In Matters of Size, Size Matters Ch. 02

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If you read chapter 1, you already knew my name was Anne Marmos. If you haven’t read it, you should. I’m 35, widowed three years ago. Before he died, my husband Ian and I had been swingers based in our Montclair, New Jersey home. Appearance-wise, there’s nothing extraordinary about me. I’m five foot, four inches tall, weigh 120 or so (and that “or so” could be ten pounds. Usually heavier rather than lighter.); I have 34b boobs, wide hips, my legs go all the way to the ground, and I used to crave all kinds of sex.

I also used to pooh-pooh any conversation about size and sex. While my husband was alive and I was his hotwife, I wasn’t concerned about size or even number. As a matter of fact, what I found was that most of the men I had encountered who were well hung were lousy lovers. Most thought that their size entitled them to anything they thought would please them, and the hell with their partners. As if an accident of birth that rewarded them with extremely large dicks was in itself some sort of gift that every woman should love. In most cases, they had succumbed to porn philosophy. We were swingers who were into more than just sensations. We demanded to have people in bed with us — not just body parts.

As I said, Ian died suddenly. I went into a tailspin, frankly. I became a hermit, and eventually moved across the US to Fresno. I got a small apartment, a rather ordinary job doing the books for a life insurance company, and tried to become the polar opposite of the way I was back east. I did all right for a year or so, but I came across some “it ain’t the meat, it’s the motion” opinions I had written a long time ago, and began to once again remember that I was a woman who had once been a very sexual being. Those notes got me to thinking about sex again, but not to the point of having it with others. I rediscovered the joy of orgasm via the task of masturbation. I was a self-contained orgasm machine, as long as my hands worked. And they did — thought I was going to need carpal tunnel surgery at one point! The good news was, that if I had required it my job would have covered it. But fortunately, that never happened.

Masturbation was never just for men, anyway. And those who say “women’s arousal isn’t a visual thing” are only part right. I stumbled on Literotica, and began to read. Some stories left me cold. Others got me wet. I wasn’t a fan of romance novels. They were the equivalent of softcore porn that my husband used to complain about from his travels. You know — they charged $8, showed a lot of tits and ass, and never anything else. It was all left to the imagination. Having watched hard core, Ian found it to be a real rip-off. That was how I regarded most “bodice rippers” until I found that there appeared to be women writing about sex on Amazon. I now had a wider range of stuff to read — and I did. There were a lot of kinky women writing about sex all of a sudden — either that or porn writers were claiming to be women and just going more mainstream.

While I wasn’t a big fan of home movies, I figured that in this day and age they had to have improved. And maybe folks like those we used to swing with were making them. I remember when we needed usernames, passwords and subscriptions to view porn (I guess that dates me, doesn’t it?). Now, however, even Google had listings for “top ten best free porn sites” and the like. I wanted to see people doing what I had been reading about. I started out watching videos on one porn site, and really didn’t stray since they had thousands of videos in lots of categories. At first, I was delighted to find myself aroused by plain old, vanilla sex. My pussy still worked — I got wet, I was aroused, and I came if I played with myself. I wasn’t ready to be with people, so it was a substitute. But here’s where that “porn affect” comes in — I found that watching anything more than once had little effect. I needed something new and different. So I began to explore different categories. Most were things I had done in the past: girls giving head, or taking it up the ass, or with multiple guys, or with other women. And again, I reached a saturation point with each and had to look for something different to arouse me and keep my attention long enough to reach orgasm.

I won’t retrace the steps I took through all those categories, but ultimately, I began to watch other women masturbate. From the simple furious rubbing of their clits, it was a short step to watching them make use of things like dildos. Vibrators. Vegetables, for crying out loud! (And yes, I looked at cucumbers and squash in a whole different light after that. I did more than just look, by the way. Now use your imagination.) And then I encountered videos of extreme insertions. I watched in amazement as various women began inserting larger and larger items in their cunts — and apparently had amazing orgasms. By this time, I was like a guitar player who worked to play along with her hero’s recordings. I began to assemble a collection of toys. And the same thing happened again — I would eventually become bored with an bakırköy escort item that once rocked my world. Which meant I needed to try something new — and that usually meant bigger as well. The 9-inch silicone flesh covered dong that once was my favorite size now no longer was enough. In reflecting, I can see that when I was swinging, 9 inches was not a common size so when one appeared it was always a surprise. Owning my own, however, meant that it was my primary toy and the novelty soon faded. At least, that’s the closest thing to analysis I’ve done. I also had the thought that there was something especially exciting about being stretched wider and wider — the pain that became pleasure as new sensations resulted from it.

There really wasn’t a market to resell used sex toys; I actually built three shelves in my closet to keep them — and the supplies that needed to go with them, from cleaning solutions to various lubes, stockpiles of all different sized batteries, USB chargers for the more technically adventurous items that came with rechargeable power, and anything else related. I also managed to amass a small library of videos as well. I mean, there were classics, from “Deep Throat” to “The Devil in Miss Jones,” “Debbie does…” and more, just because they were fun. And at the same time, I kept going in my online search for stimulation.

I was initially put off when I encountered fisting, but I was soon drawn to it. Vaginal. Anal, Combinations. I saw videos and read stories. At first, I was sure it was at least a two party thing — until I finally found the ones of women doing themselves. That night I watched for hours, mesmerized as model after model found a way to insert her entire hand into either available hole. I rubbed out orgasm after orgasm that night, going through most of a bottle of lube when my own juices dried up. I was short on sleep the next day, and had to work hard to appear to walk normally when I went into work.

If you read the previous chapter, you’ll know I got brave and posted on a hookup site. “38 year old widow, lives alone in the Fresno area, very experienced with men and women, looking to explore extreme personal satisfaction.” My user name was Fistually. I also included some pictures — a very R rated public one, but some graphic private ones. And I met someone right away. Sally lived across town, was single, and into big. Big men. Big toys. For her, size mattered and within a few days I received the benefits of her experience. We now see each other regularly, and I will eventually find the time to say more about our adventures. There were others, including one from an old friend that led to another set of adventures, but this is about one from a guy who I initially put off with a “what will I get out of it” response to his email.

“Hi.I wanted to follow up in answer to your email. I showed it – and your profile – to my wife. She told me we had to try to hookup with you. We tried to interpret your words, and here’s what we figured. You are looking for some help in exploring extreme insertions. If that’s correct, we are certainly a couple for you to consider. First off, I’m extremely well hung. Penny measured my cock at 11 inches hard and 9 inches around. And as for her, well, that’s still not big enough for her, so we have come up with things that are. Like my fists, for instance. She wants to find another woman to join us. She says she wants to make sure other women get the experience. Anyway, between us we are guaranteed to provide extreme sensations and satisfaction. Look at our private pics and see what you think. We live 45 minutes from downtown and often host others. Let us know. All the best, Jimmy and Penny.”

Damn! Seems as though more folks were into this than I thought. The intriguing aspect was that this was a couple — not just some horny guy. And they too had private pictures they made available to me. I looked and got hooked. The very first private picture had me dripping wet within seconds of putting it on the screen! Penny — I presume it was her — had the same big dildo Sally had. The one that looked like it came from some cartoon fantasy man-dragon — that one — and next to it was a huge real cock, which I presume was Jimmy. I tried to imagine either one of those up inside me and I knew I needed to see more. There were a series of shots. In the first one, Penny (again, I assumed. I was right, by the way.) sat facing the camera. Her tits were magnificent — large, natural, hanging low but not drooping, with large, dark areolae and big nipples. But what was really impressive was that her hand was buried in her pussy. The next shot was similar, but from a different angle. In this one I could see an enormous cock jutting out from a pair of thighs.

In the following sets of pictures, her hand came out and was replaced by that enormous cock. Then there was a set, each taken within instants of the other, that showed her squatting above that same cock and slowly sinking down on it. By the last one there was actually a distention of her stomach! beşiktaş escort After that, the man disappeared and she was doing the same thing on that dragon cock. There was another one where she was on her back. Legs spread wide, and a baseball bat was sticking out! The series with a wine bottle blew my mind! A wine bottle?! Then came that big cock — and watching it slowly enter her asshole until it was balls deep had to have been the hottest things I’d see. These two were neighbors — practically — and they were into sizable things. I had to meet them. Who knows — maybe I’d introduce them to Sally?

I wrote back. “Hi Jimmy and Penny. To say I’m hot to meet you guys is an understatement. After looking at your pictures, any time I see something even vaguely phallic I get wet! Most recently it was a flag pole! Anyway, I definitely want to meet up with you guys. I’m relatively new to this — the quest for size, that is. Can we meet somewhere first, have a drink or two and then see if there’s chemistry? Please call me. My name’s Anne Marmos.” I included my cell number, and as soon as I hit send I reached for the largest dildo I could find. I was so wet it went all the way in without pause. I was just about to decide which speed setting to use when my phone buzzed.

“Hi Anne. This is Penny. I want you to know I have a butt plug in my ass, a Jeff Stryker model dong in my pussy, and I’ll bet you are doing something similar. Am I right?”

“No butt plug, but other than that, yeah. I used to think that calls like this only happened with guys. This is a bit of a change, I must say. I got so wet looking at your pictures my favorite dildo met no resistance whatsoever. I mean, damn, Penny, is there anything you won’t fuck?”

“Nothing furry and alive, that’s about all for now! Leave the gerbils to the Hollywood gays. But beyond that, I’m willing to try anything. So when are we going to meet up? It better be soon, because I am dying to open up your holes. Jimmy’s pretty excited about it as well.”

We managed to agree on the following night, seven o’clock at a bar we both knew, and hung up. I spent the next few hours online, and by the end of the night had to replace the batteries in two of my vibrators. Twice!

The next night I walked into the Anything Goes, that bar that we both knew. I found myself thinking “what a great, appropriate name” as I walked in. Penny was at the bar with a drink in her hand, next to Jimmy. I recognized both from the videos and pictures and took a moment to simply take them in. Penny was taller than I imagined, had flaming red hair, wore a sleeveless top with plenty of cleavage showing. Even from across the room her nipples were more than just faint bumps against the fabric — they stood up and out. Looking around, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one looking at them. And Penny knew it — she held her back up straight and made sure her tits were on display. She had on a short skirt and plenty of leg was visible. Jimmy was standing next to her, back to the bar, leaning on his elbows and there was a clear bulge that seemed to go on forever! That dude was hung like a bull! I exaggerated my walk, throwing some extra swing in my hips and bounce to my boobs. (And yes, guys, we do know how to do that. We do know that when we want attention, you guys are easily manipulated. You’re so funny!)

I was watching them, and also observing the room with my peripheral vision (and the help of the mirror behind the bar). I forgot how it felt to be the cause of heads turning, and how powerful it made me feel to capture that attention. I felt my pussy begin to moisten and my nipples get hard. This was fun — I had forgotten. At some point Jimmy noticed my approach, and he leaned over to Penny and alerted her. As she spun around her legs were spread and I got a glimpse under her skirt. I wasn’t positive, but I was pretty sure that she came commando. As she saw me her eyes took me in like a guy — from top to toe and back to my tits. She looked up, nodded, and glanced at her lap. Suddenly I knew that what I thought I saw was indeed the case. Hmmm…..

“Hello, Anne! As soon as you get your drink, we have a table. In the back. Actually, in the back room. Now give us both a welcome hug and we’ll move” said Penny. Jimmy moved forward and basically drew my body into his, top to bottom. I felt something along my leg twitch and I pressed my boobs into him. Then I turned to Penny, now off her stool, and as we embraced, I felt hands on my ass so I pressed closer. We finished off the hug with a kiss that went from warm to hot in an instant — our tongues met and we stayed that way for at least a minute. I heard noises from the room, but wasn’t going to worry. Eventually we separated.

“Not above showing off, are we?” I joked.

“Not at all” replied Penny. “It’s one of my favorite things to do. I like being watched, don’t you?”

“I like watching” said Jimmy. “Now order your favorite poison and they’ll bring it back. If you want a treat, let Penny lead the way and watch the crowd. beylikdüzü escort I guarantee at least three open mouths, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see popping eyeballs!”

“Okay” I said, “but when we leave, y’all should stay behind me. Not as much meat on my bones, but I can show off what I do have with the best of them.”

“Deal” said Penny, over her shoulder. And it was a treat. Heads turned — both male and female. Some seemed shocked, most were appreciative, and at least two couples seemed to show interest.

As we took our seats, I remarked “damn, that was fun, wasn’t it?” They grinned and nodded. We had much in common. My drink came, they refilled and I ordered a next one, and then we were silent.

“I don’t really know how to start this conversation” I said.

“We know. It can be awkward, so I’ll start, okay?” said Penny. “Here’s what I love about finding bigger and bigger things to get fucked with — I get to expand my limits (and my pussy, of course) every time. While mot of that was physical, there was also a mental component as well. Part of it was easy with a guy hung like Jimmy, of course. I mean, when we first started seeing each other, I was hypnotized by it. Wasn’t I?” she looked at Jimmy.

“Up until I met Penny, almost every other woman was just too freaked out by my cock. She, on the other hand, was mesmerized by it. When I told her I’d never ever gotten the entire length into anyone, it was as if I flipped some sort of switch for her.”

“Yeah, I suddenly had a mission — to prove to him (and to myself) that it could be done — because it deserved to be done. I mean, I’d seen videos of women shoving enormous dildos in, so it could be done. And if it could be done, I was going to do it. At first it was all about him and his cock, but soon it shifted.”

“What happened?” I asked.

“Well, the first time we tried to have sex, I just managed to get the head of his cock into me before I couldn’t take it. So he had to settle for a handjob.”

“I was grateful for that” he chimed in. “And then I had to go out of town for a month for work. I figured the odds of us getting together when I got back were about fifty-fifty.”

“And I used that time while he was away, because I planned on us getting together again when he got back. I’d begun to have feelings for him — we had worked together at another company for a while, so I knew him as a guy. Now I wanted him to feel appreciated. So I began to do research. I read about size queens. I read about women who were into extreme insertions. And I experimented — I bought a dildo larger than any guy I’d ever been with before Jimmy, and then a few more, each one larger than the last. And I began to practice with them.”

“What was that like?” I asked.

“To tell you the truth, I’m amazed at what I went through. It was painful at times, but breathtaking as well. Just that first one was enough to get me hooked, though, because I felt things being touched that had never been touched before. That made the pain worthwhile. I began to have longer and bigger orgasms — if you know what I mean. By the time he was back from his trip, I’d used the entire collection — but more important, I was now on the hunt for more sensation. I remember the first night I got my whole hand in. I was laughing and crying at the same time — and I came like never before!”

“So I get back into town, and call her, afraid of what she was going to say, and she shocks the crap out of me by telling me to get the fuck over to her place so I can fuck her silly! As you can imagine, that’s what I did — and after a few hours I was balls deep and she was coming almost continuously. Then she blew me away after I came in her when she asked me to fist her!”

“Since then, we got married and continued our adventures. Turns out Jimmy has a few friends almost as well hung as he is, and I got it into my head that more is merrier. I mean, I have three holes and crave having them filled and stretched. You saw some of the pictures already. So, any questions?”

“Ever had another woman join you?” I asked.

“After tonight we’ll be able to say yes to that. Are you ready?”

At that point we left money on the table and left. Jimmy drove their car, and Penny and I went in mine.

As it turns out, I had another question. “Are you going to be okay if Jimmy fucks me?”

She laughed. “Honey, if you guys are able, then I want to watch! I think it will beat the videos we’ve taken of ourselves. Would you have a problem if I joined in?”

“Hell no. No one can bring pleasure to another woman like a woman. Just like the best cocksuckers are men — I’m told.” We laughed, and then were at their home.

Turns out the bar was very close to their home. I pulled into their driveway, next to their car. We got out, and I grabbed my night bag — the one I now kept with me again. Penny took me by the hand to the back of the house, through a gate. As we rounded the corner, lights came on revealing a large backyard, surrounded by high hedges. There was a lawn, a built-in pool, and a hot tub as well as a patio. Jimmy was just coming out the back door with a pitcher and glasses that he brought to a table near the hot tub. He was naked. His cock hung down to his knees and swayed like an elephant’s trunk as he walked. Seeing us, he smiled from ear to ear.

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