Incestuous Harem 10: Big Sis Plays with Her Toys

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Incestuous Harem
Chapter Ten: Big Sis Plays with Her Toys
By mypenname3000
Copyright 2016

Cheryl Elliston

“Hi, Mom,” my eldest daughter said, her face pale, her posture stiffening. “About what?”

Zoey thought she was in trouble. And why not? It was after 3 AM, and she was just now getting home from her work at Dairy Queen. What had she been up to after her shift ended? I had fallen asleep waiting for her to get home and begin her seduction into Clint’s harem. I sat in my bathrobe, naked beneath, wishing I was upstairs in bed with my sister and my niece, Lee. Tonight, Clint shared his bedroom with Melody and Alison. My youngest was super excited, acting like it was a sleepover, spreading bedding on the floor of his room for them to sleep on.

It was so cute.

No, I need to focus on Zoey. My eldest daughter was twenty. She could be out late on a Saturday night if she wanted. She was an adult. She didn’t have school tomorrow. I breathed in, frowning. She smelled like body spray and perfume. A lot of it. Almost like a cheap whorehouse. Probably trying to mask the smell of French fry grease.

“Come sit beside me,” I told her, patting the couch. Part of me, the motherly part, wanted to pry into what had her acting guilty. Did she hook up with a boy after work? She never really dated, too hung up on her crush on her daddy. Now that Clinton was dead, she might finally be ready to date again.

Or yearn for another man of the house.

“It’s late, Mom,” Zoey complained, sitting down, her brassy hair bouncing about her shoulders along with her impressive breasts. She still dressed like a teasing slut, still trying to attract her father’s attention.

But she had only attracted her brother’s. My poor Master had to masturbate so many times because of his older sister. It used to make me giggle every time he would make an excuse to go to his room after seeing his sister in another pair of shorts molding to her body, showing off her cameltoe. Zoey did not believe in underwear of any sort.

“It’s never too late to talk to your mother,” I told her. It was hard being so commanding. It wasn’t my nature, but being a parent required it. And a sex slave. I had to help my dominating son claim all the women of the family.

And Zoey was the last one. The hardest. The least submissive. The most dismissive. She still saw Clint as a boy. A Squirt.

“What is this about, Mom?” She tensed again, hands folded before her.

I fought a yawn as I leaned back. The robe wasn’t belted tightly. It parted, and I caught her eyes glancing at my half-exposed breasts. They were large and pillowy, just a little bigger than Zoey’s. She shifted. So she was bisexual or bicurious. That would make things easier. Maybe it wasn’t only Daddy’s attention she wanted.

But Mommy’s.

“How are you doing?” I asked her. “You’re out so late. Working hard?”

“We need the money, Mom,” she said. “I’ll have more when I get paid next week.”

I nodded my head. “That’s not what I meant. I feel like we haven’t talked since…”

“Dad died?” She folded her arms, leaning back. “Well, that’s been hard. You’ve kinda…”

“Checked out.” I smiled at her. “Drank a little too much wine.” Oh, god, I wanted wine right now. But Clint forbade me to buy any at the store today. No, yesterday. It happened yesterday now. There was none in the house. Just a single glass would make this so much easier. “I’ve been a bad mom, I know. It’s just…”

“You miss him.” Zoey relaxed. “I miss him, too. But he’s gone and… And we just have to move on with life.”

I swallowed, my throat pained. I cleared it. I really could use something to drink, even water. “And it must have been hard on you.”

“It was hard on everyone,” Zoey snorted. “Alicia vanished into her room, Lee thought she could do whatever the fuck…fudge she wanted, and Clint… Clint thinks he has to be a man now.”

“He’s nineteen. Some would say he’s old enough.”

Zoey rolled her eyes. “The Squirt doesn’t have the balls to be a man.”

“He spanked Lee today, and made her clean up her mess.”

My daughter blinked her dark eyes.

I leaned forward, feeling my breasts shift beneath the cloth, wanting to spill out of the half-open robe. “He’s a lot like your father. Looks like him, just as strong, dominating. He’s putting everything to order. He just had to figure out how to do it.”

“Melody’s doing, right?” Zoey said. “Gave him…encouragement.”

I nodded my head. “I think so. But Alicia’s opening up, and Lee’s learning she can’t be a brat any longer.” I laughed. “I cooked dinner tonight. It was nice. We ate as a family. Aunt Cindy was there. We even watched a movie. We missed you.”

“I was working.” She folded her arms again, pulling back.

“And you’re still hurting, sweetie. You still miss him. And that’s okay. I understand. It’s normal for a girl to fall in love with the man of the house.”

Zoey stiffened. Her face paled.

“He told me. After you tried your seduction.”

“Oh, god.” Zoey’s breathing quickened.

I scooted closer to her on the couch, patting her thigh. “Honey, it’s okay. It’s perfectly normal for a girl to have a crush on the man of the house. To dress sexy for him, to try to seduce him with her budding wiles. He was flattered. And I see you still dress sexy for the man of the house. You’re still aching to be taken by him. And that’s okay, honey. It’s perfectly natural.”

“Jesus, Mom,” Zoey said. “I tried to seduce Dad, and you’re okay with it?”

“Oh, honey, of course I am. I love you. And wanting to please the man of the house is something I understand. A strong man, taking charge…” A shiver ran through me. Clint was so strong. My son knew how to treat his Mommy-slut. My pussy itched. I rubbed my thighs together. “So there’s nothing wrong with desiring the man of the house.

“Even if he’s your brother.”

Zoey blinked. “What? I thought we were talking about Dad.”

“We were. But there’s a new man of the house.” I grinned at her, stroking her thigh. “And the way you dress… He notices. He appreciates.”

“I don’t dress this way for Squirt,” she spluttered. “I mean, gross. He’s my little brother.”

“Who’s grown into a man.” I stood up, wrapping my robe tight about my naked body. “When you’re ready to let your father go and move on to other men, I will support you. No matter who you might choose.”

And then I swept out of the room, letting those thoughts percolate in her head, letting her think of Clint and her father in the same way. To open her eyes that her brother wasn’t a boy any longer. That he grew up, too, and could give her what she wanted from her father.

Clinton turned her down two years ago for a simple reason: he wanted his daughters to be Clint’s. Zoey, Melody, Alicia, and Lee. All for his son. “I had two sisters to love,” Clinton once told me as he watched Clint and Melody play in the backyard when they were at that transition into gangly tweens. “He could have four.”

He sounded so hopeful, so proud of his son. And I would see my husband and Master’s dream come true. I would make sure my son had all of his sisters to love.


Zoey Elliston

The squeaking of bedsprings brought me out of my groggy sleep. I was buried under my blankets, trying to keep the sunlight streaming through my window away so I could sleep. I groaned when I glanced at my alarm clock.

9:42 AM was too early to wake up. Not when I didn’t fall asleep until after 5 AM. But I couldn’t relax. I was struggling to understand what was up with my mom last night. It was like she wanted me to fuck Clint. Which was ridiculous.

He was just a kid. My little brother. Yeah, he was playing doctor with Melody, but she was his age. They were both children.

The bedsprings creaked louder and louder. I groaned, rolling onto my back, looking up at the ceiling. My room was right beneath Clint’s in the attic. What the fuck was he doing up there? Bouncing on his bed? What was he, six again?

“Yes, yes, yes, eat me,” a girl moaned from above.

I blinked. “Eat me?” I whispered. And then my eyes widened. My cheeks burned. Was Clint and Melody…?

The bed creaking grew louder and louder, like my ears, alerted by my brain to their hanky-panky, had focused on the sounds coming through the ceiling, amplifying them in my mind. The rhythmic squeaking, the throaty moans of a girl in passion, the grunts of a guy.

“You’re so tight,” Clint moaned. “So damned tight. Love your pussy.”

“Jesus,” I whispered, “he’s plowing Melody. Isn’t he afraid Mom will catch him?”

“Oh, wow! Oh, yes! Jam that tongue in my pussy,” Melody moaned. “Oh, you’re so good at it. I love it.”

Melody sounded so girlish when she had her pussy eaten. Flashes of my brother appeared in my mind, naked, muscular. I blinked at that. I knew my brother was muscular the same way I knew the sky was blue. It wasn’t something I really noticed until it was pointed out. He filled out those t-shirts he wore the same way Dad did, his body toned, strong.

“Fuck,” I whispered.

In my imagination, he was between Melody’s thighs, eating out my blonde cousin, her sleek legs about his head, his finger reaming over and over into her pussy, feeling how tight she was. His muscular back rippled as he devoured Melody, licking her, fingering her, making her round breasts bounce.

“Shit,” I groaned, the heat shooting through my body.

Melody was cute. I had noticed, but never really noticed. Not like I would with another girl. I bit my lip, trying to focus on my cousin and not Clint, but he kept intruding. His ass was muscular, toned, perfect for grabbing when being fucked.

I squeezed my eyes shut. No. I was gay. Yes, I had a thing for Dad once, but Stefani cured me of it when he rejected me. I went to my best friend to cry after I put myself out there for Dad, and Stefani showed me a better world. Soft, feminine.

So why was Clint violating my fantasy? Why did I want my bedsprings to squeak so loudly, to grip his ass as he plowed into me?

My pussy clenched. I slept naked. I squirmed, pushing off the covers, suddenly so hot. My large tits appeared, my nipples hard and pink. I writhed my legs, rubbing on my clit while pushing down the covers to expose my flat stomach and shaved pudenda. The unicorn tattooed on pubic mound almost glowed in the sunlight spilling through my half-closed blinds.

“You love it, don’t you?” Clint moaned above. “You love my cock!”

“I do!” Melody answered, her voice sounding throatier than it had moments ago.

“Yes, yes, yes. So good! I’m going to cum,” Kandilli Escort Melody then screamed, her voice girlish again, like she was bouncing between being a woman and a girl as Clint fucked her. “It’s so good.”

“Shit,” I groaned, my pussy on fire. I had to do something about it.

I reached out to my nightstand and fumbled open a drawer. I shoved my hand in, knocking aside one dildo as I struggled to grab the first toy I could. I had a few in there—a rubbery, anatomically correct dildo; a silver vibrator; a blue gel dildo with little bumps; and a pink vibrator with clit tongues.

I grabbed the fleshy dildo. I pulled it out. The cock was thick and hard, the tip painted pink, the rest a beige, skin color. I licked the tip, getting it wet as I squirmed. My pussy was dripping. I didn’t need it, but I couldn’t stop myself.

That’s how you suck cock, Clint said in my imagination, grinning down at me. His muscular chest rippled in my imagination as he seized my brassy hair. You worship the man of the house’s cock just like that.

“Fuck,” I grunted, pulling the dildo from my lips. What was wrong with me?

I closed my eyes, picturing Stefani wearing the dildo as a strap-on, her fiery hair spilling about her shoulders, her breasts round, nipples pierced by gold rings. She licked her lips, tongue stud flashing as she knelt between me.

I’m going to fuck you so hard, Clint whispered. I’m going to make my big sis cum.

“No, Stefani,” I panted, pushing the dildo against my pussy. I tried to make her say those words, but they always came out in Clint’s voice.

When had his voice grown so deep? So manly?

“Stefani,” I gasped, trying to force my fantasy to obey as I pushed the dildo into me. Above, the bed creaked louder and louder. He was really fucking Melody. “Fuck me. Pound me.”

As hard as I’m fucking Melody? Clint asked me. Because I will, big sis.

I shuddered, my pussy clenching down on the dildo’s girth. I gripped the base, made to look like dangling balls, and drove it in and out of my pussy, fucking my cunt as hard as Clint fucked Melody. Gasps and moans echoed from above the room, both of them grunting and groaning their pleasure.

Stefani and Clint wavered in my mind, swapping back and forth as I reamed the dildo in and out of my pussy. I tried to force my fantasy to be Stefani, but she never stayed for more than a second, replaced by Clint’s muscular body, his dark eyes looking down at me.

Dad’s eyes.

You want me to fuck you so hard, big sis, Clint groaned. I’m the man of the house. You want it badly. You just have to ask.

“Yes,” I hissed, surrendering to the fantasy, too horny to care. I needed to be fucked like Melody was. I needed to be pounded.

I pumped the dildo in and out of my pussy so fast. My wet cunt churned to a froth. I could hear the naughty sounds, savoring them. My bed creaked as I shifted my hips, fucking into my imaginary little brother’s strokes. My tits bounded before me.

I stared at my waving nipples, licking my lips. My free hand grabbed my left tit and brought the fat nub to my lips. I sucked on it hard. Tingling pleasure raced through my body straight to my pussy. I groaned, clenching down on it as I squirmed and groaned.

That’s so hot. I love watching you suck your own nipple, Clint groaned to me. You are so sexy. So hot.

My pussy clenched on the dildo hard. My snatch drank in the friction of it reaming in and out of me. I trembled, pumping faster and faster, driven wild by my need to explode. My eyes fluttered. I moaned and gasped. I shuddered, my hips writhing back and forth. My head tossed. It was so good. So damned amazing.

I would cum. I would explode on Clint’s cock.

Yes, yes, yes, fuck me, Clint, I moaned in my mind, sucking harder on my nipple. The nub ached so badly.

I bet it would feel amazing if Clint sucked on my nipple.

I fucked my hips into my thrusting dildo. I pounded my count. I drove it so deep, so hard. I savored every moment of it as the pleasure built and built. The bedsprings still creaked, Melody screaming her head off.

“I’m cumming!” girlish Melody gasped. “Drink it all! Oh, yes! Oh, that’s so amazing!”

“Yes, Princess,” growled Clint. “You’re so beautiful when you cum!”

“Cum in me,” the throatier, adult Melody moaned. “Flood my pussy! Give it to me, Clint! Breed me!”

My nipple popped out of my mouth. “Yes!”

I came so hard with my brother and cousin. I moaned, wishing it was Clint’s cock in me, flooding my pussy with his cum, breeding me the way I wanted Daddy to breed me. The man of the house… I wanted Clint so badly.

I bucked and spasmed on the bed. My head tossed back and forth as my pussy spasmed about the dildo, wishing it was his cock, wanting to milk the cum out of his balls. I groaned as my pleasure peaked in me.

Then I collapsed, gasping for breath, my body buzzing with rapture.

My eyes shot open. “What the fuck!”

I ripped the dildo out of me, shuddering in disgust. I just masturbated wishing my little brother would fuck me. I felt so dirty. What was wrong with me? Dad was one thing. He was a sexy stud. He was always so strong, so loving, as I grew up. I saw him with Mom, seeing how he made her smile, and I wanted to smile like that.

But Clint was a boy. Just because Melody was dumb enough to settle for a child, didn’t mean I should.

And I was gay. I loved pussy. I wasn’t into guys at all. Hadn’t thought about another man beside Dad since Stefani. I loved her. She was my girlfriend.

I rolled out of bed, struggling to breathe. What the fuck was wrong with me? The bedsprings still squeaked above.

“Oh, you’re cumming so much in me,” Melody moaned, so throaty, so adult.

I wished I could squeeze my ears shut. I didn’t need to hear my little brother fucking our cousin. I didn’t need to masturbate to it, to have him confuse me. This was all Mom’s fucking fault. Her dumb talk last night.

I shuddered, feeling so dirty. I masturbated to my little brother. I came hard like a freak.

I grabbed the first clothing I could, pulling on tight shorts and a top that clung to my large breasts. Then I bolted out of the room, frantically texting Stefani: “Freaking out. Coming over. Need to talk.”

I headed down the stairs and almost crashed into Lee. Who was cleaning. She had the swifter in hand, sweeping it across the hardwood floors. She was an athletic girl, slim with a pixyish bob of black hair about her mischievous face. She wore an apron—a fucking apron—as she pushed the swifter back and forth, gathering the dust.

“Hey, Zoey,” my eighteen-year-old cousin grinned at me.

What the fuck was going on? What had Clint done to our family?

I didn’t say a word as I bolted outside where my car waited.


Alicia Elliston

I fell forward onto Melody’s body, her tongue still nuzzling at my pussy. I shuddered, squirming, my body buzzing from the wonderful orgasm she gave me while Clint fucked her hard. I rested my head on her pubic mound, her shaved landing strip tickling my cheek. I stared at Clint’s dick buried into her cunt.

“Damn,” he grunted. “Damn, that was good.”

“It was,” Melody moaned as Clint pulled his dick out.

I giggled and leaned down, licking at my big sister’s pussy, tasting her sweet pussy and my big brother’s salty cum. Her pussy lips gaped open from her pounding. Clint had fucked her so hard. She had squealed into my pussy.

Which made me cum.

I pushed up my glasses as I nuzzled, my pigtails spilling about her thighs. I probed my tongue into her folds, making her shudder beneath me. Her fingers dug into the cheeks of my ass. Oh, she tasted so wonderfully sweet and delicious. I nuzzled and lapped, just adoring the incestuous combinations.

“Cupcake,” Melody moaned. “Oh, stop. My pussy’s too sensitive.”

“Oh, but it’s full of so much yummy cream,” I pouted in my girlish voice.

“Just give me a kiss,” Melody moaned. “Come cuddle with me, Cupcake.”

“Yes, big sister,” I smiled, eager to be a good girl and obey my big brother and big sister. I was almost their little girl.

It was so naughty.

I turned around and settled down on her, my nonexistent tits—just little, budding mounds—pressed into Melody’s nice, round tits. Everyone in the family, even Lee, had tits. I was eighteen and despaired over ever having them.

But Clint liked how girlish they made me look. And with my shaved pussy, I was even more girlish. Young, innocent, and taboo. His little sister that he could play with. His cute princess he had to love and treasure.

And discipline when I was naughty.

I nuzzled into Melody’s lips. Her blonde hair spread about the bed, her hazel eyes glossy. Our lips met. I gave her quick kisses, giggling between them as I wiggled on her body. Clint still knelt between our legs. I could feel his eyes on us.

So I spread my legs wide, flashing my pussy at him. I wasn’t shy about it any longer. He had taken my virginity. He had loved me. I was special. Melody and I were the two women he loved loved. Not just sister love or mother love. Or sex slave love. I giggled again, kissing my half-sister harder and harder.

“Well, my Princess and my Queen writhing together,” Clint said. “What a naughty sight.”

“We’re tribbing,” I giggled, undulating my hips and brushing my clit against Melody’s.

She gasped, eyes fluttering. “Where did you learn that word, Cupcake?”

“Pretty naughty word for my little princess to know,” Clint added, stroking up and down my thighs.

“I was looking up sex words while you two were sleeping in,” I said.

“Oh, that’s what you were doing on my computer?” Clint asked. His hands moved higher, grabbing my butt-cheeks. “What other naughty words did you learn?”

“Creampie,” I said. “Which was yummy. I wanted to lick big sister clean of all her cum.”

“But Clint fucked me so hard, and made me cum so hard, I was just too sensitive,” Melody grinned. “Maybe next time.”

“What else?” Clint asked, his voice so throaty, his strong fingers pulling apart my butt-cheeks.

“Spit-roasting, but we would need another guy for that. So, eww.”

“Melody could wear a strap-on,” he said, massaging my butt. It made me squirm, humping my clit into Melody’s. “And I could ram my dick into your mouth.”

“Kinky,” laughed Melody. “I like it.”

“Well, you are a perv.”

I giggled. “Yep, you are, big sister.”

“Uh-huh, and what other things did you learn, Cupcake.” She nuzzled her nose against mine, my glasses bumping her cheeks.

“Pearl Escort Kandilli necklaces, fisting, prostate stimulation, felching, sensory play, and rimming.”

“Rimming, huh?” Clint asked, his thumbs pulling my butt-cheeks apart. “Like this.”

I gasped as Clint’s tongue licked through my butt-crack and found my sphincter. He swirled around it, making me tremble atop Melody’s body. My nipples brushed hers, and my clit tingled as it humped against her pussy.

“Big brother,” I gasped. “Oh, you’re making me feel all naughty down there.”

“In your cute asshole?” he asked between his licks.

“Yes,” I groaned.

Melody nuzzled her nose against mine again. “You know why he’s licking your asshole, Cupcake?”

“Because he’s a perv?” I giggled.

“Because he wants to fuck your tight asshole.”

My eyes widened. “What?”

“Time to lose your anal cherry, Cupcake.”

“Yes, Princess,” he groaned. “I want that ass.”

“But…” I bit my lip. “Won’t it hurt?”

“You’ll love it, Princess. Melody did. And so did Lee.”


“Princess,” his voice stern. “I won’t hurt you. So you will be a good girl. Relax, and you will enjoy it.”

“You’ll cum so hard, Cupcake.” Melody gave me a smacking kiss on the lips. “I promise.”

“Okay,” I said, my stomach twisting, then I gasped. Clint licked harder at my asshole.

It did feel nice, feeling his tongue swirl about my sphincter, teasing it, making me squirm and shiver on Melody’s soft body. Her hands stroked my back as she gave me kisses. Her tongue fluttered against mine. I moaned into them, relaxing, soothed by her touch and Clint’s licking.

My big brother’s tongue felt nice as it pressed on my sphincter. Weird but nice. He pressed into my bowels, licking around. I gasped, my little pussy clenching at the sensations he churned. He probed his tongue in deep, swirling around.

And then his fingers found my shaved pussy.

“Someone’s dripping wet,” Clint grinned. I gasped into Melody’s lips as he thrust two fingers into my depths. “Wet and juicy. You’re just begging for this, aren’t you, Princess?”

I moaned against Melody’s lips, too scared to break the kiss.

“Yes, you are.” His fingers wiggled in me. And then he pulled them out. They had to be so gooey with my juices.

He licked at my sphincter a final time before bringing his pussy-coated fingers to my asshole. He rubbed on my sphincter and then pressed in. I groaned, my eyes widening as he intruded into my bowels. I groaned and shivered. I wiggled as he wormed in deeper and deeper into my bowels.

His finger went so deep into me. A strange, burning pleasure radiated from my bowels. I squirmed more and more on Melody, grinding our clits together as I moaned into her lips. Clint’s lips kissed at my butt-cheeks, sometimes biting as he pumped his finger in and out of my bowels.

Then he ripped it free and shoved it back into my pussy.

“Oh, such a juicy cunt and a tight ass, Princess. I’m going to love fucking your bowels. And so are you.”

I broke the kiss. “Maybe. But it’s so straaaange!”

The last word elongated as his pussy-lubed finger jabbed into my asshole. I trembled on Melody as it probed deep into me. Then his digit fucked in and out while Clint licked at my sphincter around his finger, making me quiver.

“Isn’t that so dirty though, big brother?”

“You taste good,” Clint groaned. “This sour flavor.”

“Yes,” Melody nodded. “I can’t wait to eat your ass out, Cupcake.”

“I think I would—” My eyes widened. “Big brother!”

“What did he do?” Melody asked.

“Two fingers,” I groaned, my voice thick and throaty. “He thrust two fingers into my asshole. Oh, wow. Oh, that’s nice.”

Clint’s two fingers pumped in and out faster and faster, stretching my asshole, getting me ready for his dick. He didn’t do this for Lee. He just ripped his cock out of her pussy and fucked her cherry ass. But she was a humiliation and pain slut. That was what she loved.

And what I loved was being his little sister, being pampered and cared for by my big, strong brother. Maybe Clint loved us all in the ways we needed to be loved. And Melody and I needed that added romantic love, not just the carnal sex and passion.

“You’re amazing, big brother,” I moaned, my bowels clenching on his fingers. “Wonderful.”

“I know,” he said, so cocky and confident.

“Finger her asshole,” moaned my big sister. “I want you to pound her, Clint.”

“You want me?” Clint asked, voice stern. Sometimes Melody forgot he was in charge.

“You’ll love it,” she giggled. “And you want to do it. I want you to do it. So do it, Clint. Fuck her. Pound her ass. She needs it.”

“I do, big brother,” I moaned in my most girlish voice. “So badly. My pussy is so wet and tingly. And my butthole is so hot. Please, big brother. I need it. I’m so ready for your cock.”

“You sound ready,” he groaned, ripping out his fingers.

He moved up my body, his arms planting on either side of us. I could feel the heat of his body. His muscular stomach brushed my ass and then his dick found my pussy. I gasped as he thrust into my wet depths.

“Big brother,” I whined. “You’re supposed to do it in my butt. Not my cunny.”

“I want to be nice and wet for your ass,” he groaned. “And you are such a naughty princess. Your pussy is dripping juices.”

“Cupcake’s a perv,” Melody said.

I giggled, my hips wiggling, pressing my clit on hers at the same time I savored Clint’s girth in me.
Oh, he was so big. So thick. I loved it. I wanted him to fuck me so hard. To just pound me and make me explode. But I also wanted to feel him in my butt. His fingers felt so naughty in there. I bet his dick would be even better.

“Please, big brother,” I moaned, wiggling my hips, clenching my pussy on his dick. “Do it in my butt.”

“But your pussy feels so good,” he groaned. “And the way you wiggle your hips. You sure you don’t want me to fuck your pussy?” He drew back and slammed in, pressing me against Melody.

“You want me to fuck your pussy, Princess?”

“No, I mean! I want you to do it in my butt. Please, big brother. You got me all relaxed and lubed. Your fingers felt so naughty. Please, please, please.”

He groaned, pulling his cock out of my pussy. “You’re so cute when you beg. I just want to spoil you.”

Melody’s hands grabbed my butt-cheeks, parting them. “Fuck her, Clint. Fuck our cute princess. Our little sister needs it.”

“I do,” I begged.

And then his cock touched my asshole, so thick and wet and hard. He was bigger than his fingers. A shiver of fear washed through me as he pressed on my sphincter. I clenched, panicking. What if he hurt me?

“Relax, Princess,” Clint groaned.


Clint Elliston

Alicia’s asshole was still clenched tight. She looked over her shoulder at me, her pigtails shifting. Her eyes were so wide behind her glasses. She was so cute, her lower lip quivering in fear as I pressed on her sphincter with my big dick.

“I will never hurt you, Princess. Relax.”

“Yes, big brother,” she said, her voice throaty.

“He never will,” Melody whispered. “Your big brother loves you.”

Alicia’s asshole relaxed.

I pressed forward. The tight sphincter gave way to my cock. I groaned as I slid deeper and deeper into her asshole. Her bowels engulfed my dick. She was so tight. My body shivered as the pleasure raced up my dick. My hands clenched on the sheets as I drove deeper and deeper, sandwiching Alicia with Melody.

I groaned when my groin pressed into her butt-cheeks. I felt Melody’s fingers, holding Alicia’s asscheeks apart, pressing into my flesh. My balls rested on Alicia’s taint. I drew up my hips, the friction burning on my dick.

And thrust.

“Oh, fuck,” Melody gasped, her hazel eyes snapping wide open as she stared up. “Oh, fuck, you’re pressing her right into my clit.”

“Good,” I grinned as I savored the tight, hot friction engulfing my dick. “I want you to enjoy it. I want you to cum, too.”

“Damn, I love you.”

“Me, too, big brother,” Alicia gasped, her voice so throaty. “Oh, big sister, he’s so huge. I can’t believe it. I took him in my butt.”

“Yes, you did, Cupcake.”

I grunted, Alicia’s ass relaxing more and more, stretching around my dick. Her pussy juices lubed the way, letting me fuck her bowels faster and faster. My balls ached. They smacked over and over into Alicia’s taint.

My little sister made the cutest mewling sounds every time I drove into her asshole. She squirmed beneath us, grinding her clit on Melody’s. Her face contorted with pleasure, savoring Alicia’s body. My blonde half-sister’s hands roamed our little sister’s back.

“Fuck her,” she moaned, licking her lips. “Fuck her ass so hard. She loves it.”

“I do, big brother. Your cock is making me feel all naughty and tingly in my bottom. Oh, yes! You’re fucking my butt!”

“I am,” I groaned. “And it’s so tight, Princess. I love fucking your ass.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Melody gasped. “Pound her. Make her cum! Make us both cum, stud!”

“Big brother is a stud!” gasped Alicia, screaming as loud as she could.

I hoped Zoey enjoyed the show. Her room was right beneath mine. I wanted her to hear me fuck Melody and Alicia, to let her realize I knew how to please women. I hoped she was masturbating right now, gasping and cumming, seeing me not as her little brother.

But as a man.

I grunted, picking up my pace, fucking Alicia as hard as I could, savoring her tight bowels. I loved how she gasped and squeaked and grunted as I slammed into her asshole over and over. My balls thwacked against her flesh. She gasped and shuddered beneath me.

The friction made my balls boil. Another load of cum built and built in their depths. I shuddered, the bed creaking so loudly as I fucked her. Melody gasped out her pleasure as she humped back, savoring her clit grinding into Alicia’s.

“Oh, your clitty feels so good on mine,” Alicia moaned. “Almost as good as big brother’s cock.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Cupcake,” Melody moaned. “Keep pounding her, Clint! Make her cum!”

“I’m so close,” Alicia gasped. “Oh, I can’t believe this. I’m going to cum with big brother’s dick in my bottom.”

“Yes,” I growled and drove my dick deep into her bowels, fucking her so hard. My arms grew sore holding up my weight. I didn’t care. I ignored it, pleasure racing through my body.

“Big brother!” Alicia squeaked.

Her bowels spasmed about my dick. I groaned, savoring the wonderful Kandilli Escort Bayan spasm of her asshole writhing about my dick. My eyes rolled back into my head. I growled out my pleasure. The cum spurted out of my dick. It flooded her bowels. Thick, hot, creamy jizz splattering into the depths of Alicia’s asshole.

I shuddered, my body heaving. My back arched as I savored her spasming bowels. It was heavenly. My cum flooded my little sister’s asshole. I grunted with each blast. The pleasure peaked in me. And then it was over.

“Fuck,” I panted, rolling off of her, my cock plopping out of her asshole.

“Yes, yes, yes,” Melody squealed. “Oh, yes, keep grinding on my clit, Alicia. I… Yes, Cupcake!”

Melody thrashed as she orgasm, clutching to Alicia. She looked so tiny on Melody even though there wasn’t much difference in their height. But Alicia’s pigtails made her seem so girlish. Her passion squeaking mewls instead of Melody’s throaty moans.

“Damn, that was good,” I said, rolling off the bed and sinking into the computer chair. I grabbed my phone and sent out a group text to all my women.

A moment later, Lee texted back. “She didn’t stay for the entire performance. She bolted out before you started on Alicia’s ass. Boy, she screamed so loud. Heard her on the first floor when you buggered her, Master.”

“Damn,” I panted, reading Lee’s text. “Zoey left the house before I broke in your ass, Princess.”

My phone chirped again. Another text from Lee. “But Zoey was freaked out and disheveled. I heard her moaning, too. Masturbating while you were fucking Melody. You turned her on, Master.”

“That’s good, Sir,” came the text from Mom. “Means it’s working.”

Melody held up her phone, reading the answers while Alicia just snuggled on top of her. “Good,” Melody texted, “she needs to be so wet for Clint.”

I nodded my head and sent one more text.


Vicky Samuels

I darted up the stairs, my naked tits bouncing before me. I felt like such a young girl as I burst into Clint’s attic bedroom. My Master had summoned me with his final text. I licked my lips as he pushed back his computer chair from his desk.

I crawled beneath it, turned around. It was cramped as he slid back in. But I didn’t care. I had been summoned to please my master. I licked at his dick, nuzzling against his shaft, savoring my niece’s sour ass on it. I had to clean his dick, suck off all of Alicia’s asshole.

It was so wonderfully humiliating.

Clint typed on his keyboard, ignoring me. I was just an object. A thing to clean his dick. My pussy clenched. I savored it. My tongue traveled up his dick, swirling about the crown of his cock before engulfing the tip and sucking hard. I loved that sour flavor of ass.

Clint grunted, his dick throbbing hard in my mouth.

“What’re you doing, Clint?” Melody asked, her voice thick with satisfaction. My eldest daughter didn’t even acknowledged my presence. I was just an object to her, too.

God, my pussy was on fire. I wanted to masturbate, but I had to clean my Master’s dick.

“Job search,” Clint said. “I’m the man of the house. I need to start contributing. Zoey and Mom and Aunt Slut can’t do it all.”

Aunt Slut. My pussy clenched again. Juices dripped down my thighs. I was the coolest aunt ever. What other aunt would suck her nephew’s cock clean of her niece’s ass?


“That’s a good idea,” Melody said. “Maybe I should get one, too. And Lee. That girl has too much energy.”

“Something dirty for her,” Alicia giggled.

“We could have her sell her ass on the street corner,” Melody suggested jokingly.

“Only I get to fuck her slutty cunt,” Clint growled. “I own that brat.”

I shivered at how strong he was. I sucked harder, bobbing my mouth up and down on his dick. His computer mouse clicked as he browsed the internet, his dick throbbing in my mouth. Salty precum joined the taste of Alicia’s sour asshole.

“Well, here’s a job. The Hiragawa Drugstore’s hiring for a few part-time employees,” Clint said. “That’s close to here.”

“Isn’t that the place owned by Pam’s mother?”

My eyes widened. Pam Hiragawa was my treat for Clint. Yesterday, after the debate tournament—in addition to teaching history, I coached the debate team that Pam was a member—I had seduced her, licked her pussy, and told her to suck Clint’s cock at school tomorrow.

I think she would do it. Clint, like his father, had a thing for Asians. And I wanted to be the coolest aunt ever.

“I think so,” Clint answered.

“Oh, so you want a crack at Pam’s ass?” Melody asked.

“Jealous?” Clint asked.

“Only if you don’t share,” Melody said.

Alicia giggled.

“I’ll share with you, Melody,” Clint said. “If you remember who’s in charge.”

“You are,” my daughter breathed. “You can fuck all the girls you want, Clint. You can do anything. I’ll do anything for you.”

“Strip naked in the middle of school?”

“Yes,” Melody breathed. “Oh, yes, I would.”

Clint’s dick throbbed even harder as he typed. “I’m sending in applications for the both us and Lee. Maybe we can talk to Pam, get her to put in a good word with her mom.”

“And then you can fuck her,” Melody moaned.

Without warning, Clint’s dick erupted into my mouth. Hot, salty cum flooded me. I shuddered, gulping down all the warm, delicious spunk. I shivered as it swirled about my mouth. Then I swallowed my nephew’s jizz.

I loved being his sex slave.


Zoey Elliston

Stefani answered the door wearing only a long shirt she slept in, her face bleary. I had sped the entire way here. “What is it, Yunie?” she asked as she stared at me, using her nickname for me. “Huh? You can tell me. What’s got my unicorn so panicked?”

“Fuck me, Dandi,” I groaned, using my nickname for her. We had called each other Dandelion and Unicorn, shortened to Dandi and Yunie, since we were kids. We even had the inspirations for our names tattooed on our pubic mounds.

I loved kissing her dandelion above her pussy.

“Fuck me right now.”

“What?” she blinked as I burst into the house. “Yunie?”

I seized her hand and dragged her to her bedroom. “Your family’s at church, right?”

She nodded her head.


I threw open the door to her bedroom and kissed her hard as I walked us to her bed. My tongue danced with hers. Then I shoved her down on the bed. She fell in a curtain of fiery hair. She blinked, shaking her head.

“Yunie, what’s wrong?”

“Take off that shirt,” I told her, ripping open her panty drawer and snagging the red, gel double-headed dildo. It wiggled as I picked it up. “Then get on your hands and knees. I need to fuck.”

You. My girlfriend. I was a lesbian. I didn’t want Clint.

“Okay,” she said, pulling off her nightshirt, revealing those round tits, pierced nipples, and the golden dandelion tattooed on her shaved pubic mound right above her pussy. My sweet Dandi. I loved her.

I didn’t need Clint when I had her. Right?

I peeled off my shirt and shorts in record time as she rolled onto her hands and knees. Her shaved pussy peeked out between her thighs as I knelt on the bed. I leaned in, nuzzling at her pussy, licking, stimulating her, getting her wet.

I savored her tangy pussy as my tongue delved into her folds. She shivered, her butt-clenching as she wiggled back into me. I licked again and again, getting her wetter and wetter. Her juices flowed as she nuzzled at her clit, sucking hard on the nub.

Then I shoved one end of the double-headed dildo into her snatch.

“Yunie!” she gasped as I drove it in deep.

“I love you, Dandi,” I moaned as I knelt facing away from her. I brought the other end of the dildo to my pussy. It was ribbed, the wonderful bumps sliding into my snatch, stimulating me.

Clint could never give me this pleasure. Only Stefani.

My fingers clawed at the sheets as I rocked back, my ass pumping into hers, the dildo sliding in and out of my pussy. The bed creaked as she rocked back, our butts smacking together over and over as my large tits dangled beneath me.

I groaned, the pleasure shivering through me. Sometimes the dildo pumped in and out of my cunt, other times my sex gripped it hard, keeping it from sliding much as I worked it in and out of her pussy. Either way, it stirred through my depths, stimulating my snatch, sending pleasure shooting through me.

“Oh, yes, Yunie,” Stefani moaned. “I love it. Fuck my pussy. Keep rocking back. I want to cum so hard.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” I hissed, rocking back into her, my head tossing back and forth as the pleasure churned in my cunt. “I love it. I’m going to cum so hard.”

“You’re possessed,” she gasped. “Jesus, Yunie, you’re fucking me so hard.”

“I just want to make you cum so hard, Dandi! So hard!”

“This will do it! Churn my cunt!”

The pleasure built in me as we rocked back. I savored our butt-cheeks meeting, clapping together, the dildo driven deep into both our cunts, only an inch or two thrusting out. Then we rocked apart, the dildo moving, sliding, stimulating with its ribs.

Before we rocked back together and buried the toy into each other.

Over and over we fucked each other. Our hips rocked back faster and faster. The bed creaked. We both moaned, singing out our joy, letting it echo through the room as we pleasured each other. As we drove each other closer and closer to our orgasms. To that wonderful, gasping moment of pure release as we shuddered and came on the same dildo.

We shared this pleasure. It united us. I didn’t need Clint. He could fuck Melody. I had Stefani.
I didn’t need his muscular body. I didn’t need his strong hands cupping my tits. I didn’t need his hard cock ramming into my body as his weight lay atop me. I didn’t need any of that when I had Stefani and all our toys.

The pleasure built and built. My head snapped back. “Dandi!”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” she moaned. “Cum with me, Yunie! Let’s explode! I want to cum with you, my sexy unicorn.”

“My naughty dandelion,” I moaned. “So sweet. So lovely! Yes!”

We screamed out together. My pussy spasmed on the dildo as we drove our hips back, our butts smacking hard together. The rubbery toy buried into both our cunts. I savored the pleasure rushing through me. The bliss that I truly craved, available only from my girlfriend. I held onto it for as long as I could.

And then it retreated.

I collapsed onto her bed. The dildo slid out of my pussy as Stefani groaned. Then she was behind me, hugging me, holding me, her round breasts pressing in my back. She was so soft and sweet. The opposite of Clint.

“What’s wrong, Yunie?” she asked.

“I…I masturbated to Clint this morning,” I gasped. “I…I wanted to fuck him.”

To be continued…

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