Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — A knot hole and other holes

Hot summer days seemed to follow one another in happy succession; it was a good summer and Gary was happy to make the most of it. Getting tanned would certainly be useful for his probable autumn visit to the sun on the other side of the world. Long white sandy beaches, blue skies and warm water – idyllic holidays; though a shame he had no one to share them with – her excepted in the past, of course. They had been awful holidays – at least the latter two.

Opening his French windows Gary stepped out and walked up the garden to his shed to get his tools. It was already hot in the shed and it smelt of warm fertiliser and insect killer. He sat for a few moments in his chair looking down his garden thinking about what he had to do in the garden. Idly his thoughts drifted back to Zara but he shook that off, he had work to do, but it was with thickened penis that he carried his border fork and hoe back down the garden.

It was the hoe that did it. It was an old one, probably his grandfather’s and the wooden handle end was just faintly bulbous – yes, like a cock or dildo and as Gary kept his tools well oiled it shone in the sunshine. It was not long before he was daydreaming about sex, as men are wont to do, indeed about betting Zara that he could make her come from six feet away no less. It was a particularly silly daydream. The prize: slave for the day. An unlikely, improbable fantasy as men’s thoughts so often are. Zara, though, had not expected him to use the wooden handle of the hoe, had not expected the penetration from six feet away. She had not thought he could touch her as she had lain back on the recliner and opened her legs, revealing a lack of panties under her dress, teasing him by showing off her blond curly hair edged sex. She had giggled far too much when he touched her but had quietened to moaning as he pushed and twirled the old oiled handle from his chair — yes six feet away.

“What a rod, Mr Roldern!”

And what would he do with his slave for a day? How many times could he come in twenty-four hours and where in and around Zara would they be?

It was a good day dream to have as he worked and Gary’s penis made that very plain in its stumpy, thick way. Perhaps an unusual thing to see – a naked 57 year old gardener working away with an erection but Gary knew that was simply him. That was what he did. He liked being naked in his garden, he liked working in his garden and he liked thinking about sex and having an erection, He had just decided on having Zara turn up for her day as a slave in her old schoolgirl uniform and needing a good spanking when the crashing, snapping sound of breaking wood startled him from his gardening reverie and broke the quiet of a summer’s day. He whipped around from his hoeing and day dreaming to see one of the fence panels between his and Tom and Zoe’s garden disappearing in pieces and, moreover, with his neighbour Zoe right on top of it.

For a moment Gary stood stock still staring and then he realised Zoe was in trouble. It was the pitiful “ow, ooh, help!” that prompted him into motion. Zoe was lying half on her back, legs towards her own garden but entangled by the sharp remains of the fence panel and, worse, a piece of shattered wood sticking into her left thigh near the top. As Gary rushed to her his erection bounced but he did not notice that.

“Are you OK, Zoe? Oh crikey, that leg doesn’t look good, I’ll see if I can…” Gary moved to disentangle her and lift her leg away from its impalement on the wood. The skin was pierced and as he took her leg to lift it off the sharp wood he could see the blood beginning to well from the gash. At the same time he could also see in close and intimate detail all of her sex. It was quite a surprise; lifting her leg off the wood had made her cotton dress ride up even further and beneath it she was not wearing panties at all. In other circumstances it would have been really erotic seeing her snatch all exposed, seen her plump little thighs so open, her secret lips a little parted revealing moist pinkness, various holes and all framed by plentiful dark curly hair.

As Gary stood over Zoe, feet planted firmly on the flowerbed, bending to lift her leg and move the broken wood it came to him that Zoe was seeing as much of him as he of her. He was completely naked, his stumpy erection still standing and she would be looking right up between his own legs at the underside of his still tumescent cock and his hanging balls. He could not mind about that.

Gary worked quickly, the thigh was lifted away from the wood, a check made for no other damage, Zoe freed from the wreckage of the fence panel and lifted up and across to a chair. The blood was flowing freely now – dripping. He kept her dress hem high and away from it.

He was the first to speak, “I’ll get some warm water.”

Returning, Gary found Zoe a little more animated, a little less shocked.

“May I?” Carefully he bathed bursa escort her wound, conscious his fingers were inches from her sex – a sex very visible from the raised dress; a sex visible beneath a vee of dark curly hair. He was gentle, ensuring no bits of wood were left in the wound, but he made her jump with the TCP!

“Sorry, the blood makes it look worse than it is. I’ve got a big plaster but let’s wait for the bleeding to stop a bit. If you hold this cotton wool to it for me. Can I get you a drink – perhaps a glass of wine rather than coffee. You’ve had a bit of a shock.”

Gary stood looking down at Zoe. She looked a little pale making her freckles show the more under her dark curly hair. He was conscious she was dressed – if the fact you could partly see her bush and sex was ignored – and he was not. Gary was not worried about that particularly as his erection had subsided fairly quickly. After all, if Zoe chose to crash through his fence he was not about to get dressed just for her! What had she been doing? He was fairly sure of, and very excited by, the probable answer. Gary had indeed searched for knotholes following the ‘handkerchief incident’ and the only one he had found was high up on the very fence panel Zoe had fallen through. Too high for her to see through but the presence of an upturned stool in the debris of the fence panel gave a considerable clue as to the sequence of events.

“Yes please, a glass of wine.”

She was looking perkier when Gary reappeared with two glasses of white Sauvignon Blanc, his cock swinging happily – he was beginning to enjoy this. He sat opposite her and took a sip. There she was: his little dark haired, short, slightly plump neighbour sitting with a glass in one hand and the other rather suggestively up her now more modestly positioned dress. Gary knew she was holding the cotton wool – it actually looked rather different but he did not want to dwell on that. It was one thing to be caught with an erection when his neighbour crashed through the fence – even if she had been peeking before – rather another for it to fill and rise simply by him looking at her! Perhaps she might be flattered, perhaps she might like it, but it was best to be sure first. It was not, he was sure, normal etiquette with a neighbour.

“How are you feeling?”

Zoe took another sip of win, “Better, Gary. I’m sorry I… thanks for looking after me.”

The question had to come – and Gary was looking forward to the reply. “What were you doing, Zoe, on that stool?”

The blush was very real. It rose up from beneath her dress up into her face. Zoe really looked discomforted.

“I’m really, really sorry Gary – I was looking.”


“Umm, quite.”

“I mean I’m old enough to be… and you caught me not, how shall I put it, looking my best!”

Zoe’s eyes definitely dropped to his cock, “Oh, I don’t know. Zara said…”


“She had been watching from your shed. I was right – it was her handkerchief. I said she shouldn’t have been. I asked why and got out of her you gardened in the nude.”

“How’d she know, what brought her there in the first place?”

“I think she’d been coming there for years. A dare with her friends once upon a time perhaps: I’m not sure. It was just somewhere to come, to get away, somewhere familiar. I think she was a bit upset about something – and then she saw you in the garden.”

Gary could imagine that would have shocked her.

“And you didn’t believe your neighbour could wander around like that?”

“It was something Zara said.”

“About size I expect. I am not well endowed.”

Again Zoe’s eyes dropped to his cock. It, of course, looked normal enough now.

“Oh – this is so embarrassing. Really it’s not the sort of thing I do. I really am so sorry.”

“Zoe – please, I am not at all worried, upset, cross or anything.”

“Well, it sort of was about size. Zara did say it was a little short when… when big but, her words… so very thick.” There was a pause, “I had to see. I am so sorry,” Zoe said.

“It’s no problem – I’m sort of flattered really. So you stood on a stool and the fence gave way?”

“Oh, this is so embarrassing – yes, quite awful, it was suddenly happening and I couldn’t stop it. It was all like in slow motion — just happening.”

She pulled the dress up and took the cotton wool away. Zoe made no attempt to be modest. Her lovely little snatch was quite in view, lovely little labia minor poking pinkly out from black curly hair – Zoe was showing him that the bleeding had almost stopped but also very much more besides. Gary picked up the Elastoplast.

“I think I’ll put this on. May I?”

It seemed right now to ask permission to put his fingers inches from her sex and it took considerable effort not to ‘accidentally’ brush her protruding sex or even ‘kiss her better’ and not just on the thigh! Gary was so close he could detect her womanly scent as he prepared gürsu escort and applied the large plaster. He couldn’t help it, after all penises do what they will, he was having an erection right in front of his next door neighbour and she could hardly miss it.

She smiled, “My Sir Galahad rushing to my aid with a stiff one!

It was pumping up to its full stumpy size. “I’m sorry; I’ll go and put something on.”

“No, no, not on my account. Leave it be.”

It was nice to know his neighbour was comfortable with him having an erection but it did feel really strange to be standing in front of her like that.

“More wine?”

“Perhaps a bit.”

Gary took the glasses back to the kitchen. He was more than careful to give himself a careful stroke or three before he walked back outside. Gary liked walking out of his French windows into the hot sunshine naked and erect any day of the week but to be walking out like that to his young pretty neighbour… and handing her the glass of wine with his cock standing to attention!

“It really is thick, you know.” She was looking at it close to – not through a knothole in the fence but up close. “Zara was so right about that!”

“How many times have you two been peeking? I am flattered but…”

“Not many, well I can’t speak for Zara but, well, twice.”

“You’ve been on the stool before?”

“It was nice, interesting… OK, a bit sexy seeing you walk around like that.”

“Naked? Me?”

“Well, a bit more than that.”

“An erection?”

And then the bombshell, “Yes, and seeing you wanking was nice too. And once I think you had been busy in your shed or somewhere as you didn’t have a hard on but…”

“You said you had only peeked twice!”

“Twice before today I meant.”

Gary got up and walked across to the broken fence panel. He really could not believe it. Zoe had seen him walking naked in his garden covered, possibly dripping, with cum, and had liked what she saw!

“I’d better clear this up and get a new panel.”

“I’ll pay for it of course.”

She was right beside him. He was standing with his pretty next door neighbour naked and still with an erection! Automatically he put out his hand to help her over the splintered wood.

“The gap makes it easy to pop around. It was nice sharing a glass of wine in your garden. I must return the favour”

“Zoe, that would be good but I’ll mend the fence today.”

“So front door or the garden gate then. Clothing is of course optional. No need to dress on my account!” There was a giggle.

Gary watched her retreating bottom, a full bottom which moved from side to side as Zoe walked; a bottom thinly covered by a cotton dress and, as Gary knew very well, unprotected by panties. Sighing, he walked up his garden to get some gloves to work on the remains of the fence. It was sometime before his erection subsided.

It was the next day when Zoe called across the now mended fence.

“Do you fancy some lunch and a glass? I’ve a couple set out.”

“Please, yes that will be great, I’ll just get ready.”

“No, pop around as you are. No formality.”

Gary, as was his summer habit, was gardening in very little – just boots. Did Zoe mean him to come around like that? It certainly sounded like it. Well, he could not possibly go round in dirty boots!

After washing his hands Gary walked barefoot down his garden and past his shed. He had never walked naked out of his gate into the loke – why would he have done – and certainly not into somebody else’s garden. It was exciting but definitely something to be nervous about. It was most decidedly not a time for an erection. It would be one thing for a neighbour to see him in the loke, just a back of houses’ green track, naked — that was sort of almost acceptable – but with a tumescent penis? Walking down Zoe’s garden was another matter — that would be good. He had certainly enjoyed being naked and erect with her the day before.

Gary took a deep breath and was out into the loke. A few naked strides and he was opening Zoe’s back gate and safely in his neighbour’s garden. It was not as neat as his own, no regularly spaced rows of vegetables growing and not much of a shed. Gary walked carefully past a couple of apple trees. In his mind he had taken the ‘couple of glasses’ to mean Zoe was alone but it was best to be sure. He looked carefully down the garden. All was well – it was just her looking simply delightful in her sun dress and sandals. Gary had rather hoped she too might be enjoying a fabric free morning. He waved and walked on.

Of course there was still the possibility Zoe was not alone and Zara would suddenly walk out of the French windows. Well, both knew he gardened naked. But what if it was Tom or a whole group of women? That did not fit with ‘a couple’ of glasses. There was also the possibility she had not meant him to come around naked… but she must have meant that. orhangazi escort She did not know if he was clothed or not when she had said come ‘as you are’ but given her knowledge of his habits it must have been meant as an option.

Nobody else appeared and Gary walked up the path. He was careful not to think ‘thoughts.’ It was understandable he had an erection the day before when putting that plaster on right next to Zoe’s pudenda: rather another to just erect on seeing her down the garden. It was not quite the same as raising your cap when you met a lady, as he had been taught so many years ago to do as a schoolboy.

It was very pleasant sitting in the sunshine sipping wine and eating the excellent salad Zoe had set out. It was of course slightly peculiar him being naked and she clothed.

It was Zoe who raised the lack of clothing. “I did wonder if you would dare come like that, I mean down the back passage and in by my back…”

Gary could not help it, his eyebrows went up and a smile flickered across his face. Zoe realised what she had said.

“Gary really! And you’d be too thick for that anyway.”

But was Tom? Gary’s betraying penis twitched. He had only seen Zoe’s bottom clad in jeans or a dress but the image of her bent over, perhaps with a pillow under her or bent over the bed as Tom plugged her bottom was a good image.

Zoe smiled as she watched his penis lift itself off his thigh.

“Sorry Zoe, I…”

“No, Gary let it. I like to see it do that. Look Gary. There is no way I am cheating on my husband; I want you to understand that. I love Tom too much but I have a real wish to see you cum.” She reddened. “Like Zara I want to see you spurt. Don’t ask me why, but the idea has really got to me. Yes, it makes me wet!”

Gary’s cock was standing now. Really standing. She was telling him what made her wet – indeed implying she was already wet!

“So, to be fair to you, what I propose is no touching but…”

She was really red and took another gulp of the white wine.

“What I propose is I get naked too. I meant to be when you came around but I couldn’t quite do it. I mean, I’ve nothing on under this dress and all I had to do was pull it over my shoulders but I couldn’t quite do it. And then…”

She looked away from him, not looking at him as she said, “… and then we masturbate – separately – whilst watching the other.”

Gary could see she was so embarrassed. But what an offer!

“Done,” he said. “I’m happy, very happy with that.”

Zoe turned back and smiled. “I can see that. Coffee?” She was evidently relieved she had got it out.

Gary had subsided somewhat when Zoe returned with the mugs. He had wondered if she might have lost the dress inside the house but just seeing her in her dress and knowing she was naked beneath caused resurgence. Zoe was amused and openly watched the thickening.

“I’m going to have to take this off, aren’t I?”

“Would you like me to go away and come back later, perhaps just catch you unexpectedly in the garden or would you like to come around to my garden – place your hand on my back gate.”

Zoe giggled. It was a good sound. “I said no touching!”

“We could go in my shed. Very private.”

“It would be very hot in there. It certainly was when we were talking about the handkerchief”

“I find hot and sweaty is nice for masturbation actually.” Gary was revealing his rather personal secrets.

“So you sometimes go there to masturbate. Ah ha, that’s where you’d been when I saw you walking down the garden all covered in your… stuff?”

“I suppose so.”

“Was it exciting, a little bit daring to walk down the green passage to my back gate naked?”

“Er yes, I was a little nervous but it’s not far and I’ve never seen anyone out there.”

“Why don’t you, after coffee, go to your shed and I’ll pluck up courage to come into your garden and walk up it naked. I won’t be able to see you at first which will make it easier and you can wank away looking at me as I did through the fence.”

“Were you?”

“Of course I was; that was why I didn’t have panties on. But don’t come. Just come out of your shed and surprise me all erect. Cut off my escape back to my garden and then we can go and sit and wank and hopefully come. Well I expect you’ll cum alright, it’s not always so easy for us girls – and I am going to be just so nervous. But I do want to see you come, Zara said there was so much!”

It seemed to Gary that Zara seemed to know an awful lot about his cock. Rather more than an eighteen year old leggy blond should. The thought and Zoe’s suggestion did not ease his erection. There was a developing risk, quite a strong one that he was going to have to walk back into the loke not just naked but, this time, erect!

Coffee finished, Gary stood, his erection bobbing up with him. “I’d better go to my shed then!”

Zoe lifted the hem of her dress, but not far enough – just enough though to send an anticipatory shiver down Gary. Would Zoe find it exciting if he spontaneously ejaculated all over her dress? Gary felt that was not impossible – though it was not quite what she was after.

Gary walked down the garden heading for his shed.

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