now it rested on my ass which was protruding back in an awkward angle. Fear was all over us. Who was this stranger? What was he doing? What did he want? And why was Akshay not saying anything?

“Now, move your ass and make your husband cum” he ordered me. There was no way I was going to do what he was saying. There was no way I was going to continue fucking. This was absurd. I looked at Akshay sharply wondering why he wasn’t reacting at all.

The knife touched my ass cheek and the edge was almost hurting me. “Ahh..Please don’t hurt me” I moaned out of desperation.

“Who the hell are you? What do you want?” Finally my husband stuttered.

The stranger smiled. “Don’t be so impatient Mr. Mehta, I will tell you everything you want to know but don’t you want to finish fucking, or do you want me to help you with that?” he mentioned while laughing.

“Stop it, stop your laughter” my husband responded. “Look, we are not going to do what you are telling us to do. This is simply crazy”.

“Oh, then you want me to slice your pretty wife with this, hmm..” saying this he poked the sharp edge of the knife into me.

I now had tears in my eyes out of fear which he seemed to notice. “Look, your pretty wife wants it too, look how she is desperate to get fucked by you, look she is not letting you get out of her warm hole, now continue what you were doing earlier. I will love to watch. I don’t want escort bayan istanbul to deny your sexy wife the pleasure of orgasm” he remarked crudely, almost taunting us both.

I did not know how to react. My mind was spinning.

“Okay, if you are worried about the knife then I promise not to hurt you as long as you do what I tell you to do” he said. “But, one false move and this knife either goes deep in your ass or cuts of your husband’s cock, choice is yours.” His voice was becoming sterner by the moment. I shuddered at the mere thought of the knife piercing me.

I was looking at Akshay. He had a helpless look on his face and I was disappointed to see him not respond or do anything.

“Now, move this big ass of yours and get your husband off quickly, there are many other things I want you to do” he commanded and patted my ass cheek with his other hand. I shivered at his touch as he spanked my bottom. I was also worried about what more did he want from me. It was tough. This was humiliating. But I had to obey him. At least, I had to fuck my husband, not someone else, for now. I consoled myself.

I looked at Akshay and almost pleaded him to do what this guy wanted and started moving up and down on his cock which was getting semi-soft but still trapped inside me. Akshay joind the act. With the corner of my eye I looked at the intruder smiling at us.

With a loud thud he spanked me once again. This time it pained a bit. “C’mon move it fast, I know you can do it faster” he ordered.

I started moving a bit faster on Akshay’s cock which was getting harder. Akshay too looking at my condition joined in and was thrusting from under, matching my rise and fall. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine something pleasant but it was tough forgetting this terrifying and weird situation. I was riding my husband in front of a stranger, guided by him and somehow escort istanbul I was enjoying it.

I suddenly felt a hand grabbing my breast. I stopped for a second and opened my eyes only to see the intruder was holding my breast. He didn’t say a word, just signalled me to continue my fucking. I continued as he held my right breast.

I was somehow enjoying this fucking but it was impossible to orgasm, not with the knife pointing at me. However, Akshay was close to erupting and he started thrusting a bit harder and before I could realize anything, he ejaculated; his cum splattering inside me, his cock escaped my hot cunt as he sprayed some of his cum on his stomach.

I stopped and now took a deep breath. The situation couldn’t have been weirder. I was naked, in heat, riding my husband who had just sprayed his cum over himself and the stranger was watching all this while holding my right breast and squeezing it and yet I was unsatisfied!

Akshay was now looking at the stranger holding my breast. He hadn’t seen that earlier, what was he, a blind? Or were his eyes closed all this while?

The stranger now smiled at Akshay. “You came already? Your wife still had a long way to go. Is this how you fuck her every time?” He taunted him. “I guess I need to show you how it is done”.

“Listen dear, your husband cannot do enough to satisfy you, at least not for a while now and if this is how he does it to you every time, I really pity you!” the stranger was not only being sarcastic but also trying to belittle my husband.

“I am sure you didn’t orgasm, do you want me to get you there?” he questioned me. I didn’t utter a word and refused to look him in the eyes. Akshay’s cock had become soft and flaccid and he was still recovering from his orgasm.

The stranger held me by his hands and pulled me as I got up and stood by him. It felt really odd being naked bayan escort istanbul and standing like that in front of a stranger, after a fresh fuck and cum oozing out of my cunt, but by now I had begun to lose all shame. Priority was to somehow get rid of this stranger guy.

To my surprise, the stranger offered me a glass of water and made me sit on the bed. I sat down and gulped water down looking at Akshay who was now getting up from the bed. My eyes searched for my clothes which were lying on the floor. The stranger noticed me looking at the discarded clothes. “Don’t bother wearing anything, dear, you have lot more to do” snarled the stranger.

“What do you want?” Akshay now intervened. “Who the fuck are you?”

“Easy, my boy, easy on language” replied the stranger. “Don’t use foul language to me now, and just do what I tell. Now get up from the bed and start walking” ordered the stranger.

Akshay got up now. The stranger pointed the knife at him and showed him the way. There was a small adjoining room to our room, used as storage area. He pointed Akshay to walk in there. Akshay knew what was coming and he refused to obey him. The stranger with his left hand now pulled my husband’s neck and with his right hand put the knife on his chest, near his nipple.

“Do you want me to cut you?” he asked with a cold voice. “Do what I say, walk inside this room and stay there or else I will first cut you and then cut your wife’s pretty body”.

“Akshay, please do what he says, please” I pleaded to him.

The knife was now on Akshay’s chest and a drop of blood oozed out as the tip entered his skin, as he winced in pain. “Please, don’t hurt him; he will do what you want, please!!” I begged to the stranger.

“Ok, then tell your husband to go into this room, NOW!” He screamed.

“Akshay, please, for my sake, for our sake, please go” I was cajoling Akshay and as he moved I almost pushed him towards the room. As Akshay entered that small dark storage room, the stranger closed the door to it, locking my husband inside.

Now, it was just two of us. The stranger with a knife in his hand and a wicked smile on his face and me, standing naked with cum leaking between my legs.

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