Indian Summer Ch. 02

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Initially, I had no intention of writing a sequel to “Indian Summer,” but I was surprised by the amount of positive feedback and e-mails I received on it. The thing that intrigued me the most was the large number of people that fixated on the character of Nancy Corrigan in the story and wanted more written about her. The story that follows came together very fast compared to the way I usually struggle over plot, and writing. I have to say I am quite proud of it and think it may be one of the better things I have put on paper. It definitely features Nancy, as well as fleshing out the character of Marcie Springer who got short shrift in the first story. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it. Who knows? If I get enough positive feedback maybe I will continue to write about these characters.


Nancy Corrigan bent over to pick up the pen she had just dropped on the floor when her cell phone began to vibrate silently on the coffee table making it do a little sideways dance toward the edge. Her nimble fingers scooped up the wandering piece of technology, and she smiled at the name that appeared on its tiny screen.

As soon as she touched the button to connect the call, and placed the phone to her ear, she heard, “Hey there hot stuff!”

Nancy laughed into the receiver. This was the typical greeting of her new lover, and part-time student, Marcie Springer.

What had started weeks earlier as an attempt to convince Marcie to drop the complaint she had filed against Nancy’s father, Marcie’s history teacher, had to Nancy’s surprise blossomed into a bit of a relationship. The two of them had been getting together periodically for Nancy to tutor Marcie in history. These sessions occasionally veered off topic and turned into naked explorations of each other’s bodies. Though she could hardly complain about hooking up with a woman as beautiful, and creative in bed as Marcie was Nancy worried that if her father found out, he would be less than pleased. He hadn’t gotten over the way Marcie had tried to blackmail him into giving her a passing grade in his class, and he saw her as a manipulative bitch who could not be trusted. This fact had forced Nancy to keep her continued association with Marcie quiet, but she wondered how long she could maintain the secret.

“Hi, Marcie. What can I do for you?”

“I was wondering if I could change the place for our next meeting. I know we usually do it at my dorm, but my parents are back in town, and they want me to stay at the house to visit before they head off to Europe or Asia or wherever they’re going next.”

Nancy frowned, she knew next to nothing about Marcie’s parents other than they had lots of money and lived in a huge house on Beacon Hill perhaps the most exclusive neighborhood in town. They traveled a lot, and Marcie had decided to live in the dorms at school rather than rattle around in a big empty mansion with no one but the servants for company. As much as she was intrigued at the prospect of seeing how the rich and filthy lived Nancy was equally uncomfortable at being in such unfamiliar surroundings. It wasn’t like she had come from wealth and privilege.

“I guess that would be o.k,” she responded finally.

“Awesome! Let me give you the address. We can keep the time the same.”

The back of a napkin on the table in front of her served well enough as a notepad while Nancy copied down the information, and she quickly stuffed it in her purse.

“I will see you this afternoon. Stay sweet!”

Her phone went quiet when Marcie hung up, but the room didn’t remain that way for long when the sound of keys hitting the lock signaled that her father had arrived home.

Daniel Corrigan, the current history teacher at Heights University, sauntered in from outside whistling tunelessly. He spotted his young daughter and grinned in her direction.

“Nancy? I thought you were working late today?”

“Change of plans. I got one of the other teachers to cover for me so I could do some tutoring.”

“Is this still that same student you’ve been working with for the past several weeks? You know you have never mentioned who…”

“What’s in the box?” said Nancy quickly trying to change the subject.

Daniel was holding a plain, brown container in front of him, and he placed it on the ground pulling the tape off to open the lid. He stood up and yanked the contents of the box free revealing to Nancy a brand new sleeping bag.

“I bought it for Sophia. Can you believe she has never been camping? I hope you didn’t mind that I invited her to our outing.”

“It’s fine, Dad. I love Sophia. I’m sure we will all have a great time together.”

She and her Dad had gone camping every summer since she was a little girl. Nancy’s mom had never really been the outdoors type, and she usually remained at home. Since her passing the camping trips had subsided, but her Dad had decided to revive the idea this year and had invited Sophia to join them. Cebeci Escort

“I’m glad you two get along.”

“She makes you happy Dad. What’s not to like?”

Nancy bounced up from the couch gathering her books while her father slipped the new sleeping bag into a hallway closet.

“I have to run I will see you later,” said Nancy rising on her toes to kiss her Dad’s cheek.

“Fine, Sweetie. See you later.”

It was only well after Nancy had left that Daniel realized that once again she had dodged mentioning who she was tutoring.

The drive to Beacon Hill took Nancy into a part of town she wasn’t overly familiar with, and she thanked the inventor of GPS without which she would likely have gotten lost. The house that matched the address Marcie had given her dwarfed her own childhood home by a wide margin. She imagined you could have fit a dozen houses like hers into the one where the Springer’s resided. A high, black iron fence enclosed the house with a driveway leading up to a gate that had an electronic intercom on one side. Nancy pulled up close to it and leaned out to press a single red button on the front.

“Yes?” came a strange male voice.

“Um…Hey there…This is Nancy Corrigan. I’m here to see Marcie. Is she in there somewhere?”

“One moment,” said the serious sounding voice.

Nancy tapped her fingers on the steering wheel of her car trying to be nonchalant, but she felt intimidated by her surroundings.

“Wait for the gate to fully open, and pull up to the main house.”

The iron gate swung ponderously back on its hinges allowing Nancy to drive past, and up a winding road that turned into a wide driveway in front of what she assumed was the primary residence. She had barely exited her car when the massive oak front door opened, and the gorgeous form of Marcie Springer came bounding out grinning and waving her arms.

“Hey, girlfriend! Welcome to the castle my parent’s vanity built!”

Marcie looked spectacular as always with her curly blond hair held back off her neck by a thick red ribbon that matched her t-shirt. The shirt itself was barely capable of covering Marcie’s firm breasts that swelled the front of it. Her lower half was wrapped in a denim skirt that stopped well above her knees showing off her toned legs.

“This is a very…massive house,” commented Nancy looking around.

“Come on. I’ll give you the ten cent tour.”

Marcie threw an arm around Nancy’s more petite form guiding the small brunette woman into the largest foyer she had ever seen. A big crystal chandelier dominated the center of the round room with furnishings that probably cost more than Nancy’s whole house lining the walls.

“Wow!” was all Nancy could say.

“It’s not much, but we call it home,” sighed Marcie.

They walked through a good chunk of the lower floor with Nancy feeling more overwhelmed by the trappings of wealth as they went.

“Where are your parents?”

“They will be here later this evening. Their flight doesn’t touch down until 5:00 p.m.”

The two women walked out onto a wide patio in the back of the house that featured a vast well kept lawn beyond the edges of a furnished outdoor space. To one side there was a large pool surrounded by Greek statuary and behind it a separate pool house that could have been a residence unto itself.

“Nice pool. You could hold Olympic trials in that thing.”

“You want to go for a swim before we study?”

“I didn’t bring a suit.”

“Don’t worry about that we keep suits here for my cousins when they visit. Since they hardly ever do there are a ton of unused ones in the pool house.”

Marcie led the way and opened the door into the pool house. A long closet ran down one wall, and she stepped toward it sliding back the door to reveal dozens of swimsuits in various sizes still with the tags on them.

“See, we might as well be our own department store. I think this one would fit you.”

The suit Marcie pulled out was a bikini that would have left very little of Nancy’s body uncovered if she had been able to get into it.

“I think I might like a little more cloth in my swimsuit,” laughed Nancy.

“I’m guessing you would look very hot in this one,” commented Marcie holding the suit up to Nancy’s body. She smiled and lowered the suit stepping closer. Nancy could feel a heavy sexual tension permeate the air, and it made her shift nervously on her feet as Marcie smiled down at her.

“You are so damn cute,” said Marcie her voice growing suddenly thick.

“I thought we were going to go swimming?”

“A part of me already is…”

Nancy couldn’t respond because her mouth was covered in a warm kiss.

Marcie’s sweet, full lips embraced her smaller mouth in a passionate touching that left Nancy momentarily breathless when it finally parted. The temperature in the room seemed to be climbing, and Nancy felt like she had butterflies in her stomach.

“What if someone comes don’t you Cebeci Escort Bayan have servants or something?”

“No one is going to come. Well…Not a servant anyway…”

Marcie dropped the suit in her hand to the floor and wrapped her arms around Nancy’s waist pulling her forward. Her soft lips found Nancy’s again this time with a much more hungry kiss that broke down the smaller woman’s inhibitions, and with a soft groan, Nancy opened her mouth to accept Marcie’s tongue sliding her arms around the tall blond’s neck. Their heads pivoted from side to side as they exchanged deep, hot French kisses.

Nancy felt her shirt being lifted up, and she raised her arms to let it pass over her head. She was wearing a light pink bra of sheer material that showed off her perky breasts. The soft pink nipples at the center of her creamy white tits were already swelling, and darkening into a brick red even before Marcie unhooked the only barrier between her and the prize she sought to claim.

“Oh fuck Marcie!” cried Nancy when the bigger woman leaned down to suck one of her aroused nipples into her mouth. Marcie flicked the hard knot of flesh with her tongue then nibbled at it catching it between her teeth. Nancy let out a gasp. This was just how she liked it a bit rough with lots of love bites. She pulled Marcie’s head back to hers ramming her tongue forward putting her passion, and arousal into a sensuous probing kiss while she tugged at the red t-shirt Marcie was wearing.

It was a bit more of a chore to get the tight shirt off, but Nancy was very determined, and it finally slipped loosely over Marcie’s head and joined Nancy’s shirt on the ground. This was a sight she had not gotten tired of yet. Though she was far from inexperienced Nancy had never been in bed with a woman that had a body anywhere near as hot as Marcie Springers, and it took her breath away every time. Her breasts alone were the kind that men wrote songs about. They stood round, and firm away from Marcie’s chest, and even when Nancy removed the bra containing them they barely showed a hint of sag. Her hands roamed across the silky smooth flesh squeezing gently feeling the heavy swell of their perfection. The blood red areolas that capped the center of each were much broader, and bumpier than Nancy’s, and she ran her tongue all over one enjoying the texture of the soft skin before she collided with a nipple so thick it almost filled her mouth. The stiff, cherry red love button seemed to swell even more when she sucked on it returning Marcie’s love bite with one of her own.

“Oh! Jesus, I love it when you do that, Nancy!”

“You are so fucking beautiful…I want you…”

“I want you too.”

Marcie unzipped her skirt pushing it to the ground revealing the thin black thong that barely concealed the wet pussy behind it. Nancy had a slightly harder time with her jeans, but she managed a quick one-legged dance finally getting them off, and kicking them out of the way. Both women grunted in almost animal like lust as they came together in an embrace their tits mashing against each other while they threw themselves back into another steamy, sexy kiss. They stumbled a bit around the room rubbing and grasping before they tumbled sideways onto a wide sofa that dominated one wall.

Nancy was wearing a pair of rather silly looking white panties adorned with tiny little multi-color hearts.

“Really? I’m getting an under-age vibe here,” said Marcie holding the panties with one finger after removing them.

“Screw you! They were on sale o.k.?” countered Nancy.

“I think I want to screw you first if you don’t mind,” whispered Marcie.

Nancy’s head dropped slowly to the couch. She moaned quietly in the back of her throat running her hands into Marcie’s thick hair. Her eyes were closed, but she didn’t need them to know what was happening. Marcie had pushed her legs wide open and was burying her tongue into Nancy’s dark-haired snatch.

The tart taste of Nancy’s juice filled her mouth while she pushed her tongue far into the slick pink insides of the petite woman’s cunt. Her hands slipped up across the soft expanse of Nancy’s stomach until they found her small love mounds squeezing them tight in her palms, and pinching her tiny round nipples.

“Ah! Fuck yes…Marcie…OH MARCIE! God Dammit! You are so fucking good at this, baby! Oh shit! Right there! Lick me hard right there! OHH FUCK I LOVE THAT SO MUCH! AHHHH! FUCKKK!” cried Nancy

Marcie smiled inwardly. She had been with more than a few women, but none that responded the way that Nancy did when they were in bed together. It was like they were perfectly tuned to each other both knowing exactly how and where to touch to bring the most pleasure. The smaller woman was pushing her hips upward now pressing her clitoris against Marcie’s tongue as she lifted her head to bring it just below the curly hairs of Nancy’s Venus mound. She could feel Nancy starting to tremble in the throes of an impending orgasm, and it spurred Escort Cebeci her on to lick faster creating even more sweet friction on that nub of flesh.


Nancy gripped the couch cushion hard. Her pussy spasmed all over Marcie’s face creaming it in a long series of pulses while she moaned and thrashed. Her body slowly dropped back to the couch.

“Fuck me! You always know just how to make me explode.”

“I aim to please.”

“Come here,” beckoned Nancy with a finger.

Marcie slid upward, and Nancy wrapped her legs around her pulling her into a gentle kiss tasting her juice on Marcie’s tongue before rolling over so that she was on top of the gorgeous blond. Nancy kissed and licked her way down between Marcie’s large tits stopping to suckle once again at her gargantuan mounds before descending toward the wet valley between her legs. The smell of her aroused slit was an aphrodisiac that pushed all of Nancy’s buttons, and she growled in the back of her throat.

“Is somebody hungry? Oh! Fuckkkkkkkkk!” cried Marcie.

Nancy licked the wet slit in front of her before settling into a rhythm flicking her tongue against the hard swollen clitoris at the top while slipping two fingers into the slick flesh rubbing them in and out. She could feel her lover’s insides getting wetter by the moment until the fluid was pouring past her pussy lips, and covering Nancy’s face making it shine. The taste was Heavenly, and she felt as if she could have stayed there all afternoon enjoying it, but Marcie was clearly not going to last that long. Her hips were starting to move in time with the thrusts of Nancy’s fingers, and her moans were getting louder filling the room.

“Ohhhh, baby! God…You’re eat my pussy so good! I feel so fucked when you play with me like this…Oh, Nancy!”

“Cum for me Marcie…I love the way you look when you cum! Cream my face I want to taste it…”

Marcie gripped her over-sized tits in her hands pulling at her nipples. The hot tongue inside her rolled across her clitoris sending waves of pleasure surging into her body. A slow warmth spread from her pussy outward, and her skin felt like it was tingling. The tension building between her legs was like a coiled spring getting tighter, ready to erupt. She gasped for breath with her moans and cries becoming more frantic until she couldn’t take anymore.


The orgasm that gripped her left her shaking on the couch while Nancy slid into her strong arms joining her in a cuddling embrace. She smoothed Nancy’s short, dark hair with one hand kissing the top of her head.

“I think we get better at this each time,” said Marcie quietly.

“We do seem to be improving with practice. If you put half as much effort into learning history, you’re going to be a teacher yourself someday.”

Marcie chuckled, but her voice grew serious when she replied, “Are you ever going to tell your Dad the truth about us?”

Nancy sat up slightly resting her chin on one arm, “I want too I really do, but I can’t see that conversation going well. You did behave pretty badly around him before, and he has no reason to trust you.”

“I know…It’s just…”

The buzzing of an intercom on the wall interrupted whatever Marcie had been about to say next.

“Ms. Springer? Please reply…”

Marcie shook her head reluctantly pulling herself from under Nancy’s naked body, and walking to the panel on the wall.

“What is it, Richard?” asked Marcie pressing a large red button on the intercom then releasing it.

“I thought you would want to know that your parents are arriving early. They called from the car, and will be here in thirty minutes.”

“Shit!…Umm…O.K. Thanks for the heads up.”

Marcie turned to where Nancy was pulling herself into a sitting position.

“I was hoping we had more time to play. I would have loved to see you in that bikini, but it looks like we will have to postpone.”

The two girls cleaned up and got dressed making it up to the main house just in time to meet Marcie’s parents. Nancy hung back at first letting Marcie take the lead. It was clear to her that the relationship between Marcie and her parents was nothing like the loving bond she shared with her father. They all three stared at each other awkwardly in the foyer before Marcie’s mother, Joyce, finally leaned in and gave her daughter a quick hug.

“It’s good to see you, dear.”

“You too, Mom. How was…Where was it this time? Hong Kong?”

“Hong Kong! Overrated if you asked me. We were in Singapore,” cut in Marcie’s father.

James Springer III was a big, broad-shouldered man who towered over his family. His graying hair was slicked back off his forehead revealing a face that seemed to be fixed in a perpetual scowl. His wife was a miniature copy of her daughter with the same blond hair, and full lips though she sported a tan so dark it made her skin look like old shoe leather.

“Singapore, of course. I hope you had a good time.”

“It was fine. Who’s your friend?” said her Dad brusquely.

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