I’m Not Gay

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Big Tits

As you can guess from my screen name, I usually post in the Fetish section. This is a somewhat auto-biographical fantasy and my first submission to the Gay Male category, so please be gentle!

— Peebudy


I’m not gay.

But my brother is.

Danny is 7 years older than me and we’ve always been polar opposites.

He’s the oldest, I’m the youngest. He’s into art and music, I’m into sports and women. He’s tall and thin, I’m shorter and pudgy.

But the biggest difference between us, and the one that always pissed me off the most, was that he is very well endowed, and I have a smaller than average cock.

Danny and I shared a room growing up in our parent’s small house, so there were several opportunities to see each other, as he liked to sleep in the buff. His cock was long and thick, and even soft, hung down way past his balls. I had always hoped that mine would grow as big as his when I hit puberty, but alas, it never did.

I think this is where my fascination with large cocks stems from. Classic penis envy.

Like I said, I’m not gay, but every time I watch porn (which is a lot!) I find myself as enthralled with the size of the actor’s cocks, as I am watching the actresses lick, suck and take them in every one of their holes.

The differences between my brother and I continued through our adulthood as well.

He went to college for photography, I went to engineering school. He never settled down with one partner, I got married shortly after college and recently celebrated my 10th anniversary. He lives in a downtown flat, I live out in the suburbs.

But we’re family, and we love each other. And even though he’s my big brother, I’ve been the one looking out for him and protecting him over the years.

You see, my brother is promiscuous, and he has a bit of a drinking problem, and often times finds himself in touchy situations. He’s not an alcoholic, it’s just that if he has a one too many drinks, he gets mouthy, and if he has three too many drinks, he just blacks out.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gotten a call in the middle of the night to come rescue him from some abusive dude’s apartment, or retrieve him from one of the downtown gay bars. It’s gotten so I’m on a first name basis with many of the managers of those establishments.

This story is about one of those nights.

Even after 10 years of marriage and two kids, my wife is still as sexy and attentive as when we were dating. I guess one benefit of not having six-pack abs or a horse cock is that you base your relationships on more substantial qualities, like love, shared values and commitment.

Like me, Cindy carries a little extra weight, but she’s got beautiful curves, striking green eyes, auburn hair and an infectious smile. And she’s very open-minded, both in and out of the bedroom. Over the years we’ve experimented with most sexual acts, positions, role play and toys, and she’s always been an eager participant, looking to give as much pleasure as she receives.

On this night, she was kneeling on the floor in front of the couch between my outstretched legs, expertly using her mouth and tongue on my 5 and a half inch erection, while our favorite porn flick played on our 50″ flat screen TV. The kids were off at sleep-away camp, so we had the house to ourselves.

I was alternating between watching my cock disappear between her plump ruby lips, and watching Jenna Jameson working her skills on some dude with a cock easily 12 inches long and four inches across. Admiring the purple head and the thick veins that ran down his shaft, I was secretly wishing I possessed such a tool to stretch Cindy’s lips wide, and to reach depths of her pussy that have never been introduced to the pleasure of well endowed cock.


Just as I and the dude in the movie were about to cum, my cell phone started to ring. Looking at the clock it was 1:45am, and I knew that there could only be one reason for a call at this hour of the night, so I slid out from under Cindy and went and begrudgingly answered the call.

“Hello?…Don’t worry about it…Is he okay?…I’ll be right down…Thanks for calling…Bye.”

That’s what Cindy heard on my side of the call, and she knew that our play-time was over for the night.

The phone call was from Sid, the manager from The Hub, one of the downtown gay bars. Danny had gotten into a screaming match with his boyfriend on the dance floor, and then proceeded drink himself into oblivion after his beau left in a huff. It was my duty now to go and retrieve him.

It was a 20 minute ride to get downtown from my place, and since the bars close at 2:00am, I just threw on my pajama bottoms and a t-shirt and headed out the door.

I pulled up in front of The Hub, Sid stood out front, having a smoke with of the bouncers.

Sid was an extremely sharp dresser, and I always admired the way his tailored suits fit his athletic frame. He was şişli escort about 6 foot tall and in terrific shape. I guessed he was in his late 40s, about 10 years older than me, based on his striking white hair that was always impeccably groomed.

I guessed the other guy to be a bouncer, as he was clearly a half a foot taller than Sid, wearing tailored black pants and a tight black t-shirt that accentuated the fact that his muscles had muscles. And he was black as the clear night sky! At 5-foot-9, I felt small like a child as I approached the two men.

“He’s sleeping it off in the back in my office,” Sid said to me, as the bouncer gave me the once over, my flannel PJs and flip-flops definitely not what would be considered homo-chic!

Sid and I had been through this drill quite a few times with my brother, so it was old hat by now. Danny was a great customer, and his well known for his photography within the gay community, so Sid put up with his crap, and kind of watched out for him too.

The house lights were up and the bar was mostly empty, except for the band breaking down and a couple of guys in the back feverishly making out with one another. Oddly, rather than being disgusted, I felt my cock stir under my loose fitting bottoms at the sight of the intense passion being shared in that lip-lock. Like a deer caught in headlights, I continued to watch, and my cock continued to stiffen.

Shaking my head I just chalked it up to the severe case of blue-balls I was experiencing, being called out just as I was about to spray my load over Cindy’s tonsils. “Silver lining!” I thought to myself, knowing that with such a small cock, nobody’s be able to know I had a hard on, even in these flannel pajama bottoms, so my masculinity wouldn’t be questioned.

Back to reality now, I continued to the back of the bar, past the rest rooms, and through the thick door with a big sign that read “MANAGER.”

Sid’s office was as impressive and meticulously appointed as his wardrobe. Tiffany lamps, a large mahogany desk with two burgundy leather chairs in front, and a matching leather couch on the far wall, where my brother lie, buck-ass naked and completely passed out.

Immediately, I felt the pang of my childhood jealousy in the pit of my stomach, looking at Danny’s thick flaccid cock lying lewdly across his left thigh, appearing even bigger than I remember, as his crotch and balls were now cleanly shaven, smooth as the day he was born.

A flicker out of the corner of my eye interrupted my envious stare at my brother’s cock, and I noticed that Sid now had huge flat panel TVs on each wall of his office. I presumed these were for the feeds from the security cameras during business hours, but saw that they now displayed changing images of erotic art.

Looking at the monitors, there were reproductions of paintings from every era, showing men in various stages of different sex acts with each other, and again I felt my cock rise to almost full attention.

“Get a grip man,” I said to myself, as I walked over to my brother and tried to bring him back to the land of the living. “DANNY!” I shouted into his ear, slapping him gently on the face, trying to rouse him, but there was little response other than his deep breathing and mild snoring.

Looking around the room, doing my best to avoid the images on the TV screen, I was trying to locate Danny’s clothes, which he apparently threw off his body in his rage and/or drunken stupor. I found his pants in a bundle in the far corner of the room. His shirt was flung over the arm of one of the leather chairs. One sock was hanging off one of the Tiffany lamps, the other I found in the trash can.

Kneeling on the floor in front of Danny, I got busy with the task of getting him dressed so I could drive him home. Sliding his socks on first, I fed each of his feet into the legs of his “skinny jeans” and started to work them up to where his legs met the couch. Stopping there, I knew I’d have to lift him up to get them all the way on, since he was too far gone to provide any assistance.

With my hands tightly gripping the waistband of his jeans, I prepared to lift-and-tug, hopefully getting his pants up over his ass and fully up on one shot.

I counted to myself in my head, “one… two.. three…OH SHIT!”

I pulled Danny up off the couch and tugged as hard as I could, but only got the pants half way up. His dead weight crashed back to the couch, pulling me forward, my hands trapped under his ass, my face smack dab in his crotch and my nose and mouth resting on his flaccid member!

I instinctively snapped back in horror, but not before inhaling the full scent of his musky aroma, which sent a jolt of electricity down my spine directly to my throbbing cock.

Fighting the urge to reach out and touch it, I quickly returned to my task, shimmying his pants up under his butt. Oddly, I felt a little sad as his cock disappeared under the faded denim, like saying good-bye to an old friend I hadn’t seen in çapa escort 30 years.

Zipping and buttoning up his pants, I worked his shirt over his arms and head and was happy to be almost out of this place. Miraculously, one shoe was right in front of me on the floor under the couch, but goddamn if I could find the other shoe!

I felt ridiculous crawling around Sid’s office on my hands and knees, looking under everything for that other shoe, but with the way my mind had been wandering, I wanted get out of there as quickly as I could, hoping that Cindy might still be awake to take care of me and my “little” problem.

Then something caught my eye in the corner of the far wall of the office, down near the floor. It looked like a thin black shoe lace sticking out of the wall.

“How the hell did he get his shoe stuck in the wall?” I thought to myself, as I crawled across the room. When I got close, I noticed there was a seam in the wall, which was actually a pocket-door, painted the same color as the room, so as to blend it. Thinking it was a closet, I slid the door to the right to retrieve the shoe.

To my surprise, it wasn’t much more than a four inch recess in the wall, and sure enough, there was Danny’s other shoe. As I picked up the shoe and stood up on my knees, I was wondering why the hell there’d be a door opening to this empty recess in Sid’s office, and then I saw what appeared to be a four-inch square plug almost at my eye level. Removing the plug, I peered through the hole, and found myself staring directly into one of the toilet stalls of the men’s room.

“HOLY GLORY HOLE BATMAN!” I actually said out loud as I chuckled to myself at discovering one of Sid’s secrets! Inspecting the plug, I could see that a full wall tile was affixed to the other side, making it unnoticeable from the men’s room when it was in place. Judging by the position of the hole in reference to Sid’s athletic build, it appeared to be just the right height.

My mind wandered to images of a horny Sid sticking his cock through this glory hole waiting for one of his perverted patrons to anonymously service him. I wondered how long he would stand there trolling before there was some horny dude sitting on the toilet on the other side, surprised by the magical appearance of a thick hard cock. Then I started to think of how it must feel to lower your head and take a complete stranger’s cock into your mouth, feeling the heavy weight on your tongue as your lips close around it.

I could actually feel saliva building up in my mouth as these vivid images raced through my brain, and was shocked to find that my hand had instinctively reached into my pants and I was stroking my cock as this fantasy played out in my mind.

Danny let out a large snore as he shifted positions on the couch, the noise interrupting the fantasy, and making me snap around as if I had been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. Thankfully it was still just me and my passed out brother in the office, so I turned back to the wall to replace the plug and get out of there.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to be that easy.

When I turned back to the wall, I was greeting to the sight of a long, thick, circumcised cock hanging through the opening, and slowly hardening. As the cock stiffened, I could see that the stranger had also pushed his balls through the opening in wall, and they hung low and full.

The next few moments seemed like an hour, as I just knelt there and stared at the stiffening cock, until it was at full attention and there was a dollop of pre-cum collecting at the tip. As if in a trance, I reached up and put my right hand around the thick shaft, and could feel the heat on my skin and the pulse from his veins as it throbbed in my grasp.

Still staring at the plum-sized head, my anonymous friend started to move his hips, drawing his cock in and out of my fist. The dollop of pre-cum continued to grow until it formed into a tear-shaped glob and started to slowly drip toward the floor.

My left hand reacted quickly, but the images played out in slow motion in my brain, as I caught the falling liquid on my index finger, and then slowly raised it to my mouth, touching it to my lips.

The watery liquid was still warm as I touched my lips with the tip of my tongue, the salty flavor moving over my taste buds causing my mouth to water and my cock to jump out of the fly in my pajamas.

Looking down, I saw my left hand encircle my cock, and I started to gently jerk myself off. Looking back up, I felt that familiar pang in my gut, as the cock in my right hand dwarfed the one in my left. I also noticed that my fist was now moving up and down the stranger’s cock matching the rhythm on my own, and my thumb was smearing his pre-cum all over the bulbous head.

Powerless to stop myself, I leaned forward and parted my lips, a large sting of saliva falling to the floor as my tongue reached out toward the vertical opening at the tip of his cock. My new friend jumped and fireworks went fındıkzade escort off in my brain, as I dragged the tip of my tongue up through his piss slit, feeling the flesh of most sensitive part of other man for the first time.

My fist still working his shaft, and my own, I closed my lips over the tip of his cock, into a pucker like I was giving it a good-night kiss. Without much room to work, my friend started to rock his hips again, moving only his cock head in and out of my pursed lips. My lips would expand as they moved over his smooth cock head, almost to the ridge of his thick mushroom, and then contract as he withdrew until only the tip was again touching my lips, never breaking contact between us.

My tongue was now coated with copious amounts of pre-cum, and both my new friend and I knew we needed more.

Moving my hand down to fondle his balls, I leaned a little further forward and let more of his cock enter my mouth, until I could feel the spongy tip of his mushroom head at the back of my throat.

A long, low “mmmmmmmmmm” came from the other side of the wall, as I slowly pulled my head back, feeling every bump and vein on his shaft as it slid over my tongue and through my lips.

I suddenly realized why it was so easy to get a blow job from Cindy, as I had no idea the amazing combination of sensations that sucking cock provides. The sight of a thick, erect member. The feeling on your lips and tongue. The salty taste of the sensitive skin and watery fluid. The musky aroma from a long day trapped in a pair of pants. And the simultaneous sounds of lewd sucking noises coming from the cock sucker, and appreciative purrs from the recipient.

My mind flipped the imagery of this reality, where I was now Cindy, and the huge cock I was sucking belonged to me. I started to think how happy I could make her if I were hung like a real man. I also started to remember all the things she does while sucking my cock that really drives me wild.

Stealing a page from her playbook, I moved my tongue around the head of his cock, like I was French-kissing it, before once again sliding my lips down his shaft, taking as much of him as could fit in my hungry mouth, then sticking my tongue out to tickle his balls. Problem was, with his size, there was about 4 inches of shaft between the tip of my tongue and his clean shaven balls!

Sticking my tongue out did however allow him to push in a little further, and his cock head slipped into the back of my throat.

“Oh yeahhhhhh!” came the loud moan from the other side of the wall just before my gag reflex ejected his cock along with a mouth full of saliva.

As I was coughing and choking, trying to catch my breath, the inevitable dawned on me, and my eyes flashed open wide with terror, as I started to contemplate what I intended to do when he finally reaches orgasm.

Should I stop right now and try to leave with the last shred of my dignity? Should I stop sucking and just jerk him off, letting his cum soak into the plush carpeting that covered Sid’s office floor? Or should I man-up and swallow his load when the time comes, the way I like to finish in my dear Cindy’s mouth?

Remembering one of Cindy’s tricks that always works on me, I continued to jack him off but moved my mouth down to his balls, where I licked his sack, sucking first one, then the other of his balls into my hot wet mouth. Then pushing his cock straight up against the wall, I flattened my tongue and slowly ran it up the underside of his shaft until I reached the tip tracing circles around the ridge of his head with the tip of my tongue.

I repeated this process a few times, first sucking his balls, then slowly licking up his shaft, all the while curiously wondering what my reaction might be if he fills my mouth with his seed.

Licking my lips, I quickly made my decision, returning his heavy tool to my mouth, and increasing the pace of my sucking. With one hand on his shaft and the other on his balls, the room filled with my slurping noises as I redoubled my efforts with my lips and tongue, determined to see this through to the end.

Within a few minutes, his moaning became louder and more regular and I could feel his cock twitch and expand in my mouth, and I knew the end was near.

With one final thrust, I felt the first splash of his cum hit the back of my throat, and I swallowed instinctively, still not noticing any taste. His second spurt came on the up-stroke, and his warm creamy cum spread across my tongue, my taste buds exploding with a mixture of salty-sweet gooey texture. My hand still jerking his shaft, the third squirt went down the wrong pipe, and I quickly pulled off his cock, coughing and spitting, as my eyes began to water.

My blurred vision kept me from moving away as his fourth rope of cum, which hit me square in the face, running through my eyes, over my nose and into my open mouth. Not only was his cock much bigger than mine, but with is fourth spurt, he produced clearly more cum than I ever had in my life!

Regaining my vision, I watched as his cock continued to twitch and shoot ropes of cum on my face, my mouth opening to try and catch it on my tongue, like I’ve seen Jenna Jameson do a thousand times.

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