I’m in Control

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You arrive home from work to find me waiting in the entryway of our place. I walk over to you when you come in, and grab your hand.

‘Come with me,’ I say. I lead you toward the basement stairs, and pull you down them after me. Once we’re in the basement, you notice that I’ve put a chair right up next to the pole that is in the middle of our basement.

‘What are you planning?’ You ask me. I only smile in return and pull you over to the chair. I push you into it, and raise your hands above your head. I quickly pull a pair of handcuffs out of my back pocket and handcuff your hands to the pole behind you. I lean over you and lightly kiss your lips before lightly nibbling and kissing your neck. I pull back and kneel in front of you, undoing your pants and skimming them and your boxers down as you lift your hips up, making it easier for me. In one move I take both articles of clothing off of you and throw them where ever they may land. I move myself between rus escort your knees and I lean forward, taking your cock into my mouth. I slowly suck my way down the length until I’ve deep throated you.

I slowly increase the pressure of my sucking as I start moving my mouth up and down your cock, pausing to lightly suck the tip before moving back down. You moan and squirm, making the handcuffs click against the pole as I speed up the tempo. As I return to the tip again, I wrap my hand around your cock, under my mouth and start to use both at the same time. I feel you harden even more in my mouth as I slow the tempo down just a bit so I can savor how you taste. I remove my mouth and use my just my hand for a few moments before taking the tip back into my mouth and sucking on it even more. I set a fast past as I continue to stroke and suck your cock, until you tell me to stop, or you’ll cum. I deep throat you once more sincan escort before slowly taking my mouth away.

I stand up, and skim my jeans down my legs, stepping out of them, leaving them on the floor. I straddle your lap, letting your cock sink deep into my pussy. I start moving my hips, riding you, my pussy tightening around your hard cock. You can’t touch me, but you can watch me touch myself. My hips set a slow pace as I pull my shirt over my head and unhook my bra, removing it also. You watch as my hands squeeze and caress my tits, pinching and pulling my nipples. My head falls back as the nipples harden under my fingers and my hips start to move faster against you. I slow my pace and bring my nipple to your lips.

‘Suck,’ I tell you. You open your mouth and greedily start to suck on my nipple. You roll it between your teeth, and then you bite, causing me to jump and gasp. I push your head back, sıhhiye escort and let my hands continue to squeeze my nipples.

One of my hands drops into my lap and my fingers find my clit, rubbing it, making my body jump and causing my pussy to tighten even more around you. My fingers and my hips both pick up speed as my breathing gets heavy and moans escape my lips. You say my name as I lean forward and kiss your lips, our tongues dancing against each other. Suddenly both our bodies tense as we cum together. I can feel you cumming deep inside me, as my pussy contracts around your cock. A moan comes from your lips, as does one from mine as the orgasms roll through our bodies. I collapse against your chest, trying to catch my breath, my body twitching, my pussy lightly squeezing your cock as my body comes down. I smile as a moan escapes your lips.

You turn your head toward me and lightly kiss my temple before whispering in my ear, ‘Can we take these off now?’ You rattle the handcuffs against the bar, making me smile. I slowly get off your lap and get the keys from my pants.

‘Any reason why?’ I say, reaching above you to unlock the cuffs.

‘Cause it’s my turn to play.’ You say. I look at you, and see the smile on your lips. I know I’m in for a wild ride tonight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32