Indian Sex Club Ch. 01 Pt. 02

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The Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club

Chp 1 Meet the Ladies Part 2

The night continues and we see the 14 Indian women in action.

The boys arrived back obviously a little affected by the high priced shots of Johnnie Walker Black I had provided them with. All the women had their voting card issued by Ruth to place 3 2 1 on, with each card secretly coded so Ruth and I could see who voted for who. I had Ruth draw a couple’s name from an empty bowl containing all the duos. I looked at the names Daulat and his aunt Sai but called out Gangeesh and his aunt Navya. I wanted to get off to a good start with the women seeing Gangeesh’s 12-inch monster. And it worked.

Ruth escorted a nude Gangeesh out from the toilets. His 12-inch rod with a knob the size of a small mandarin was quivering stiff. Thick veins pulsed steadily along its length and a collective murmur of amazement rose from the women, even from those who had heard before of what to expect. Then his 46-year-old 205-pound size 18 aunt Navya entered and her eyes widened at astonishment at the size of her nephew’s log. I knew then that my fast bowler was going to be a tired boy at practices and matches. The excitement that Gangeesh had created subsided and appraising eyes turned to the aunt. You can be lucky or not and this time I was very very lucky.

She was quite dark-skinned being from Kola and was as big as a forest tree trunk. Not over fat, just wide-shouldered, thick bellied with solid meaty arms and thighs. My eyes like those of everyone fastened on the 48DD tits swaying as she walked, but more specifically zeroing in on her nipples which were the size of a week-old calf’s teats. What was the DNA in that family? Almost as aside I noticed she was shaved with finger-thick cunt lips on a prominent Filipina style mound.

Navya used the thumb and fingers of both hands to encircle Gangeesh’s cock before holding the circle they formed to show the size to everyone at the table. The 2 approached Anupama who was waiting nude on a modern L shaped sofa. Even her nipples were insignificant when compared to Navya’s. Ruth told the duo to arrange Anupama and told them to start their 15 minutes on her call. The BBW Indian arranged Anupama on her knees and palms at one open end of the black imitation leather lounge with her arse facing our table. Navya knelt with her back and thick arse cheeks facing us and her face ready to bury itself into Anupama’s slit from behind. Gangeesh was furthest away from us standing behind the backless section of the L shape with his log inches from my Accounting partner’s face.

Ruth called time and their 15 minutes began.

Anupama’s long tongue rolled out like a welcome mat and Gangeesh laid his cock head on it. Like a butterfly her tongue flicked around the bottom side of his glans, sending thrills throughout him as he remembered the week before. Navya reached and used her hand to smack her nephew’s dick on Anupama’s face several times. Unable to wait longer, Gangeesh leaned forward and let his weight be supported on his left hand on the couch near Anupama’s wrists. A quick hunch of his hips sent his 12-inch tool partly into her receptive mouth. She immediately began sucking and licking the three inches he put into her. Her tongue was everywhere at once; wrapping around the head, sliding along the bottom of his shaft in a swirling motion. Then she lifted her neck and lowered her head to work her lips farther and farther up his shaft. Five inches then six seven and eight disappeared as she began gagging both from the length and girth, as her mouth stretched to take the monster.

“Aaaah, yes, use your tongue. Christ, that feels good,” Gangeesh moaned.

Simultaneously Navya learnt forward to reach Anupama’s slit from behind and began her assault on her. She began blowing air across her clit and Anupama thrust back wanting actual physical contact. Navya lapped her tongue over her clit and my Indian accounting partner groaned in pleasure. She was like a firecracker waiting to go off, knowing she faced 13 separate consecutive bouts of 15 minutes.

Navya finished her preliminaries and got down to some serious tonguing. One hand steadied Anupama’s arse while her other reached down to pleasure her clit. Soon the squelching sounds we had had at the table recommenced and under the bright light above the sofa, we could see Navya’s juices wetting her inside thighs and staining the polished boards beneath her. I could hear amazed gasps from the other end of the table but put it down to the copious love juice Navya was releasing. Anupama had swallowed 10 inches but suddenly gagged, pulled back and semi puked before again raising her mouth over his spit-slick tip and letting a long dollop of saliva fall onto his cock knob and the shaft beneath it. Her hand took this lubricant and rubbed it up and down his shaft bringing a groan from Gangeesh.

After a few seconds, her mouth came back up over his cock head and she kissed it lovingly before opening her mouth bayan escort wide and diving down on his tool, took the first seven inches of his thick erection to the back of her throat. Then she took another 2 inches and Gangeesh felt the gripping walls of her throat massaging his glans and he knew she was going to try to eat all 12 inches. Anupama was breathing heavily through her nose, getting her throat ready for more. Her hand let go of the base of his cock and she forced her face down further.

Then it happened. Navya came from her self frigging; her body shaking, and tongued Anupama furiously, licking from arse to clit, sucking her clit then spreading her arse cheeks and driving her tongue deep into Anupama’s love channel. Then, repeat and repeat. I hadn’t expected Anupama to cum in the first bout but she bucked and trembled as she came. Navya came again feeling this and reached up and forward, grabbed Anupama’s head and rammed her face down onto her nephew’s cock. Gangeesh felt his dick bend as it followed the tunnel of her throat. Her lips crushed themselves into his pubic hairs as she shook from her orgasm and took all twelve fat inches like a porno queen. It reminded me of the many Facial Abuse videos I had watched. Only by accident, of course.

“Aaawwww, shit!” Gangeesh gasped as Anupama held his cock deep in her throat for about fifteen seconds before he exploded. Navya held her head with her nephew fully embedded in her gullet for another 30 seconds before the gagging, coughing, vomiting Anupama managed to jerk her head off his tool which slowly deflated to it normal 7 inches.

With Gangeesh gone for the rest of the session, Navya continued solo. She turned so she sat facing the table and spread her legs wide. One hand went to her clit, the other started to finger fuck Anupama. Now I understood the earlier gasps from the other end of the table and Anupama’s earlier startled exclamation when she started eating Navya from under the table.

You can be lucky and sometimes really lucky and then you can have this. First my planned showing of Gangeesh’s 12-inch log, then the performance by Navya and now this. You have probably googled and seen Keyanna Moore aka Klytoria and her thick 3-inch clit. Natural, not a hormone created bodybuilders clit. You can tell the difference. Well, Navya’s was a slightly smaller carbon copy and she was stroking her wet slippery slug. It was trapped between her first two fingers, standing proud by an inch and a half with its head a paler colour. As she stroked her soaking wet trench she pulled the clit hood pulled back to show the full length of the immense clit.

Her other hand had two fingers, so roughly the size of my cock, in Anupama finger fucking her. Every minute or so Navya would shake and cum. She had lost the plot and was pleasuring herself rather than making Anupama cum. Ruth called 15 minutes and Navya reluctantly left, cum drool leaking from her and still playing with and displaying her swollen clit.

The second draw from the bowl saw Raj and his solid, average looking 22-year-old sister Ira. They like most of the 6 duos that followed showed little variety. The female knelt before Anupama as she sat and tongued her while Anupama sucked cock from the standing male and it was only the time and quantity that caused Anupama to cum 5 times from the 7 duos. That included Isha and his 18-year-old year 12 Catholic school sister Vanya. I had smiled when I pulled out their names, knowing from the last week, that Isha although very quiet and I had thought reserved was extremely kinky and was capable of making the Indian come very hard and often. But my hope to put some life in the contest slumped when Isha, who had consumed too much of my Johnnie Walker black label, lay slumped on the table.

I started to draw out another set of names but the 18-year-old, having ripped off her school uniform was already kneeling before Anupama. She was tiny and thin, completely shaven and her small tiny boobs still had puffy nipples. She placed Anupama’s legs over her shoulders and started licking like she was devouring a tub of ice cream. Her tongue was a blur of motion and then her fingers started attacking her pussy. No one could maintain that pace but when Anupama. came after 4 minutes, the tiny 18-year-old shook violently as she came too but attacked even faster, finally slumping exhausted after her 15 minutes having accounted for 3 of the 5 cums I mentioned before staggering back to her seat. Her cum juice covered face had a smile on it.

With Anupama being the first Indian woman I had been involved with I was now seeing differences between them and the Vietnamese I was familiar with. First their hair. It was darker, thicker, stronger and more glossy thanks to the coconut oil. A definite win for the Indians. Second their jewellery. Heavy dark yellow gold and masses of it. The Vietnamese although also using 24-carat yellow gold use it to display diamonds and jade. The Indian wedding season is October and 15 million weddings increase the world price of gold. I saw how that colour compliments their skin tones more so than on the Vietnamese, although the Vietnamese display their diamonds to greater effect.

And then their bodies. Mostly chunkier and thicker than the Vietnamese and although there were exceptions there such as the 46-year-old aunt Sai and her 44D tits, most were relatively small titted for their body size. A win for the Vietnamese petite beauty here but when an Indian had a body such as the prostitute Anvi or Pari, Sabal’s 19-year-old girlfriend there was no comparison. Both of these females were tall with long shapely legs and firm waisted with high mounted firm tits that were proportionately large for their body. No Vietnamese could match those bodies unless they submitted to the surgeon’s knife.

Facially you had the heavily tastefully made flat planned Vietnamese versus the more natural rounded, often double-chinned Indians. Flat versus hooked noses. But again an exception; a top-shelf Indian’s features were superior to Vietnamese, although the average Vietnamese was more attractive than Indian and far more likely to wear sexy clothes. And last, the pubic hair. The Indians were far thicker fuller and while I am no great fan of hairy bushes, it allowed some very creative pussy shaving. I liked Anupama’s 6 in long 2 inch wide thick landing strip but with a large bush, anything was possible. Anyway, I knew I was looking forward to seeing the two races compete in sexfights.

But with only 5 cums from the last 7 duos including Vanya’s 3, it was becoming boring. Ruth pulled out the next names. I ignored them and called out Bharat and his 45-year-old aunt Priya. She was already nude having discarded her belly dancer outfit at the greeting eating. She strutted on her extreme heels to Anupama her fingers already deep in her pussy. She was ready for business and my last hope to get the evening back on track. There was no doubt her horniness was no pretence. Apart from her face which fell in the very good Indian group, I mentioned previously and her 36C 30 38 body which although not 100% taut was for 45 years old quite good. As she passed close to me and Saanvi I could see her kohl enhanced eyes, good makeup, gold nose stud and her nipple and clit rings.

I whispered to Saanvi that she would be last and gave her encouragement and some more information, and noticed her hand was soon resting on my cock stroking it into hardness.

Instead of kneeling before the waiting Indian like the others Priya slid onto the sofa and went into 69. Within 15 seconds Anupama was enthusiastically responding to Priya’s challenge of who would cum first. At 3 minutes Anupama. exploded followed by Priya 5 seconds later. Priya rolled on top of my Accounting partner reached up and around and widened her arse cheeks, stopped eating long enough to scream at Bharat to fuck her arse before returning to her eating of Anupama.

With her nephew kneeling behind her ploughing her arse she tongued Anupama and accepted the same from her. Priya came again followed by Anupama, then Priya as her nephew unloaded in her arse. Suddenly a jet of cum streamed through the air landing just short of the sofa. Then 3 more. It was Nabh while his cousin the 21-year-old Dhriti was swearing at him imploring him to save it for their turn. As you probably all know the world record for the longest distance is Host Schutz 18 feet 9 inches. I always thought he should have been christened Horse Shoots, but Nabh was not much shorter than the world record with his fourth fifth and six efforts.

The night was now on fire and next up was another couple Prajit and his 44-year-old cousin. Anushka had frozen when Anupama had eaten the women under the table, but when finally eaten, the short solid dark-skinned Madurai born Indian had exploded into the quickest orgasm, both exposing and pinching her nipples as she screamed. It wasn’t the same woman who froze before now in front of everyone. She followed Priya’s example went into a mutual 69. Anupama had been going for 140 minutes without break and this time when she came her whole body shuddered.

“My arse,” Anushka screamed and Prajit as per her instructions drilled it home and started fucking his cousin who was 22 years older than him.

When she came Anushka screamed, “Change.”

Prajit pulled out, Anushka rolled Anupama to the top and a willing Prajit slammed his cock into Anupama’s arse. Three more orgasms from Anupama and two from Anushka enable the switch to be made 5 more times before it was Nabh and Dhriti’s chance for fame. Unfortunately, they were still arguing about Nabh’s earlier display and Nabh walked off leaving Dhriti to go alone, which she did but without Vanya’s solo success. The 46-year-old elegant sophisticated Mumbai businesswoman Tanvi and Metab who was renting in a house she owned were the second last duo I called out. The real slip of paper for this duo Ruth had pulled out 5 places earlier but I was God. Tanvi had been visiting her property to collect back rent and she had heard Metab unsuccessfully attempting to convince his sister to come and stepped in offering her services as his partner.

Nude, the 46-year-old was very interesting. She was the lightest skinned woman there and the only one without long straight black hair. Hers had a soft perm with a brownish colouring lightening her natural black. Her face showed distinct traits of her Vietnamese mother. While not as tall as the prostitute Anvi or the 19 good looking Pari with their flat muscled bellies and large yet firm tits which sat high on their bodies she was from a similar mould with perhaps better legs. She was nor curvy and soft like the horny exhibitionist Priya, but her quite large tits were far firmer than the majority of women there, whether they were solid, short, large or thin.

Face wise as I said she had Vietnamese traces and her features were leaner and more defined, so overall she was the best package of the 15 women including Anupama who were there. I was interested to see her in action and it was impressive. She too went for the 69 position and dragged 3 long wailing writhing orgasms from Anupama. Metab who had cum quickly in the first round the week before when Anupama pulled the Indian train again came watching this opening so took no further part.

Then she got her fingers into her and I could see from Anupama’s face she had found her G spot. I expected her to drag multiple semi-continuous cums from her but she didn’t. Anupama’s moans and shrieks rose and fell like a police siren and the Indian women, who were novices at pleasuring women were applauding her for hanging on so long fighting orgasm. I knew better. I knew the truth. Tanvi was toying with her. Bringing her close to orgasm then stopping. Rinse and repeat/ Rinse and repeat till the 15 minutes were up and deep down Anupama knew she was being played with.

It left only the oldest Saanvi as I had arranged. She and her son Angard approached Anupama. Saanvi was the oldest there at 52 and was the opposite body shape to Priya. A pinched face and a thin 32 26 32 with long legs on her 5 ft 2-inch 90-pound frame, versus Priya’s attractive faced curvy 36C 30 38. She was a great actress though “accidentally stumbling” over the sports bag I had placed earlier near the sofa and “discovering” the strap on inside. She attached it to herself and Angard presented his cock to the kneeling still very aroused Anupama from the front. Angard fed it in and Anupama took his rod until she had about five inches in her skilled mouth. Her hand gripped his exposed shaft and began jacking him as she began corkscrewing her lips up and down his fuckstick. She hummed around her meaty prisoner. Her fist became a blur, urging him toward a climax. At the top of a suck, she took her mouth off him and used one hand on his sensitive knob.

Suddenly she reared back as Saanvi, unseen behind her, hammered the strap on cock into her doggy style. Luckily her arse was lubed from the previous arse fucking. Saanvi’s hips were thrusting in and out like a piston and one arm reached around to frig Anupama’s clit. Completely aroused from Tanvi’s previous dominating arousal that had gone unnoticed by the women she screamed and her body spasmed as she came. Still fucking her arse with the strap on Saanvi brought 2 more body shaking orgasms from the aroused Indian accountant.

“Fuck her throat my son,” she screamed, and Angard again put his cock in Anupama’s mouth as Saanvi continued her relentless arse fucking. She reached forward, entwined a hand in Anupama’s hair and drove her head forward so all of her son’s cock was embedded fully in her mouth. She kept fucking Anupama’s arse and frigging her clit as Angard moaned and released his load. With her mouth sealed she tried to swallow but still cum flowed from her nose down her cheeks. Angard withdrew spent and Saanvi pulled out sped to replace her son and drove the strap on which was as large as Asgard’s cock fully into Anupama’s throat. Anupama was gagging and retching but Saanvi didn’t fuck her, just left it fully embedded and reached down to resume her fingering of the Indian woman’s clit. Despite the fear of choking Anupama reared and spasmed as Saanvi drew yet another huge orgasm from her. Saanvi continued and as she came again her arms flopped lifelessly, then her body collapsed. Denied of oxygen and semi-unconscious she slid off the strap on.

Again I sent the boys to the bar to spend my money and I got up to address the women. Some men have huge cocks, others chiselled bodies, other men great faces or sex appeal. But I have something better: the ability to speak and make people believe in their dreams. And God am I am good. So good I almost believe the crap I am spouting myself. I should have been a politician but I was too honest. Anyway, I got underway.

First I told them as I consulted the votes that Saanvi and Priya had tied for first, and that Vanya had gained third place with her solo effort. And if you believe that was the true result then I have the Sydney Harbour Bridge to sell you.

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