Infusion of Goddess Energy

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*Please note I wrote this for a friend on another site. It was a fantasy that was shared with me and this is the creation that resulted.*

“What a crappy day!” I am thinking to myself as I leave work from a double shift. “My boss is a greedy bitch with no integrity and yet somehow was able to make it look like I am virtually incompetent. Now I have to walk home and deal with neighbors I can’t stand. What I wouldn’t do for a break!!”

I start to zone out as I put one foot in front of the other and just focus on right now. Step after step I walk down the sidewalk. I have about a 20 minute walk home. It is usually wonderful for getting out the frustrations of work but now I have these new neighbors that are just plain creepy. Every time I turn around one of them is watching me. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

A few minutes go by in which I have let out some of my frustrations into the universe and I am starting to feel better when a thought popped into my head. About 6 months ago I had confided in my friend Ana about one of my favorite fantasies. She said that she knew just the place that could help me.

Apparently they were an agency that put together special fantasies. In my case I would get paid for my participation and I could expect a minimum of $10,000 for what I was interested in. However to make it a more genuine experience I would not be told anything about when I was needed. I was told that I would be collected on a moment’s notice and that it was guaranteed that all participants would be tested and clean or they could not participate. But unfortunately I had never heard anything further about it. Such a shame because I could really use the money right now. That would give me enough to move into a much nicer part of town.

Still zoned out I don’t hear the van pull up next to me or the guys come up beside me. I heard my name called out. I turn to face this huge guy who just looks at me and says, “we are here to collect you.”

My eyes go wide and my adrenaline starts to flow as I realize what is happening. My kidnapping has begun. Then unexpectedly I feel I sharp poke in my right butt cheek and less than three seconds later the world went dark around me.

I wake later on with no idea how much time has passed. I am completely naked and strapped down to a gynecological table. My legs are tied to the stirrups and I am clearly spread wide for all to see. My arms are not tied down but they are tied in such a way to give me very limited movement in them. There are straps across my waist, stomach, and right under my breasts. I am also blind folded so I have absolutely no idea of my surroundings.

After gaining wakefulness again and taking in my situation a mix of fear and extreme excitement started flowing through me. I could feel my heart pounding loudly in my chest. The longer I lay there bound to the table the more worked up I could feel myself getting. I couldn’t control it. I had absolutely no idea what was about to happen to me. Would I be strapped down the entire time, how many people would be here, how long was this to go on? The questions just kept flying through my head and electrifying the sexual excitement flowing through my body. Oh I am more kocaeli escort worked up than I realize as my juices leave a line down my ass as they drip onto the table.

Just then I hear the distinct click of high heels enter the room. I can tell from the click she is walking on hardwood floors. She stops at the end of the table. The adrenaline is flowing through me too strongly and I can’t find my voice. Realizing this and just how wet and vulnerable I am I suddenly blush in full force. My cheeks burning red as I have never been in this position before. My pussy practically gushes from the sudden excitement I feel mixed in with the total embarrassment I am feeling. I hear a faintly recognizable giggle over the pounding in my ears my ears.

Then it happens. My whole world is turned upside down when I feel her tongue slowly slide between my aching pussy lips and into my hole. My body reacts instantly but I can go nowhere. Her tongue. I can feel it slowly sliding up now. The edges pushing my lips apart and the tip teasing deeply between. I feel like a windup toy being cranked up as her tongue makes its way to my clit. My orgasm is rapidly building and suddenly hits harder than any I have had before as I feel her tongue come into hard contact with my clit. Up and down, back and forth, circles, I don’t know what she is doing as I am lost in multiples.

I have never been so completely helpless and out of control before. It has been a fantasy of mine for a while but I never expected this. My orgasms finally slowing down but occasionally another small one will hit in the aftershocks.

I feel soft feminine hands on my upper arms. Then I can smell her perfume which triggers memories and then I feel her lips softly puts against mine. I can taste my juice upon her lips and in the moment I find myself longingly kissing her back. I can feel her move past my face and her breath on my ear. Whispering softly I once again rendered completely speechless when I hear Ana’s voice, “Sorry it took me so long to get this set up but you were much too anxious. Once you stopped talking about it I knew it was time. Plus you are a guest of a very important group of people tonight. I picked you special for this because I know just how bright your inner light is. You might be part of history tonight so don’t disappoint.”

With another kiss I hear her heels click back to the door and once again I am in silence. Now that I am alone with nothing but my thoughts it hits me that Ana is the one that set me up for this. But what could she possibly mean about being a very special guest? Unfortunately this is one of those times I wished Ana was a little more gossipy but I also knew that one thing could she could be counted on was to absolutely not gossip about anything. Damn she seems to have set me up good.

Then I hear the door open and two men clearly walk into the room. For the few seconds the door was open I heard someone giving a speech. The voice sounded very familiar but also the setting sounded way to small to be who it sounded like. Then the door clicked and the only thing I heard were the two men talking. From what I gathered I was a new addition to this meeting to add specifically to the positive energy kolej escort of the atmosphere. I couldn’t understand how much difference I could make from here but then I felt it.

One guy just put his hard cock against my hole and pushed. I was so wet I offered no resistance as he quickly bottomed out against my cervix. I moaned at the sudden penetration and never got it all out as a second cock slips between my lips and into my throat. A handful of my hair kept me in place as my mouth was fucked deeply. With two holes filled my orgasm boiled over quickly. The vibration from my moaning set the guy jetting cum down my throat. He pushed himself deeply so swallowing was my only option. Seconds later I feel the guy push deeply into my pussy one last time spraying my cervix with cum, injecting it deeply into my womb. Another orgasm courses through me.

Walking toward the door I hear zippers going up and a compliment on what a wonderful release that was. The door opens and closes. I hear a different familiar but impossible voice speaking while the door opened and closed exchanging the occupants for another group of men. At least 4 maybe 5 this time.

They are bantering back and worth and I can feel the political air among the group. I hear a few comments about Ana’s selection. All of them very pleased. I also hear a couple of comments about how I just seem to radiate a positive energy. It was only a few seconds though before I felt my pussy being filled up again as another cock slid inside. This one was shorter but it was definitely fatter around as I felt myself stretching to the point of almost being painful. But the guy didn’t care. He just started pounding me. His balls slapping hard against my ass. I could do nothing but feel this unknown man keep going until he dumped his seed inside me as well.

My senses are on over load as a penis is gently laid across my lips. Eagerly I take him in. Enthusiastically sucking him down. Just as I feel the guy getting harder in my mouth I hear another grunt and hot sticky cum spraying all over my toes. Between that sudden sensation and the man erupting inside my mouth another orgasm quickly builds and rocks through my body. My orgasm isn’t complete before I hear another grunt and hot cum splashing all over pussy.

The last guy of this group I can feel between my legs. He is coating himself in all the cum that is all over me. Then I feel him line up on my @ss. Some of the cum had run down across my hole but I didn’t know if it would be enough. Automatically clenching down only adds to the sudden pain I felt as he bulled inside. Thankfully he was well lubricated and not to big around but he was long. Quickly my pain changed to equally intense pleasure and another set of multiples coursed through my body. I didn’t remember him finishing but I could feel his man juice dropping from inside me.

On and on it went. I don’t know if it was minutes, hours, or days but they just kept cumming literally. There could have been 50 guys or 100 I don’t know. I just know that I am laying here being completely used by anyone looking for a quick orgasm. Every once in a while a woman would come in and I would eagerly lick her to raging orgasm trying konak escort to bring her the same intense pleasure that I was feeling. I couldn’t fight or deny anyone that wanted to fuck me. My bounds wouldn’t let me out if I wanted. By the end I realized I had truly become a cum dumpster tonight.

After a time I noticed no one was coming into the room anymore. My hair was completely soaked in cum. I had an equal amount in my pussy and ass which was freely running down me and pooling on the table under my ass. Thinking about what just happened had me a in a daze. I felt like I was in my own corner of heaven. The soreness a wonderful reminder or what just happened.

Then I hear the door open and the familiar click of Ana’s heels could be heard entering the room with another man beside her. When he started talking I could hardly believe what I was hearing. There was just no way and all I could do was believe because I still couldn’t see through my blindfold.

“Young lady you have no idea of the service you have provided the world tonight. Ana couldn’t possibly have picked a better individual for tonight. Your positive energy just infused everyone here. It is almost like they plugged directly into Goddess energy flowing through you. You very well may have changed the world tonight.”

I was stunned. I know that I recognized the voice. And the implications of what he was saying!?!?! This has to be a dream.

“I think you have stunned her into silence Mr. President. I promised her this fantasy a while ago and when you got in touch with me I knew she would be the perfect one. I am so happy it worked out so well. So now Mr. President I didn’t see you come in here as you were so busy negotiating the final aspects of the ‘Event.’ Can I reward you with a job well done?” I hear Ana say. I am still too astonished to say anything.

Soon I feel Ana get on the table over top of me. Straddling my face I can just reach up with my tongue to her clit. Flicking it back and forth I hear her moan in time with my tongue. Then I hear the distinctive intake of breath as a cock slips inside of Ana. Each time he slides inside of her I can feel his balls rub across my forehead. Tilting my head back a little bit I am able to get my tongue against him and Ana at the same time. I think this is too much for both of them as I hear Ana cry out in ecstasy and the man slam into her one last time with a grunt clearly indicating he is filling her full of his seed.

The next thing I feel is the sharp sting of a needle slipping into my butt cheek and then there is darkness.

Then next morning I wake up in my bed completely showered and in my favorite pjs. If my girl parts weren’t so sore I would swear that everything that just happened was nothing but a dream. But then I look over to the my nightstand looking for my clock and I see a big plate full of cash. I pick up one bundle and it is labeled $10,000 in $100 bills. There must have been a 100 of them. There was also a note on top. It read:

“Young lady I cannot express the gratitude of the world enough to you. Your positive energy infused the whole meeting last night and was just what was needed to push the negotiations to completion. I know it would not have occurred with anyone else. Thank you again. President O.”

Once again stunned I just stare at the note then the phone rings causing me to jump. I answer it to find Ana on the other end. “Turn on your tv. I know you just woke up. The Event it has started…..”

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