Insatiable Ch. 01

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All people in this fictitious story are over 18 years of age. All characters are fictitious and if anyone seems familiar it is purely coincidental.


Kevin had turned 19 years old. It was like a clock had awakened inside him. He had seen his friend Johnny 30 years old and had gone through some hypnosis sessions with him. Johnny had put suggestions in Kevin’s mind and he wanted it to start on his 19th birthday. Johnny also wanted Kevin to share all the details with Craig when any sexual encounters happened. He had never met Craig before know him by his voice.

Kevin was driving through town and the Adult Bookstore caught his eye. It was as if the Adult Bookstore was beckoning him to come inside.

You enter the cement block building there were books and magazines in long rows divided up in sections. Then there were toys and sexual aides in glass cases just beyond the magazines. The office reminded folks of a bank teller bullet proof glass secure tray to put your selected items that you wanted to purchase. By the side of the office was a corridor that went to the individual coin operated booths on the right end and the movie theater on the left side. Kevin was looking through the gay magazines. At 19 years old he might as well been Prime Rib in a Butcher shop. All eyes were on him. They looked like wolves with their tongue hanging out. Looking at the magazines he was amazed at how he almost had a craving for men’s cocks. The different sizes and girths excited him. There were a few guys a little older to a lot older looking through magazines. One guy in his twenties brushed up against Kevin and whispered I can give you a wonderful experience if you will go to the coin operated booths. It took Kevin by surprise because the aisle was wide and the other guy come into his private space. Kevin is a nice guy he grinned and went back to looking at various cocks in the magazines. Kevin was embarrassed he was getting a hard on looking at men’s cocks. Kevin bought 3 magazines and took them home. When he got home he had an urge to call Craig and give him the details of what happened and also get his take in the situation.

Craig called Johnny and advised him of what had happened and to let him know Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort it worked like clockwork.

Johnny called Kevin and gave him his code word insatiable that Johnny could suggest things and Kevin would not remember it being done. Johnny was fine tuning Kevins next move at the Adult Bookstore.

Johnny told him it was alright and to think nothing of his own cock to get hard while looking at magazines.

He also planted in his mind to not feel guilty or afraid when talking to other males that would be making passes at him in the Bookstore.

So a few days later Kevin was in the area of the Bookstore and he felt like he was led there. Kevin could not get the images out of his mind of guys in different sexual positions sucking cock, stroking cock or anal sex. His mind was on autopilot. He could remember the Sissy-Hypno videos he had watched and how it intensified his craving for cock.

It was becoming an obsession in his mind. He was going to have to experience what he had seen.

Same thing as before Kevin went to the magazines and the other guys in store were positioning a way to get close to Kevin. A guy in his 30s approached Kevin asked him if he would like to share a movie. He agreed the guy paid Kevin’s way for the video booths. Once Kevin was inside the booth the man put some coins in machine and the movie started. It was a gay film they were kissing. Kevin felt a hand go to his crotch. He had a semi hard on and it was growing with each touch. The guy tugged on his zipper and Kevin was helping to get his pants down.

The guy started kissing Kevin’s cock. his stomach. as well as pulling up his shirt to suck on his nipples and bite them as well. He also lubed the middle finger on the other hand and inserted it into Kevin’s behind. It felt awesome. Being sucked and fucked by a finger at the same time. The guy’s head bobbing up and down and the finger in and out. He got into a good rhythm. Kevin let him know he was going to cum. Bobbing up and down faster and finger in and out faster. Kevin felt like he came and had more cum than ever before. The pulsating of his sphincter muscle while coming was euphoria.

So Kevin goes home he had the best feeling he had ever had and it was with a guy. He gets on phone calls Craig and let him know what had happened.

Johnny calls Kevin gave him code word insatiable He was getting him ready for next stage of his journey.

The next week the weather was rainy outside when Kevin visited the Adult Bookstore. He had never seen this many guys at the Bookstore. Kevin paid his way into the arcade and entered a booth. It was not long until it was like sharks circling the 19 year olds booth. He had gotten comfortable removed his pants and underwear and was standing in there naked watching an older man fuck a younger stud in the ass. Kevin had lubed his ass as Johnny had told him to do on the phone call. There was a gentle knock on the door. Kevin unlatched the door to this huge guy he must have been at least 6ft. 4in. and a large cock that must have been more than 8 in. and at least 2 1/2in. in girth. Muscled and chiseled like an oil rig worker. He had on a tank top and was wearing shorts. Down came his shorts and the tank top came off. He was semi hard and his erection was growing by the second. He pulled Kevin to him and planted a kiss while his hands were playing with his nipples, then one hand on nipples and he reached around to put his middle finger in Kevin. He was glad Kevin was lubed. He kept working 1,2,3 fingers in Kevin and he was stretching him as well.

After a few minutes, Kevin felt the tip of this guy’s cock at his butt hole. The guy’s fingers were big but not this big. He told him to relax and take deep breathes. It was uncomfortable at first and then as Kevin relaxed it felt awesome. In and out, the big guy was still holding back as Kevin got more relaxed he pushed a little deeper. This went on for a while and then the big guy was balls deep into Kevin. Big guy was grunting and then he started to cum. It felt so good the warm cum so when he came so did Kevin and his sphincter muscle went wild. Kevin never knew the big guys name. Kevin wanted to know if he would see him again, he let him know if he continued coming to Bookstore he would see him. With that they both got dressed and left. Kevin’s butt was sore for a week. When he got home he called Craig fill him in on the anal sex. Kevin was a little apprehensive about it after the pain went away, he told him he really enjoyed it.

It wasn’t long until his phone rang. It was Johnny who gave Kevin the code word insatiable and gave him instructions for his next journey.

Johnny wanted to see first hand how Kevin was doing so this time they both went to the Bookstore. Each paid their way into the arcade. There was a good group of guys there different heights and sizes. Kevin and Johnny went to a booth they removed their clothes. The porn came on this time it was a gay gang bang. Johnny told him to watch while he was going to suck his cock. Johnny loved young guys he was licking the rim of Kevin’s cock. Then he took it all in his mouth and deep throated him. He kept sucking in and out and got into a rhythm. Johnny was thinking he was good he would cum by now. Kevin was enjoying it. After a few minutes he came in his mouth. Johnny loved his salty young sperm and swallowed. He then lubed up Kevin.

He told Kevin to follow him they got into their clothes and went to another private room it would hold more guys. They disrobed and Johnny told Kevin to get on all fours there was a knock on door, 4 more guys entered the room. One of them was the big guy that fucked his ass raw the last time he was there. Johnny went up to him and introduced him as Craig to Kevin. Kevin never picked up on Craigs voice on phone when he told him what had happened the last visit to the Bookstore.

So now Kevin the 19 year old was the center of attention once again. One of the guys started kissing Kevin one fondled his cock and started sucking him. Johnny fucked him and then they each took turns fucking Kevin in the ass. They were not as big as Craig. He was on the side stroking his big cock. waiting his turn.

Kevin had never cum this much in his life. His body would shake when he would orgasm. Now it was time for Craig. By this time they had stretched him big enough for him. Craig went all in an Kevin grunted. Oh it felt so good he thought. Craig was so excited He came two more times in Kevin. He had turned into a first class slut.

Johnny gave the code word insatiable to Kevin and he was in a glassy eyed stare he told him that there would be more journeys but thats another time.

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