I’m Your Prisoner Pt. 02

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If you’re interested in my writing/inspiration process here’s a quick blurb: I want to write with a certain emotion, and underlying tone in the story. The song I listened to while writing this part was “Over It” by Macklemore ft. Donna Missal. The energy is great and really helped me get into the mindset that I wanted to exude between Adryan and Damien.

This is part two of “I’m His Prisoner”… What will Adryan do?

Hope you enjoy!


I laid still, my eyes closed, trying to stay calm as my heart raced.

Damien’s arm was still pressed against my stomach and I could feel him so close to me. After a long silence, my body feeling like it was hanging on the rest of his sentence. He sighed heavily and then I felt his face press into the back of my neck as he kissed and sucked on it gently. “Adryan, I love you,” he whispered and my heart dropped. “I have for a long time. But I know if I told you that you’d run away. And of course I’d chase you down, but wouldn’t that just make this all worse! God how do I fix this?” he flopped back, groaning and grumbling. My heart was heavy as I stared at the wall… What do I do now?!

I couldn’t let him know I was still awake, because at this point he’d assume I didn’t freak out because I felt the same way. But I didn’t know if I loved him too. I knew I craved him. As much as I hated it, this delicious tango of sexual depravity was our “normal” for the last ten years. We could never hold steady relationships, even cheating on other partners! That’s why I wanted to put a stop to it. It never felt like love, it never felt like it could get to that point.

We stepped into and out of each other’s lives effortlessly. There was never a promise of more. That’s why it felt so pointless…

“Fuck he’ll be pissed if I spend the night,” Damien pushed up out of the bed, jostling me back to reality. I closed my eyes, trying to stay calm as I heard him fumbling around. “But maybe he’ll be pissed if I leave! I’ve never stayed before,” he was talking to himself. Did he do this often after fucking me into oblivion?! What a shameless bastard. “Shit! Didn’t he mention a work trip the other day?” he mumbled. I heard my door shut, his footsteps quietly carrying him through my apartment. I heard the familiar sound of the front door closing and sighed heavily, realizing I was holding my breath.

“What the fuck do I do now?” I grumbled, sitting up as I rubbed my forehead. “What a selfish prick,” I shook my head, feeling amused and angry. There was no point in festering on it. It was better to just pretend like it didn’t happen. Besides he didn’t actually say it to me. He only said it because he thought I couldn’t hear him. I sighed and meandered to the shower, wanting to wash up to get this grimy feeling off my body. “Dammit,” I grumbled, fingering my ass to try and coerce his cum out. “Fuck I don’t need this, not before my trip!” I slammed my fist into the wall, gritting my teeth.

After scrubbing myself from head to toe, I grabbed a towel about to dry off when my reflection caught my attention. I hesitated, my eyes going wide as I noticed all of the marks. I had bruises and bite marks all over my neck, shoulders, and chest. My nipples were swollen, even my hips looked a bit bruised from where he held me. “Damien!” I snarled, pushing out of the bathroom. I stormed into the living room, seething, half expecting him to be hiding somewhere.

I growled in frustration, heading back to my bed. I slept in a t-shirt and briefs, desperately hoping for at least my neck marks to clear up before Monday!

* * *

I was at my change over, my jacket hanging on my arm as I studied my ticket. I glanced around, looking for directions to the C concourse. I snatched the handle to my carryon, wheeling it behind me as I walked along.

“Is he a model?”

“He’s not tall enough, maybe a catalog model?” I ignored the mutters as I hesitated, glancing at the two signs over the fork in the walkway. I took a deep breath and turned right, heading down the ramp toward a long hallway of gates. We were all supposed to meet up at this airport, some of the teams flying in from other projects today too. I was scanning the crowd for a familiar face or two when I heard my name.

“Adryan!” there it was again. I glanced back seeing Todd and Rebecca waving at me. I smirked, turning to catch back up with them.

“We just landed a few minutes again,” Rebecca breathed and I nodded.

“I landed not too long ago either, just trying to find my way around. First time here and this airport is huge,” I mumbled.

“Yes but plenty of food and drinks to make these, what?” Todd glanced at his watch and sighed, shaking his head. “Three hours fly by?” he scoffed and I chuckled. “The boss should offer to buy for us after making us travel like this on a Sunday!” he insisted and I shrugged.

“I don’t mind it. Although I am a bit tired,” I muttered and they both glanced at me with interesting expressions.

“Tired?” almanbahis Rebecca scurried behind us to get to my side, brushing up against my arm as she reached over and tugged on my scarf. “Late night?” she teased, her eyes narrowing as she studied my neck. I snatched the scarf away from her but before I could put it back on she grabbed my shoulder and shook me. “You sly bastard!” she cheered. I could only blush and grumble as I covered myself back up. We made it to our gate soon enough and I was relieved of their torment as we met up with the rest of the team. I wanted these stupid fucking marks to go away so I didn’t have a reminder of Damien every damn time I looked at myself in a mirror.

* * *

It had only been a few days since he left for his trip but I was losing my fucking mind. Finally getting my feelings off my chest lifted that burden. It felt like I could start to breathe again! I paced my apartment, glaring at my phone as I chewed on my fingers. “Fuck this bastard!” I snapped, throwing my phone into my couch. I plopped down, sighing heavily as I slumped back. “Can’t even text me or call me. Not once?” I frowned, glaring up at the ceiling. I glanced at my phone again, pursing my lips. “Whatever. This is nothing new,” I rolled my eyes, pushing up as I walked over and snatched it up.

“Hello?” he answered after the fourth ring.

“Hey, uh, how is your trip?” I muttered, feeling like a fucking idiot. It was like everything I practiced saying to him slipped from my mind the second I heard his voice.

“Stressful. Why are you calling me?” he demanded, sounding a bit annoyed. Typical.

“Am I not allowed to talk to you?” I challenged, feeling irked.

“You usually only talk to me when you want something from me. Or want to fuck me,” he countered. I had no rebuttal. I stood, staring at the painting above my couch as my mind went blank. Was that really only the time I ever talked to him?!

“I should fix that then,” I offered uncomfortably. I was met with only silence. I rubbed the back of my head, cringing as I bit my lip. “Er, um, I mean we’re best friends right? Have been since high school,” I tried to explain it away. He sighed heavily, laughing once. I feel like I could hear his head shaking and his eyes rolling.

“Is that what you would call us?” he muttered nonchalantly, his attitude frustrating.

“Something like that,” I grumbled and he actually chuckled.

“You’re so dumb Damien,” he breathed and I flinched, gripping the phone tighter. “What could you possibly need that you called me while I was out of state? My ass is hundreds of miles away and there is nothing else you usually want from me,” he muttered, sighing heavily.

“I really just wanted to,” I hesitated, my forehead wrinkling. Hear your voice? Tell you I miss you? Tell you since that night I can’t stop thinking about you or my fucking feelings? He’d never get on the plane to come back home.

“Wanted to what?” he pressed and I scowled.

“Forget it. Have a good trip,” I grumbled, hanging up. I tsked my tongue, tossing my phone onto the couch out of frustration. I glanced at the clock on the wall and licked my lip, laughing snarkily as I got up and collected my things. Two could play at this fucking game! “See how much I don’t need you either, damn bastard,” I cursed as I left for one of the bars nearby.

* * *

I was almost asleep when my phone chimed. I groaned, glaring at the clock that told me it was nearly 1:00AM. “What rotten bastard… at one in the morning?!” I grumbled, my hand falling onto my phone. I tilted it up, groaning again as I saw it was a message from Damien. I flopped onto my back, opening it. It was a picture of him at a bar with a pretty boy. I scoffed, shaking my head about to set my phone down and go to bed when I got another message. It was a picture of that guy struggling to suck on his dick. Were they in the bathroom?!

Almost as good as you… he’ll do for now

I rolled my eyes, grumbling as I dropped my phone on the bed. I couldn’t get it off my mind, tossing and turning as those words ate at me. “He’ll do for now? Think you can just replace me like that? You fucker, I bet you aren’t even having fun! Just want to try and upset me since I was mean to you earlier!” I muttered, tossing around in bed as I grumbled to myself.

I know I was being harsh, but he’s the one keeping his true feelings from me! Fuck it. Why would I let him get me down? I could show him how fine I was being alone! I pushed up off the bed, getting my robe on and walking through the hotel down to the front desk. I ducked into the concierge pantry and perused for some alcohol, snacks, anything.

“Adryan? What are you doing up so late?” Todd’s voice called out and I turned, noticing him in sweatpants and a long sleeve shirt. In my weak state he did look rather tempting. I hesitated and shook that thought away. Not my co-worker. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t make it seem suspicious in a picture…

“Can’t almanbahis giriş really sleep,” I admitted and he chuckled.

“Me either. I come down her every night like clockwork for some snacks. Want some company?” he offered, glancing at the bottle of beer in my hand. I smirked and nodded.

“Sure,” I shrugged and he grabbed one, both of us grabbing snacks. We went back up in the elevator together, Todd following me to my room. We sat on my bed, turning the TV on as we cracked the bottles open and pillaged our snacks. After a bit I hesitated and squeezed my phone. “Rebecca would be jealous, wanna take a picture to make it worse?” I offered and he nodded. I held up my phone, the two of us leaning close together as we clinked our bottles.

I studied the picture, gulping some beer down as a wicked glee washed over me. Todd looked handsome, obviously ready for bed, and my robe was hanging open showing off my chest and a few of the lasting bruises. I took a deep breath and sent it to Damien.

Enjoy your night. I’m definitely going to enjoy mine…

That’ll teach him! I smiled triumphantly, glancing at Todd who threw another handful of snacks into his mouth, oblivious. I was glad to be stuck out here for at least a few more days to avoid Damien’s wrath.

* * *

I felt exhausted after the long plane ride, rubbing the back of my neck as I walked down the hall to my apartment. I punched in the keycode, pushing the door open. I set my suitcases against the wall, letting the door shut. I turned and locked it, flicking the light on as I glanced at my living room.

“What the fuck?!” I demanded, my hand on my chest as I panted. “You scared the shit out of me!” I grumbled, Damien sitting on my couch with his arms crossed. He was glaring at the coffee table, his legs spread slightly. “This is too far, even for you!” I snapped and he glanced at me.

“Had you answered any of my calls, or my texts,” he started and I scoffed.

“Like I wanted to after you sent me pictures of some fucker choking on your dick?!” I yelled back.

“It’s never bothered you before Adryan! You never cared about who I was seeing! Sometimes begging me to leave you alone and find someone else to fuck around with!” he countered, yelling right back at me.

“That’s because I didn’t know how you felt before!” I snapped, wanting to swallow those words back down as soon as they came pouring it. He jumped up off the couch, his face morphing constantly between confusion, hurt, and outrage.

“The fuck did you just say?” he demanded and I sighed, hanging my head as I crossed my arms.

“I was awake Damien. I heard it all,” I muttered, glancing up at him. I felt so awkward, unable to handle the look of defeat on his face. “I didn’t know what to say so I pretended to still be asleep until you left,” I sighed. He walked over shoving his hands into his pockets as he studied me. His eyes narrowed, his face looking warped in pain, anger, and sadness.

“So you kept it to yourself? Why? Did you want to laugh at me? Torment me?” he asked, shaking his head as he bit his lip. He smirked weakly, laughing then. “Guess I deserve it huh? After everything I’ve done to you,” he muttered. I’ve said those words to him countless times, but hearing it come from his lips… Hearing his voice tremble as he swallowed back his anger. It tore at my heart. “Fuck you Adryan,” he choked, pushing past me to leave. I glanced at the door, watching it shut. I was breathing deeply, my heart racing.

“Is that it?” I grumbled, feeling a rage consume me. I yanked the door up, stepping out into the hallway. “Is that it?!” I yelled, his body flinching as he glanced back at me. He had made it a few doors away, his shoulders shrugging as he turned slightly. That same broken smile on his face.

“What more do you want me to say? You know everything. It obviously meant nothing to you,” he waved his hand over his shoulder, turning to walk away.

“I didn’t do anything because I wanted you to grow the balls to finally say it to my fucking face!” I yelled, not even caring if my neighbors heard. He turned then, his face wrinkled with frustration and confusion. “You’re an arrogant, selfish bastard!” I called out and he clenched his hands into fists, storming over to me. “Doing all of this, forcing us to endure this madness, and you can’t even say it to my fucking face?!” I demanded. His eyes were burning as he grabbed my shirt, yanking me closer.

“The fuck do you want me to say?” he growled, his eyes darting back and forth as he studied mine. “That I’m a foolish fucking bastard who couldn’t control his emotions? Who would rather have you like this, hurting all the time, than risk losing you entirely and be crushed?” he sneered between clenched teeth.

“Grow the fuck up already,” I snarled, glaring back at him. We were both breathing heavy, stewing in our own anger and frustration. He grabbed my face then, his lips crushing mine violently. We fell back against my door almanbahis yeni giriş violently, his lips and teeth devouring mine. My hands slid up under his shirt, grabbing his ribs as I curved my body into him.

“Huu,” he pulled away, his lips glistening with saliva. “Who the fuck are you to say that shit to me?” he grumbled, swallowing my lips again before I could answer. His hands slid down my body, his arm wrapping around my waist as his other hand grabbed my thigh and tugged on it roughly. I bit his lip, glaring at his gorgeous eyes, hating how much I wanted him.

“The one who’s had to deal with your games for ten fucking years,” I grumbled my arms wrapping around his neck. He groaned as I pulled him against me, our tongues colliding in a war of anger, passion, and desperation. I felt his hand push up under my shirt, the heat of his skin coaxing the flame that was burning me from within. He shoved his hand into the back of my jeans, his fingers gripping my ass as he humped at my crotch.

“Then why the hell did you keep playing along?” he muttered, pressing his lips to my ear. I was panting, my hips rolling into his eagerly. He had me in a corner now. My heart was racing, wanting to escape from this trap. I looked down, dropping my hand to my door. I held his hair as he kissed and sucked on my neck, his hands and body molesting me viciously. I hated that my hand was trembling, biting my lip as I tried to steady myself. I barely got the code in, pushing the door open. We stumbled back, his arms locking around my waist as his teeth sunk into my neck.

“You wouldn’t let me go,” I insisted, reaching up to tug on his hair. “You never let me go!” I pulled his head up, both of us still seething.

“Then why do you get jealous?” he insisted, his mouth moving against mine as he yanked my shirt up. I cringed, knowing I had no good answer.

“Why do you try to make me jealous?!” I snapped, pushing him back. He licked his lip, pulling his shirt up and dropping it on the floor. Fuck, he looked too damn good. His broad shoulders, that firm waist, those abs, his briefs peaking up out of his pants…

“You know why!” he walked toward me and I shuffled back, my heart racing as I shook my head.

“No I don’t! You have to fucking say it,” I insisted, my leg catching on the coffee table. I stumbled, turning back to catch myself on the couch. Before I could get up he was on top of me. His arms captured me, his hot chest sliding against my body. It was torture. Sweet, delicious, unadulterated torture! He devoured my lips, his tongue violent as it rampaged all over my mouth and tongue. He undid my jeans, pulling them off me roughly. I caught myself on the couch, my heart racing as his eyes devoured my body. He grabbed my hips and pushed me up more, climbing up on top of me. His lips and teeth closed around my shaft and I groaned, my back arching as I grabbed his hair.

“Th-that hurts!” I gasped, feeling a throbbing pain as he continued to bite at and suck on my dick. It was so hot and wet, my hips jerking and trembling as his arms gripped my thighs tightly.

“Stop fucking lying. You’re getting harder the more I do it,” he muttered, his voice husky as he rubbed his face against my balls. I groaned, trembling as a heatwave of pleasure consumed me. I felt his mouth suck on them, his tongue flicking and rolling my balls around greedily.

“Damien I don’t want you to fuck me and just walk out anymore!” I groaned then, feeling a tightness in my chest as his hands gripped the waistband of my briefs. He hesitated, our eyes meeting for a moment. He smirked, closing his eyes as he pulled the fabric down. His lips caught my dick and I groaned, my back arching as he sucked almost my full length into his mouth. His lips and tongue working eagerly, his hands rough as they stroked my shaft.

A lewd slurping sound filled the room, mixing with my moans and whimpers as I gripped his head. I was humping at his face desperately, his arms holding my waist as he gagged and slurped at my cock. I could feel his drool rolling over my balls and down between my asscheeks, my mind hazy. His fingers brushed my nipple and I choked on a cry of bliss as I exploded into his throat, shoving his face into my crotch. I could feel his nose and hot breath on my pubes, my skin tingling as my dick ached.

I collapsed, panting as a thin layer of sweat coated my skin. He grabbed my thigh and pushed me back, my ass up in the air. I felt his face press into my ass, and then a torrent of hot, wet goo spill out over my ass and taint. He sucked, licked, and bit all over my ass as he rubbed my cum all over and inside of me. My face was hot, my heart racing as my dick started to throb and stiffen. “My turn,” he muttered and I whimpered, feeling spent already as his hands gripped my hips.

* * *

I shuddered, my eyes rolling back as his ass squelched and slurped. My cock slid in easily, his muscles spasming excitedly as they stretched out around me. “Oh fuck,” I hunched over, my hips lurching as I tried to get deeper. I felt him tense and tremble in my hands, his hips rolling as his back arched.

“Too deep!” he cried out, when I pulled back and slammed in, lurching my hips to feel him all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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