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(This is a continuation of my stories with Adam, be sure to check them out!

Suffice to say Adam is a 6 ft, brown haired muscle jock)

A few weeks after Adam’s first house party experience, he received a message from his friend Ross: “Hey, remember that guy I was with at the party? Paul? Well, it sounds like you made a big impression on him! In fact, he wants to recommend you to a friend of his who runs a regular group thing. Are you interested?” Adam couldn’t wait to get involved in more groups so he sent a message back asking for more details. Ross replied, “I’ve given the guy your email address so he should be in touch soon.”

For a week or so, Adam was anxiously awaiting word from this mysterious new guy, regularly checking his emails. When he got out of the shower one Tuesday morning, he noticed a new email in his inbox entitled “Initiation”. He hurriedly opened it up to find a man called Max inviting him to a little gathering with their group. Details were few but Max supplied a time and date for the following Saturday along with an address not too far away. He also said he wouldn’t be the only one trying out as well as providing a link to his social media so if Paul’s recommendation wasn’t enough, he could see it was genuine. After looking at his page and seeing some photos, Adam was satisfied it was legit. The email ended with “you only need to bring yourself, don’t forget to wear your favorite jockstrap! See you soon, Max”

Adam arrived at the venue out in the countryside a few minutes early. He walked up some paved steps to the front door and rang the video doorbell. After a pause, a voice asked him to push the door and take a seat. After a few minutes, he heard the buzz of the doorbell and another guy walked in. He immediately introduced himself as Greg, a 5’8 blond-haired guy with a twink-ish build. Before they had any more time to chat, a door opens and they’re told to go inside and strip down to their jockstraps. Adam can’t help but ask, “Hey, do you actually know what’s going to happen?” Greg shakes his head and tells Adam how nervous he is. Once they’d undressed, two men in masks with leather trousers on entered the room, “Max is waiting for you. Turn around and put your hands behind your backs.” They readily comply before being handcuffed and blindfolded. Before they know what’s happening, the two men strong-arm them into a larger room. Greg could somehow feel the presence of a few other men in there.

Greg and Adam pushed towards the centre of the room and told to follow every direction they’re given. They sense two men walk round them and stand in front of them. They’re told to look only straight ahead until told otherwise as blindfolds are removed. They can see barely clothed men around the room in their peripheral vision but they can’t make out any details. They see two men standing only a few inches in front of them. The one in front of Adam gives off serious Daddy vibes with a jet-black stylish beard and a hairy toned torso partially covered by a harness. The other one, in front of Greg, seems to be more of a blonde-haired, blue eyed jock sporting a black rubber tank top but still showing off plenty of his toned chest.

The leader of the group, Max, 6 ft 1 and bald with striking facial features circles them both wearing a skintight rubber t-shirt and matching jockstrap while holding a small riding crop. “Adam, meet Nick. Greg, meet Sam. You’re going to be getting well-acquainted with each other very soon.” Max walks over to a table where a small bell sits, striking it once and announcing, “The first test — the kiss.” Adam suddenly feels a hint of embarrassment as he casts his eyes downwards. Max administers a short, sharp shock to Adam’s ass before commanding, “Eyes front!” Hearing the whip of the crop is enough to spur Greg into action, gently bringing his lips towards those of his blond lover.

Adam grimaced at the sharp pain before looking forward, straight into Nick’s dark sultry eyes. İstanbul Escort Nick pushes one hand down to feel the sore spot on Adam’s ass before going in for the kiss. Instinctively, Adam tries to move his arms to Nick’s chest to suddenly be given the reminder of his hands being bound behind his back, struggling in frustration. The sounds of these gentle smooches soon gave way to more frenzied kisses as Nick gently eased his tongue into Adam’s mouth. Meanwhile, Greg seemed to be melting closer towards Sam with his eyes gently closing as the rush of endorphins overcame him. Within a minute or two, with Max eagerly eyeing the scene in front of him, the bell was struck again to the sound of Max’s raised voice, “The second test — on your knees, initiates.”

Both Adam and Greg seemed to loathe parting lips as their lovers guided them down onto their knees. Adam could see that the men in front of him both wore a tight latex zipped pouch showing the outlines of sizeable bulges which seemed to be straining at the material. On a signal from Max, they both unzipped and let their cocks free. From Greg’s estimate, he thought both men measured around 7 inches or more, with Nick’s uncut cock definitely seeming to have more girth. You could see Greg’s eyes light up with delight at the member in front of him whereas Adam seemed more concerned about how thick Nick’s cock was. After remembering the pain of his first whip, it was Adam who made the first move this time, sticking out his tongue to lick the tip and take an inch or so in his mouth, feeling the warmth of it. Meanwhile, Greg’s eagerness got the better of him as he bravely took a few inches in his mouth at once. “Good. The first to suck his partner to completion and swallow wins this test. The loser will have an extra challenge later on to compensate,” Max called out from across the room.

Adam went for the tactic of licking until Nick’s cock was as slippery as he could make it then taking as much of it in his mouth as he could, while Greg really began to work the head of Sam’s cock, feeling him shudder as he found a tender spot near the head. It looked as if both men were trying their hardest not to cum with Sam biting down on his own fist to try and distract himself from his sensitivity. Within a few minutes though, it was no good — Sam gave a guttural growl as his cock spurted load after load into Greg’s waiting mouth. Once the spasms had stopped, the cock retreated from his mouth as he took one big gulp. Max came over and looked expectantly as Greg opened his mouth wide to show he had swallowed it all. Not long after, Nick clenched his teeth together as he began to come onto Adam’s tongue. Adam knew he’d been beaten as he wondered what the consequences might be. “Well, Greg won the second test which means Adam has a harder challenge ahead later.” Greg looked over at Adam with a grin on his face. It quickly disappeared as Max whipped his ass, “Eyes front!”

Max walked back over to the bell as Nick and Sam both retreated to the sidelines to recover. The third peal of the bell announced the third test but this time, Max said nothing. Before they knew it, both Adam and Greg found themselves in darkness as blindfolds returned to their eyes. Footsteps grew closer to them before a man turned them round and pushed them forward a few paces. Greg lost his balance slightly as he found his feet pushed against a step. A further nudge forward and they both stepped up onto a low stage. Their handcuffs were momentarily loosened before several men came forward to push them down onto leather benches while their hands were cuffed to the sides. As the men moved back away from them, Adam felt a light breeze over his ass which made him shudder.

Greg could sense movement behind them and he swear he heard the clink of a bottle. As he tried to adjust to his new position, he suddenly felt an intense cold on his asshole which made him gasp, quickly followed by a gasp from Adam. They could Escort Bayan only assume their assholes were being lubed up. Max looked on as two barrel-chested lightly haired men began fingering the holes and watching them pucker while easily accepting their fingers. Greg began to moan as a finger probed deeper into his ass, to which Max walked over and held a hand over his mouth, “You will not make a sound until the fourth test begins.” As Max removed his hand, Greg bit down on his lip hard to try and silence himself. It wasn’t long before both their asses were slick and they could handle several fingers but they were finding it harder and harder to keep quiet.

On the sound of the bell, both Greg and Adam sighed deeply. The two men who were opening them up removed the handcuffs shackling the two bound initiates to their benches and led them to a mattress across the room before returning to their seats nearby. Greg still found walking difficult with the blindfold so he was relieved when he felt a hand guide him down onto all fours on the mattress. He felt the mattress move as Adam was pushed down onto the opposite side and assumed he was in a similar position. The footsteps they heard suggested that a couple of people had crowded around them as Max called out, “The fourth test. Let’s ease them in, boys.”

With that, they heard the unmistakable squelchy sound of lube being applied. Adam felt a lube-covered hand on the small of his back and a slick cock being lined up against his asshole. He took a deep breath and felt the head being pushed inside him. A moan from Greg suggested the same had just happened to him. Adam felt a pair of hands grip his waist as the cock was pushed further inside him. A voice boomed from behind him, “Fuck, this guy is still pretty tight. Look at that,” gesturing to the crowd to see Adam’s ass clamped around him.

Meanwhile, Greg was already pushing back to take more cock; he couldn’t help but smile as he began to feel short hairs brushing up against his asshole which told him he had nearly taken it all. The moans and groans from the two initiates grew in volume and intensity. Max laughed, “Sounds like our two initiates are enjoying themselves. I hope you appreciate how I’ve eased you in lightly with some of the smaller members of our group.” With barely a beat, Greg lifted his head and said, “Thank you, sir”. Max gave a verbal seal of approval and watched as the fuckers in front of him got into their stride with more powerful strokes.

He moved over to the side of Adam and saw a fine sheen of sweat starting to form over his toned back muscles. Adam arched his back as the man behind started pushing harder and harder forward. The force eventually pushed him down onto the mattress as the man pounded his ass. With a grunt, the man slammed into him and came. After a few more strokes, his dick began to soften and he withdrew. Adam lay on the mattress, panting and trying to get his breath back.

The man behind Greg seemed to tire easily, pulling back until only the head of his cock was inside. He pulled Greg back onto his cock to encourage him to do more of the work; he quickly took the hint and started thrusting backwards and forwards. Leaning back and watching his cock disappearing into the twink was too much for him and his cock started unexpectedly spurting inside Greg. As he removed his cock, there was a slurp and cum dripped out of Greg’s hole onto the floor.

Max walked over and rang the bell again. “Greg, your initiation is complete, congratulations!” There was a smattering of applause as Greg’s blindfold was removed. Max kissed him and brought him into a warm embrace. Max continued, “Greg, as a reward, you get to see what happens next up close. Adam, a fifth and final test awaits you before we can consider your initiation complete.” With that, Max gestured to a lean muscled black man who was sat in the corner of the room. As he stood up, the man towered over Greg’s 5’8 frame, Eskort sporting a pair of tight black latex boxer briefs. Max introduced the man as Benny, “He might just need a bit of massage to get him going. Adam, lie on your back now.” Adam wearily rolled over and lay blindfold on the mattress.

Max grabbed a bottle of oil from a side table and squirted it liberally into Greg’s hands. Greg spread the oil over Benny’s shoulders, down his arms and across his chest, slowly working it into his skin before getting more from the bottle. His hands began to glide over Benny’s slick body and he couldn’t help but look down at his briefs. His cock had grown so it was starting to show at the waistband of them. Benny pulled his briefs down and his cock was freed. Greg stood back with his mouth open, stunned into silence. His oily hand made its way down as he felt the weight and meatiness of Benny’s cock — it was easily over 9 inches and thick. When Greg finally found his voice, he could only say, “No way, you can’t do that to him!” Adam froze at the cryptic words and tried to control his breathing. Max passed Benny a bottle to lube himself up while suggesting that Greg could go and use Adam’s mouth.

As the footsteps got nearer, Adam tried to lift up his blindfold slightly to see what was coming. Max saw this and shouted, “If you try to peek past that blindfold, your initiation will fail. Do you really want to fall at the final hurdle, Adam?” As Greg got to the bed, Adam’s hands were back at his sides. Greg leaned down to kiss Adam, feeling him tense up and then relax once he felt safer. Greg removed his jockstrap and placed his cock near Adam’s lips then eased forward until they touched. He felt Greg’s cock grow in his mouth and he began lightly sucking on it. He felt more relaxed but there was still a sense of unease as he had no idea what was going to happen next.

Benny walked over to Adam, lubed up his fingers and began to work them in and out of Adam’s hole. Benny pulled outwards towards the sides to try and stretch him slightly. After removing his fingers, he waved his cock closer until it was touching Adam’s ass. Adam pulled his legs wide and more towards his body, exposing his puckered asshole. Benny teased at his ass before slowly pushing forward, his body glistening with oil. Adam’s mouth opened wide with shock at the girthy cock trying to make its way inside him. He winced and moaned, unsure whether it was pleasure or pain. Benny left his cock a few inches inside, letting Adam get used to the full feeling.

With a few deep breaths, Adam’s hole loosened just enough for Benny to sense he was ready for more. He plunged in further, his cock snaking its way deep inside Adam’s ass. Greg couldn’t help but comment, “Damn, you take it like a champ! I can’t believe it.” While he hadn’t gone down to the hilt, Benny thought it might be enough for a first try and withdrew to give Adam a breather. Greg stuck his cock back in Adam’s mouth as Benny pushed himself back into the fine piece of ass in front of him. The further Benny got, the tighter Adam’s mouth closed on Greg’s cock. The look on Greg’s face signalled to Max that it was a stellar blowjob. “See, Adam? All it took was a massive cock to improve your oral skills.” Greg and Benny got into a steady rhythm and it wasn’t long before Greg announced he was close. His cock popped out of Adam’s mouth and started spurting all over Adam, covering him in cum.

The scene seemed to spur Benny on to quicken the pace. Soon, he was slamming in and out of Adam to the sound of deep primal moans and groans which Greg had never heard before. Max watched as Benny’s muscled ass jiggled irresistibly, thrusting faster and faster. Benny brought his head down and started to feverishly make out with Adam. The people on the outskirts of the room urged them on, “Go on, Benny, flood his ass!” With sweat dripping from both of them, Benny took one final stroke and started pulsing inside Adam over and over again. Adam swore he could feel it deep inside him. Benny kept kissing Adam with his cock still inside for a minute or two until it began to soften. The room erupted into applause as Benny finally removed Adam’s blindfold and whispered… “Welcome to the club.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32