Ignorance is Bliss Ch. 05

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Part V – Sylvia’s Sunday

When I opened my eyes Sunday morning, Sylvia’s face was inches from mine. We were still embracing. I gently disentangled myself and slipped out of bed without waking her. It was 7:30 and the sun was shining brightly.

I went to the bathroom and did my morning routine including a shower and a shave. Then I peeked in at Sylvia. Still asleep. I phoned room service and ordered a breakfast sent up, then I found a robe and put it on.

My clothes were all in the main room. I cleaned up and packed while waiting for breakfast. We had to be home by 6:00.

A quiet rap at the door told me breakfast had arrived. The busboy brought it in. I made up a tray for Sylvia and took it to her.

I whispered in her ear, “Sylvia, time to get up. Breakfast is here.”

No response. I switched the tray to one hand and touched her shoulder. She rolled away but kept sleeping.

I put the tray on the bedside table and leaned over her. I turned her head toward me and kissed her full on the mouth. I pried her lips apart with my tongue and began to move it around. She moaned. I slipped one hand under the blanket and began to play with her breasts. She moaned louder, but still would not open her eyes. I pulled the sheet off her naked body, put my hand on her pussy and inserted two fingers into her cunt. That got a reaction.

Her arms came up and hugged me to her. She began to participate in the kiss by tangling her tongue with mine and her hips jerked in time to my thrusts. I slipped one finger out of her pussy and rammed it deep into her ass. That caused her eyes to open, and she screamed into my mouth as her body arched off the bed.

“What…” she muttered, “where am I… who… Oh…”

“Breakfast time,” I stated helpfully.

“Oh, yeah, right, just a minute,” she said, getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom.

About halfway there she realized she was naked and she blushed as her hands waved ineffectually at covering herself just before she disappeared.

I heard the shower start so I went and ate my breakfast while it was warm. She came out as I was lingering over my coffee. Room Service had put a pot on the tray so I took it into her bedroom and offered her some. She was sitting in bed with the sheet wrapped around her, putting the tray over her lap

“Coffee?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” she replied. I poured her cup full.

“Pleasant sleep?” I grinned as I sat in a chair.

She blushed again. “Umm, yes. Interesting dreams.” She paused. “Did we really do… all that?”

“All what?” I asked mischievously.

“You know, all.. that.”

“It’s Ok, you can say it. All what?”

“You know, did we really… fuck?” She blushed again.

“Yes, and it it was great for me. I hope it wasn’t too bad for you…” I smiled.

“No… I never knew it would be that… good.”

We stopped for a moment while I sipped my coffee and she nibbled on her toast.

“We have to be back by 6:00 today,” I began, “and there are a couple of things I would like to show you before we leave. We don’t have to check out until 1:00 so we have a little time.”

“Like what? I thought you showed me everything last night.” Sylvia picked at her bacon and swallowed some coffee.

I laughed. “We hardly even started! Seriously though, there are three techniques I would like to show you for slowing down an overheated male.”

“Ok, what are they?” She looked at me over the coffee cup she held to her mouth in both hands.

“The first is an agreement to a schedule. This sounds forced, but it can be a fun game to play too. Set times when things can happen. For instance, kissing only for 5 minutes, no touching under clothes for 5 minutes, no touching blow the waist for 5 minutes, you get the idea? A five minute egg timer works really well. You could even make up a deck of cards and draw to see what the next allowed action is.”

“Hmm. I can see how that could help.” She sipped more coffee.

“The second is to tie a person down. Once they can’t move you can set your own pace. You can also try things that they would normally want you to do.”

“Bondage?” She put her empty cup on the tray.

“Light bondage. No need for pain if you don’t want to.”

“And the third one?” Sylvia put the tray on her night table.

“Ahh, yes, the third one. It does result in a little pain. Basically you illegal bahis squeeze the man’s dick just below the head until his interest flags. You need to be careful or you can really cause pain and suffering which won’t be any fun for either party, but it can be used to slow even the most ardent of lovers.”

Sylvia looked thoughtful for a moment, “Can you leave me alone for a while?” she asked.

“Sure.” I walked into the other room, closing the door, and finished packing.

She called me a few minutes later. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed. She had put on a slinky black negligee with matching panties. In her hand was a pad of hotel stationary.

“I have a list here of some activities and times that might be fun,” she said, “but what’s to stop you from ignoring the rules? We need a punishment, so I have thought of one. Three strikes and you’re tied up. What do you think?”

I glanced at her list. Kissing, face only, 5 min.; touching with fingers head and neck only, 5 min.; etc.

“Looks good. When do we start?”

“We need an alarm.”

“I will set my watch.” I proceeded to make a great show of setting the alarm on my watch.

“Ok, now sit here and we can start.”

I sat beside her. She closed her eyes and reached out with her lips expecting me to kiss her. And kiss her I did. I also threw my arms around her and pushed her over on the bed. One hand went to a breast to squeeze it firmly, the other went to her panties and began to work its way under the smooth cloth.

She tried to push me away but I was too heavy. She twisted her head sideways and said,” Stop! That no in the…” I found her mouth again and forced another kiss on her. I pulled on the sash of my robe and pushed the cloth aside, then I rose over her ready to penetrate her delicate pussy.

I think she finally realized what I was doing. She slid one slim fingered hand down to my dick and squeezed. I groaned and rolled off her. She clambered out of the bed and stood there, shaking.

“What was that about?” she asked, angrily.

I lay there quietly, massaging my injured balls. “Practise. Christ you didn’t have to squeeze quite so hard.”

She giggled,” was that too hard?”

“A bit more than was needed if you expect your partner to perform later that same week, you don’t need to squeeze quite that hard.”

“I guess I was a little excited,” she giggled again, “but you broke the rules.”

“Umm, yeah, I guess I did.”

“So I get to tie you up.”

I groaned, “Yeah, I guess so.”

“So how do I do that?”

“Well in that package of goodies yesterday there were some nylon straps. Didn’t you try them out?”

“We didn’t get that far. Amy did show them to me.” Sylvia rustled through the pile on the floor and came up with the nylon ties. She took them from the package and looked at them. “So how do you use them?”

“You tie one end to the bed frame. Usually around the legs, and the other end fits a cuff that is in another package.”

Sylvia worked around the bed for a while, tying strips and attaching cuffs. “Give me your arm.”

I presented her with one wrist. She tightly clamped it in the cuff and tied it off with the velcro strip. “And your leg?”

Before long I was strapped spread-eagle on the bed.

Before long I knew I had created a monster.

Sylvia took one long look at my now shrunken prick and proceeded to find out how it could be made to rise. She kissed, licked, caressed and rubber her nipples over every square inch of my body except my cock and balls. The feel of her nipples through the satiny cloth of her negligee was exquisite. It wasn’t long before I was as long and as hard as I could get. Then she took my prick in her hands and began stroking it lovingly. I groaned and my hips jerked.

“I am close to cumming,” I whispered.

Sylvia reached down and squeezed my dick again, more gently this time, but enough so that my cock lost some of it’s steel hard quality.

I groaned again.

“How was that?” Sylvia asked? “Not too hard?”

“Nope,” I managed to reply, “but if you keep teasing me, I might have a heart attack.”

Sylvia laughed as she climbed between my legs and began to explore around my prick and balls. She took my scrotum in one small hand and rolled the contents around. I groaned and my dick jumped. Then she began to stroke my dick with the other hand, illegal bahis siteleri looking for the most sensitive places. She found them.

“Turn around,” I whispered, trying to keep my mind off my dick. “Lose the panties. Put your pussy over my mouth.” Sylvia slipped her panties off and swung around. She slowly pressed her quim to my face. My tongue was ready and waiting. I licked her slit from asshole to clit. She shivered with delight. I continued licking, not touching her clit, knowing she would orgasm quickly if I did. She tasted my dick, running it in and out of her mouth, pausing to lick it and tickle the tip with her tongue.

We shared each other for what seemed like hours, keeping each other on the knife edge of an avalanche. Finally I licked her clit, then took it in my teeth and nibbled. We tumbled over the edge as she sucked me down to her tonsils. I blasted, she gushed. We tumbled on the raging torrent of mutual climax.

We lay senseless in the aftermath, both panting, both trembling, both gathering our strength for more.

Sylvia reached out to untie me.

“Wait,” I stopped her, “there is one more thing for you to try.”

“What? More? Already?”

I smiled, “Try rubbing your pussy all over me…”

She did. All over. She started with my face. She dripped in my eyes, She rubbed her clit on my nose, she tangled her pubic hair in my hair. Then shoulders, chest, stomach, skipped my crotch, right leg, knee (she gasped at that), foot and toes. She stayed with my toes for some time as I stroked up and down her slit. Finally she moved up and over to the other leg. Again she stopped at my toes while they dug into her pussy. She was breathing hard again when she came back up to my prick.

I was rising from the dead. I rose faster as she rubbed her slit up and down the length of my dick. She was lost in the sensation of the sliding skin; I lifted my hips, she she slid forward a little to maintain contact. She was so wet, she had lubricated the length of my dick. I dropped my hips and then pushed up again sharply. I slid about half way into her pussy. She gasped her surprise, but quickly moved back to entrench my tool deep into her slippery canal.

She sat on my hips for a minute, relishing the feel of my piston and realizing the control she had. She began to rise and fall so slowly I had to concentrate to feel her move. She looked at me with smouldering eyes and leaned down to kiss me, hard.

Sylvia’s movements changed to side to side motions that neatly plucked my thistle. Then she reached up and released one hand to bring it to her breast. I grabbed and squeezed in time with her dancing hips. She lifted herself on her arms and looked down at my dripping cock as it pierced her luscious pussy. She reached a hand down to the junction of our straining sexes and carefully slid a finger up my cock and over her clit. She moaned deep in her throat.

She was moving faster now, her moans were thicker and she was panting like a steam engine. She sat up straight and used her legs to lift herself to the very tip of my cock then fell down until our hips were bruised by the sudden weight. Twice more the weight fell then the dam burst and she fell on top of me twitching, trembling and gulping for air.

I waited until the trembling stopped, then I used my free hand to roll her off. I undid my ties and gathered her into my arms. We lay like that until she sighed and stretched. I caught one of her wrists and tied it. She looked at me in shock but I moved on top of her and tied her other hand. Then I moved down and tied her feet. She lay there, testing her bonds, her delicious pussy on display below the hem of her negligee.

I dived into her muff, my tongue swabbing her lips. I licked up all the evidence I could find of her recent orgasm salted with my cum from the one before. I cleaned her clit, and her slit all the way to her anus. I could hear some murmuring coming from Sylvia, but I couldn’t make out any words.

I began to piston two fingers in and out of her, then I added a third. I tongued and nibbled at her clit while pushing in and out. Then I put my little finger on her asshole and began to push it in. She tightened her ass cheeks so I slowed my pistoning fingers and stopped tickling her clit. She relaxed her ass cheeks and I pushed my little finger deeper as I started moving my tongue and fingers again. She tightened canlı bahis siteleri again so I stopped and waited. Soon she relaxed. I started again. She tightened, I stopped, she relaxed, I started.

It went like that for some time until she relaxed and hissed, “Finish it… please… finish it…”

I sped up the movement of my hand. My little finger was smoothly moving in and out of her virgin asshole along with the three fingers in her pussy. I nibbled on her clit and she exploded, her cum gushing over my hand; her stomach trying to reach the sky.

I waited a few seconds and then began again. She was moaning incoherently but her hips were twitching spasmodically. I sped up my fingering. She moaned louder, suddenly she came again. I kept going. She screamed and arched like she had been hit by lightening. I continued, having to follow her hips off the bed. She screamed again in anguish and collapsed on the bed. Reluctantly I removed my fingers and allowed her to come down. Five minutes later she was still giving the occasional twitch of her belly.

I untied her and left her there after covering her with a sheet. I retrieved the spare duffle bag I had brought and began to pack Sylvia’s clothes.

It was nearly 11:00 before Sylvia came to life. We had been at it for three hours. I had packed most of her clothes and we were nearly ready to go.

“Did you get the number of that truck…” Sylvia muttered.

“No trucks in here, just us. We need to think about going soon. We should get a shower and get dressed.”

“What? Back to reality?”

“Sorry, but yes.” I took her hand and helped her off the bed and into the shower. I got in behind her and we showered together, washing and kissing, cleaning and caressing. I played with her breasts, she fondled my cock and balls. I dried her, she towelled me. She asked for a little privacy to get dressed. I went back to the main room and put on my clothes.

We packed the last essentials and then headed out for brunch. We were both very quiet. There really wasn’t any need to say anything.

* * * * *

We were leaving the city limits when she turned to me. “Thank you for everything… I didn’t know sex could be so… explosive.” She put her hand on my thigh and squeezed it.

“You can believe me when I say it was my pleasure!” I replied, smiling at her.

She squeezed my thigh again, and her hand stayed there.

A hundred miles later her hand was stroking my thigh and my pants were getting awfully tight.

Fifty miles later her hand was stroking my cock through my pants. I reached over and began to stroke her thigh.

Twenty five miles later she unzipped my fly, undid my belt and went digging for my naked member. I slipped my hand up to her crotch and played with her through her lacy panties.

Ten miles later, she pulled my pants down to my knees with a little help from me and then reached under her skirt and removed her panties. They were covered with her juices.

She stuffed them in my pocket, kissed me quickly and said, “These are a memento for you.” Then she dived face first into my crotch.

Cruise control is a wonderful thing. I set it for the speed limit and moved the seat back to give Sylvia a little more room. Then I reached over her sprawled body and put a finger in her cunt.

We were nearing home and I knew the surrounding area well. There was a hill nearby with an old gravel road up to the top. The road was not in good shape, but it was useable. I drove to the top of the hill and parked. I dragged Sylvia by the hand out of the car and around to the front, hampered by my pants halfway down my calves. I pushed her face down over the hood and flipped up her skirt. Then I entered her from behind. She gasped once then pushed back into me.

“Look at the view, what do you see?” I said, pumping slowly in and out.

“Who cares, just fuck me!”

“I care!” I replied, “Look – the whole world is watching!”

She looked then, “I don’t see anyone…”

“Look! That farmhouse down there, the farmer is blinded by your beauty, his wife is jealous of your pleasure! See that apartment over there? They are amazed at your smile, your acceptance of this hard prick drilling in and out…” I was speeding up my strokes and she was matching with her backwards movements.

“Yes, she agreed, “I see… I see a young girl wishing her young boyfriend was as good as you… I see a crowd wishing they were not afraid to take off their clothes and run naked down the street saying… Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!” She screamed from the top of the mountain as we blasted off together and floated slowly back to earth.

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