Ice Cream Dream

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It’s a hot evening, the temperature demands that a couple of double scoop ice cream cones is in order. We walk back, hoping that the mixture of the cold treat and the single oscillating fan will cool our bodies. You get a twinkle in your eye and shyly suggest that the fan would have a better chance of reaching its goal of cooling us down if it didn’t have to fight through clothing to reach our skins. As I watch you undress, I don’t know what’s causing the sweat to bead more on my forehead; the heat or your body bending over to slowly show me that luscious ass of yours. You turn around to watch me undress. I do so nervously, I don’t want to seem like a hick to a big city girl but I can’t help but study your body. I know that I want that body held fast to mine, I want you to call my name when you are excited; but I know that this is probably something that happens every day and is accepted as the norm.

A dewy moisture clings to your pubic hair, quickening my heartbeat while I watch a single drop of salty sweat trickle slowly from your patch down your thigh. I try to keep my titillation of our nakedness from becoming apparent. You pat the cushion beside you on the couch that you demurely slink your body onto. I sit, tucking my cock in between my legs, hoping that you haven’t noticed its tip starting to peek out of my foreskin.

The oscillating fan blows just off to the Escort bayan side of me, the breeze it’s creating makes your nipples begin to swell and harden as I watch your tongue do a slow lazy swirl around the cone. To keep my mind occupied, I begin to talk about anything and everything, forgetting about my cone but watching your disappear, each flash of your tongue making my cock squirm between my legs. The fan begins its arc and catches a few drops of my melting forgotten ice cream, splashing on your breasts. My mouth drops, horrified.

You smile and sternly say, “you make the mess, you clean it up.” I lean over and lick the gooey sweet mixture from your breast, making a quick kiss on your hard nipple. A blob of the top of my cone falls onto your thigh. You sigh, take my cone and coo, “such a messy boy.” You widen the space between your legs, and with your free hand you guide my head down towards your lap. “I expect every single drop licked up.”

I get off the couch and kneel between your legs, no longer being able to hide my hardness and not caring, just wanting you to want to have it. Your legs spread wider and I put my mouth to the dollop of fallen ice cream and suck it in. I move my head to your moist pubic folds, spread them with my fingers and drop it right into the middle of your vaginal hole. I hear you take a sharp intake of breath; as I slowly Bayan Escort roll the melting dollop up your slit to your pulsating clit and hold it there. I look up to see you with your eyes closed, my cone moving back and forth in your mouth, your tongue flickering around the edge of that cone; I harden even more.

I open my mouth wide and drap my lip in and up your pussy’s folds, darting my tongue in and out quickly of your sweet hole as I make my way back up to your clit. My lower lip finally meets my top lip, giving suction around your hooded clit, my tongue tickling its base. You slide your hips down further on the couch, giving me more room to eat. I run my tongue back and forth on your outer lips, letting my tongue a quick taste of your sweetness once more. I let my tongue flick your trembling asshole before I start my ascent back up. Your hands suddenly grasp my head and push me deeper into you, while your hips start to gyrate, moistening my cheeks with your sweet sex juices. I move my mouth back to your clit as I start to slide my finger in and out of your vagina slowly; I stretch my thumb over to your asshole and start to gently massage that as my fingers begin to thrust into you faster and faster. You moan. Your vaginal muscles tighten and release, tighten and release.

I feel your hands move from my head to under my arms as you urge me to stand, which Escort I do, until I get to your nipples. I suck on one side as I roll the other nipple with my hand; I slowly move my hips so that my cock massages your slit, getting my leaky tip mixing with the slow flow of your own.

I move back to your thigh and kiss the missed thin trail of melted ice cream from your thigh as the ice cream begins to run back down your slit, its melting juices mixing in with your own down your slit and tickling your asshole.

I slide my tongue to your other breast, my mouth taking over for my hand as my other hand rolls your wet nipple. I rise up further, the tip of my cock slides into you easily, you gasp as my mouth comes close to your ear and I whisper, “I want to fuck you so bad.” You respond by wrapping your legs around me and pulling me deep into you. Your mouth finds mine and as our tongue thrash around each other hard, my cock and your pussy do the same.

You grab my ass and force my thrusts harder and faster. Your gyrating hips rub our sweat drenched pubic hairs together, meshing into one matted heap. I feel my explosion almost ready to go, the tip of my cock spasming wildly deep inside you. You sense that and tighten your pussy muscles around my shaft. I cum fast and hard, the moistness that splashes on my legs tells me that you are cumming too. I don’t stop pumping until every bit has been milked out of my shaft and we stay locked like that until the room stops spinning. I pull out and drop back down to my knees, licking your sweet folds as the fan slowly dries the beads of sweat from your heaving breasts….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32