Innocent Divya’s Degeneration Ch. 01

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This is the story of Divya, a typical Indian woman whose life changed rapidly and in unimaginable ways within a couple of years. Let me start at the beginning.

Divya was born in a small town in Madhya Pradesh in a conservative middle class household. From childhood, Divya was recognized as very good looking. She was fair-skinned, had thick straight hair, and had sharp features and big eyes. Her parents and grandparents, wary of how the society preys pretty women, became extra protective of her.

As it is, small towns in India are conservative with very little open mixing between sexes, no night life, and clothing that covers the female body completely. Add to it Divya’s protective family, and the girl was essentially a beautiful songbird caged up for life.

And that’s how Divya grew up, under the watchful eye of her old-fashioned family. She was forbidden from playing with boys or even befriending them soon after she hit puberty. Her only friends were other girls from families as orthodox as hers. And she was put in an all-girls school. Her teenage life was pretty much going to school, then coming home and spending time with her family.

After Divya finished high school, she meekly expressed a desire to go to college. Since she was always home, she studied well, and got good grades. She wanted to become a doctor or an engineer like most Indians. But her father and grandfather were of the opinion that these aren’t the right professions for a woman. Plus there was no good engineering or medical college within a 50 km radius.

If Divya’s father could have his way, he would get her married right away. But the world had changed. His friends told him that a girl who hasn’t gone to college doesn’t get much demand from good families. So he decided to let her go to the nearby women’s college which offered only commerce courses.

At 21, Divya graduated from college, now flowered into a beautiful voluptuous woman. Whenever she went out, people cast her second, third, and fourth glances. Once a young man followed her home from college. Her cousins caught hold of him and beat him up.

This made Divya’s family decide to get her married right away. All the matchmakers and pundits known to the family were summoned. Her horoscope was drawn up and her portfolio was taken. And the groom hunt was in full swing.

It didn’t take too long. Given how beautiful she was, that wasn’t surprising. Within three weeks, Divya’s wedding had been fixed. To the very first guy who came home to see her.

Mayank was an ideal match for Divya in every way. He was from the same caste. He was good-looking and tall. He was from a good family. And most importantly, he and his family lived in America where they owned several businesses. They had shifted there from Bhopal when Mayank was 10 years old.

From Mayank and his family’s perspective too, Divya was the ideal match. Although he had spent over half his life in America, Mayank was still very Indian at heart, and his family was very conservative. He knew that he wanted a wife from India, not one of the ABCD Indian women with a lot of attitude.

Plus, although Mayank was good-looking, he was shy by nature. He had never really been able to mix with girls from his school or college days in America. He had slept with only one woman, that too when he was 22 years old, with a Mexican maid fifteen years older than him who worked in their motel.

A woman as gorgeous as Divya would not have given him the time of the day in America. But thanks to Indian tradition and the institution of arranged marriage, Mayank was assured of a hot woman to sleep with for the rest of his life. That she was quiet, docile, traditional, and could cook was an added bonus. As soon as he saw her pictures, Mayank had pestered his family to fly with him to India right away to meet her.

Mayank and his family said yes. Divya’s family was delighted. They asked Divya, just as a formality. She was too much of a docile cat to think on her own. She said yes. The wedding date was set for four months away. Mayank and his family flew back to Texas where they lived. Divya’s family started making wedding preparations.

Until this stage, Divya’s life story was going the way it was meant to. Docile, risk-free, traditional. It might have continued that way too. But it was Mayank who unwittingly changed it all.

Read on to find out how.


Chapter 1: The First Step of Degeneracy

Mayank flew back to Texas and told all his friends that he was getting married. He carried several pictures of Divya on his phone and proudly showed them off to everyone. His friends were all surprised at how gorgeous a bride their shy friend had managed to bag.

“You are lucky, yaar.” his friend Jay said. “So how was the taste?”

“Taste? What do you mean taste?”

“I mean you must have done at least something.”

“You mean physically?”

“Then what else? Spiritually?”

“Dude, I tried to get permission to take her out alone. But you known our community. Plus she is Samsun Escort from a tiny town. Her parents said, she will be yours after the marriage anyway. Till then let her spend time with us.”

“Damn. So you’ve not even touched her?”

“Sigh, no.”

Mayank stared at a particularly gorgeous pic of Divya taken from side view.

“If I had gotten to spend some time alone with her.” Mayank said. “I’d have squeezed those boobs. They seem quite ample.”

“From whatever little the pics indicate, yeah dude. Bhabhi seems stacked.”

“Oh well. In a few months.”

“You can get at least a trailer.”

“What do you mean?”

“You fool, what century are you living in? This is 2014. Tell her to get topless on cam for you.”

“I don’t know, dude. She is pretty conservative.”

“That makes it even easier. She has been brought up to think of you as her lord and master.”


Although the idea seemed practical, putting it into action turned out to be tougher than expected.

Mayank and Divya spoke on Skype everyday. But the computer in Divya’s home was in the living room and there was always someone around her. She had a phone, but it wasn’t a smartphone. All this wasn’t by accident. Divya’s father, ever paranoid about the dangers of technology, had made sure she didn’t have too much private access to means by which she could get corrupted.

Finally Mayank sent Divya an SMS.

“I want to talk to you when you are alone. No one around. Call me when that’s possible.”

Divya smiled. It seemed like a very romantic request to her. Shielded from the opposite sex her whole life, Divya’s concepts of love, marriage, romance etc came solely from novels, movies, and TV shows. She thought maybe Mayank wanted to read her a poem he had written for her.

Every afternoon after lunch, most members of Divya’s household took a nap. That’s when she could go to the verandah and speak to Mayank. So she sms-ed him back that she could call him at 1:30 PM India time. That was very late for Mayank in Texas but considering what was at stake, he decide to stay up.

“Divya…I want to Skype with you one on one. When you don’t have your family around.” he said when she finally called.

“Okay…but how? That’s the only computer at home.”

“Don’t you have any friends with computers and a net connection who don’t have an entire airplane load’s worth of people at home?”

“Hehe, no. They all are similar.”

Mayank was stymied. Then he suddenly remembered something. When he was in their town to see Divya, he had to send an urgent document for a business deal. The net was down in their hotel. So he had gone to a net cafe.

It was a big net cafe with private booths. And he remembered that they all had webcams and the speed was pretty decent.

“Chat with me from that netcafe in Laxmanbag.”

“Netcafe? I have never been to a net cafe.” Divya warily said.

“It’s just a netcafe. Not a lion’s den.” Mayank said, annoyed.

“Let me ask papa.”

“No need to ask papa. I am practically your husband. Just go.”


“Are you talking back?” he growled.

“Okay okay. I’ll be there soon.”

Divya disconnected the phone and wondered what to do. If she just left the house without telling anyone, they would panic. On the other hand, if she told them she was going to a net cafe, they would ask her why when there was internet at home.

Finally, for the first time in her life, Divya decided to lie to her parents.

“Mom, I am going to Priya’s place to look at some mehndi designs.”

“Hmmm…okay. But the driver has gone to your papa’s office.”

“It’s okay. I’ll just walk.”

Divya’s mom was sleepy. She thought that now that her daughter’s wedding was fixed, she didn’t need to be shielded 24/7. It was the middle of the day and Priya’s house was just one kilometre away. She nodded.

Divya walked out of her house and from a safe distance, called her friend Priya. She told Priya to cover for her in case her parents called. Because she had to go to a netcafe and talk to her fiance. Priya agreed.

After that, Priya took an auto and went to the netcafe in Laxmanbag. She walked in, signed in the register, and sat at the first free computer in the main seating area downstairs. She put on the headset and logged in to skype. Mayank’s call came straight away.

“Hi.” Divya smiled.

Mayank was smiling but then it turned into a frown.

“Divya, where are you?”

“In the netcafe where you told me to go.”

“I can see that. but there are people around you. Computers behind you. Why aren’t you in a private booth?”

“Private booth?”

“Yes, they have them upstairs. Log in from there,”


Divya logged off and walked to the main counter where Mr. Mehra, the cafe’s owner was sitting. He smiled at the beautiful young woman and said,

“Done already, beta?”

“No, uncle. I need to move to a private booth.”

“Private booth? That’s an extra 20 rupees.” Mehra said.

“That’s Samsun Escort Bayan fine.”

“Okay…go to number 7.” he said.

Divya walked up the stairs and into the private booth. She closed the door and logged in. She did not know that the one click from her mouse right then was about to change her life forever.


“Are you in the private booth?” Mayank asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Okay.” he looked around and made sure the door to his own room was locked. “Take off your kameez.”

“WHAT?????” Divya wasn’t sure she had heard right.

“You heard me. Take off your kameez.”

“What are you saying? Are you alright?”

Mayank was at the end of his patience. He had had a long stressful day at work. it was the middle of the night. He was cranky, he was tired, he was sleepy. He lost it.

“LISTEN YOU SMALL TOWN BUMPKIN!” he yelled before lowering his voice. “I have agreed to marry you, bring you here to America, change your life for the better. I am not even asking for dowry. All I am asking you to do is show me a glimpse of what is mine. I want to make sure there are no flaws or defects hidden under there.”

Divya was in a state of shock. She had naively thought that he wanted to talk to her in private to make some romantic gesture, maybe read a poem. Instead he just wanted to see her private parts.

“I don’t have all night, Divya.” Mayank said. he looked really angry. “Do you want me to call off the wedding?”

It was a bluff, but Divya was too much of a simpleton to know that.

“Please don’t do that.”

“Then come on, take off your kameez. Don’t worry. It’s a completely secure private cabin. I have been to that netcafe before.”

Divya nodded and took off her headset. Mayank felt a rumbling in his pants as she took off her dupatta, neatly folded it and put it on one side. Then she got up from the chair slightly, caught the bottom of her kameez, and slowly pulled it off.

Divya had a petrified look on her face but Mayank was too busy staring at her chest to notice. She still had her bra on, but concealed under them were tits that were indeed huge. D cup for sure. Maybe even DD. That cleavage was even deeper than he had dreamed of.

Divya sat down and put her headset back on.

“Now the bra.”

“Really?” Divya asked in distress.

“Divya!” Mayank said sharply.


Blushing profusely, she unhooked her bra and took it off. Mayank’s dick was now fully erect. He had hit the jackpot. The tits were big with prominent pinkish nipples. They didn’t sag either. He reached in his shorts and took his dick out.

Divya was blushing and just staring at the keyboard. She heard Mayank moan, looked up, and almost screamed. She covered her mouth and looked down again.

“Look up, darling.”

She did.

“Do you know what this is?”

She nodded. Of course she knew what it was. She did lead a sheltered life but her mother and close female friends had made sure she knew the basics.

“What is it?” Mayank asked.


“Organ? It’s my dick. What is it?”

“Your…dick.” she felt wrong even using such language. But he was her husband to be. She had to obey him.

“And it is hard because of your tits. Which are just lovely. I can’t wait till our wedding night.”

Divya’s shyness gradually wore off and she looked at it. Most of it was hidden in his fist as he was jacking it off. It seemed interesting. Suddenly it started spurting white stuff. A glob of it must’ve landed on Mayank’s webcam because the screen was obscured in white.

“Give me a second.” Mayank said.

Divya sat there amazed. Here she was, topless in a random net cafe while a man she had met just a few weeks ago had jacked off in front of her. She felt a strange sense of pleasure. Divya had always been a straight laced person and this behavior was new to her.

“Okay, I have to go to sleep now.” Mayank said. ” Good bye. Be here at the same time tomorrow without fail.”

“Good night.”

Divya said and logged off. She then put her bra and kameez back on, and walked out of the booth.


The next day, Divya gave some other excuse after lunch and slipped out of her home. She had thought a lot the previous day about what had happened. The more she thought about it, the more excited she felt. She had led such a sheltered life that even though she was 21 years old, what had happened the previous day was her first actual personal brush with anything sexual in nature. Like all living beings, she had felt urges before but had always suppressed them. She was vaguely aware that after marriage, this would change, but she hadn’t given it much thought. Now she was getting glimpses of what would happen.

In the net cafe, Mehra saw the beautiful young woman walk in again and smiled. Most of the people who came to his net cafe were men. The town in general was very conservative, so even if women came, they sat in the public area and left early. It was a nice change of pace for Escort Samsun Mehra to see a pretty face. He hoped she would come more often.

Divya locked the door of the booth and logged in. Mayank was there, waiting.

“Get topless.” he curtly ordered her.

Divya eagerly complied and took her kameez and bra off.

“You have really lovely boobs.” Mayank sighed and said.

Divya blushed.

“Now, take off your salwar and panties as well.”

Divya had actually been hoping he’d say that. While taking a bath earlier that morning, she had thought for the first time about how it would feel to be completely naked with him. What he would do. The thought gave her goosebumps.

Mayank was pleased that his fiancee did not argue this time. She just got up and with trembling hands, undid the knot of her salwar. Slipped it down, and then her panties. Mayank’s dick stood at attention as he saw the naked pussy of his wife to be. It wasn’t too hairy. A neat triangular bush that nature itself seemed to have decided to groom.

“Fantastic!” Mayank said. “Turn around.”

Divya did as was told and Mayank almost felt like crying when he saw how exquisite her ass was. Milky white, round, full, just perfect. He could not wait to get his hands on those globes.

“Bend over and part your ass cheeks.” he commanded next. “Let me see what I am about to own.”

Divya felt a moment’s hesitation. Giving him a view of that seemed a little too personal and intimate. But then, he was her husband to be, she reasoned. Strengthening her resolve, she bent forward and parted her asscheeks.

Mayank, who had been stroking his dick all along, was so excited at an up close look at her cunt and bunghole that he started spurting his seed all around him again. Divya turned her head and saw it on the screen. And she felt pleased that she could have this effect on her husband. She took it as a compliment.

Mayank asked Divya to sit down. He wiped himself and pulled up his shorts. Then he felt a niggling doubt.

“Divya…you are a virgin, right?”

“Of course!” Divya answered, a little offended. How could he even ask such a thing?

“Just making sure.” Mayank was satisfied. He would be able to verify on his wedding night anyway. “Well, thank you again. Tomorrow same time?”


Divya walked out of the cafe feeling exhilarated. She went to Priya’s place and told her everything. Priya was shocked but also excited. Her parents were looking for a match for her too. She looked forward to trying all such things soon herself. The two of them gossiped and giggled for an hour and then Divya went home before her family’s siestas ended.


The third day when Divya walked in to the netcafe, Mehra’s smile widened even more. She looked positively delectable in a deep blue salwar kameez, her hair tied into pigtails.

“Private booth?”

“Yes please.”

“Just give me a second, I need to finish updating some software.” Mehra said and sprinted up the stairs.

He came down after a couple of minutes and said,

“All yours. Booth number 5.”

Divya locked the door and sat down. As she logged in, she thought that this computer was slightly slower than the other ones. Maybe because of the software upgrade, she told herself. She logged on and saw that Mayank was online.

“That’s a very pretty kameez.” Mayank said.

“Thank you.” Divya replied.

“Now take it off.” Mayank said and laughed.

Divya smiled and complied. In a few minutes, they went over the same ground they had covered before. She got topless. He admired her boobs. Then she got full naked, spread her cheeks. But this time Mayank wanted to prolong the pleasure.

“Sit in the chair.”

She did.

“Now, raise your right leg and throw it over the armrest. Then do the same with the left leg. But before that, lower the webcam so it is focusing on your cunt.”

Divya’s ears burned as she heard the word cunt. But it excited her as well. She lowered the webcam, then did as was told. Mayank was happy to notice that Divya was able to throw her legs over both the armrests very easily. She was now sitting buck naked on the chair, her cunt exposed in the most open way. But even though her legs were stretched apart like this, she did not seem to be in any discomfort. Mayank was glad that his wife to be was not just gorgeous but also flexible. He could try a lot of positions with her that he had seen in porn films.

That gave him an idea.

“Have you ever seen dirty movies?”

“A few.” Divya blushed and replied, feeling oddly happy sitting in that pose.

“Like what?”

“Titanic. Terminator. At Priya’s place.”

“Those aren’t dirty movies.”

“They have scenes.”

Wow, this chick was really a bumpkin, Mayank thought. He would have to educate her a little.

Divya had spoken only half the truth. She had also seen some softcore porn movies with a couple of her friends and seen a couple of magazines. But she felt like if she told this to Mayank, he would think her characterless.

She saw Mayank pick up his webcam and turn it around to focus on his screen. Then she saw him click on a file. And soon a hardcore porno filled the screen. It was a blonde white woman and a big black man having sex.

“Let’s watch this together.” Mayank said.

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