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The male inserts his penis in between your lower lips. You gasp at his size, feeling him slowly molding your vagina to his shape. Stretching you to your limits, you moan as he finally seats his big bull like testicles on your vagina. The tip of his penis firmly planted on your soft playable cervix. His nostrils flair as testosterone pumps through his veins. You shiver in sheer terror and delight, knowing your dreams will soon become a reality. He begins to slowly pull out, your walls sticking to him like a second skin. He begins to moan as he pulls all the way out of your core. His penis head moves slowly back and forth across your engorged slit. He looks at you between your legs, giving an evil smirk. The emptiness begins to set in causing you to yearn for him.

You try to move lower body to meet with his body but he grips your waist hard and asks what you want. Desperately, you begin to struggle but to no avail. Your pride forgotten and you beg him to plant himself deeply between your legs and fill up the emptiness inside. He has a sexy crazy grin plastered across his face and tells you that you’re such a good girl. Aligning himself kırklareli escort up with your vagina he forces his way inside. You give a startled yelp and tighten up considerably at the forced intrusion. Not giving yourself time to adjust like last time. He thrusts harshly against your cervix, almost like he is trying to force it open. His actions get harder and faster! You wrap your legs around his waist enjoying the ride.

You gasp and moan when his penis hits your secret spots. Going at you at different angles you shutter with pleasure and excitement. His pace becomes faster as you feel his warm massive balls align perfectly with your vagina. In and out, IN and OUT he pistons inside you! You feel his manly body pressed against you as his penis is plunging deep inside you. He tells you that after he’s done with you, your vagina will only know the shape of his penis, and his penis alone! You shiver and nod your head as thoughts have escaped you, enveloping you in a pleasurable white light. You begin to feel a strong warm sensation building in between your legs.

He grunts and groans with effort as he kırşehir escort continues to slam into you, almost ruthlessly. He loves feeling how tight your vagina is and this is because even though you have had children before you have never delivered naturally. You’re vagina is so tight that you squeeze your Kegel muscle and lock his penis inside you. He roughly stabs his cock into your fertile cervix. You gasp and arch your back as pleasure takes hold. He tells you that he is not pulling out and that he is not wasting his seed! His male animal instinct is to pump his seed deep within you!

His testicles begin to pull tight against your body. You can do nothing but feel excited about the idea of actually being bred by this male. You’re right on the edge of oblivion when he uses his finger to diddle with your clit. You’re vagina hits fast and hard and you’re walls clench his balls for all it is worth.

Suddenly you feel his penis somehow slip even further inside you if that was even possible. You don’t have time to think when he stops his movements and tells you he is getting ready to explode! You moan deeply kızılay escort and wrap your legs around his hips nice and tight. He knows that you’re not on birth control and you tell him if he cums and puts his seed inside you that you will definitely get pregnant! Knowing that he can’t escape your massaging vagina as you lock him in even harder and tell him in an airy voice to cum inside you! He looks straight into your eyes and with a sparkle of desire and lust ignites the animalistic passion within him. He pumps into your tight vulnerable vagina with wild abandon. You begin to realize that this is your true dream and design in life, to carry this man’s or any worthy male’s offspring. He shoots his male seed up your uterus and into your Fallopian tubes to find your fertile eggs for pregnancy!

You are breeding just as nature intended. No chemicals or devices to stop you from creating a new glorious life deep within yourself. His thrusting is so rough and primal. You shudder and scream “Ahhhhh so good!” As a second wave of orgasm hits you hard your juices overflowing between your legs make you feel incredible, fulfilling your purpose as a woman!

After he successfully plants his seed he lays on top of you with his penis still inside you. You can feel his cum wanting to drip out but his penis has blocked the only exit out. Your cervix closed around his penis nice and tight ensuring your impregnation.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32