In the Club

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It started innocent enough. She sent him looks under her eyelashes, fluttering them at him, wondering if he was even noticing her. He seems disinterested, almost bored with where he was. She’d glance around, pretending to look for someone while she was really trying to catch his eye with her movement. It wasn’t working. She was being too subtle. It was time to try a little more direct approach.

She turned in her seat and just stared at him, looking from his earringed ears to his tatted arms down to his loose-fitting jeans. He flicked his eyes to her, slowly looking from her head all the way to her toes then back into her eyes. She could feel herself blushing, glad he had finally noticed her. Abruptly, he looked away, that bored look back in place. What the hell? Maybe he was gay. That had to be it. No one had ever done that to her before. And she wasn’t taking rejection very well.

She got up and decided to try the other end of the club. She walked to the other end of the bar on the side of the dance floor, looking thru the crowd until she caught one guy staring at her. she stopped looking and just stared at him.

He was quite attractive and she knew he would pay attention to her, if that stare was any indication. She leaned back against the bar and kept looking at him, willing him with her eyes to come to her. He took the hint and waded thru the other people and leaned up against the bar next to her.

“Can I get you a drink?” he asked when he leaned close to her ear. His breath fanned across her ear and face and she caught the scent of alcohol in it. He was on his way to being drunk which was fine with her.

“Rum and Diet Coke, darlin,” she replied and watched him as he got the bartender’s attention. His blonde hair was in a crew cut and he held himself with a distinctive bearing, military if she was correct. He had on a striped polo shirt with faded jeans that clung to a nicely shaped ass. He seemd to be at least 6’4″, if not taller.

He turned with the drink in hand and caught her looking him up and down. He decided to do just what she was doing and look her over. She knew she looked good. She had a white tank on with no bra and her shortest black skirt that should have really been called a belt. Her boots put her at 6’1″ at least and came up to just below her knees. When his eyes came back to here, she knew what he was thinking. And she liked it.

She took the drink with a thanks and started to drink. She Düzce Escort wanted to dance and wasn’t about to leave a drink alone on the bar. She made quick work of it and placed it back on the bar, turning to the guy.

“Wanna dance?” she asked, already knowing the answer. He grabbed her hand and pulled her in front of him. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, “Ladies first,” and gently pushed me forward. She held his hand and moved to the middle of the dance floor where all the bodies were crushed together. She turned back to him and mouthed, “Is this ok?”

He smiled and grabbed her hips, pulling her toward him. She started to sway with the music, a great hip-hop beat that made you just want to move your hips all over. Bodies kept bumping into her, pushing her into her dance partner who just grinned whenever it happened.

After a few more fast songs that got her blood pumping, a slow one came on. Yummy, she thought, now he gets to hold me. Half the dance floor emptied as people took a break to drink and smoke and await the next fast song. He took her in his arms and pulled her close to his body. They slowly moved to the beat, barely breathing.

She realized they had moved to the edge of the dance floor. And upon glancing up, she noticed the guy who’s attention she had tried to get earlier was on her, staring her down. So now he’s interested, she thought. Well, I’ll show him what he missed. She pushed the guys hands down off her waist to her ass, encouraging him to caress and pull her closer. She leaned back and looked up at him, seeing lust in his eyes.

He leaned down and started to nuzzle her ear, nipping at her neck. It felt very nice and she ran her hands thru his short hair, making soft noises of arousal. His lips traveled back up her neck to her jaw and up to her lips. He crushed his mouth onto hers, tilting his head to get closer, pulling her into his body as hard as he could.

Just then, the slow music stopped and a faster one took its place. She pulled back and excused herself, saying she’d be right back.

She winded her way back thru the crowd, galncing to see if the tatted guy was watching her. She found an empty table when she looked. Damn! He was gone, prob finding some other girl to play with. Oh well. Shit.

She found the hallway leading to the bathrooms. It was a dimly lit place that encouraged couples to stop and grab a quick feel. She edged around a few couples and Edirne Escort pushed into the bathroom. It was bright to her alocohol-dimmed eyes. Her eyes adjusted as she stumbled to a stall, quickly making use without touching anything and giggling about what she had seen in the hall. She wished she had been pinned to the wall by that stranger. maybe he’d be there next time.

She came out to the mirrors and primped alomg with all the other girls, chatting about the hot guys there tonight, wondering if the one he picked was there right then. She mentally shaked her head, trying to remove his image. Girl, she thought, you need another drink!

Wishing the other girls happy hunting, she stepped back out into the hall. There seemed to be a few more couples gathered than before and she was eyeballing the best way thru them when she felt someone touch her back. Thinking someone wanted by, she stepped toward the wall to let them pass.

Instead, she found herself pinned, chest first, against the wall, a hard, male body pressing into her back. Her arms were trapped beneath her so she could barely move at all. A hand reached up and pulled the hair away from her ear. “You should know better than to tease someone,” the mans voice said into her ear.

It sent shivers down her spine, but not in a bad way. He nipped at her neck, causing chill bumps to spread all over her body, her nipples becoming hard little pebbles. He continued to kiss and nibble on her neck and ear while his hands roamed down her sides to her thighs. They slid back up, going up her skirt in the process, cupping her ass and spreading her cheeks.

“You know you want me to fuck you. You’ve been begging for it all night,” he said, then bit her ear, drawing a low moan from her. “Tell me you want me to fuck you. I want you to say it. Say ‘Please fuck me’.”

She started to speak, “But…” Smack! He smacked her ass and told her again. “Say it”

By this point, she didn’t know who it was. But she agreed: she wanted him to fuck her. “Please, please fuck me!” she ground out, trying to push her ass back into his hands.

She felt him move back and his hand slipped to her ass crack, sliding his thumb under the thong and moving his hand down to her wet pussy. He pulled her ass open wider, giving him better access to play with her wetness, spreading it all around. He moved back closer and she felt him slide in all the way, pressing her into the Elazığ Escort wall more.

He gave her what she asked for and started fucking her, shoving her into the wall with each thrust. He put a hand next to her head and she glanced over at it, startled to see a tatted arm attached to it. It was him!

She felt herself flood when she realized who it was. Suddenly it all felt different. It wasn’t a stranger, per se. It was the guy she had wanted to fuck her all night long. She pushed her ass back more, taking more of him in her. And then she really started getting into it.

His hand came off the wall and went into her hair at the nape of her neck, sliding up and grabbing a handful, pulling her head back so his lips touched her ear. “You like me fucking you, don’t you?” he asked, still forcing his cock in and out of her, his lips touching her ear with each stroke. “Do you want more?” He tightened his grip, waiting on her answer.

“Please, I want more. Fuck that pussy!” she breathed out, catching a moan before it escaped. He obliged and started fucking her harder, faster, his grip on her hair never slacking. He reached around with his free hand and touched her clit, pressing down just enough for it to rub as he fucked her.

She was close to cumming and he knew it. He moved his fingers just enough to cause that bit of friction she needed as he fucked her as hard as he could. She started to cum, biting her lip to keep from crying out. As she came, he moved his hands to her hips and thrust hard and deep, starting to cum himself. His cum poured into her, filling her completely. She knew her little thong was not going to hold it all in her. It would be running down her legs shortly.

He pulled out and reached down to pull up his fly. And then he was gone. She turned around and didn’t see him in the dark hallway. Leaning back against the wall, she tried to catch her breath, a huge grin on her face.

After a few minutes, she pushed away from the wall, walking back into the club on shaky legs. She glanced around, trying to see if she could find him. No such luck. But she wasn’t complaining. That had been an extremely hot fuck. She found her dance partner and made small talk about how the line had been really long, sure she reeked of sex.

She stuck around for about 30 more minutes before deciding she was ready to go home. She was ready to relive her experience in her own bed. She walked out to the car and got in the passenger side, leaning over and deeply kissing the driver. She pulled back and whipered against his lips, “Damn that was hot baby. We HAVE to do that again real soon!” He smiled against her lips, “Next time, Chris had better keep his hands off your ass! Damn it!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32