In the Theater

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This is my first submission. I’ve been reading stories on this site for quite a while, and I’ve finally worked up the courage to post. I welcome constructive criticism, but let’s try to be nice please. A big thank you to Findingmyvoice, who was a huge help in getting this story ready to post! I have more stories to post, but I want to see how this one goes first. Thank you for reading and enjoy!


It’s date night and it’s your turn to pick the activity. You surprise me by asking to see a movie that has been out for a few months and is one we have already seen. But since it’s your turn to choose, I don’t argue. When we get to the theater, it’s empty. You pick a seat in the back and furthest from the door. I’m confused, but it’s what you want baby. We sit down as the previews end.

About 15 minutes into the movie, I notice you lean towards me. You start kissing my neck, placing your hand on my knee.

You whisper, “Keep watching the movie,” as you nibble my ear. Suddenly, I’m having trouble focusing on the storyline. I feel your tongue on my skin and hear your whisper, “Your dirty little angel is going to get on her knees and put sir’s cock in her mouth. Would you like that baby? Would you like bursa escort bayan to feel your naughty angel’s hot mouth sucking your cock?”

I freeze, “Here?” I say. You giggle and shush me as your hand travels up my leg and brushes against my erection.

“Yes, here,” you reply. “I’m going to stuff your dick in my mouth right here.” I have forgotten about the movie. I start to turn my head towards you, but you tell me to keep my eyes on the screen.

You’re still kissing my neck when you unbutton and unzip my pants. You reach in and grab my now raging, hard dick, give it a few loving strokes, up and down, while moaning in my ear; you’re really turned on because you know it turns me on even more. I’m moaning at your touch, you know just how to make me feel good. As you slide off your seat, my eyes get huge and I try to ask you if you’re sure you want to do this, but before I can speak, you put a finger to my lips and move my chin so I am looking at the screen again.

I quickly look around and I realize that no one else is here, and even if others people were here, they couldn’t see you on your knees in front of me. You tug on my pants, so I lift my hips and let you pull my pants and boxers bursa evi olan escort down, revealing my hard as a diamond cock. We both know I’m totally into this. My head falls back as you grasp my cock again and I feel your breath on it. I struggle to remain still and face forward as you start kissing the tip. You trail kisses everywhere on my dick, even venturing down to my balls, laughing as I nearly jump out of my skin at the sensation.

You work your way back up to the tip French kissing my cock with slightly parted lips. I feel your lips part a little more, allowing the tip of my cock to enter your naughty mouth. I feel I died and went to heaven as you take more and more of me into your mouth. Holy fuck, as your head bobs up and down, your tongue moves and touches just the right places. “How does she do that?” I wonder desperately to myself. My mind is wiped blank when I feel myself hit the back of your throat. Mmmm baby that feels so fucking good. I’m moaning and twitching, trying not to thrust into you. You know how good you make me feel.

Between the chance we are taking of getting caught and knowing you’re pleasuring me, has you turned on. You begin to moan. bursa otele gelen escort Your panties are wet with anticipation. With your hungry mouth, you fuck my cock and then you reach down and touch yourself. Your renewed moans cause vibration in your mouth. My hands grip your hair, pulling ever so slightly with my need. I have no idea what is happening on the screen. You attack your clit with your fingers, desperate to get off while your warm mouth nurses my cock as if it holds the fountain of youth.

Every once and a while, you pop my cock out of your mouth, then lick the entire shaft before taking me all the way to the back of your throat again. I’m not going to last much longer. We can both feel it. “Baby, I’m getting close,” I whisper.

“Mmmm,” you moan around my cock.

“No seriously angel, if you don’t stop I’m going to cum.”

“Cum in your naughty angel’s dirty little mouth,” you reply. The dirtiness of the statement sets you off and, your eyes roll back. You pause for a second to collect your scrambled mind and then attack my cock with a vengeance.

Oh fuck, I’m so close. Your mouth feels so good baby. Almost. There. “Baby I’m about to…” I say desperately. Your only response is a deep moan while you suck my cock and pump it with your hand. “Oh, fuck baby that feels so fucking good,” I moan. I see stars as I start cumming. You continue sucking until I finish then, lick me clean. You hop up onto your seat and take a drink of your soda. Wait until I see you in the parking lot.

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