If I Did It

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I have a problem, …and her name is Ann. The problem is that I have always taken marriage vows very seriously. I thought when I got married that I would never, ever, cheat.

A funny thing happened on the way to turning 40; I met Ann. There are two problems with that. The first is that Ann and I became very good friends, and we became attracted to each other. The second problem is that Ann is the sexiest woman I have ever met.

The fact that we became friends was not intentional, nothing we really tried to make happen. It just did. Ann lives next door to me. Our kids are friends. They go to school together, play together, and play on the same sports teams here in suburbia. Since I work from home as a writer and she is a stay-at-home mom, we would often talk about who is picking the kids up, or just hang out sometimes during the day at each other’s house. We would talk often and we both agreed that if we weren’t married that we could date and be very good together.

As for Ann being the sexiest woman I ever met, I do not make this statement lightly, but rather after much thought. Ann has a tall, tan, thin, athletic body. She is 36 years old, is 5’7″, 130 pounds, with blues eye, long sexy eye lashes and dark blonde hair. She keeps herself in great shape, so even after 4 kids she has a flat stomach. But the sexiest thing about Ann is her legs. She has long, defined, sexy legs, and she loves to show them off. Ann has some of the best legs I have ever seen. She has an amazing body. She looks better in a bikini than most 20 year olds. Ann is one sexy MILF.

As we have talked and gotten to know each other over the last year or so, one of the things we would talk about is our sex lives. She is very open, and in fact even excited to tell me about all the things she has done. Simply put, Ann likes to talk about sex. And of course I loved hearing her stories. In fact there is very little she has not done, or is not willing to try. For starters, Ann insists on keeping her pussy waxed and smooth, and has done so since she was about 16.

Ann loves to wear sexy underwear, lingerie, you name it. And she only wear thongs. Sometimes as we talked Ann would put her thumb down the side of her hip and pull up her underwear to show me that day’s color. I noticed that they mostly seemed to be mesh. One day I asked about why that is. “Mesh underwear is as close as I can get to wearing nothing at all”. She explained with a sly smile and a twinkle in her eye.

Starting when she was in high school, Ann masturbates several times a day. She usually starts her day by getting herself off. Ann just laughs and says “I am not addicted to sex, just orgasms”. When Ann masturbates, she likes to continually lick her fingers and taste her own wetness. So she fingers herself, then pulls out her fingers and licks them, then dips back in for more. After she cums, she licks her fingers clean like a pussy cat licking its paws.

Ann takes masturbation to new level. She loves to go to sex shops and buy new toys to try out. She even loves to buy pornos to watch. Keep in mind that she does this shopping on her own. It’s not like her husband is dragging her there. She just loves sex.

She likes to dress up in thigh highs, 4 inch heels, and a bustier, set up the video camera so it shows her on her big screen tv, get our all her sex toys, and then have a 2 hour marathon masturbation session. It gets her off to see herself looking sexy, and seeing her bare pussy getting fingered, or fucked by some big vibrator.

Ann likes everything about sex. She likes the smell of sex, the smell of cum and cunt juice mixed together and spread all over the bed sheets. She says that when she wakes up in the morning and her bed smells of fucking, it makes her gaziantep escort reklamları horny and she wants to go again right away.

Ann tells me stories about how she loves to get fucked and filled full of cum right before she goes out for the night. While she is out, she can feel the cum running our of her. It is her little secret that she is freshly fucked and dripping jism from her little cunnie. This turns her on and gets her even more wet, and she loves to get her cum dripping pussy fucked again when she gets home.

One escapade she told me about was before she was married. Ann had a threesome with her boyfriend and another girl. It turned her on to experience eating another girl’s wet pussy while getting fucked, and also getting eaten by another girl.

Ann told me about how much she loves to suck dick and how it gets her off to have a dick fill up her mouth and throat with cum. She learned long ago to have no gag reflex and loves to deep throat One story she told me was when she offered to put on a show for her boyfriend and his friends. Since she loves to get herself off, she thought she would let them watch. She ended up on her hands and knees getting fucked doggie-style by her boyfriend while she sucked off the other four guys. So her boy friend was pumping her from behind while dick after dick is cumming in her mouth and shooting wad after wad all over her sexy body.

Then things between us began to change a bit. Ann starting hinting about us having an affair. She would do seductive things to drop hints that she was interested in me. For example, one night we were over at her house with our spouses just hanging out, having dinner and talking. Ann was wearing a short white skirt. She was sitting at the kitchen table and I was across the kitchen. We had been there for at least an hour. With Ann’s amazingly sexy legs, it was tough for me to take my eyes off of her. More than once she looked me straight in the eye, crossed her legs, and flashed me her most basic instinct. I could plainly see her up her skirt to her smooth camel toe. What a turn on.

She hinted and hinted, but having an affair never really crossed my mind. Finally one day she looked me straight in the eye and just came right out with it “I want to fuck you”. I already knew what she was going to say. I just didn’t know how to react. Us having an affair was out there for a few months. We flirted and talked, but I could just not bring myself to cheat. Ann is married as well, but she was more than willing. Ann is an incredible, sexy MILF, that I feel strongly about emotionally. It was a struggle.

I am not saying that we did anything. But if I did it, this is how it happened.

I went over to her house one day when I knew she would be alone. I did not tell her I was coming. Ann loves surprises and I knew she would love this one. She answered the door and looked at me kind of puzzled. Usually she knows when I am coming over and you could tell be the look on her face that she was thinking something was up.

“I want to fuck you. Right now” I said very calmly. She looked at me kind of in disbelief for about 2 seconds. The she smiled, let out a girlish giggle, and kind of shrugged her shoulders in shyness.

“Really?!” she squeaked. I love that about Ann. It is rare that I see Ann doing something that makes her look like a little girl, but when she does it is really attractive.

“Really” I replied.

Ann opened her door wide for me to enter. She took my hand and led me straight back to her bedroom. There was no pretense here, no uncertainty. We were going to fuck the hell out of each other today and we both knew it.

Ann immediately took off her shirt. “Whoa” I said. “A package being unwrapped is so more inviting that an unwrapped package”.

Ann did slow down, a bit. She kissed me hard on the lips and I let her tongue slip in my mouth. She pulled my shirt up over my head and then unzipped my jeans. She sat on the bed with me in front of her and pulled my pants down and off. My stiff cock stood there for her to look at, right in her face. I walked over to a chair in her room and sat there naked as I watched her. Ann unzipped her jeans, turned around with her ass facing me, and pulled them down. She was wearing a green mesh thong. She was beautiful and sexier than I had even imagined. I had jacked off to her in my mind countless times, but I could not have imagined how amazing she really was. Ann crawled up on her bed on her hands and knees and her ass facing me in and pulled off her thong.

Ann gripped the sheets with a fist in each hand, her cheek and shoulders on the bed with her lovely ass arching high in the air facing directly at me. “Come-on, come-on, come-on” she said. Ann almost panted the words. Clear juice was all but dripping along the slit of her cunt lips.

I walked over and got on my knees right behind her. “Are you sure my dick will go in?” I joked. She was obviously wet and ready to get fucked by me.

“YES!” Ann grunted in frustration.

“First, you need to turn around and lick my dick wet.” I told her. She looked back at me, her ass still facing me, then she slowly turned around. Ann grabbed the base of my penis with her thumb and index finger. She held it and licked from my balls to the head of my shaft. Then she put my entire cock deep into her mouth. Her mouth was hot and wet. Ann’s tongue flicked back and fourth on the underside of my member as she slowly pulled it out of her mouth. She stopped and held the head in her mouth and looked up at me, sucking on it. She used her hand to squeeze hard and give my cock one long, slow, pull. Then she let my cock pop out of her mouth and she pulled her head away. When she did, a string of precum stretched from my cock hole to her bottom lip. She looked me straight in the eyes with my cum still stringing from the head of my dick to her mouth and then looked back at my cock. Ann paused for a moment and then, well, she devoured me. Ann shoved my dick back in her mouth and began to frantically suck and lick my cock, sliding it in and out of her red lips. My eyes rolled into the back of my head.

“Stop”. I commanded. But the wench did not listen. She was having too much fun. “Stop” I said and pushed her away. Ann looked at me for a moment and then quickly turned around again to the position she started in. I placed the head of my dick right on the edge of her pussy. I pushed slightly to see what would happen. Her cunt lips were so wet, her whole body was so ready for me, that I met no resistance. My dick slide into her easily. So I kept going until I was nut deep in Ann’s sopping wet cunt. “ahhhggggg” she moaned loudly. I held it there and just felt her hot wet cunt clinching on my cock.

“I am about to cum” she whispered. I pulled my shaft back out of her, slowly, teasing her. Then I slide back in a little harder. Then I pulled back and slide back in a harder still,.. and faster than the time before. I could feel her clinched on the base of my dick and she said “Yes! Yes! Yes! I am cumming”. Ann moaned and bucked and clinched. I fucked her in a steady rhythm until I knew she had finished. Then I pulled and my dick out of her.

“What are you doing?!” She yelled. “Fuck me some more! I want to cum again!” I want to get fucked! I need you to fuck me”.

I grinned a mischievous grin and just said calmly. “No. you need to suck me again. But his time you will get to taste you… on me.” Almost immediately Ann had spun around again. But this time, instead of sucking me, she was licking me like a lollipop. My rock hard cock was covered in her pussy juice and my precum. She could not get enough of it. She licked and slobbered until she had cleaned me and replaced both of our sex juices with her spit. Ann is so nasty and sexy, all at the same time. She looked up at me again with eyes that were begging, but she never stopped licking, or liking it.

“Ok” I said. She immediately stopped, got on her hand and knees again and backed up to me. I put my left hand on Ann’s hip and used my right hand to guide my dick into her.

“Oh yes” She moaned again as my her cunt widen around my cock as it slide back in her.

“You said you wanted to fuck me, right?” I asked.

“Yes, oh yes I want to fuck you right now.” She purred.

“You said you wanted me to fuck you, is that what you said?” I asked again.

“Yes please” she replied.

“OK. I will fuck you. I will fuck you like I know you want it.” I said this more as a warning than a reply.

With my dick in her steaming, dripping wet pussy, I put my right hand on her other hip and pulled with both hands so that I was as deep in her as I could be. She knew what was about to happen to her, and you could just tell she was ready. I pulled my dick almost out of her and then moved smoothly back inside. I did this a few more times, each time gaining speed, and force. I pump her a little harder and faster than the stroke before. Soon, my cock was ramming in and out of Ann’s pussy.

I was now full on pounding her pussy, thrusting into her as hard and as fast as I possibly could. she screamed. “Oh yes! FUUUUCK MEEEE!”


“Fuck yes!” She replied. “Fuck me hard”. “Oh yes, pound my pussy!”

My hips were hitting her so hard she was pushing back into me just to stay with me. My balls were slapping against Ann’s clit. Sweat was beginning to bead up on her back. She was bucking her hips and I could tell she was about to cum again.

I slowed to a steady thrust. I pumped my rock hard cock into her a few more times.

“I am going to cum again” She cried. I could feel her clench down on me again.

I slammed forward one last time and held my dick as deep in her as I could. I waited for just and second, knowing it was there. I knew cum was seeping out of my dick, but my orgasms had not fully started yet.

“Oh yes, I can feel your cum starting to fill me” Ann said. When she said that, it pushed me over the edge. My dick began to jerk and spasm inside of Ann’s hot hole.

“uuuuuuughhh!” She cried. “Yes. Uh huh. I am cumming again”.

“I am cumming with you.” I moaned. I held Ann by her hips and didn’t move. We were connected. My dick and her pussy were flinching together. I came so hard it almost hurt. My dick felt like it was about to explode every time it pumped my hot cum up her cunt.

Finally, we had both ridden out our orgasms. We sat there panting, stuck together. “Now”, I said, “turn around and suck me dry, just to make sure you get it all.” Ann looked back at me and smiled. “I was hoping you would ask” she said. Ann turned around slower this time, and she began sucking my dick. Up and down she went, pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. Her lips and hand wrapped around the base of my shaft to milk, and squeeze, and pull, and milk every drop of cum out of me that she possibly could. The fact that her cum was mixed with my cum and was all over dick just turned her on even more.

When she was finished cleaning me. We laid there sweaty and panting. My cum was oozing out of her freshly fucked cunt and running down her leg to the bed sheets. We just looked at each other and laughed.

You want know how sexy Ann is? Telling our story was her idea.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32