If At First, You Suck Seed…

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I’m not quite sure where this all began, although I suppose I can hazard a guess. I watched (and still do watch) a fair amount of porn, and at some indeterminate point, I began noticing the guys’ cocks. At first, I noticed the differences between cut and uncut ones, and then began to compare them for their length and girth. I began watching videos strictly with girls sucking dick, and began masturbating while staring at the cocks disappearing between wet pairs of lips, rather than the girls the lips were attached to, and I came to realize that it was the cocks that were turning me on.

This was a surprising development for me; I’d never fantasized about guys, and always had my fair share of women.. More and more, I consciously became aware of this new kink of mine, or whatever it was, and came to wonder what it would feel like to have a penis in my mouth. That thought, in turn, triggered several explosive orgasms, rising in my head out of nowhere sometimes as I masturbated. I imagined closing my lips around a big, juicy tool, moaning it as it went in and out of my mouth. I imagined giving head to a complete stranger, making him cum inside my mouth. I came especially hard when I thought about that, and so here I was asking myself another question: If I was getting off thinking about it, didn’t that mean that I wanted to try it?

I downloaded a few bisexual videos from the net. One in particular really got me off. It was a daisy chain, with a woman between two guys. One of the guys was eating her out, and she was blowing the other, who in turn was deep-throating the massive cock of the guy licking the girl’s pussy. It prompted me to make a trip to a local adult video store, where I purchased a gay DVD. I stroked my cock again and again, watching the muscular studs on the video take the measure of their friends’ generous peckers in their mouths and asses. Several of their enormous endowments drove me nearly-insane with lust. By this point, all doubt had disappeared. I really did want to see what it felt like to suck a big, hard cock like theirs. But I wanted some practice first.

I took another tentative step, making a second trip to the adult store and purchasing the most realistic-looking dildo I could find. It was about seven inches long, nicely detailed, and its package called it the most realistic-feeling synthetic skin on the market. I was sold. When I got home and got it out of its wrapping, I held it in my hands and stared at it. It was heavy, and a little bit longer than mine, with a nice plump mushroom for a head. I put it down on the coffee table and dropped to my knees. That night, (and many since) I licked and sucked it, taking most of it down my throat. Again and again I swallowed it, and masturbated to one of the most incredible orgasms of my life.

As the weeks went by, I continued to give “practice blowjobs” to my latex friend, and thought that I was getting pretty good at it. I would watch porn, and time my strokes in rhythm with the girls or guys sucking on my screen. I’d begun to learn to relax my gag reflex, and could now take its entire length inside me, although sometimes I did still choke. A couple times, I scooped my freshly-shot sperm into my mouth and resumed blowing it, envisioning a guy cumming in my mouth. There could be no doubt now. I wanted to try the real thing. gaziantep bayan eskort But where to begin?

Eventually, I saw an ad in a local independent newspaper for a free gay and bisexual chat line. The idea turned me on, so I signed up. The first dozen or so calls went nowhere. Although I did chat with a few guys, for one reason or another, nothing panned out. Finally, after a couple of months, I spoke with a guy who sounded attractive. He lived about twenty minutes away, said that he had a tight swimmer’s build, a seven-and-a-half-inch cut endowment, and was willing to let a newbie have a taste of it. I got directions and eagerly agreed to meet him at his place. I couldn’t believe how far I’d let myself take this, but I wasted little time in leaving, stopping only to brush my hair.

On the ride over, I was overcome by nerves. I chain-smoked cigarettes, and hit a joint I’d stashed in the ash tray in an attempt to calm down. I was questioning myself and my motives, thinking maybe that this fantasy was better left as a fantasy. I wondered if I’d freeze at the critical moment, with his staff pointed at my mouth. I found myself having to pee, for good measure! With more doubts than miles to cover, I arrived in his neighborhood and parked across the street from his building.

After popping a few breath mints and taking several deep breaths, I entered, was buzzed in, and called for the elevator. Two more guys arrived before the lift, and I wondered if the one who wasn’t a pizza delivery guy was my “date.” He was the right hair and eye color and height, anyway, and I began imagining him following me off the elevator and to his door, then turning me around, and stuffing his pecker all the way down my throat, right there in the hallway. I grew a very firm erection, noticeable to anyone in the zip code. The pizza guy got off on the second floor, leaving me with the other guy. My hard-on grew larger and more noticeable, and he actually leered at it out of the corner of his eye with a slight smile as he exited on the third floor. My appointment was on the fifth.

I knocked on his door and was pleasantly surprised to see a fairly-hot guy, about 6’1, with short blonde hair and blue eyes. He invited me in, and instantly I got incredibly nervous again. I asked to use the bathroom, and basically marched double-time to it when he pointed off to his left. I relieved myself, then washed my hands and splashed a little water on my face. I felt better. It was time to do what I came here to do, or at least to find out if I could.

I took a seat on his couch, and he rose, unbuttoning his khakis. He pulled them slowly down to his knees, and I stared directly into his crotch, turned on by his aggressive approach. I could make out the outline of what looked to be a fairly-impressive piece of meat, and it was getting hard.

He ran his fingers through my hair, and asked, “do you want to….?”

It was the question I’d been asking myself, and here I was at the point of no return. After only a moment’s hesitation, something let go in my mind and I leaned forward, mouth open, toward the bulge in his Calvin Kleins. My mouth closed around the outline of his stiffening member, and my teeth just grazed it as I traced its outline. After two trips up and down, my new friend was moaning, and I was eager to see exactly what his cock looked like. And tasted like, for that matter. I pulled his boxer-briefs down by the waistband, still staring at his bulge. It felt like forever waiting for it to emerge. At first, I saw just a hint of the base. Then, as it appeared, inch by exquisite inch, I could feel my own erection straining against my jeans. Finally, the undies cleared his cockhead, and his fully-erect dick met my adoring eyes. It was at least as large as he described it, and maybe a bit more. It looked like it was almost an inch longer than my favorite sex toy, making it nearly eight inches in length. His head was big and purple and swollen, and as my lips moved toward it, my tongue emerged from between them and tentatively licked it. It felt similar to, although of course warmer and a bit smoother than, the skin of my practice penis. I licked it a few more times, finally going from tip to base and back again, and then in swirling strokes around his ripe cockhead. My saliva was starting to spread, and his pulsing prick was soon coated with a thin layer of it.

I was immensely turned on by this point, and had waited long enough. Nothing was going to stop me from taking him in my mouth; I was going to get to taste a real, live cock for the first time! I opened my mouth, licked my lips, and craned my neck forward. I began to insert him into my mouth very slowly, pausing when I got his entire head in there. I closed my lips around it, and felt that it was nicely hard, but also a good deal spongier than I had expected. I really liked the texture, to tell the truth, and I was anxious to feel the rest of this magnificent warrior invading my throat. How lucky I’d been to locate this lovely cock for my first taste!

I began moving downward, still very slowly, until about five inches was crammed in my mouth. It was at this point that I came down briefly from my sexual buzz and asked myself, “doesn’t it feel weird to have a cock in your mouth?” It did. Here I was, having sought out, and then driven halfway across town, in the pursuit of sucking a total stranger’s dick, which was currently stuffed deep in my mouth. It was warm, a bit sweaty, and filled my mouth enough to make breathing difficult. But it also felt nasty and sexy and hot, and as I moved back up toward the tip, I realized that, weird or not, I was incredibly turned on. The last thing that my lucid voice asked me was, “I suppose you’re going to let him cum in your mouth, too?”

Without answering that final lingering doubt, I released myself to making my first blowjob a memorable one. I bobbed up and down on his tasty shaft again and again in a quick and steady rhythm, and he began moaning and telling me how good it felt. His hand returned to the back of my head, and he began guiding my strokes as he began thrusting his hips in and out. This was something I’d never really even visualized, being face-fucked like this, but I loved it! He crammed it down my throat as far as it would go, gagging me a bit but not relenting. He pounded my face for a good five minutes as I diddled with my cock through my jeans. I felt so nasty, that he was just using me as a hole in which to get off, and it was driving me mad with lust.

Eventually he pulled out, and laid down on the couch. I took the hint, and fell to my knees in front of him. Almost immediately, I took him in my mouth again. This time, I was taking his entire length again and again, gaining more momentum than I would have thought possible. I caressed his balls with my hand as I repeatedly filled my mouth with his penis. It began to taste different, and I figured that I must be getting a taste of his pre-cum. It tasted nasty and hot, and it turned me on to know that I was getting him close to orgasm. He began moaning with increasing intensity, encouraging me, and then he began to talk dirty: “that’s it, you little slut….oh, yeah,suck my cock… yeah….suck that nice big dick… suck all that cum out.”

When he said that, my eyes undoubtedly lit up and he couldn’t help but notice. He asked, “oh, you really want that cum, don’t you, my little slut?”

I managed to moan an affirmative, ignoring my rudeness at talking with my mouth full. He guided my hand to his cock and showed me how to stroke the few inches near the base while I swallowed the rest of his yummy pecker. Doing it this way, I was able to really give him some fast and furious head, and the drool almost pouring from my lips lubricated the way for both my hand and mouth. I gained momentum, moaning along with my happy host, and I could sense that the moment was approaching. His moans were getting louder and closer together, and his balls were pulling up. He was gonna cum, and if I didn’t get my mouth off him real quick, he was gonna shoot it in my mouth. I now remembered that last question that I’d asked myself before, and considered what I wanted. My decision was easy. I was extremely turned on and thought about how much more I enjoyed it when girls let me cum in their mouths. And at this point, I actually wanted to taste it.

After only a few more moments, with his balls pulling up taught against his groin, his breathing became extremely quick and irregular, and then it happened. His cock quivered violently in my mouth, splashing at least a dozen generous shots of hot, salty semen into my starving mouth. I swallowed as he filled me, without even thinking about it. Swallowing his load just seemed like the natural thing to do, and as he realized that I was gulping it down, he egged me on, “yeah, drink it…drink it, slut, drink it…”

I did as told, and all too soon, his big slab of beef stopped shaking. I swallowed again, and then took him out of my mouth. I licked away the last traces of my reward from his shaft and peehole while staring right into his eyes. Then, with only an exchange of thank-yous, I slipped out of his apartment and back into my car with the salty taste of his spunk still on my tongue. I rolled it around in my mouth, enjoying its nasty flavor. When I got back home, I masturbated my skill-hard cock to a trembling load.

Since then, I’ve been over his place twice more to get my mouth pumped full of his semen. He just leaves the door unlocked, and the lights off. I wander in to find him naked and hard and waiting for me. I sink to my knees and just start blowing him. Although I still prefer pussy, I’ve definitely awakening a new and exciting facet of my sexuality, one I’m sure I’ll continue to explore. Sucking on a warm, hard, cock is sexier than I could’ve ever imagined, and I can’t wait to try again. I’ve also made another trip to the video store, where I purchased a lovely, nine-inch vibrator, which I’m using to break in another part of me for possible future fun. I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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