Inappropriate at Work – Memoirs

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These are the memories from my past that always stick in my mind, especially I use these for self pleasure.

This memory is a special one, going way back when I was just out of University.

I won’t tell you how we met but she was a head teacher, not too sure what she does now, but I know she’ll go far.

Back then I was very naive, but very risky and probably less official that what I am today.

Friday 06 June 2003 – Jessica

It was a summers day, sun was hot and it was a very sweltering day. School was out the kids had just left for the weekend and there I am sneaking into school like a naughty school boy.

I managed to get into her office without anyone seeing me and then hide under her desk.

Waiting there for her for a few minutes, she comes in and sits at her desk and slides herself into the chair and wheels her way into the desk.

She is wearing a dress, quite a cute one at that and no tights, but of course knickers red and very sexy.

I listen if anyone’s around but no one is and I move her legs apart, shocking her. She moves back unexpectedly wondering who is between her thighs. To her surprise it’s me looks at me and with no words she thrusts herself to my face placing a hand behind my head forcing me to her knickers.

I pull them to one side and slowly start to lick her clit slowly, putting my whole tongue flat at the bottom near her pussy opening and then lifting her clit up slowly, putting pressure down and moving up increasing the pressure. Until her clit slips off my tongue and down. I feel her judder and shiver.

Slowly I do it again slowly flicking her clit down my tongue making her gasp and moan.

Suddenly a knock at the door. I move away but she keeps me locked in with her thighs. Thats so hot her clamping me and her hand comes down to push me forward to tell me to carry on.

“Come in!”

I hear her say. Fuck this is hot.

The door opens as I flick her clit again, she clamps my head with her legs, I know I just do it again but I hear a guys voice and feel she relaxes back a little.

“I have a pupil that I’d like to.”

She clenches Samsun Escort more covering my ears as I lick her pussy a little faster stil using the full width of my tongue. I only hear but muffles from but she starts to answer back.

I feel her pussy start to moisten even more, and hear her voice shake a little, hearing her clear her voice I then hear.

“Maybe you should talk to me on Monday about this, or email me over the weekend and I’ll get this sorted.”

I just all of a sudden have a thought of him finding out what I’m doing under this desk and it turning him on for us to just have a threesome, but I know it never works out like that, but I hear him move towards the door as I quicken and start to flick my tongue up and down her clit. She clenches harder and shivers slightly.

“Are you ok?”

I hear through muffled thighs, as she shivers again as I get faster and faster.

“Yeah fine, I’m just so hot from this unbearable heat.”

She says as she moves in closer. My cock is raging in my trousers right now, I want to bend her over and fuck her so bad on her desk. Getting faster with my tongue right up and down on her clit, zig zagging left and right as I get her close.

He’s just open the door and about to walk out, she gasps.

“Oh one thing we’re all going down the pub in the next 10mins, you are welcome to come!”

She starts to shake as if she has been given permission to cum, I feel her clenching really hard as she almost reaches orgasm.

“I’m fine, I’ve got alot of work to do before closing up.”

“The invitation is there”

He closes the door and she lets out the biggest silent but hardest orgasm ever. She starts to squirt a little all down me.

She moves back placing two fingers inside her fingering herself still squiring a little but this time on the chair and carpet.

I get up, my cock harder than ever. She grabs me pushes me to the desk, unbuckling and unzipping me she takes out my cock and places it in her mouth sucking it so hard I feel my tip swell like she wants the cum out of me.

She loosens her knickers shaking them to the ground Samsun Escort Bayan as her head goes right down deepthroating me, sending my body into a small spasm.

Sliding my cock in and out of her throat gagging on my cock, she slowly moves her mouth off my cock licking the tip and then all the way down to my shaft and balls while slowly stroking.

She has me where she wants me on her desk, she pulls up her skirt as she climbs on top of me on the desk. She had me pinned to all the paperwork under me as she places my cock firmly into her tight dripping wet pussy.

She starts to ride me quietly enjoying my cock.

Another knock at the door, shit who is that.

“Come back later!”

she says in a broken tone, slightly panting. I hear the person go from the other side as she quickens her pace.

I feel myself building up, this is very hot. I see her clothed body on mine and there she is just enjoying my cock.

Her breasts bouncing in her bra, her body just so nice to hold and grab. Fuck this is so hot.

If she carries on riding me I’m going to cum inside her, I grab her roughly and hold her, I spin her around still inside her and place her on the desk and start to slam into her hard. Getting harder with each and every thrust. She’s loving it and now she’s started to get louder.

A slight scream as she feels me pound a little bit harder than before feeling my cock throb and my balls slap against her from the heat. I start to run my hands up and down her body knowing that this will turn both of us know. Just the feel of her just gets me going, even the thought of touching her turns me on.

I grab her by her legs holding on as I start to fuck faster knowing that my cock with start to swell inside her making it so much more pleasurable for her and because she is loving it then for me.

I know one position that I wan to cum in and if she’ll allow me to cum in her it would make this sensation even greater.

I start to slow and then withdraw, I lick her ankles all the way down to her thighs missing her pussy. Flicking around her lips I catch her clit gently Escort Samsun sending her into a twitching frenzy.

I’ve got her now she is seriously turned on, but I want to make her cum again. I start to flick around her clit with my tongue now sliding in a couple of fingers massaging her g-spot. Licking slowly and lightly the tip of her g-spot getting faster and faster making her twitch and twinge as I then press down again at the bottom of her clit moving up slowly finally at the top flicking creating the wave of suspended pleasure making her shiver and moan out loud.

I start to build up again and release, each time getting faster. Until I’m finally flicking my tongue to and throw, up and down to sound of her moans, listening to her body as I now slowly finger fucking her she start to groan. She’s cumming again.

I start to massage her breasts as I get her closer.

“Tell me, tell me, I want you to say it!”

“I want you to.”

I hold as I start to get faster fucking her with my finger, grabbing her breasts firmly as I lick her clit fast and hard.


She starts to shudder and moan out loud. Fuck she looks hot in pure agony bliss.

Her body all over the desk she slows down and pushes me to one side.

“I want you to cum now.”

He turns over and spreads her legs, as if she is bent over the desk. Oh my gosh she is a mind reader, how did she know?

My cock now pulsating, ready to get wet once more and I’m so ready to cum after watching and feeling her cum.

I start to fuck her hard from behind pounding her as I feel the build up stir and swell in my cock. She can feel it too, she clenches inside sending me into a spasm unlike any other. I’m there.

“I want your cum inside me.”

She says as she clenches even more, it’s too much I can’t pull out fuck I’m squirting inside her, oh the euphoria. Fuck it’s so hot.

I pull out my dripping cock from her so wet and now creampied pussy and start to zip up.

I offer her a tissue and start to wipe up.

“What do you think you are doing?”

She asks as if I’m a naughty school boy.

“I want it to drip down my thighs and I want to feel you drip out of me slowly.”

Now that is hot. She grabs her knickers from the floor and puts them back on as cum slowly drips out onto the floor slightly. Some catching her hand but she quickly licks it off knowing full well I’m watching her.

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