In Love with Miss Sharpe Pt. 01

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It’s a completely normal Monday as I make my way through the high school halls, passing bored looking students on their own way to class. I’m on my way to english class like many others, there certainly isn’t any reason for my stomach to be fluttering like a hundred butterflies have taken residence there. But as I reach the doorway there she is, Miss Sharpe, also known as the reason my stomach flutters at the mere thought of school.

Miss Sharpe is easily the most beautiful woman to ever exist. Kind blue eyes that turn to steel when necessary, silky jet black hair you can’t help wanting to run your hands through. She has flawless ivory skin, perfect breasts that are not to big nor to small, with an ass just as perfect. Her legs seem to go on for days, and when she favors you with a smile there is no better feeling in the world.

Obviously I have a massive crush on her, I have since the day I first laid eyes on her last year. Back then I didn’t even have a class with her, only sneaking glimpses in the halls between classes. But this year I have the great fortune to have her as my english teacher. Or perhaps it’s misfortune, because since I turned eighteen about a month ago, my crush has really gone into overdrive, to the point that it’s effecting my class work.

Now when I’m in her class I can’t focus on anything but her, and when I’m not in her class I can’t help thinking of when I’ll get to see her again. I know she would never be interested in me, not that ugly or anything. I mean I am a bit on the short side, my breasts and ass aren’t as magnificent as hers but they’re not bad. My hair is a fiery red color that goes midway down my back, and while my eyes are a nice vibrant green, my face is a bit plain. But even if she was attracted to me, I’m her student, and like ten years younger than her. In my head I know I shouldn’t be as entranced by her as am, but just the thought of her obliterates all that logic.

As class goes on and I try to focus on the classwork in front of me I just can’t. When the end of class nears she starts passing out our graded tests. When she hands me mine I see a poor sixty eight percent where I used to see a hundred percent. Under my sad score is a note telling me to see her after class, and I groan at the thought of what that one on one conversation will do to me.

When the bell signaling the end of the school day comes, the students and even some of the teachers rush out the of school in their desire to get home. As the school seems to empty surprisingly fast I’m left alone with the most gorgeous creature to ever exist. As I take a seat next to Miss Sharpe’s desk she fixes me with a curious gaze.

“Katelyn what is going on with you? Your grades have been slipping for the past month, which I gave a pass because you have always excelled. And I figured you would sort out whatever you needed to and get back to your usual self, but I’m starting to get worried.” She says this with total sincerity and genuine concern, making me fall even more for this amazing woman.

“I’m sorry Miss Sharpe, I don’t really know what’s been going on, I just can’t seem to focus lately.” I hope she can’t tell I’m lying, because I really don’t think I can come up with anything that might convince her if she pushes.

“You have amazing potential Katelyn, I don’t want to see it go to waste. Is there anything I can do to help you, I can talk to the school councilor if you want? Sometimes just talking things out with a sympathetic ear can help.”

“No I really don’t think I would be comfortable talking to him Miss Sharpe.”

She looks thoughtful seeming to be debating an idea with herself before she says, “would you be comfortable talking to me? I minored in phycology so maybe I could help.”

As she says this I know should say no, say I’m fine I’ll work it out on my own. I know I definitely shouldn’t put myself in a position where I would be talking to her in a one on one setting. In my mind I know this, my mind is shouting at me not to say yes, but it is shadowed by the thought of getting to spend more time with her. So my mouth, without my brain’s consent and betraying all logic says, “yes I think I would be.”

“Okay, can you do after school on days you have my class?”

“Uh yeah that should be fine.” I say giving her what I hope is a normal smile, not betraying what I feel inside.

“Okay, well we will start on Wednesday.” She returns my smile, making my heart beat faster.

I nod as I grab my backpack and make my way to my car. I drive home with my mind in complete turmoil, unable to decide whether I am ecstatic or terrified for the upcoming Wednesday. When I pull into the parking lot, having finally decided that I am both, I see my best friend Erika waiting on the lawn looking upset.

Erika is pretty much my polar opposite, a tall, tanned, busty bombshell with blond hair and light blue eyes. As I see her I realize I have kind of been neglecting her for the past month along with my studies. It’s not the first bursa escort bayan time it’s happened either, as I find the parties she drags me to are really just not my thing.

“Hey Erika.” I wave kind of nervously getting out of my car.

“Don’t ‘hey Erika me’, where the hell have you been for the last month. I haven’t seen you other than in passing since your birthday.” She narrows her eyes at me, actually looking kind of hurt.

“I’m really sorry Erika, I mean I’ve just had a lot on my mind.” I really hope she can hear the sincerity of my words.

Her gaze softens a bit as she motions to my room with head, and we head inside. My parents aren’t home, which isn’t a surprise. Making our way to my room I’ve barely put down my backpack and sat on the bed before Erika’s angry glare returns.

“You’ve had a lot on your mind! Is that all your going to give me? Your best friend for your entire life. You know some of your teachers have asked if I know what’s going on with you, because your grades are slipping. Seriously what’s going on with you.” As she finishes she looks and sounds genuinely worried about me, making me realize what a bad friend I’ve been to her lately.

“You’re right I’m sorry, you deserve better. I shouldn’t have shut you out. I just… I don’t know how to talk about it, I don’t want you to look at me differently.” I feel the beginnings of tears in my eyes as Erika pulls me into a hug.

“Hey you know you can tell me anything. I won’t judge you no matter what, just tell me what’s going on.” Her tone has lost any hint of anger, filled solely with concern and love.

I pull back wiping away my unshed tears and nodding.

“I know that logically, but my brain hasn’t been very logical lately.” I say drawing a small giggle from the both of us.

She just looks at me patiently waiting till I’m ready as it all seems to tumble out of me.

“Well basically since the beginning of last year I’ve had a massive crush on Miss Sharpe. I mean back then it was just catching looks at her between classes as stuff. like, you know just a crush, something fun to think about or maybe fantasize. But then I got put in her class this year, and it started getting worse. I’d get butterflies whenever I so much as thought of her, but it still wasn’t that bad.” Erika just nods during this, no judging just a best friend’s full support and love.

“Then after my eighteenth birthday it got so much worse. I guess suddenly removing the barrier of being underage, just triggered something. Since then I haven’t been able to really focus on anything, completely unable to stop thinking about her.”

Pulling me into another hug she says, “hey it’s okay people get crushes on their teachers. It happens you know. You could probably ask to be put in a different english class.”

Pulling back again I groan, “no I really can’t. I know that’s what I should do, I know that, but like I said my brain hasn’t been acting very logically.”

She chuckles, “well if you can’t do that, try focusing on the fact that you see her every other day, and just enjoy that time but leave it for her class.

I groan again as I remember my earlier conversation with the teacher in question, “ooh it gets worse, so much worse.”

Her eyes widen as she waits for me to explain, “she noticed how my grades are still slipping and offered to help. At first she asked if I wanted her to talk to the school counselor, but I told her I wouldn’t be comfortable talking to him. So she asked if I would be comfortable talking to her instead, because she minored in phycology.”

“No oh no, tell me you didn’t.” Her voice is filled with nothing but sympathy as I just nod my head.

She pulls me into another hug before pulling back and looking determinedly at me. “Well I might not be able to help you with that mess, but I will help you study. Whenever you look like your spacing out I’ll get your focus back on track.”

I breath out a relieved sigh and shake my head, “I really don’t deserve such an amazing friend.”

This draws a giggle from Erika, “yes you do, cause I know you would do the exact same for me. Now get your books out missy, it’s time to study.”

I go get my books and we study together. Whenever I space out thinking about Miss Sharpe, Erika gives me a swift spank to the back side. The first time she did this I was quite surprised, finding it strangely pleasant and saying, “what the hell Erika.”

To which she responded with a smirk, “that is how I’m going to make sure you don’t space out and actually study.”

By the time Erika needed to leave, I had received quite a large amount of spanks. Which I strangely found to be extremely pleasurable yet still quite effective.

“Thank you Erika seriously, both for not freaking out and helping me study.” I pulled her in for a hug.

“You’re welcome Katey.” Was her reply as she pulled away and left.

Looking around the empty house I can’t help wondering görükle escort if I’ll even see my parents at all this week. It’s pretty late and I’m tired, so I decide to call it a night having already had dinner with Erika. When I drift off to sleep my dreams are filled with Miss Sharpe.

The following day seems to crawl by incredibly slowly, impatient as I am to have my first one on one session with Miss Sharpe. After school Erika helps me study again, leaving me with a very sore ass.

Wednesday isn’t going any faster than yesterday, time seeming to be playing a cruel joke on me, seeming to stretch minutes into hours. When the time finally comes, and the school day ends. I forget why I was so eager to be all alone with my crush, especially since today she is wearing a black silky blouse and skirt that make her look like some sinister goth queen. My pussy spasms every time she looks over at me, the image of her on a black throne with me at her feet is suddenly a far more important use of my notebook than some stupid classwork.

By the time school ends, I have filled three pages of my notebook with erotic drawings of me in various vulnerable positions, as a gothic Miss Sharpe has her wicked way with me. My latest drawing has me bent over a black throne, hands tied behind my back, and a gag in my mouth as Miss Sharpe fucks me with a strap-on. Weirdly, before I realized how much I enjoyed Erika spanking me I hadn’t really thought of myself as submissive, yet now all I can think about is Miss Sharpe dominating me.

I’m so engrossed with my drawing that I don’t notice the bell has rung and Miss Sharpe is walking over to me. Just before she reaches me I see her and close my notebook, hoping she didn’t catch a glimpse of my erotic drawings. As she looks at me with one perfect eyebrow raised I blush, my face burning and my face flushing what I’m sure must be a very unflattering deep red color.

“I saw you drawing all through class, would you care to show me what was so much more interesting than my lesson?” Her hand is stretched out waiting for me to give my notebook to her.

I blush harder as I can only shake my head. Her eyes narrow and her previously curious expression is replaced by a very stern one saying, “give it to me.”

Four little words, yet they have the power to shatter my world. I am completely unable to resist her command and hand her my notebook. She flips it open, her eyes widening slightly and an almost imperceptible gasp leaves her lips. My face somehow blushes even harder as I wish the earth would just open up and swallow me.

After flipping the pages a few times, seeing all three of my drawings she simply hands it back to me and walks over to her desk, motioning for me to sit in a chair opposite her.

As sit down she breaks the silence, “we should probably talk about what you’ve drawn in your notebook, wouldn’t you agree?”

I nod slightly, she doesn’t look mad but she does have a strange look in her eye.

“It’s me and you isn’t it?”

I could lie and try to get out of this, but I can’t bring myself to lie to her so I nod.

“I thought so. Why did you draw those pictures?” She asks though she no doubt already knows why.

“Because I wish it would happen in real life.” I shrug figuring I might as well let it all out at this point.

After I speak I swear I see her swallow and take deeper breaths, her eyes filled with, something. Then just like that it’s gone and she’s back to normal.

“Tell me about your life.”

Shocked by this sudden change in topic I tell her. The rest of the hour passes by like that, answering questions about my life.

“Okay we should both head home, I will see you Friday.”

And just like that it’s over, as I drive home I can’t stop thinking about that brief moment i saw, what I dare to hope was lust in Miss Sharpe. Erika doesn’t come over to help me study today so I try on my own and manage even worse than before, so I just brush my teeth and go to bed.

Thursday seems to go even slower, as I mull over my interaction with Miss Sharpe. After school Erika comes over again and I tell her what happened on Wednesday.

“Oh my god, I can’t believe she caught you drawing porn of her and did nothing.”

“I know, it’s horrible, now I don’t know what to think.” I groan lying next to Erika.

“Well maybe she just really wants to help you and is just ignoring it.” She turns to face me as I do the same.

“Or what if, and hear me out okay. What if she likes me back.”

She looks at me sympathetically, “okay what if on the very off chance she likes you back. So what? I’m really sorry Katey but it’s not like anything can realistically happen between the two of you. It’s illegal, and according to most of the world, morally wrong.”

I know in my head that she’s right, I know it so well, I’ve thought about it for months, but my heart just can’t believe it for some reason.

“I can’t. Okay, I’m sorry but as bursa escort bayan much I logically know that’s the truth in my head, I just can’t accept it in my heart.”

“Wow you’ve got it bad Katey.” Is her only response.

“I know Erika… I think I’m in love with her.” I pull a pillow over my face to muffle the last bit.

Erika doesn’t say anything for a while, prompting me to remove the pillow from my face. She has a weird look on her face.

“If you seriously feel that way, like not pretty sure or kinda sure, if you’re really in love with her… then maybe you should tell her.”

“Really you, with the working, logical brain think I should tell my teacher I’m in love with her?” To say I’m shocked is an understatement, I mean the thought had crossed my mind, but as we’ve established my logic center is not working very well.

She shrugs, “I mean if you’re seriously in love with her than what’s the harm? The worst that could happen is she puts you in a different class, and I mean if she does that she doesn’t feel the same so it’s probably better. Or maybe she does actually like you back.”

We don’t get much studying done the rest of the night, and I’m still not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow, as I fall asleep.

Waking up I’ve decided I’m going to tell her, a choice that seems to change about a hundred times today before school ends. When I hear the bell I have decided that I’m definitely going to tell her. The thing that finally decided for me was, all through class I swear she kept sneaking looks at me, and I’m like eighty percent sure it wasn’t in my head.

Walking to her desk I realize I haven’t thought about how I am going to tell her. I mean it’s not like I can just come out say ‘I’m in love with you’ right? If my brain thinks it’s a bad idea then it probably is. As I reach her desk I do the stupidest, most idiotic thing probably ever done ever.

I kiss her, before she sits down I grab her face, pull it down to mine and I kiss her. I have no idea where the thought even came from, I’m about as surprised as her when it happens. It’s stupid, it’s reckless, it’s absolute bliss. As our lips collide we both let out a gasp of surprise.

We both just stand there for a moment looking in each other’s eyes, seeing surprise and undeniable want. After another moment one of her hands goes to the back of my head entwining her fingers with my hair, pulling me closer and taking control. While her other hand goes to my ass squeezing and groping it through my pleated skirt.

She kisses me with ferocity and unbridled passion, my mouth opening up to allow her tongue access. It has to be the hottest kiss in history, fireworks exploding as lightning sings through our veins. Our mouths perfectly shaped for each other, my tongue naturally submitting to hers as it explores my eager mouth. She pulls me closer until the only thing separating our bodies from rubbing wonderfully agains each other is our stupid annoying clothes.

She picks me up, surprising me with her strength as my legs wrap around her perfect waist while her hands explore every inch of my supple teenage ass. Without breaking our glorious kiss she sits me down on her desk. Our hands explore each other’s bodies as Miss Sharpe’s tongue feels like it’s trying to stick itself down my willing throat.

After a few minutes of this Miss Sharpe sadly pulls away drawing a whine from my recently evacuated mouth. We are both breathing heavy eyes lidded with lust as Miss Sharpe tries to calm herself.

“Why’d you stop?!” I whine missing her closeness.

She smiles at me obviously finding amusement in my desperation, and goes over to close the window shutters, bringing a blush to my cheeks as I realize we could have been caught quite easily.

Probably seeing the worry on my face she says, “don’t worry pet, no one could have seen from that angle but you can never be too careful.”

I moan and my pussy floods with juices when she calls me pet. She notices this and smirks walking back over to me she grabs my chin, to pull my gaze to her own.

“This is a terrible idea Katelyn, we would both get in serious trouble if we get caught.”

“Then why did you kiss me back?” My breath coming in short pants as she grips my chin.

“Because, I don’t care if we’re caught tomorrow, I need to have you now.” She says as she takes my bottom lip between her teeth and chews gently.

“Aaah.” I pant barely able to form a coherent thought. “If your trying “pant” to get me “moan” to stop this “pant” because you can’t “pant” you’re doing a lousy job ooooh yes!” All throughout this her kisses move down to my neck, biting and sucking rapturously.

She bites my earlobe and whispers, “just making sure you understand the risks, pet.”

“Ooooooh fuck, who gives a shit about risks, thissss oh fuck, feels way to amazing to stop.”

Her mouth exploring my neck with lovely bites and kisses. Her hands are alternatively groping my breasts roughly and slowly working on the buttons on my top, while my hands quickly work on hers. When I finally unbutton her top I go to help her with mine but she stops me.

“There’s no rush pet, I want to savor this.” She bites particularly hard after calling me ‘pet’ drawing an extra lusty moan from my panting lips.

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