If You Dream It She Will Cum

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Double Penetration

She bit her lip to try to hide her excitement, her hands trailed down her neck, to her breasts, down her stomach to her love canal. She knew he was watching her shower through the see thru shower curtain. Her ample body glistening with water, it was all so erotic. Her long wavy red hair was pressed to her back and her large blue eyes were suddenly on him, gazing at his massive erection that stood a tempting 11 inches. Suddenly the man was out of his chair, coming closer to her in the shower. He tore down the curtain and pushed her up against the wall and held her there by her butt cheeks. Then without notice she felt his prick begin to enter her canal. He was slow, yet firm and unyielding as he pressed the head of his staff against her maiden head and broke all that was once innocent in her.

Her alarm clock went off every morning at 7 am, its annoying buzzing rang in her ears for several moments afterwards and yet this is how she started every day Monday through Friday. Susan was finally in her senior year of college and since starting her last English class almost 6 months ago she had been having the same dream. Somehow she had remained a virgin all the way through high school and now she was almost done with college. It was her greatest wish to graduate and go on to her new life as a “full” woman. Susan looked into her closet and begun to thumb through the clothes she had finally deciding on a mid-drift revealing v-neck t-shirt, short denim skirt, pink thong and white strapless bra. All sure to accentuate her 36 D breasts, 24 inch waist and ample ass which was often described as a “white girls ghetto bootie” by her friends.

“Professor Dubois” She whispered “Take me, make love to me, please I’m begging you!” His hands tore at her bra to reveal her ample breast’s, so much so that he felt he must suckle them like a babe put to his mother’s breast. He reached his hand down and could feel the heat coming off of her box. If only her panties weren’t in the way! Somehow it seemed she read his mind and she took some scissors and cut them off of her perfect body. He took two of his fingers and inserted them into the core of her being and began to motion as if beckoning her closer. The more he did this the louder she moaned “OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS” She was on the verge of a mind bending orgasm.

It was his erect prick that woke him up this morning, in fact for the past few months he had woken up with a raging hard on it seemed. Robert Dubois was 38 stood six foot three, was built like a dream and was the English Professor at WSU. In all his years since becoming a professor he had not faltered under the “no fraternization” rule which had been in place longer then he could remember. This semester was different though, ever since that vixen Susan Shepard walked into his lecture hall he knew she would test his wills. After taking a cold shower, Robert dressed in a pair of khaki pants, and a light blue polo shirt. It was like a uniform to him, albeit a comfortable uniform.

Susan ran across the courtyard to Phillips Hall, it wasn’t that she was late or anything she wanted to have more time to enjoy her last look at her handsome English professor before the year was gone and so was she. She entered the lecture room and semi-skipped, semi-ran down the stairs to the front row and claimed her seat. Then just as she had done every day for the semester she began to suck on the end of her ballpoint pen.

Robert looked up just in time to see her begin her teasing movements and felt his cock twitch in its cloth cage. “Why in the world does she feel the need to tease me like this at every class” Robert wondered to himself. Finally the last Şerifali Escort of the students wandered in, some looking as if they had taken a nap between classes. “Ok Ladies and Gentleman” Robert announced “I’m sure your familiar with this drill already; these are your final exam pamphlets. Fill them out with your Last Name First and your First Name last followed by today’s date and R.Dubois English 404” A loud groan filled the room as the exam booklets were passed out but then faded to silence as they set to work.

Robert went to his desk and began to scan the room it was then that he saw it. Susan had her skirt hiked up and all he could see was her light pink undies which he could only assume and pray was a thong. The twitching in his dick started up again and he became rather flushed.

Susan wasn’t a stupid girl; on the contrary she finished her exam in record time and sat there thinking of the event she was trying to coax into being. She had laid the perfect bait, her open legs revealing her panties and Susan knew he would watch her almost the entire time and see them get soaked in her juices. Finally the students began to file to the front of the room to turn in their exams Susan would be the last to do so. She waited patiently then saw Jackie Harris slump up to his desk looking defeated. Jackie laid down her test and then with tears in her eyes walked up the stairs and out of the room.

“Ms. Shepard” Robert said firmly “you have less then a minute to turn in your exam or you fail my class.” It was then that she stood up and he took a deep breath. “Professor Dubois” Susan said rather innocently “I’ve been done with this exam for a while now, I was patiently waiting to get you alone.” Robert gulped as she moved closer to put her test on the desk. “Why would you want me alone?” He couldn’t help but ask. Susan licked her lips seductively stopping to bite a little on her lower lip before answering. “Because Robert, I’ve wanted you for a long time now and I figured that since today was the last day I would be your student……” “You figured I’d just go along with what ever you had planned?” Robert asked. Susan batted her long eyelashes at him “That was the idea” She said innocently.

In his mind Robert could sense part of his dream was going to come true and oh how he longed for the sweet release of its clutches. Susan then slid her arms down her sides to the bottom of her t-shirt and in one swift movement took it off and dropped it to the floor revealing a white cotton bra. Robert couldn’t help but feel his cock twitching more as if saying to him “let me out I wanna play some!” Susan looked down and smiled seductively “So you like what you see” She said while looking at his bulge which was still growing much to her delight. Robert couldn’t hide his erection or his desire to take her any longer that much was clear to him. “Susan I’ve had dreams about being with you since the day you walked into my class and I feel that if I don’t taste you soon I’ll go insane with wanting” Susan smiled as her eyes filled with lust. “Robert, I have something to admit before we go through with this” She took a deep breath and then said “I’m a Virgin” Just then Robert’s cock twitched so much he had to undo his pants and take off his boxers to let the 11 inch beast free. “I’ll take it real slow for you” Robert whispered as he begun to kiss her neck and fondle her boobs through her bra.

Susan saw his dick and for a moment wondered if this was the right thing, after all he might tear her in two! Something deep inside though told her this was right and calmed all of her fears. She took her hand and encircled his member within Göztepe Escort her delicate grasp. Robert sighed and she took this as a signal to continue, so she began pumping her hand up and down over his shaft and when she reached his purple mushroom head she circled it with her palm before moving down again. Not long after she felt the trickle of pre-cum in her hand and that got her even wetter.

“Professor Dubois” She whispered “Take me, make love to me, please I’m begging you!” His hands tore at her bra to reveal her ample breast’s, so much so that he felt he must suckle them like a babe put to his mother’s breast. He reached his hand down and could feel the heat coming off of her box. If only her panties weren’t in the way! Somehow it seemed she read his mind and she took some scissors and cut them off of her perfect body. He took two of his fingers and inserted them into the core of her being and began to motion as if beckoning her closer. The more he did this the louder she moaned “OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS” She was on the verge of a mind bending orgasm.

Robert ripped off his shirt and pushed the rest of her skirt to her waist. He laid her on his desk and pulled her butt to the very edge. “Are you protected?” he asked her knowing full well she was not. “I told you, I’m a virgin this is my first time” She answered him lovingly. “Well I don’t keep condoms in my desk Susan it wouldn’t be professional.” “Please Robert, please make me a woman!” Susan was begging now and it had been so long since Robert had a woman that his mind was blocking out the fact that she wasn’t on the pill or that he didn’t have a condom.

Robert ran the tip of his staff against her now wet slit and coated it in her cum. Susan licked her lips and relaxed some to prepare her self for her cherry popping. Robert moved into her slowly, an inch at a time letting her adjust to his size then he felt the wall that was her hymen. “This is going to hurt some but I promise it will get better “he said to her gently. Susan just nodded. Robert pulled his prick out just to the tip and then pushed forward with all his might and broke her maidenhead. Susan yelped and then relaxed as he began to thrust in and out of her tight, wet and somewhat bloody pussy.

“Oh God Baby your so fucking tight!” Robert exclaimed. His sheer size was filling her up so well and hitting every right spot inside her that she couldn’t help but cum again. Robert felt her muscles start to twitch as he sat her up and moved them to his chair. “Come on baby, ride me and cum all over my lap like a good girl would” Robert coaxed her on more. Susan bounced up and down in his lap excitedly and felt him hit her very back wall which made her orgasm even more intense. This time instead of his finger she was in his mind milking his cock. “You want my love sauce don’t you baby?” Susan nodded. “You want me to cum in that hot womb of yours and fill you up with my baby” Again Susan nodded. Robert grabbed her hips and stopped her. “Are you sure you want to get pregnant? He asked her. “I want that more then anything Robert.” Susan replied and then she went on to say something she couldn’t believe she was saying “I love you with all my heart and have for a while now, so please fill me with your cum and let me have your baby” She was crying tears of joy as she said those words to him and he felt the same love for her. He picked her up still on his rod and placed her on the floor. “Ok sweetie let’s get a bun in your oven” Robert said enthusiastically. He put her ankles on his shoulders and leaned in and kissed her their tongues began to dance as he thrusted in and out of her wet pussy. With Ümraniye Escort every inward motion he made, Susan’s hips were there to meet his and she loved every second of it. She loved it so much she began to cum again for him and he felt his balls tighten as she milked his cock for its just rewards.

“Oh God Susan” Robert said with sweat dripping down his body “you feel so fucking good and I’m going to cum in you are you ready for it baby?” “OOHHH GOOODDD YES!” Susan yelled her tits bouncing underneath them. “Fill me up Robert! Make me pregnant with your child! Just don’t stop!” And stop he didn’t. She felt the first wave of hot baby batter hit her cervix and he kept thrusting in and out of her depositing more and more of his swimmers as he did so.

Robert looked at her with total satisfaction and then said “For a virgin you sure do learn fast!” Susan smiled and said “I’m eager to learn more Robert.”

Robert leaned in and kissed his ex pupil firmly on the lips letting their tongues slip. He moved his head down her neck and kissed a trail down to her breasts. He took one in his hand and the other in his mouth and began to suck and fondle them both. Susan arched her back and let out a low moan. He kissed on down her belly to her soft folds and finally noticed her pussy was shaved. “I like your pussy bare; can you keep it like this for me all the time?” He asked “Yes” Susan said breathlessly knowing what was going to transpire. Robert dipped the flat of his tongue into her folds and tasted their cum. Susan placed her legs on his back and dug in with her heals urging him on. Robert began to lick her pussy with the gusto of a chef cooking a delicacy. Then the teacher in him came out as he began to do every letter of the alphabet with his tongue. By the time he hit the letter ‘M’ Susan was digging her ankles into him so hard he thought she was going insane. When ‘Q’ rolled around she was cuming and spurting her juices onto his face. Ever the persistent one, Robert felt he should finish his letters and licked her all the way up to Z. When he came up his face was glistening like it had the glaze of a doughnut on it, smiling he said “Now I know my ABC’s Next time wont you Play with me?”

Susan rolled over on top of him and took his 11 inches in her hands and guided it to her pout lips. Robert moaned as the thought of his dick in her mouth. For a virgin, Susan sure knew what she was doing with his meat. She swirled her tongue over his tip as if it were an ice cream cone and then dove down as far as she could without gagging. Her hand was working feverishly at the base of his groin and her mouth was working overtime. Robert had to admit to himself that it felt good but he wanted to be back inside her pussy again.

He grabbed Susan up and led her to the dry erase boards, lifted her up onto his pole and began to slide in and out of her as her back erased his notes for taking his exam. “Ump ooooohhhhh “Susan moaned from where they were in the room it began to echo off the walls. Robert began thrusting into her harder and then started to grind with each upward thrust pushing her more over the edge. He got Susan to cum not three times but five in that position, and each orgasm left her wanting more. The last orgasm made her black out while she was calling his name. Finally after feeling he had done his job, Robert released his huge load into her cunt. Buckets of his spunk dripped and oozed from her slit as they slumped onto the floor holding each other.

Susan immediately moved in with Robert and graduated with full honors 3 days later. They had unimaginable sex for weeks after each time basking in their afterglow. One day Susan was looking for a job online when she was over come by the sudden urge to throw up. After praying to the porcelain god she went to the store and bought a home pregnancy test. She came home and waited for Robert’s return, this was going to be a moment they wouldn’t soon forget.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32