In the Middle of the Night Ep. 01-05

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Authors note: Sex in the dark is special. Here are four touchy feely adventures for your imagination.

In the Middle of the Night – Episode 1 – Helen and Mimi

Mimi and I had tried to wait for moonrise, but failed, as sleep took us first. When Helen called from the doorway, the white light of a full moon fell across her naked body.

“Mimi, may I come in?”

“Of course. You know you don’t have to ask.” My mother pulled herself tight to me and kissed the back of my neck. “You can see he is here, I guess.”

“Where would he be, if not with you or me?” The voice was teasing, suggesting retribution if I was found to be in another woman’s bed. This didn’t make sense, considering that I was working in their women’s rescue operation, and frequently had duties in beds other than my own.

As Helen approached, my arm snaked out and drew her firmly to my front. A nightie to preserve modesty wasn’t needed, since the two of them had schooled me in the wonders of nakedness for years.

“Oof, let me go, beast!” This was one of our jokes. She well knew that a midnight arrival in my bedroom would likely lead to sex. In fact, once I was eighteen, I couldn’t remember when it didn’t lead to sex.

My parents divorced when I was twelve, and Mom moved in with her older sister, Helen, who was also divorced.

As a single woman, Helen needed to worry about money and found security in the state health administration system. She’d even taken night school courses to earn her MBA, which enhanced her promotion opportunities. My Mom had been in junior college when she went out with a campus jock one night and conceived me in a moment of passion. Explaining it much later, she said that young love and alcohol were a dangerous combination. Hugging her, I said it didn’t matter how I got started, what mattered was that we had each other. When I was thirteen, she said big boys should sleep in their own bed. I resisted, saying I needed to protect her. When I was sixteen, Helen took me for a walk and said that I was soon to be a man, and explained incest. I got my own room, worried about incest, and had wet dreams almost every night.

I liked to give the tough body a hard time, which Helen loved. I had grown to my full height of six feet, and played football, which gave me a body tougher than hers. She squirmed and complained. “You horrible man, why do I let you abuse me so?” My fingers on her breast squeezed as I turned her body into me and found a nipple for my teeth.

“Women who come calling in the night get my special treatment.”

She relaxed and pulled me between her legs. “Yes, please.” She must have been dreaming about sex, because my large cock, which frequently had trouble entering, slipped smoothly into place with a low grunt of satisfaction from her. I stilled and found her lips, whispering, “Auntie, you are the best.” She flexed up, driving me deeper. “Mimi, I am very needy. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course I mind, miserable sister. But what good is it going to do me, with him already buried in you?”

My arm squeezed Mimi up against Helen. She could feel me banging hard into the body next to her.

Mimi’s fingers wrapped around my scrotum as Helen moaned. She asked, squeezing, “Nothing for me?”

I made an impatient male noise. “Why do I have anything to do with the two of you? Nothing but complaints. My cock could certainly find better company if it wanted.”

I piled Mimi on top and drove the big shaft straight in along with a firm slap on her rear.

They both were going to come. They knew it and I knew it, but the writhing bodies needed more persuasion. I applied muscle to hard and soft spots all over. The moans increased, along with rude complaints about their molester. Over several minutes, the three of us worked noisily to climaxes that shattered the silence of the night.

In a while, Helen said, “We can’t keep having these night time orgies. I wake up in the morning totally wasted.”

Mimi was resting against me, back to front, catching her breath and prodding Helen with a sharp finger.

“If you are so unhappy, why do I keep finding you in his bed?”

Mom and I had been lovers for almost a year, and my arm over her grasped a firm breast tenderly. My tongue licked the back of her neck and she shuddered quietly, her rear rubbing me to life again.

Helen climbed over her sister and kissed me wetly. “It’s ok, Eric, isn’t it?”

I arranged them on my chest, giving each a rigid thigh muscle to rub on. “Ladies, it is time for a little truth in loving. When I turned eighteen, both of you started noticing. When Mary Lou came over, I could tell she was a problem for you. When her dad got a transfer to the east coast, and we had a crying night of bliss before they drove away, I could tell you were planning something. The move to this house, with its pool and rec room for your weight training equipment. The boxes of diet powder in the kitchen. The discarded bottles of booze…”

Silence, but gentle rubbing. I pinched both muscled butts, Porno but there wasn’t much to pinch. They had worked themselves into very good shape. Better shape than casual sex with a family member demanded. Before my midnight encounters disappeared, I needed to discover what was going on…

* * * *

In the Middle of the Night – Episode 2 – Martha and Sylvia

I’m not a light sleeper, but for some reason I heard the small creak as someone pushed the door to the adjacent hotel room open enough to slip through. That room had two bodies in it. I wondered which one was after me, and stayed quite still.

In a long minute, my sheet lifted slightly and she slid inside, coming up against my backside. I don’t wear clothes to bed, and she was bare as well. An arm went over my shoulder and a kiss was applied to the back of my head.

“I need you.”

I waited for more, but she stayed silent. It was the daughter. Even in the dark, Sylvia had a special feel and smell. The smell of trouble, since my affair was with her mother.

I turned into her and said, “You are trouble.”

“No! Please. I will be good. Just hold me.” One leg was between mine and rubbing hard. The thing she was rubbing was getter harder by the second. Martha would kill me if I was caught having sex with her daughter. The fact that Sylvia was nineteen and in college didn’t matter to Martha. Nor the fact that she was brilliantly smart, with an athlete’s body.

“You feel so good. The guys in school are duds. What if you take care of both of us?”

I kept my voice low. “I’m not sure she is ready for that…”

A shadow sliced through the dark and applied a hard swat to Sylvie’s rear. “You’re damn right I am not ready for that.”

Before I could protest or do anything, Martha was on the edge of the bed, delivering more blows to Sylvie’s struggling body. “No! Please stop! That hurts so much!”

I stilled the arm and applied a kiss. Sylvie and I wrestled mom to her back. This was not all bad, having a bed fight with two naked women. My hands checked important locations and found moisture. I stepped up the fight, growling, pinching, kissing.

It was totally dark, which I was enjoying. They gave up, falling back and trying to catch their breath. “You both are misbehaving. There must be punishment. But first, I want to hear why Sylvie thinks she needs me.”

Martha interrupted, “She is a slut. That school has corrupted my precious daughter.”

I wondered about her choice of words. Marty and I worked together, and she had arranged a boozy evening of fun and seduction a month ago, which ended with wails on the end of my big cock. We had been frequent lovers ever since. Her ex had moved away, so we could use either apartment. I liked to chase her around her own place, which had a deep pile carpet in the living room that was perfect for ravishing. She loved being ravished, calling me every name in the book before finishing in a great orgasm.

“Mom, don’t be nasty. I’m a grown woman and need a man around. Alex can take care of both of us.”

“Young lady, I’ve raised you and protected you. I’m paying for your education. Alex is big and strong and has a magic cock, which I am not sharing!”

She was wrong, of course, but I decided a little cock for mom might calm things down. I folded her over the top of Sylvia and entered from behind, finding the warm, wet cunt with ease.

They both called out. “Alex, you can’t do that now. Stop!”

“Mom! He’s got you! You’re bouncing on me. Oh god!”

I counted slowly to six deep thrusts and traded one cunt for the other.

“Oh yes! Yes, yes, yes. Ahhh!”

She went off like a firecracker. The tight teenage hips flexed at me as she came and came. I turned us over and said, “Apologize to your mother.”

Martha sobbed on my shoulder. “I knew this would happen. I just knew it. She is a terrific screw, just like her mother!”

I pushed Sylvie down to my side and said, “Martha, Sylvia has something to say to you.”

There was silence in the dark. I pinched a stiff nipple and said, “Talk.”

Her voice was soft and halting. “Mom, that was my first time. I’m really sorry…”

“Oh, you poor girl! Why didn’t you say something? This is terrible. No champagne, no candles, no music…”

“Should I turn on the light?”

“No! We are all messed up. It’s a good thing there is twenty-four hour room service. After we go to clean up in our room, he will get a proper snack with refreshments and fix things in here. We have to talk.”

I stood us up and required a squirmy kiss before letting them back in their room.

* * * *

In the Middle of the Night – Episode 3 – Janice and Helena

It was her family’s cabin. The strange bed had me wakeful and I knew a body was in the room from the first quiet creak of a floorboard. As she raised the sheet and slipped beneath, I forced myself to stay relaxed and unmoving. She hesitated and pushed smoothly along my side with an arm over my chest. I said nothing and waited Altyazılı Porno for her. But silence prevailed, except for warmth and slow breathing.

Finally, I whispered, “Why are you here?”

“You know why.”

I tried to decode that while her lips caressed my face. “I couldn’t do this if we were home.”

My mind churned. Was it possible this most desirable of all women was hitting on me? Naked in my bed in the middle of the night?

Keeping my body still, I whispered again, “Guests aren’t supposed to molest their hostesses.”

She forced me to my back and worked her hand from chest to groin, where it encountered a shaft at full stiffness, a side effect of her presence.

“Don’t bullshit around, Marty. You knew there was something strange about my invitation, didn’t you? Right from the beginning.” She tightened the grip on my cock, and bent it back and forth. She was recently divorced and knew the territory of sex. Probably unhappy sex.

“Jan, he didn’t do it for you, did he?”

“You and Helena tried to warn me. I was such a dumb shit. Why do girls still wait for their wedding night to find out their husbands can’t fuck them properly?”

Her hands were nudging me into place on top. She had rebound sex in mind, no doubt. I was nice and hard. But maybe I shouldn’t be doing this? If it failed again, she might come apart. A stray thought made me chuckle. Shouldn’t Helena be here if we were going for a cure for her cousin? My tough love sister, the degreed psychologist?

“Don’t be cruel, I need TLC. Why are you laughing?”

“Helena has to supervise. She is in charge of sex cures. I shouldn’t be touching you.”

“More bullshit. You went skinny in the lake last night with me. I saw how big and long it is. I’ll take my chances that it does a good job. I should have jumped you on the couch.”

“Is that why you are here now? A stealth attack to confuse me? To seduce my big cock in the dark before I realize what it is doing?”

Now she was laughing. I turned us over so she sat up there in the mysterious dark, wondering what was in my mind.

Now she teased, “Since when do you need your sister to help you fuck a woman?”

Her hands were both on me, stroking and twisting their grip in opposite directions. I grabbed them away and placed them on her breasts, with mine pressing down.

“Martin Anderson, if you don’t get busy with that big, stiff thing, I’ll never talk to you again!”

I didn’t need more encouragement. My cock didn’t need any more analysis, it wanted pussy. I flipped us back over and moved between her legs. Now her hands were in my hair, bringing our lips together.

“Just a simple fuck, Marty? Please.”

After a minute of gentle thrusting, I wasn’t wondering whether we were compatible, I was worrying about how I could have more of her divine body with its tight channel and flexing hips.

“Yes, I should have done this a long time ago.” Her hands beat on my ass. “More. Harder. Treat me like the stupid broad I am.”

I stepped up the pace, trying to hold back. She was panting and neither of us was lasting much longer. The rising tide in my balls overflowed with an incredible surge of my best stuff, delivered with a great cry and final thrust.

She shook with her own climax as I turned us to get my weight off. My first sex in total darkness. I wasn’t complaining. Something said this wasn’t the last time for the two of us.

“Damn, Marty.” A hesitation and, “Damn!”

She wanted kisses. Lots of little light kisses. Trying to seal a deal in the dark in the middle of the night. She was leaking on me, but I closed my eyes and we slept.

In the morning light, everything was sticky, but I still didn’t care. We were front to back again, sharing body heat.

Her voice was soft and husky, “We didn’t need Helena.” She shook with giggles.

“My therapy was adequate?”

No response but a hand pulling me out of the bed. “You need to fix the mess you made.”

In the kitchen, showered and clean, we watched the coffee drip while I worked on her long thick hair.

I gave up the hair for a grip on two firm, high centered boobs. “You are pretty hot stuff. I hope that wasn’t a one off.” My tongue worried her ear.

“Marty, we have to talk.”

I poured coffee into two mugs and handed one to her. She led the way to her back deck, which sat twenty feet above the lake water. The sun shone on her tanned flesh and I was instantly reacting.

I smiled as my erect cock pointed straight at her. “I’m ready to talk.”

She put her coffee down and walked into my arms. “Would you consider being more than my one night lover?” She pushed me between her legs and rubbed up and down. My hands danced on her spine as we kissed.

“That is a complicated question. Last night, beautiful one, you said just a ‘simple fuck.’ “

She sat on my knee and sipped her coffee, with sidewise looks. I frowned. She had me on the defensive again. My cock behaved and wilted.

“What about a hike Brazzers and a picnic? I have sandwich makings.”

“Do you like outdoor sex? What about uncomplicated outdoor sex? Up against a tree? Or over a log?”

She shivered in my arms and touched her forehead to mine. “The biology textbook doesn’t cover our situation.”

“Book learning can only take you so far.”

Nervous energy had her up and pulling my hand again. We were headed back into the house. But not to the kitchen for sandwiches. No, the recently appointed assistant professor of biology was dragging me to the destroyed scene of our last night’s encounter.

“What possessed you to think an attack in the dark of the night would cure your problem?”

“Lie down there and let me sit on you.”

I complied, thinking there were worse things to do than gaze up at her naked body while she explored my stiffness yet again.

“When you finish your PhD, we can apply for appointments as a team. They get diversity brownie points for taking us that way.” She smiled and bounced on me.

“Helena has to go with us.”

“I like your sister. She is a wonderful woman. I should have taken more of her advice sooner.” The smile turned to giggles. “After what you said last night, I bet she will have to watch.”

“If we are not careful, it will be more than watch.”

Janice closed her eyes and folded to my chest. I drew up the sheet.

My phone chiming woke us. “Marty, it’s Lena.”

“Good morning. The sun is on us. Jan fixed an amazing breakfast.”

“I’ve finished early at the Center. Would you consider an invitation to join you?”

I handed the phone to Janice. “Hi, we would love to have your company. Will you shop for dinner?”

“Yes. Of course. Wine too. Is he behaving?”

“I was really chilled in the night, and he took me to his bed and warmed me.” Janice was using her huskiest voice.

“Is he working you out of your divorce funk?”

“The Norse DNA is working perfectly. I told him you would require a close inspection.”

The two of them giggled at each other. I pinched a rosy nipple.

“Janice, the two of us need to talk. Ever since he got so manly in college, I have trouble keeping out of his clutches.”

“Yes. Clutches. He has been demonstrating. Let’s stop talking so you can get organized and into the car.”

Back on my chest, Jan mumbled, “She is so damn sexy. How can I compete?”

“You are not in a contest. Just be yourself. I shouldn’t admit this, but I have had a crush on you for a while.”

She jumped up, eyes furious. “Why in God’s name didn’t you do something about it? You could have saved me from that idiot, Henry Jones.”

We danced around the room, feinting at each other. “I was shy and retiring, buried in my computer books.”

She tried to push me back on the bed. “I’ll retire you!”

Carrying her yelling, squirming body, I had us off the dock and into the cold lake water in a moment. She howled greater threats and I shouted back, “This is your chance. Drown me!”

We did pretend laps well out into the lake. She calmed down and asked for a ride back to the dock. I breast stroked slowly and she talked to me, arms around my neck.

“You are awfully good therapy for a screwed up woman.”

I did a few more strokes and said, “A guy could get lost in loving you.”

“That was great sex in the dark. Your fingers were everywhere I needed them.”

“I don’t remember you being that aggressive.”

“I told you, I’m just a horny broad.”

“You are an accomplished artist who has already had her own show.”

“Didn’t do me a damn bit of good in finding a proper husband.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself, or him. Some things weren’t meant to be.”

She was silent, enjoying the ride. “Do you think I might make a good wife?”

“What kind of a question is that? You have the body of a Goddess, and tons of art talent. Of course you will make a good wife. Your only problem is that you are picky about suitable cocks!”

“Are you going to find me a suitable one? Frankly, I would rather marry yours. You have been pre-qualified!” She giggled and held tight.

I pulled us up the ladder and walked to the kitchen, nuzzling the fine hollow between her breasts.

“Take me back to the bedroom. We have to talk before your sister arrives.”

I was suspicious what they might be plotting and forced her between my legs for attention to wet hair. With the tangles out, it was ready for me to arrange pigtails.

“Your working on my hair makes me hot. You are doing pigtails to take me back to high school?”

I put down the brush and reached for a bottle of lotion. “Lean back.” Her breasts were in a shaft of sunlight and begged for attention. I drizzled lotion on them.

“You wanted to talk?”

“Marty, how can I possibly talk when you are doing that?” My fingers looked good caressing the tanned tits. Before she could say anything, Lena’s car was driving up outside. She tried to rise.

“Stay. I want her to find us like this.” I kept on with the massage, which was making me very hard underneath her back.

“Bad. Very bad.”

My sister yodeled and Jan called out, “In here.”

She stopped in the doorway, gazing at us with a smile. “My, my. Isn’t that a pretty picture.”

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