Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 34

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Innocent Devil’s Harem Ch. 34 — Tested by a Busty Redhead MILF.

Submitted: August 22, 2021 to Literotica (Copyright Kaizer Wolf)

Tags: harem, supernatural, shifter, big tits, redhead, blonde, MILF, succubus, mystery, taboo


I saw a lot of questions on the last chapter (Ch. 33) that I actually already answered in the comments section of the chapter before that (Ch. 32), so check the comments out when you get the chance.

This story is about to enter a pretty exciting arc, as we meet new people and explore more of the world our MC has found himself slowly delving into.


– CHAPTER 34: Reconciliation –

When we got back home after my bizarre and extremely upsetting confrontation with Mrs. Watson, even if it was brief, I headed straight up to my room and locked the door, shutting everyone else out as I climbed into my bed and tried to shut my brain off.

Shit, I honestly wasn’t trying to be dramatic, but I was sincerely upset to an extreme I hadn’t been in a long time, and I didn’t even understand why.

And that was the problem. I knew I wouldn’t be able to think straight until I calmed down some, and had a chance to try to process the situation. Until I had a chance to replay what I just experienced and tried to break it down.

Fuck, I knew I already had a message sitting on my phone, most likely from Mrs. Watson, but I wasn’t even willing to look at it right now.

However, I didn’t get a chance to be by myself like I was hoping, since I had both Gabriella and Serenity at my door, begging for me to talk to them. Not to mention Michelle and Avery were both alarmed, having greeted the door cheerfully, likely with good news that they’d figured things out, only to find me rushing inside in a sour mood.


I felt so dumb and miserable, the two feelings creating a self-feeding downward spiral.

I actually felt even worse now than I did before.

At first, I didn’t respond to them for a solid minute, but then I realized that I was just making everything worse. Sighing, I finally spoke up, attempting to keep the depression out of my tone.

“I’m fine,” I tried reassuring them. “I just need to be alone for a little bit.”

Serenity and Gabriella were both quiet for a few seconds after that, before one of them walked away without a word. I wasn’t sure what was going on until that person came back a second later, sounding and smelling like Serenity, only for a tiny metal sound to clink in my doorknob as it unlocked.

I flipped over in bed to look at Serenity in shock, seeing her slip a key in her pocket, only to not say anything when I met her somber gaze. She shook her head once, as if silently telling me not to say anything, and then walked over to my bed, climbing directly on top of me.

Automatically, I wrapped her in my arms and twisted over to my other side again, pulling her with me and wrapping my leg around hers. Gabriella then stepped into the room as well, closing the door behind her and walking over to climb into my bed too, squishing herself against my back, carefully slipping her hand between me and Serenity to rest her fingers on my chest as she pressed her hot lips against the back of my neck.

I shivered from the heated touch, her hot breath on my skin, only to sigh heavily as it felt like the entire world regained its color all at once, even though it was pitch-black in my room, thanks to my thick curtains over the window.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered simply.

“Shh,” Serenity whispered. “You can have your alone time in your head. We just don’t want you to be alone outside of your head.”

I took a shaky breath, feeling like I was going to cry again, prompting them both to tighten their embraces on me. I wanted to thank them, feeling like a tight ball of wire was unwinding in my chest, but decided to instead take another deep breath and focus on their warmth and love.

“I’m so sorry,” Gabriella finally whispered after a long few minutes. “I don’t know what she said to you, but I’m really sorry.”

I simply shook my head, not wanting to talk about it yet, still feeling like I couldn’t process what happened, which caused my fiancé to fall silent again.

Shit, the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t understand what Mrs. Rebecca was trying to do. And I suspected that primary issue was because I didn’t understand her motivations.

Was she really trying to get me to give Serenity up, or was it a test? Did she want me to herself, or was she trying to see if I had anything in my life that would allow me to resist her? Did she feel like it was unfair that she and her daughter had to share me with other women, or was she intentionally pushing me away for Serenity’s sake?

Had Serenity seemed jealous and she picked up on it?

And what was the whole deal with telling me I’d have to ‘make her’ want me, if I wanted to have her?

Because honestly, that alone felt like a huge risk to take, assuming she didn’t really want that. Girne Escort Like, what if I had made her? It’s not like she could have resisted, no more than Gabriella could resist, so then what was the deal?

Did she want me to claim her as my own? Was that what she was after?

Dammit, it didn’t make any sense.

At the very least, I couldn’t imagine her wanting me to ‘take her’ like that, because I felt like that was a rare kink, and if anything she preferred to be dominant — not dominated. Not that I had any intention on ever being fully submissive, but I did feel like respect was vital to any relationship lasting long-term.

Dammit, I knew there had to be something I was missing. Something I was overlooking that would help me understand.

Probably something ridiculously obvious, that someone else might think I was an idiot for not realizing, but I was so close to this situation, and felt so horrible, that I just couldn’t figure it out.

When my phone vibrated again, Gabriella was the first one with her hand in my pocket, yanking out my phone before I could even protest to see who was messaging me. It was obvious her reflexes were improving, based on the speed of the gesture.

She was then silent for a few seconds as she read it, before sighing heavily.

“Hey, you should read this,” she said simply, holding the phone against Serenity’s side so I could grab it.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to do so, focusing on the first message Mrs. Rebecca had sent me while I was still driving.

‘You don’t get lemon juice from an orange, and you don’t get orange juice from a lemon. When you squeeze, the juice can tell you what kind of fruit it is.’

I stared at it for a long few seconds, knowing it was a continuation of what she was trying to say before when I left, feeling like this made perfect sense, but unsure of how that applied to me. Fuck, I knew once I figured it out, I’d probably feel like an idiot for not grasping her meaning, but I just didn’t get her point.

I focused on the second message.

‘You are an orange, baby boy. Sweet, innocent, and most importantly, GOOD. After finding out what you’re capable of, I think I can trust you now, but I can understand if you find it difficult to trust me. Losing your trust was a sacrifice, but one I was willing to make, if for no other reason than for my daughter’s sake.’

Taking a deep breath, still feeling bitter about how horrible she made me feel, I decided to respond.

‘Why did you mess with me?’

I then turned the phone to Serenity when she requested to read it, causing her to frown as she examined it, looking like she wanted to say something, but was choosing not to at the moment.

Mrs. Watson’s next message came soon after.

‘Because I truly am like a drug to men. I knew what I was doing to you when I touched you and asked you to leave. Believe it or not, I’ve made grown men break down and cry, and would have thought no less of you, if you had done the same. You aren’t the first grown man I’ve made feel miserable. My husband cried when I did this to him, even though he is very masculine. But he also left when I told him to, which is why I married him, instead of remaining friends.’

I just stared at her words in disbelief, again not understanding what she was trying to say. I mean, obviously, it was a test at this point. That part was at least clear, but why? Why would she do that to people?

That’s all I could think to ask.


We were then all silent as we waited for her response, neither of them seeming interested in volunteering their opinions at this point.

It took longer for her to respond, but that was only because the message was longer.

‘A man who can’t leave when I tell him to, is incapable of being a true lover or partner, just like a man strung out on drugs can’t pay his bills, go to work, or even take care of his family, because his sole focus is his current high and next high. I needed to know you were someone who could do what needed to be done, even if it wasn’t what you wanted to do. And…I needed to know you weren’t a monster, as you put it…like most are, who can do what you can. I needed to know there wasn’t a monster lurking inside of you.’

I scoffed, handing over the phone so Serenity could read it, considering I was pretty sure Gabriella saw over my shoulder. I again wasn’t sure what to say to that, but Mrs. Rebecca soon sent me more of an explanation.

‘I have met plenty of sweet young men who became aggressive and demanding when they experienced rejection from me, or when they got upset. Plenty of nice guys who became assholes when they were angry. You are not one of those men. You are good, through and through.’

I sent my next question before I really thought it through, realizing a second after the fact that I probably knew the answer.

‘But why now?’

Still, I waited patiently for her response.

‘Because there was less risk before. Or rather, I wasn’t aware of the risk that Kıbrıs Escort already existed. Yelling or even hitting because you’re pissed, or feel rejected, significantly pales in comparison to being able to straight-up control another person… I would say more, but I will leave my explanation at that, since I don’t like discussing these kinds of things over the phone, in any form.’

I took a deep breath, already knowing what I wanted to say, suspecting that her finding out what I could do probably affected her more than she let on. And I also suspected that confronting me, like how she did, might have made her a bit more scared than she revealed.

‘I guess I’m sorry for freaking out at you.’

Her message came so quickly, it made me think she’d already been typing it out by the time I sent mine.

‘I’m sorry for making you feel like shit, baby boy. And I’m sorry for breaking your trust. I understand if you can never forgive me, but I promise you that I will never do such a thing again. For what it’s worth.’

I didn’t respond this time, uncertain of what to say.

Because ‘trust’ was in fact my biggest issue. It was why I didn’t really have any friends, because I could remember the hateful bullying from middle school after my parents passed away. And I usually didn’t forgive people after giving them a single chance. I didn’t normally give second chances. Especially when breaking my trust was intentional.

That would be like someone slamming my hand in a door, on purpose, and then expecting me to put it back and ‘trust them’ that they wouldn’t do it a second time. Certainly, I could forgive them without a problem, and in fact I usually didn’t hold grudges, but that didn’t mean I was going to put my hand back in the door.

Because trust and forgiveness were two entirely separate things.

And forgiving someone absolutely did not mean you had to trust them ever again, or even speak to them again.

I might not hold a grudge against a man who punched me in the face, but no way in hell was I going to invite him over for dinner or otherwise include him in my life. And even if I was dealing with family, if they did something bad enough, I’d have no problem kicking them out of my life forever, family or not, even though I might not hold a grudge long-term.

Kicking someone out of your life didn’t mean you were lacking in forgiveness, and there were some situations where such an action was just consequential to the situation. Like, if a friend of the family, or even a family member, had ever sexually assaulted Serenity, there was no doubt that her parents wouldn’t have blinked an eye at excommunicating them from our lives, as a natural consequence and necessity, to keep her safe, even if her mom was otherwise quite religious.

Granted, despite my reluctance to trust a second time, I also found it difficult to imagine that I would never be willing to trust Mrs. Rebecca again, but at the same time I couldn’t just automatically forget how I felt right now and say ‘no big deal.’ She was going to have to earn back my trust, which was already something I rarely offered.

But…I knew I would offer it…because I was addicted.

In theory, I could let her go, but knowing that what she did was for both her and her daughter’s sake — to ensure I wasn’t dangerous to them — made what she did feel less bad. More understandable. And ultimately gave me less reservations that might otherwise cause me to stay away.


‘Don’t do that again.’

It was a warning. Not of something bad to come, but of me shutting my heart off forever. I supposed I might elaborate when I next spoke to her in person, so she’d understand how significant this issue truly was to me, but for now that was all I would say.

‘I won’t. I promise.’

Taking a deep breath, I stuck my phone back in my pocket.

“So,” Serenity began hesitantly. “Let me get this straight. She touched you and then asked you to leave?”

I sighed heavily, wrapping my arms more snuggly around Serenity in my embrace, which prompted her to bury her face against my chest more, her head underneath my chin. “Well, she first asked me to give you up for her,” I admitted.

“What?!” Serenity said in alarm, pulling away to look up at me.

“I said no,” I quickly replied. “But she then basically said that she was through with me, and told me to leave.” I took a deep breath. “She waited until I had my hand on the doorknob before touching me, and it just made everything worse.”

“So basically,” Gabriella chimed in. “She rejected you when you wouldn’t give Serenity up, but then she made it confusing.”

“Yeah,” I agreed. “Sounds even dumber when I say it out loud, but that’s basically what happened. And then she tried to get me to compel her into making her be with me, since she wouldn’t do it willingly.” I sighed. “I guess she was seeing if I’d really do it when I was upset, but I can’t imagine why she’d take that risk.”

“Unless she had a way to prevent it from happening,” Kıbrıs Escort Serenity suggested.

I froze solid, wondering if that was the case. “I don’t know what it would have been though,” I replied. “Unless she put in special contacts or something? But I know she didn’t,” I quickly added, shaking my head at the idea.

All she did was put her hair up and the idea of a magical hair-tie just sounded ridiculous. Maybe she grabbed something and put it in her pocket? Or was she able to do actual magic, which would be invisible to the naked eye?

But without saying anything? No incantation or anything?

I had zero idea.

I didn’t even know what was real and what was myth. And I certainly had no idea how magic worked.

Certainly, I’d read about stuff before, but most of it was pure fantasy. Just random stuff people made up, like sparkling vampires or magic that didn’t require a sacrifice or even an energy source to work. Even the supposedly more ‘real stuff’ seemed fake, often focusing on spiritual healing nonsense.

Or at least, I personally felt like it was nonsense.

Nothing about magic to prevent compulsion though.

But Mrs. Rebecca’s reckless actions did make a little more sense if she had something up her sleeve to prevent me from compelling her. Not that I would have ever done it in the first place, since I strongly doubted I could avoid karma biting me in the ass, never mind the fact that she might one day resent me for it somehow.

However, I supposed that was the scariest part of the power incubi held. Such creatures could actually make a woman want them, rather than just controlling their actions. Or at least, it appeared I might be capable of that, actually affecting the heart, instead of just the mind.

At the very least, when I practiced on Serenity, she found herself wanting to please me, even though we’d discussed her refusing what I asked beforehand. And the result was the same with the nurse in the hospital.

From Mrs. Rebecca’s perspective, she didn’t really know me, and I was just a boy to her who had the capacity to make any woman do what I wanted. If anything, she probably realized for the first time why her mother had warned her repeatedly about incubi, assuming her mom had never actually explained what the specific danger was for some reason.

Because incubi sincerely could be dangerous.

With just a look, they could enslave any female they wanted.

Sighing, I decided I should apologize for being so dramatic about the whole thing, feeling dumb for almost crying for real.

“Sorry for being a wimp,” I whispered.

“You’re not a wimp,” Gabriella nearly snapped, sounding angry that I would even suggest it. “Not at all. You’ve literally killed people for me and protected me. Rejection is hard on anyone, and while I don’t agree with what my mom did, I am not surprised by how you reacted to it.”

“Besides,” Serenity added, snuggling against my chest again, her head underneath my chin. “As much as I hate how she made you feel, I also feel needed right now. And that’s the very thing that has kept me going after mom and dad died. When it happened, the fact that you needed me, more than ever, gave me the motivation to push forward. It gave me strength, when otherwise I would have had none.”

I didn’t know what to say to that.

“Women want to feel needed,” Gabriella quickly agreed, kissing me tenderly on the back of the neck. “Remember? We sort of already had this conversation a couple days ago. About how I was glad I was older than you and more mature. That I already had a job and my own place. Because I felt like I’d never measure up to you otherwise. I’d never be your equal.”

“Well, you’re definitely both my equal now,” I finally replied. “Only thing you both are lacking is wings. And maybe just stronger senses.”

Serenity made an amused noise, while Gabriella was silent for a few seconds.

“You know…” my fiancé began hesitantly. “My back has been feeling a little itchy since I woke up this morning.”

Serenity abruptly untucked her head from my chin and looked up at me, only for us both to glance at her, me twisting slightly to look at her in the corner of my eye.

“What?” she said seriously. “Why are you both looking at me like I said something weird?”

I took a deep breath. “I guess I just wasn’t sure how much like me everyone was really going to become. But I suppose this is expected.”

“Well yeah,” Gabriella agreed. “I pretty much assumed it would probably happen eventually.”

“I didn’t,” Serenity replied sincerely. “But then again, the idea of wings probably seems so bizarre because I already feel like it’s beyond strange that I can look so different. And dang, my eyes are super creepy. I saw them in the mirror this morning after I showered.”

“I think they’re beautiful,” I replied warmly.

She focused up at me in surprise. “Really?” she said hopefully.

“Really,” I reaffirmed, only to recall something I’d thought about earlier, regarding Serenity almost transforming in embarrassment back at Mrs. Rebecca’s house. Sighing, I decided to carefully sit up, prompting them both to give me confused looks in the dark as they did the same. I continued before they could ask what was wrong. “Gabriella,” I began. “Just wondering, but did you tell your mom that I changed you?”

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