In A Hurry To Get Started

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This story is true, up to a point. I actually turned down the request, for fear of repercussions. If the person in the story reads it and recognizes herself, by all means, e-mail me.

* * * * *

It was the summer after my first year in college, and I was about to close up the jewelry counter where I worked, when up came a girl that I vaguely remembered — she had been in the year after me in high school. She remembered me, and wanted to chat — I told her that I was just getting off work, and she suggested that we go out to Spencer’s Butte at the outskirts of town. She said she had learned how to give a foot massage, and she would give me one.

We hitch-hiked out to the park and walked around in the woods, and then we sat down and she massaged my feet. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, and I told her that I had just broken up with the girl I had been living with since I got out of high school. “You must have had lots of sex,” she said with undisguised excitement. I admitted that we did. “I’m still a virgin,” she said. “Would you make love to me?”

I was somewhat taken aback. I knew she wasn’t 18, but neither was I. She was not really my type, but she wasn’t unattractive — blonde, and an early bloomer, with big woman-sized breasts. My previous girlfriend had been on the pill, so pregnancy was never an issue. “What if you get pregnant?” I asked. She replied, “I just had my period. I’m sure I can’t get pregnant right now. Please! I really want to!”

I hemmed and hawed. I had only had one lover, my high school sweetheart, and here was a girl, younger than me, that I hardly knew, and she was definitely in a hurry to get it on. I kissed her, and she opened her mouth wide, hungry and wet. I let my hand roam over her breasts, and she began to moan loudly. This was a little scary. I decided that I better slow things down.

“Don’t you want to have your first time with someone you’re in love with?” I asked. “I don’t want to wait for that,” she said. “I really Escort bayan want to have sex.” Whew, I thought to myself. I asked her, “Do you masturbate?”

“Every day.”

“When you do it, do you have orgasms?”

“Every time,” she said proudly. Then, she began pleading with me, “Come on, I really want to do it.”

I kissed her again, and put my hand under her blouse, cupping a breast and pinching her nipple gently. Again, she began to moan, and kiss me harder. I realized that at this point, that I had crossed the Rubicon. I said, “OK, I live in a communal house with some other people, let’s hitch-hike back to town.” She was pleased as punch.

We got a ride with some people who didn’t seem interested in talking, so we sat in the back seat. Her hand crept over and came to rest on my cock, which was very hard. She caught my eye with a smile of delight. I was hoping that it wouldn’t catch the attention of the folks in the front seat, and apparently it didn’t. She kept stroking me through my pants, all the way back to town, shooting me furtive smiles.

When we got to my house, no one was home, so we went to my room and closed the door. “Have you ever smoked weed?” I asked her. “Oh my god, whenever I’ve done that, I had to excuse myself and go masturbate,” she said. “Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” I replied, as I rolled a joint. We lit up, sitting across from each other, and smoked for a minute or so in silence. Abruptly she said, “I’m so horny,” with kind of a little whimper in her voice. I was getting a buzz. “Would you like to show me your tits?” I asked? She said simply, “Yes,” and stood up, stripping off her top.

She looked a little dazed, but sort of unconsciously cupped her breasts and began pinching her nipples. “They’re nice,” I said, offering her another toke. “Do you feel like masturbating yet?”

“God, yes,” she gasped. “Well, go ahead,” I replied. She hesitated, and then took another long toke, quickly Bayan Escort kissed me, and then pulled down her cut-offs. She sat down opposite me in an armchair, and, leaning back, put her feet up on the cushion, spread wide, giving me an excellent view of her very juicy cunt, framed in light brown pubic hair.

She wasn’t kidding about wanting to masturbate. She was completely absorbed in it in seconds, her fingers moving decisively in and out and around. Again, she gasped, “Aren’t you going to take your clothes off?”

“If you insist,” I said teasingly. I put out the joint and stood up, and took off my shirt and jeans.

She looked at my erect cock with fascination, her fingers never resting. I stood with my cock a few feet from her face, and stroked it. “I’m going to cum!” she stammered, and immediately began to quake and moan loudly. Her orgasm hit her with full force; she paused a few seconds, and continued masturbating.

Her voice was more relaxed now, and urgent in an almost commanding way. “I want to taste your cock in my mouth,” she said. “Really?” I replied. “YES”, she insisted. I moved slowly into range, and, continuing to rub her pussy, she took my cock into her mouth, closing her eyes and moaning with pleasure.

After a moment, she paused and took her mouth away, looking me in the eyes. “I’ve spent so many hours thinking about what it would be like to have a cock in my mouth,” she said, smiling excitedly, “I want you to come in my mouth now.”

“Hold on a minute,” I said, moving away slightly. Then I pushed her back against the chair, and knelt before her, taking her ass in my hands and putting my mouth on her cunt.

My former girlfriend had never been this wet! I rubbed my face all over her cunt, lapping up the juice, and then began putting my tongue deep inside her, and alternately covering her vulva with my mouth and swirling my tongue around her clit. She was crying aloud again in orgasm, twice more, and then pushed me Escort away, insisting, “Please, I want to give you a blow-job.”

“OK,” I said, “But I want you to do it a certain way.” We went to the bed, and I told her to kneel facing me as I lay on my back. “Put your pussy on my face,” I said. “But I want you to cum in my mouth!” she pleaded. “I will, in just a minute,” I promised. I wanted to revel some more in her seeming inexhaustible flow of pussy juice.

She did as I asked, and I thought I could almost cum, just from the taste and feel of her pussy on my face. Finally, I came up for air, and said, “OK, turn around.” She did so, a bit awkwardly, but when she discovered, for the first time, the 69 position, she began moaning and bucking and sucking me with a newfound intensity — she was determined to get my cum in her mouth, and she soon got her wish, and came as well in my mouth.

She lay there gasping, and then, sort of talking to my knees, exclaimed, “I always dreamed of this. It’s even better than I thought.” I said, “Let’s take a break and smoke another jay.”

I rolled it, lit it, and this time I sat in the armchair, idly stroking myself and letting her watch. She couldn’t take much of this — the weed was powerful, and had a marked aphrodesiac effect on us both. She crouched on the floor and began alternately sucking on the joint, and my cock, which was completely hard again.

I told her to lay on the bed, and began to enter her very gingerly — but I slid right in. She giggled and said, “I’ve fucked myself with all sorts of things– my hymen was gone years ago.” I began to move in her more assertively, and she began to make all kinds of noise, gasping over and over, “Yes — yes –” and then she was cumming again, and again, and then I was down there eating her pussy some more, and she was still cumming and shouting. Finally I knelt and entered her, and put her legs high over my shoulders, and began going slowly in up to the hilt, and then rubbing up a against her clit as I slowly pulled out again. After a half a dozen thrusts like these, we both came again, and she wriggled free and turned around to catch my final spurts in her mouth.

That’s the way the story should have ended.

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