In The Car, On The Car.

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(This has been my first work ever on a story of such a subject matter so please comment after. I’d love to hear a fresh perspective.)


I was sitting back on MSN one night just chatting and chilling, what else was I to do, when a girl named Kim came my way, 18 and smoking hot. She had a boyfriend and long term, apparently. I did my usual routine and started to try chatting her up.

Simon says:

Well if we were left alone and hugged a lot do you think we’d end up kissing?

Kim says:

Maybe, depends I guess.

Simon says:

Depends on what?

Kim says:

Where we are I guess.

Simon says:

Well where would we have to be?

Kim says:

If I tell you will try and get me there so we do? Be honest!

Simon says:


I grinned.The conversation just got more heated then she caved in and she couldn’t do that to her boyfriend. I was sadly disappointed. Her boyfriend found out about it and me and Kim didn’t talk for a week. And one day she appeared online.

She said we could talk as long as the conversation was kept above the belt. Then I asked her if we could meet. She took a while to respond she said she’d love to as long as we did not venture into the territory of the forbidden, she practically said no sex, nothing even remotely past talking.

So I parked in the car park facing the bus stop. I sat back and watched her bus pull into the stop, I saw her sitting next to a man that must have been her boyfriend they kissed. She hopped off the bus and waited for it to pull away from the stop.

Once it was out of sight she turned and looked for my car. I waved my arm out of the window. She walked over and hopped in.

“Hi, you’re Kim I take it?” I said to her. She nodded and smiled. I won’t write the full conversation we had, it was all ordinary.

She guided me to a park on the outside of town. It was more like a forest, no one in sight. She said her boyfriend didn’t know where she was. I grinned and I couldn’t help but feel a slight bit aroused.

We talked and talked and I opened my car door and got out of the car. I needed to stretch my legs. She got out as well and walked over to me. She put her arms around female fake taxi porno me and gave me what I thought was a friendly hug.

She looked up at me and began to kiss me, her tongue rubbed against mine and then she pulled away and looked at me. “I’m sorry, Simon, we can’t. I have a boyfriend and I shouldn’t have done that,” she said getting back into the car.

I got back in and I smiled. “I didn’t think anything was going to happen.” She smiled at me. We continued to talk about life, sports and work and then things took a turn for the more interesting.

Like a timid chat she leaned forward, I thought she was going to kiss me. But instead she placed her hand on my crotch, with one hand she kept placed on it and the other she unzipped my pants. I was instantly erect, my boxer shorts being the only thing stopping my cock from just bouncing out.

She bit her bottom lip and neither of us said a word. She put her hand into my boxer shorts and placed her hand on my cock, grabbing my shaft and slowly rubbing it. Two minutes later she pulled her hand out of my pants.

It’s like she had never done it. She just began to talk her head off about her work. That is when her boyfriend rang her phone. She answered it.

They were talking for five minutes and she coyly slid her hand back into my pants and took my cock out of its restraints. She moved her hand to the base of my shaft and slowly began to grasp it and jerk me off, moving her hand slowly from top to bottom, it felt great.

Meanwhile she was on the phone to her boyfriend still talking. Twenty minutes went by and she continued to jerk me off.

She let go and hung up her phone. My cock still up and hard, she tucked it back into my pants.

She began talking again. Then she told me to shut my eyes.

I felt her pull my cock back out of the boxers and it felt cold in the breeze and then that is when I felt something soft and warm on the base of my cock. I opened my eyes and she held the top of it with her hand and slid her tongue up the side until she reached the tip, already wet with a drop of pre-cum.

She looked up at me a cheeky look in her eyes. She put the tip of my cock in her mouth genel porno and her warm lips wrapped around it. Her lips as soft as tissues, I just moaned and her tongue felt amazing as it slowly rubbed around my knob.

She grabbed the base of my cock and began to move her head up and down on my cock, rubbing her tongue around the tip still. I felt myself ready to cum; she felt it too and pushed her head further down my shaft. I came and I heard her gag and she swallowed. I moaned and she moved her head back up.

She smiled and we began talking again. I zipped my pants back up. She seemed a tiny bit remorseful, and she got out of the car and she leaned against the car, her back facing me…I got behind her and she sat there telling me she shouldn’t have done anything, her boyfriend was too important.

I placed my arms around her and began to kiss her neck softly. “We can’t do this, no, stop.” I slid my hand up her shirt with one hand. I got it under her bra and began to rub her nipple and she breathed deeply.

“We can’t, we shouldn’t,” she said softly.

I slid my other hand down the top of her pants. She just kept repeating what she had said. I felt the top of her panties and I moved slowly past them down her unshaven smooth pussy.

I reached the top of her slit and I began to rub it slowly with my finger, moving from the start until I reached her clit. I began to rub it slowly. She moaned and stopped talking. I moved my finger back and forth across it. She moved her hips slightly with the direction of my hands.

I moved lower and she spoke again. “We can’t,” she said. I slipped my finger into her wet hole.

She moaned louder this time. I kept moving it in and out of her. She breathed deeper and continued to moan.

“Just fuck me, put your cock inside me, Simon. I can’t take it anymore, just fuck me,” she said so quietly.

I moved her across to the hood of my car. I undid her belt and her zipper and I moved her pants and panties just below her thighs. I looked at her pussy so wet and warm. I slipped the tip of my cock into her and she moaned as it entered.

I began to thrust into her, moving in and out so slowly then increasing my pace. She moaned as glory hole secrets porno I fucked her, she just moaned and moaned. I just held her hips and kept my cock inside her.

Her phone began to ring and she ignored it. She kept moaning, her hips moving with my thrusts. Her pussy was tight and I was in heaven.

Her phone rang again. I kept fucking her.

“Oh honey, I’m at dinner with the family, I can’t talk right now. I’m sorry.” And she hung up the phone.

She looked up at me, her face red and small tears in her eyes.

“You’re so fucking good, your cock is so big, so much bigger than his, he fucks me so terribly,” she said as I thrust into her.

Her words encouraging me, I slammed hard into her. She let out a loud moan.

“Do you like that your boyfriend is at home and my cock’s inside you!?” I said, fucking her hard at this point.

“Yes I do,” she moaned. I pulled my dick out of her and she moaned, “Put it back in, Simon.” She moaned loudly. I began to rub my tip against her slit and kept it well out of her.

“I’ll stick it back in if you tell me you’re my slut and you’re a fucking whore who likes to fuck me,” I said, grinning as I rubbed my cock against her.


I shoved it back in and slammed her hard. She screamed loud in pleasure.

She began to shake, she orgasmed and moaned aloud. I felt myself beginning to cum. “I’m going to cum,” I said to her, about to pull out seeing as I wasn’t using a condom.

“Just put your cum in me, Simon. I want to feel it in me so warm,” she moaned.

I moved faster in and out of her and began to explode inside of her. She moaned and shook and had another orgasm.

I pulled myself out of her and my cock limply came out. Cum ran down her leg, I took my phone out and snapped a photo. She lay on the hood of my car just breathing deep.

She got down on her knees quickly and began to suck my cock again and then I came once more. She cleaned up and got dressed. I pushed her against my car again and unzipped her pants and slid them to her knees. Her pussy still wet from before, I pushed my cock between her legs and into her warm cum-covered hole and began to fuck her again, faster and faster until I came once more.

She smiled and did her pants back up. We left quickly and I drove her to the corner around from her boyfriend’s house.

I never heard from her again.

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