Innocent Visits her Sister at Uni

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On reflection it was very naughty of me. I had invited my 18 year old younger sister up to visit me at Uni. In itself nothing wrong there. On the Saturday night we had a party in the house that I shared with three other girls. My sister would share my bedroom for the weekend.

My sister (Sarah) was nearly 19; uptight and the biggest prude I had ever met. She had just broken up from a rather strange guy who was older than me. She had told me she was going to remain a virgin until she got married and that her ex-boyfriend had never touched her in any way sexually. She said this with pride but I wasn’t completely convinced.

The party was always going to be like most of the Uni parties I attended. There would be alcohol (Sarah never drunk alcohol); there would be loud music, probably some discreet drug taking and plenty of sex. There were lots of bottles of drink brought by the guests and as was the accepted way a huge punch made using the cheapest alcohol that tasted half good. That was how I was naughty. I saw Sarah take a large glass of the punch and did not warn her that it was alcoholic. Stupidly I thought that it might help her chill out a little.

I was delighted, but very surprised; to see her dancing with some of the boys and as the evening went on the dancing got a little more intimate. She was more relaxed particularly around males than I could ever remember her. I did see her go towards the punch bowl and decided I needed to at least warn her. I asked her if she was enjoying herself and she said that the party was great. Before she poured herself more punch I took her arm and said

“I am not here to stop your fun but I need to let you know that the punch is very alcoholic. As you have never had much alcohol you will react to it more strongly than others.”

She was clearly shocked that she had been drinking alcohol and stopped still before saying

“Is that why I am feeling slightly floaty and rather relaxed and happy?”

“Yes I am sure that it is the alcohol. Be careful though if you drink too much it will not make you more relaxed and happy.”

“Thanks Sis. I am sure it is good advice. I will just have another small glass. It is really nice to feel a man dancing close to me, it is new to me.”

Part of me wanted to protect my innocent little sister and another part of me wanted to encourage her to go and have fun and maybe end up getting laid. She did go off and seemed to be really getting into the dancing. I was pleased to see that she was not limiting herself to one man and seemed able to get away if anyone got too handsy with her. About an hour later she came and found me and said she wanted Büyükesat Escort to talk. We went up to my room with my boyfriend who seemed to be quite concerned for Sarah.

We all sat on my bed and Sarah said she was having a great time but had begun to feel very pressured by one of the boys. Tom, my boyfriend, said that the boy concerned was renowned for be very sexually aggressive particularly with young or inexperienced girls. Sarah by now had lost all her relaxed and happy demeanor and looked about to burst into tears. Maybe the second glass of punch had been too much. I could see her wrestling with herself until she kind of exploded saying.

“I wanted to kiss him, I wanted him to hold me, I wanted him to want me. I am 18 years old and my boyfriend has never done more than kiss me and that feels like he is kissing his Mum. How am I ever going to feel like a woman? A desirable, sexy woman?”

It was Tom who answered her questions.

“Take it from me you are; a beautiful woman, you are a lovely woman, you are a desirably sexy woman. You did not notice that most of the boys in the room noticed you big time. They were like the proverbial bees round a honey pot. You will never have trouble attracting boys, take it from me.”

“Tom is right you know but having been drinking for the first time now is probably not the right time to put it to the test. It would be sensible if you called it a day and stayed right here for the night.”

“I will never have the confidence to get physical with anyone as I would not know what to do. At 18 boys would expect you to do things I have no knowledge of. I have never seen or felt a penis. I have never experienced an orgasm.”

“You must of tried to bring yourself to orgasm? Has it just not happened for you yet?”

“I have never tried as I was always told it was dirty and not right. You know Mum always said that and Robert was insistent that it would be a mortal sin.”

What Sarah did next shocked Tom and me to our core. Lying back on the bed she lift her bottom off the bed and pulled her skirt up above her waist. Her hand was inside her old fashioned knickers in a second. Tom looked away and asked me if he should leave.

“If I am so fucking sexy why would you want to leave right now?”

“Calm down Sarah he was just being a gentleman. Tom it is fine by me if you want to stay and watch my sister masturbate. Is that what you want Sarah?”

She did not answer but as I swung her legs around so that she was more comfortable she set about playing with herself like a woman possessed. She might not have done this before Çayyolu Escort but she was learning fast.

“If you are going to do this why not get comfortable and make it truly memorable. Here lets get you out of that top and bra, they look so uncomfortable.”

“Please would you let Tom take them off me if he is happy to?”

This comment set a scene that was a complete reversal of the one playing out a minute ago. Tom gave me a questioning look that I acknowledged with an accepting smile. My sister needed help and Tom was the best person to give her that help. I knew Tom found Sarah very attractive but I knew he had never thought of doing anything like this.

As Tom slipped her top over her head and unclipped her surprisingly modern front-loading bra her eyes took on a liveliness I had not seen in them for years. Sarah’s one hand was still in her knickers and had obviously found its target. It never occurred to me but as her small boobs and stiff nipples came into view Tom moved to her knickers. I saw him ask the question with his eyes before she lifted her bottom and he pulled them down and straight off her feet. My little sister was completely naked lying there with her hand between her legs and an audience of two. As she moved the hand we were surprised to see that she was very hairy as if she had not been trimmed at all.

Having her boobs free she found one of her nipples with her spare hand. I had masturbated many times but I had never watched a female do so. Tom and I looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. She was my sister but both Tom and I were incredibly turned on and I was desperate to feel Tom’s excitement. I could see he was sporting a very full erection that he was doing the best to hide.

It wasn’t only Sarah who had had a little more alcohol than they were used to. Without much thought I slipped his trousers and pants down in one go. His cock sprung free with a rigidity that showed his excitement. I couldn’t resist and took at least half into my mouth. I knew it was wrong but I knew I needed it. Tom groaned deeply partly from surprise but I like to think more from pleasure.

Sarah heard this and for the first time in a few minutes opened her eyes. The look on her face was priceless, a mixture of excited surprise and fascination. It was Tom who seemed bashful as he tried to block her view.

“Come on Tom show me, it looks beautiful. Are they all so big? Sis don’t hog it to yourself let me see the whole beautiful length.”

By now my sister was trying to get a better view and working to get hold of Tom’s wet cock. Sarah asked me Cebeci Escort to show her how to play with it. Tom was soon on his back with the two of us playing with him with our hands. I was a bit concerned that even though he has great control he might cum quickly and spoil this very special experience. Very quickly Sarah gained in confidence and was experimenting and asking Tom how things felt. I was now almost forgotten about and even found my own pussy with my hand. It was a very wet and swollen pussy. Sarah then asked me if she could take Tom in her mouth. I pointed out that that was really more up to Tom.

We shifted positioned, as not surprisingly, Tom seemed keen to feel her mouth even though or maybe because it was inexperienced. It did mean that Tom could now be down on me while Sarah was down on him. The final connection was Tom finding Sarah’s pussy with his hand. She was not complaining and even seemed to be trying to ride it. I know I was quite quickly approaching orgasm when my sister said.

“What does it feel like to be licked down there?”

“Well I am not offering to go down on you Sis, but you might have more luck if you ask Tom nicely. If however you enjoy it I strongly recommend that you do some gardening down there. It is my experience that men are much more likely to be keen to go down on a hairless pussy.”

I might have been wrong because Tom was very quickly on all fours with his face buried in the hairy pussy of my sister. She found his prick with her hands and directed it to her mouth as she lay on her back. Again I felt left out, surplus to requirements and tried to decide how to join in the action. Tom’s ass was about the only thing of interest that was really accessible. He has a very sensitive bottom and I knew that being sucked off by my sister and his bottom played with would soon have him squirting into her mouth.

I decided to give her (and him) a little time to enjoy their oral stimulation. With alarming speed it was obvious that she would be cumming very soon. It was right at this point that she shouted

“Stop I am going to pee. Please stop,”

Briefly lifting his face from her pussy he said

“Not a chance let yourself go you are not about to piss.”

He held her down and brought his mouth back in contact. It was just seconds before she was clearly past the point of no return. It was the first woman I had ever seen orgasm and it was spectacular. I had meant to play with his anus to bring him to orgasm as she came but was far too slow. She screamed as she came and came on his mouth.

I lived to benefit from my slow reaction as Tom pulled me up onto my knees and entered me firmly from behind. He fucked me hard with long deep strokes. We were both so aroused that it took us both less than a minute to dissolve into our orgasms. Now it was time for my sister to look on with astonishment.

My sister returned home; no longer a virgin, no longer naïve, no longer hairy but no longer uptight.

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