If You Want to Fuck My Daughter…

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Summary: Guy must do some unorthodox gay things to get permission to marry gf.

Note 1: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Goamz86, Robert and Wayne for editing.

If You Want to Fuck My Daughter…

I had been dating Natasha for a couple of months and although things were going well, we hadn’t yet had intercourse.

Natasha had given me head twice and I had returned the favour going down on her both times, but when I wanted to go further she told me, “You have to ask permission from the male members of my family.”

I asked, surprised by not only needing such permission at all, but that it was from the guys, “Male members?”

“Yes,” she nodded, “it’s an old family tradition, and it means a lot for my family to have a suitor come and ask permission.”

“Okay,” I agreed, even as my head spun with how the conversation would go. “Hi, Mr. Jones, may I fuck your daughter? Hi, Gary, is it okay if I fuck your sister?”

A week later I asked Natasha to marry me.

Her response made me all warm inside. “Yes, yes, yes.”

Then she added, “But you need to ask my father first.”

“Oh, okay,” I said, thinking I should have thought of that… although he scared me with his forbidding persona.

She smiled, “He’s actually a teddy bear.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I said.

A day later, Natasha said I was to go and meet her father and brother at her parents’ house.

“You’re not coming?” I asked, still a bit confused by the entire situation.

“No, Daddy insists that he meet with my suitors on his own, first,” she explained, making this conversation even stranger. Was this still the 1890’s?

“Okay,” I nodded, nervous, his having seemed rather cold in our couple of previous meetings… plus, how many suitors had she already had?

Her hand went to my cock, “Don’t worry, once you are done with my Daddy and have met his expectations, I will rock your world.”

My cock hardened. “Is that a promise?”

She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “You can fuck my face, you can pound my pussy, and…” she paused, rubbing my cock as she nibbled on my ear, “…I love taking it in the ass.”

I almost came right then and there.

Just the revelation was shocking since she was such a sweet girl… although it was a shock I could happily live with. I had only ever fucked one girl in the ass, and that had been a cougar at a bar in college, and I’d always wanted to do it again. That said, Natasha offering her ass to me when we hadn’t even had regular sex yet, was just one more confusing aspect.

“Have fun,” she said.

“Fun isn’t the first word that pops into my head,” I countered, no guy ever looking forward to their first one on one meeting with his girlfriend’s father.

“Trust me, you’re in for a life-changing afternoon,” she said, her tone ominous.

I had no idea how to respond to that, other than assuming she meant I was finally going to be permitted to fuck her.

Twenty minutes later I was at her parents’ house, and learned I was meeting not just her father, but also her brother. I felt like I was undergoing a job interview… applying to fuck my girlfriend.

For the first fifteen minutes it really was like a job interview, as I was asked:

-about my childhood and upbringing (it was normal, although Dad worked out of town a lot)

-about my current relationship with my parents (they lived four hours away, so monthly phone conversations and maybe seeing them five or six times a year)

-my relationship with my siblings (both also living hours away. My sister and I chatted weekly, but my brother and I were on a birthday text and sports trade text basis at the moment… which ironically, they considered made us not too close… I would have argued we were)

-about my career (I was in middle management, but hoped to climb the ladder as time went on

-my hobbies (sports, movies, reading and hiking)

Then it got weird.

“So how many women have you been with sexually?” Natasha’s father, Mr. Jones, asked.

“Pardon?” I asked, even though I had heard the question.

“How many chicks have you fucked?” The brother, Gary, paraphrased bluntly.

“Um,” I pondered, pausing as I counted. “Seven,” I finally answered, which I felt was a pretty low number for a twenty-nine-year-old.

“How many more have sucked your dick?” Gary asked.

“I don’t know,” I said, getting quite a few blow jobs in college from both college chicks and even more from some hot MILF’s who liked athletes.

“Ballpark,” Mr. Jones said, his demeanour surprisingly more teddy-bearish than his abrasive son’s.

“A couple dozen,” I answered, before explaining, “playing college football made me rather popular with the ladies.”

“I Bahçeköy Escort see,” Carter, Mr. Jones’ first name I had never used before, said, his poker face not giving any insight into his being impressed or disapproving.

“Have you sucked any cock before?” Gary asked.

“What? No,” I scoffed, particularly shocked by this question even after the prior couple.

Carter asked, “Why not? Are you homophobic?”

“No,” I said, suddenly feeling on the defensive. “It’s just I’m not gay.”

“I’m not either,” Gary said, before adding, “but I do like having my dick sucked by a guy. We guys do it better.”

I was speechless.

I didn’t have a clue what to say, so I chose not to respond to that strange statement.

“What Gary is trying to say, albeit rather bluntly, is that we Joneses see oral sex as a gesture of respect,” the father explained.

I remained speechless, unsure what to say.

Mr. Jones continued, “You see, we are a very, very close family. And as a parent I play a key role in both of my children’s relationships.”

“As you should,” I nodded, trying to appear like I understood what the hell he was talking about.

“I’m happy you agree,” Carter said. “So we have many family traditions here. Many that will involve your participation, if you decide to continue your relationship with Natasha.”

“Okay,” I said, my tone indicating my uncertainty at where this conversation was going.

“If you want to continue dating my daughter…” Mr. Jones began.

“I actually came here to ask your permission to marry her,” I clarified, as this was spiralling out of control quickly.

“Excellent,” he said, excitedly. “So in that case if you want to marry my daughter…”

“…And if you want to fuck my baby sister…” the brother added.

“…You must first service us,” Carter finished, glaring at his son’s rudeness.

“Excuse me?” I questioned as I was pretty sure I understood what he was implying, yet I couldn’t fathom that actually being the case.

“You will suck both of our cocks, George,” Mr. Jones clarified, confirming my assumption.

“Really?” I asked, looking around to find a camcorder, hoping maybe I was on a very twisted version of Candid Camera, or perhaps Playboy TV’s Totally Busted.

“We need to protect my daughter by weeding out undeserving men,” he explained.

“By my sucking your cock?” I asked, unable to see the connection between the two.

“It will demonstrate you are truly willing to do anything to make Natasha happy,” he explained.

“Natasha knows about this?” I questioned, unable to fathom her sending me here to do this.

“Yes, of course,” Carter nodded. “This has been our tradition to protect the female members of this family for many generations.”

“So I only have to suck each of you once?” I asked, stunned that I was actually considering doing this. I had been blown by a guy when I was in college, but I hadn’t returned the favour.

“Actually, you will become our regular cock sucker,” Gary finally adding something, having been quiet for a while.

Mr. Jones sighed. “What Gary is saying is that we are a very close family, and a very sexual family, and once you join the family you become a full participant.”

Instantly I wondered, Does this family commit incest? And if they do, does that mean Natasha commits incest? It just doesn’t seem possible. I’ve met the parents many times, the brother a few, and have never seen anything remotely out of the ordinary… until now.

“So George, how much do you love my daughter?” Mr. Jones asked.

“With all my heart,” I answered, meaning it. Sure, it had only been two months, but I knew she was the one. My feelings for her were unlike any other girl I had ever dated. When I saw her, I just felt good. I felt like she was my base… and the fact that I could go two months and not get laid only proved my commitment. I loved her based on who she was, not based on sex. Although I sure hoped the sex would be amazing. Plus, it seemed if I sucked Mr. Jones’ cock, he would support our marriage. We were both in our late twenties, and once you find the right one, you just know.

“And you would do anything for her?” he pressed.

“Yes, I would,” I answered, even as my heart sank in trepidation, knowing what I was agreeing to.

“Then come over here and earn your right to be with my daughter, and become a member of this very tightly knit family,” Carter ordered.

I hesitated briefly, but then walked the few feet and dropped to my knees in front of my fiancée’s father.

“No, get undressed first,” the dominant father ordered.

This made it even more awkward, but I just obeyed, willing to do anything to be Bahçeköy Escort Bayan with my bride-to-be.

“Nice cock,” Mr. Jones complimented once I was completely naked.

“Uh, thanks,” I said, words I’d never expected to hear from another man, never mind my fiancée’s father.

“Oh, don’t be ashamed, all men check out other guys’ dicks,” he reassured me.

And that was hard to argue (pun not intended) as I had definitely compared myself to other men in the past… in the locker room in high school and college, in the gym showers and, of course, against the ridiculous horse cocks of porn stars. “I guess,” I agreed.

“Be honest, have you checked out other guy’s dicks in the past?” Mr. Jones questioned.

“Yes, especially back in my football days,” I admitted.

“Hard to believe you haven’t sucked cock before, I thought all football players were cock suckers,” Gary, who was a nerd of sorts, said.

“Why is that?” I asked, offended by that assumption.

“You hug all the time in those huddles and you slap each other in the ass all the time,” Gary answered. “And don’t even get me started on how the quarterback receives the ball.”

The amused father laughed as he stood up, “We can chat about the ironic inconsistencies in the homophobic world of the NFL some other time. George, it’s time for you to become a member of this family.”

“Yes, a bottom member,” Gary quipped.

“Fish out my cock,” Mr. Jones ordered.

My hands trembled slightly, but I obeyed as I unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. Then, after a brief pause, I pulled his pants down. I could see a bulge in his boxers.

Then, after another pause, I awkwardly pulled his boxers down to reveal a hard, short, but thick cock.

He appraised, “Not as long as yours, but women love the thickness.”

“I bet,” I said, staring at my father-in-law-to-be’s hard cock.

“Suck it, George,” he ordered. “Become the family’s newest cock sucker.”

Hearing that name made what I was about to do more real, but as I stared at his cock I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have it in my mouth.

I took his cock in my hand, in awe of how thick it was, and stroked it. Then I leaned forward, opened my mouth and took it in.

I was in awe of how wide it stretched my mouth.

“Nice,” Gary said, as I heard him unzip himself.

“Oh yes, George, take your time,” Mr. Jones said, “let’s enjoy the journey together,” as I was truly in awe at what I was doing.

And surprisingly, I did. I couldn’t explain it, but I didn’t feel shame at what I was doing. I was doing this out of love, and much to my surprise I was enjoying it. Enjoying it so much I could feel my own cock beginning to stir.

“Don’t forget me, cock sucker,” Gary said.

I took one cock out of my mouth and turned to stare at a completely different-looking one… although this one was equally hard.

Gary’s cock was a polar opposite of his dad’s. His was long, almost eight inches, and thin.

Gary shoved his cock into my mouth and began slowly fucking it. I felt defiled and humiliated; yet I also felt undeniably turned on, as my cock quickly hardened at my being used. Although sucking Mr. Jones caused no shame in me, being roughly face fucked did. Yet, I reminded myself this was all a rite of passage towards fucking and marrying my beautiful girlfriend.

For the next three or four minutes I went back and forth between the two cocks, enamoured by the distinct difference of each. I couldn’t explain it, but if I was going to be the family cock sucker, I wanted to be a good one… absurd, but true.

As I began deep throating Mr. Jones’ five-inch cock, my fully erect cock flinched, at the reality I was deep-throating a cock.

Gary observed, “Shit, our new cock sucker seems to be enjoying his new role. His cock is rock hard.”

It was true. I was enjoying it, and I was hard.

“Can I, Dad?” Gary asked, as I kept sucking his father’s cock.

“Sure,” Mr. Jones agreed.

I sucked Mr. Jones’ cock for a couple more minutes before I felt hands on my hips and I froze… my eyes going big and my mouth full of cock.

“The second part of committing to our family is understanding that both your fuck holes are open for business,” Carter explained, as I felt warm liquid being poured between my ass cheeks.

I could hardly believe I was sucking the cock of my girlfriend’s father, and I definitely couldn’t believe I was about to be sodomized by my brother-in-law-to-be as well… yet I knew this was just the price of love…ludicrous, but true.

“God, do I love a new virgin asshole,” Gary said, as I felt his cock rubbing up and down my ass cheeks.

“Yeah, I remember Escort Bahçeköy when you broke in Natasha’s first boyfriend,” Mr. Jones chuckled, which made his cock shake in my mouth.

That made me wonder how many guys had already been in the exact same predicament that I currently was.

Gary laughed too, just as his cock pushed inside my virgin ass, “Yeah, I turned him into a complete faggot.”

I moaned as my ass was penetrated, my mouth still full of cock.

“Yeah, Natasha wouldn’t talk to you for weeks,” Mr. Jones reminisced…. sharing a casual memory while he got a blow job from his daughter’s newest boyfriend.

“Yeah, God, he became a complete ass slut,” Gary added, as his cock continued going deeper inside me.

I couldn’t believe how full I felt or, to my surprise, how little pain there was. I mean there was a subtle pain, but it seemed to be subdued by an unexplainable pleasure.

Mr. Jones said as if I weren’t here, “I hope we don’t turn this one into a faggot. Natasha would never forgive us, she really likes him.”

Gary added, “If we do, then we’ll know he wasn’t right for her.”

“True enough,” Carter agreed, as his hands went to my head.

The conversation was completely surreal and yet I couldn’t say anything, as I continued sucking cock while my ass was penetrated.

And although I sure wasn’t a faggot, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying this double submission to cock. A cock in my mouth felt so natural, and I knew that I was no longer completely straight. As for the cock in my ass, I was curious what it would feel like when he started actually fucking me.

And then I found out, and it was like nothing I’d ever experienced.

Surreal, yes.

Intense, yes.

Natural, strangely yes.

Pleasurable, yes indeed, and as it continued, the pleasure increased and the subtle pain faded. It wasn’t like fucking a girl, or getting head, but it was an amazing new pleasure.

For three or four minutes I bobbed on Mr. Jones’ cock hungrily, curious what his cum would taste like.

For three or four minutes I got fucked… enjoying the feeling of his body slamming into mine… my cock bouncing all over the place, shedding droplets of precum.

For three or four minutes, I was just a cock sucking bottom… and enjoying it.

Suddenly, Mr. Jones warned, “Get ready for my load.”

I kept bobbing, wanting to feel cum spewing into my mouth, even as Gary kept slamming into me.

“I’m close too,” Gary added, as I wondered if he was going to shoot his load in my ass… and what the heck that would feel like.

I was about to learn both.

Mr. Jones said, “Let’s unload in him at the same time. Let me know when you’re about to shoot.”

“All right,” Gary groaned.

I kept bobbing, I kept getting fucked for another thirty seconds or so, before Gary grunted and said, “I’m about to burst.”

“Fill his ass up,” Mr. Jones ordered.

Seconds later, Gary grunted and my ass was being filled with cum. I could feel his cock pulsing inside me… sending pleasure through me just as Mr. Jones shot his load in my mouth. It shot right in and through and down my throat so quickly I barely could taste it.

The cum in my ass felt slightly warm, but it was the pulsating that really felt good.

The last shots of cum in my mouth I was able to taste, and I was surprised by how tasteless it was… and how gooey.

Then… out of nowhere… as both cocks came in me… my cock twitched and I shot my load all over the floor.

Gary said, “Oh-oh, we may have created another faggot.”

“Did he come?” Mr. Jones asked.

“All over the carpet,” Gary said, as he pulled out of my ass…which suddenly felt empty, even as I felt a bit of cum ooze out of me.

Mr. Jones sighed. “Shit.”

Taking his cock out of my mouth, I stressed, “No worries, I still want to fuck your daughter.”

“Good,” Mr. Jones smiled. “If we turned another boyfriend of hers into a cock-loving faggot she would never forgive us.”

Somehow feeling comfortable saying this, I said, “I plan to give her a really good fucking when I see her next.”

“You’d better,” Carter said, before adding, “she’s waiting at your place. Come to think of it….”

He picked up his phone and speed-dialed. “We approve, baby girl. He’s all in, or rather we were.” After a pause, he added, “You’re welcome, honey, I love you too.” He hung up.

Gary said, “You have a great ass.”

“And you have a great cock,” I said oddly, even as I remained on my knees.

“Welcome to the family, son,” Mr. Jones said, reaching his hand to me.

I moved from all fours to on my knees and shook his hand. “Thank you, sir,” I said, before I clarified, “So I have your permission to propose to your daughter?”

“Not only do I approve, I insist you go home and fuck her right now,” he said. “She said to tell you she hopes you can cum three times tonight.”

“I will and I can,” I said, as I went to grab my clothes, cum leaking out of my ass.


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