Incest Anonymous V2

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Author Notes: I do apologize for the unexpectedly long wait for anything to come out. Life happens and then shit followed. So now I have time to fuck around with my story again.

This one is just a minor rewrite of the first chapter. Again, as with the other one, I do not believe it is long winded, however, if you prefer quick wam-bam thank you ma’am type stories, this prolly won’t be your cup of tea.

All that said, I hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the write.

The second chapter is just about finished and will prolly be posted on or around the first day of March.

It was a crisp summers night outside, along the American east coast. The wind was warm but still cooling, and the night air itself was hot enough that keeping the blankets or even pyjamas on yourself while in bed was considered doing things the hard way. Stars were out and the sand between the two story home and the surf was delicately soft and slightly cool to the touch under the midnight air, with no moon to cast its reflected light up on possible onlookers.

In the two story home itself, a party carried on and showed little sign of slowing down or stopping any time soon. The gardens and front lawn were littered with scantily clad party guests dressed in bikini’s, bathing suits and without any exceptions, all had full or partial face masks on, none walked around without. The age range was vast but not universal. Eighteen was the lower limit and the upper limit only meant you had to be able to walk, talk and drink without serious risk to life and limb so people from every walk of life partook of the event. Maybe one hundred guests, possibly more and the house could comfortably support them all on its own, even without the garden. Two stories tall with six bedrooms scattered in the house somewhere between the attic and the basement and people were still showing up to join in, many only to be turned away by the bouncers. Ten plus lucky devils that got paid to watch a night of fun pleasantry and utter, depraved debauchery. It was a rather big party but relatively quiet and respectful of local neighbors… at least in comparison to other late night parties. You could say its like a controlled fire. Hot, wild but isn’t anywhere or anything the hosts don’t want it to be.

The host made some house rules very clear from the get go. Absolutely no vaginal and/or penetration sex. That meant no dick in pussy, but fingers and tongues were still fair game. More of a challenge than a rule but enforced by the bouncers all the same. Bedrooms and closed doors are absolutely off limits. Eight couples that couldn’t control themselves had already been shown the way out and, of course, no sexual activity of any kind outside of the house until after midnight out of modest respect for the people and the very few kids that may have resided in the neighbourhood. The hosts were very professional about the whole thing but didn’t charge guests to come. They merely sent a few targeted fliers around the city and worded it in such a way that only the invitees and mentally mature enough would figure out exactly what kind of party it was.

At about eleven o’clock is when George showed up. He chose a squinty eyed mask that limited his vision just a little bit and covered all of his face except for his lips and the very tip of his chin. The nose of the mask bulged outward so it was impossible to tell the shape of the real nose that was under it. It had a black background with different shades above and below the eye line. George thought it looked mysterious and cool. His blue eyes barely showed through it and his brown hair was highlighted by the darkness of the masks top half while his barely exposed, perfectly sculpted jawline was accentuated by the masks slightly lighter half.

For a little while he felt out of place in his knee length swimming trunks with the rest of his thirty eight year old body on full display while he wandered around the garden, first at the front. He was avoiding going in to the house. Procrastinating, if you will. Soon enough, he’d found and outdoor refreshments table, complete with a plugged in mini fridge that was stocked to the brim with cold beers of at least half a dozen varieties, labels and flavours.

He by no means had anything to be embarrassed about with his well toned and tanned, fleshy arms and fleshy legs. He sported a meaty looking four pack and a pair of pecks that appeared humble for his overall size. ‘At least I don’t have moobs’, was his passing thought as he caught the glimpse of a dangly pair off of two large but jolly men while he sipped his ice topped, cold beer.

Whilst he continued his meandering in to the back side of the property, he saw a pool, a large one. Big enough to fit all of the party guests that were still outside of the house and then some. There were quite a few too, sprawled out in randomly assorted clusters. George found himself a lounger by the pool and took a illegal bahis seat. Cool, beach side air caressed his weary soul and aching heart.

As George sat back and felt his tension melt away he couldn’t help but notice the strong taste of delicious green apple mixed in with the fizz hitting his palate. It was enough to almost offset the tender bitterness that followed. He reveled in his great choice to come here as the numbing taste of the alcohol itself just seemed to effortlessly slip down his throat while he swallowed.

He grinned a little as he noticed a pair of party guests in the water. They were getting increasingly handsy. At first, just playing a game of water volley ball minus one net. Then it turned to playful wrestling. Then they slowly veered off to the side while their group continued to be a distraction. George could tell their hands were very busy under the water.The bouncers wouldn’t be happy if they knew the destination these two naughty little tykes were heading towards, thought George to himself in the confines of his own mind. Not that he would tell anyone though, one thing he wasn’t is a grass.

Soon, as he continued to watch with each successive gulp, he felt the slight buzz of the alcohol mixing with his blood and started to relax into the party. His doubts about coming here, slowly left his mind and the more they did, the more appealing the other party guests looked. He stared harder, and slightly more obviously at the two younger people that had caught his attention in the pool. They were trying to be subtle, and they probably even thought they were, but it was still painfully obvious what they were up to as the bloke slowly turned her around as if to scoop her in to his arm and whisper sweat nothings into her ear while his other hand slithered its way below surface and guided his missile all of the way home. He had a perfect side angle to them and the moving of the water mostly obscured what they were doing. George figured that the man must have been a solid ten inches, judging from how long he spent sliding in and how far away he was at the very moment his head found her slit. The muscles in her mouth must have been soar after how tensely she was holding them, fighting the urge to cry out in pleasure and perhaps a little pain.

When the guy bottomed out, he noticed a bouncer nearby and slowed down significantly while placing his hand flatly and obviously on her breast. It was already too late, however, as two of the bouncers had caught on to what they were doing too. George could see them from his periphery and they closed in quickly from behind the pair. The man had started giving the girl short, sharp thrusts, as subtly as he could when they told him very flatly that he and the girl need to get out of the pool. The young man didn’t argue, though he looked as if he had wanted too while he got out. The young woman was noticeably grumpier and had to be carried out as George chuckled to himself about the whole thing wondering if he had unintentionally given them away to the bouncers because of his probably obvious fixation on the pair.

By about eleven forty five George was eyeing every pair of legs that walked within a twenty foot radius of himself but the very slight doubt that was left held him back from doing anything more than staring as he lazily got up and walked towards the house, as if that would be a sort of last nail in the coffin. He thought about his wife and how, whether anonymous or not, cheating is still cheating. He so desperately needed a release though. His wife hadn’t so much as glanced his way in almost two years.

He tried to be patient. He tried to be reasonable, he even tried asking her about it directly but she gave no real, or helpful answer. He tried different things to entice her. Leading, naughty talk during foreplay, playful nibbles and tantalizing touches beneath her panties and shirt but she refused and rebutted him every single time, even when he offered to delve into some of her fantasies they hadn’t yet explored and he just couldn’t understand why anymore. Hence his insecurity with his otherwise manly body. So when he saw the flier for the event he thought ‘why the hell not’ as he tucked it safely away where he knew his wife would not find it.

By his seventh beer he was getting more and more in to the swing of things. His staring became less subtle and as it did he found himself getting hard. He noticed a few of the girls were looking his way too. Especially at his obviously tented trunks, which stuck out like a sore thumb even as he sat down, hunched over the bar. For the first time in months he started feeling good about himself as a male of the human species. His guilt almost completely subsided now but he still had that niggling doubt about right and wrong in the back of his head.

That’s when he noticed a drop dead gorgeous bombshell waltz through the street door. She must have been about five foot seven or eight with the purest and longest, illegal bahis siteleri ginger hair in a pony tail that just seemed to suit her to a T. Her mask had cat like ears coming out of it and colour wise, was the exact opposite of his. A deep white on the bottom half with a darker, cloudier white on the top half. Her masks eyes were a little more open than his, so he could just barely make out that her eyes had a dark shade to them. Like George, her mouths lips were exposed from the mask. She wore beige lipstick that, compared to her dark, golden brown skin tone looked like a sparkling sprinkle of sand. She also wore a full bodied swim suit, which while modestly tucking away everything else, only seemed to accentuate her already gorgeous legs. Had he ever seen a pair of legs both that smooth and shiny? A pair of legs that just never seemed to end?

As she walked by he took a double take. His eyes had deceived him in his drunken state, she must have stood at roughly six foot two inches tall. At least a little taller than him. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her as each leg moved one in front of the other. With each time her feet made contact with the ground, his hairs stood up on end and electricity shot through his body almost as if her bare feet were directly jacking him off. He’d never had that fantasy before.

At that instant, he got up and moved towards her. His doubt and insecurity fled him. It was now, or it was never. He moved in behind her, their relative angle changing with each passing step until as they stood a mere seven inches apart, she felt his presence on the back of her neck. Her eyes widened. This was followed by a gasp as his hand slipped between her legs from behind. His fingers circumnavigated the little flap of her swim suit that modified her crotch and slid effortlessly up on her somewhat slick, left side pussy lip.

Her gasp only widened as this strangers fingers continued their journey upward until he skillfully found her clitoris. She inhaled sharply as her brain got the message that such exquisite contact had been made. She leaned back and felt the muscular contractions of his chest and his taught belly press against her back as she leaned in to him. She certainly didn’t expect such a flippantly forward approach from any man, even in this setting but as she settled in to it, she certainly didn’t seem to oppose the proposition right now. She leaned back further forcing his hand to unbury itself, or be crushed between them. Instead George was rewarded by the feeling of his still covered and mostly erect dick being enveloped between her legs.

She’d found a real man, she thought to herself as seven inches of his manhood made its presence known between her legs. If her bikini hadn’t been there, he’d be balls deep already, but as it happened, his not insignificant shaft had wedged itself between the lips of her pussy. She bent over at about thirty degrees, just enough that the mushroom of his head was now pressed indirectly against the very top, front part of her vulva and grazing her clit. She reveled in this feeling. The sensuality of it. How long had it been? She wondered. She smiled to herself and she figured, not very… technically. But never had a dick, on its own, made her feel like this. Maybe she was just part exhibitionist all this time and never knew it. All of these people were in plain sight. Fully able to see what was going on and she enjoyed it, but she especially liked the fact that despite all of these people watching, he just couldn’t help himself. He wanted her and he made her know it. Even more than that, she loved it.

For the first time in a long time, she felt like a woman and wanted. She was a truly wanted woman right now. This strange man lusted for her almost beyond his own control and with no regard for other people around them. With but a glance on his part and a strut for hers, she’d snaggle-snatched him for herself for this very moment. He’s the treat she reserved for herself after a long marriage of good behaviour. Now it was time for parole. She compared the men in her head subconsciously too. Her husbands chest was hairy, and small. She didn’t feel secure leaned up against it. Now this one, was strong, wide, muscular. It had a presence to it she now realized she had craved all of this time. She couldn’t yet attest to its hair content, but she was now resolute in finding out. She knew this chest wouldn’t crumble from under her like a hollow infested ground. Now her hand cupped the bulbous head of George’s cock while it was still lodged between her legs. She pressed it slightly in to herself, and mercilessly teased his shaft on the underside of his cock, where his foreskin meets the crown using only the very tip of her nail that was dug in just enough to create a little pressure with each stroke.

Oh how George had loved this. No one else had teased him so and it only made him want more. Even drunk, he still knew the rules of the party, and felt very keen canlı bahis siteleri on playing them with her. He wanted to explore every tiny crevasse of her body while he could, while he dared. His free hands now willfully cupped her breasts with even less subtlety than his previous actions. Some nearby people had their attention on them both. She could feel the gazes slowly shifting to them as curious eyes now wished that they had been so bold themselves. What a powerful woman she felt as right now while a gasp was forced out of her mouth as if she’d been wanting since the day her womanhood eroded away her childhood innocence. Her hips instinctively started rocking right before he pulled away.

She was disappointed, thinking he was only interested in teasing her until she felt him rip at the lower half of her bathing suit. Now a gap had been made where her modesty once was, exposing her puffy pussy lips for all to see. They glistened nakedly, exposed without the pubic hairs that would normally protect such a delicate piece of engineering. He turned her around, forcefully and dove down onto one knee. She almost thought he was going to propose to her, even as she saw his head moving forward before partially disappearing between her legs. She stood on tip toe, nearly wanting to back away from being part of such a sudden display. But the better half of her just didn’t want to stop. The woman in her demanded that she be satisfied, if only for this one time. She let out a loud half grunt, half groan and started face fucking him whilst his tongue lay siege, probing in between her lips, prying them apart as hot, lava-hot liquid filled the opening.

He continued lapping, his dick remaining swollen the entire time. The woman’s breathing turned heavy very quickly. Her eyes darted around her, watching people nearby whom were watching the oral spectacle they were being given.

‘They’ll never be able to settle for mere porn videos again’, she thought to herself, blissfully, even arrogantly. She started to tense and suddenly he released the pressure. On the very outer most edge, he left her dangling. A smug grin could be clearly seen as he looked up at her unashamedly. She was so close to peaking it ached. She could feel the beginnings of her muscles convulsing. He was daring her to go over the edge without any more interference from him.

In her mind, he was saying something along the lines of ‘Now cum for me you horny bitch’ behind that smug, malevolent grin. It drove her crazy but lit a fire under her at the same time. For a second or two, as she rode out the aching need, he could see the fire smoldering in the back of her eyes that seemed to glare down in to his, like a beautiful golden eagle that had locked on to it’s prey.

He found himself rather impressed by her iron clad will power and self-control. He maintained his smirk and didn’t say a word. He didn’t know why he was edging her like this. Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was a secret kink that even he didn’t know he had until now. Maybe his overwhelming lust for this woman simply made him want to get under her skin in the most obscene ways. George wanted to impress her with his skill, and he wanted her to want him as much as was the other way around. The rules of the party only seemed to encourage him in this endeavour. Did he even want to make her a little cross? Was he taking his frustrations with his wife out on this beautiful, undeserved bombshell?

Now the question was, how would this stunning member of the female species respond. Would she stomp off in a huff? He knew that once upon a time, he’d have been pretty annoyed at being edged like that. Would she slap him and then storm off in a huff?

No, instead, She grabbed him by the ends of his shoulder length hair on either side of his face and motioned for him, without hurting him in the least, to stand up. He thought for sure she was super pissed. He even closed his eyes in anticipation, knowing he somewhat would deserve a slap or two. Instead he felt a hand cup his balls and a pair of delicate lips on the lobe of his ear, nibbling away as only a womans lips could.

‘Oh fuck, she wants me.’ Is what ran through his mind. Confirmation came in the form of her ripping his swim shorts down his legs. She did it so quickly and inconsiderately that he winced when he felt his cock whip from the sudden down force in it’s mostly erect state.

He couldn’t help but to let his body respond in kind. He looked around and noticed, for the first time since he started this, the people nearby, watching them. By this point, a few of them even had their bits and pieces hanging out while they played with them. It gave him a slight buzz to know other people were enjoying his display, that his body, his physique could be so pleasing to another.

Two security guards were keeping their eye on them at this point, as per their instructions. Was this part of the hosts sick pleasure too? The guards must be getting driven insane with all of this stimulation and no outlet. George began to wonder if the hosts were both a pair of sadists. But he didn’t mind one bit. He wanted to play along. Now that he’d started, he didn’t want to stop. He was entirely complicit.

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