I Was Right, Mona Was A Bitch

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What a shame. I always thought Mona was a bitchy girl and did not attempt to develop any brotherly relationship with her, let it be a step brother and step sister relationship until we both had finally graduated from the high school and gone off to different colleges. It was the summer break and we were back home. Our parents had told us earlier that they were off to their 2 weeks’ vacation and we were home alone.

Oh, let me explain here, my mother had run away with her old boyfriend many years ago when Mona’s family came to live in our neighborhood. Hardly a month had gone by when Mona’s father perished in an accident on job. Being a good Sam, my father asked Mona’s mother and next thing they were married. Mona was the only one kid of her parents and I was all alone in my family and in a flash we were a step brother and sister. Long as I remember, we were both in the junior high school in the Latham neighborhood. We went to school together and rarely had to pose as very close ones to ward off certain situations but I did mention, I always thought Mona was a bitch and never had good relations with her.

It was 4th or 5th evening at home, when Mona whispered something about me but I did not get the legit of what she was saying until she bluntly said that fucking with her step brother was her first and foremost fantasy and dream come true, if it were to happen. With our parents away, we had every chance to realize her dream come true and we fucked a lot and also found out a lot about each other as we talked a lot about sex. As I got naked and got into her pussy, we talked and found out that she was virgin until she came to high school and she began dating an Indian boy named Ajay Oscar. She also told me that she masturbated a lot and once got caught by her mom. She was forced to be on the pill for safety. She was still almost like a virgin because she gave herself to Ajay only a few times altıparmak escort and then they broke up. In spite of the fact that she was on the pill, she still enjoyed masturbation and did not give her pussy to any boy after that but developed a new passion for sucking the cocks and sucked almost every boy in the school and got fed a lot. I was very glad to learn all this and particularly the fact that she was still on the pills because I hated the rubber.

I told Mona that I had a girlfriend in the high school. I had met her in a party. One thing led to the other and we left the party and soon we were at her apartment where we fucked all night. After that, we dated for some time off and on but because it was mostly for the bodily needs, the love never prospered and we broke apart. Then I only had the sexy relations with some girls till the school was over. In the college, I told her that once again, I had a girl and she was great in bed but….. I purposely stopped myself.

“What”? Mona asked very inquisitively and I answered her to stay away because she would think I was a perverted man or something and when she reminded me that I was fucking my own sister and assured me that, she would not do that, I quickly reminded her that I was fucking my step sister and we both giggled loud. I told her that the sex was great with this girl and she had a lovely body and the most beautiful ass but she was not into trying variations in sex, particularly the anal sex at all. “What do you mean”, Mona asked, “Tell me, was her ass sexier than mine”? I had to confess that no, Mona had the cutest, sexiest ass, I had ever seen. She got quiet for a moment and then told me that she had never had anal before but she had heard a lot about it from other girls who did not take pills and wanted to have sex too. She was blushing when she said that she believed she understood, it was a lot of fun.

By now, I had cum in her and bursa anal yapan escort separated but she surprised me and walked back over to me, smiled and asked, “Hey brother, would you like to fuck me in the ass”? Hearing the suggestion, my cock jumped better than an Olympian as she stared him growing very fast. “Oh, I got my answer”, she said, turned around and slid her panties once again over her cute little curvy ass. Her very pink from inside, pussy dripping my essence, peeked between her legs. I could guess she was leaking her own lube as well. On the sofa, she got on her knees, looked over her shoulder and said that she was ready and waiting for my cock. Mona undoubtedly, looked the sexiest woman as I saw her on her knees and elbows with her ass raised in the air for me to take. I did not delay to pull my boxer down to my ankles and released my serpent while crawling behind her and put my hands on her hips. As I let my cock drool and moved my cock tip at her ass slit, I asked her, if she was actually sure about getting her ass fucked and she told me that she was never as sure. She also mentioned that I had made one of her dream come true and now she would not at all dither from making my dream come true. I pulled her closer and rubbed my very wet cock head on her ass slit.

She asked me to push it in but I told her that I did not want to hurt her and kept rubbing the lubed length of my stiff cock on her wet slit soaking it with my juices.

“O, come on, don’t tease me and get fucking”. She cried.

“But girls like to be teased”, I said.

“Fuck you”. I knew, she was upset by now, as she slurred out. I touched the wet cockeye of my monster on her puckered little asshole. “Ready or not”. I said.

“Please brother, stick it in”. She said again but I teased her still more by sliding my throbbing vein bulged length along her cunt folds to gather some lube from there on my cock. bursa bayan escort “Soon baby, soon”. I assured her while she still begged for her ass fucking.

“Oh my God”. Mona cried out and I asked her if everything was fine. She confessed that she felt great doing all that. With that I pushed my cock head in her asshole and started fucking her slowly in and out, in and out. It did not take much time and she began matching the rhythm and or pace of thrusting increased multifold. In the next 30 seconds, I was fucking her much harder and faster, pumping the deepest in her ass. My balls swayed like a pendulum of a grandfather clock with each thrust in her. Then I reached under her and began to rub and squeeze her clitoris with my fingers while my fucking speed peeked in her ass. To give her double whammy, I slammed my couple of fingers in her dripping wet cunt. She just could not bear it all and immediately got hit with her climax. As her pussy flexed on my fingers, her ass also played a number on my cock and I could not hold back as well. My male juices started streaming inside her jolt after jolt until we both collapsed on the sofa. I swear we did not get up from that sofa for the next at least 24 hours and only fucked and fucked and fucked again and again. There was no merit between her lovely pussy and the awesome ass. We only fucked to satisfy our sexy lust.

After we came to senses next evening after having fucked our brains out, Mona said that we had to keep going on to take the benefit of the next 8 or 9 days before our parents came back and she begged me to take her anally again and again because getting a much thicker cock in the tight ass was a lot more fun to her. We only took time off to eat and or clean up.

I know, Mona was kidding when she said that mom and dad should never come back and I reminded her that the party had just begun. We decided to make some changes and try our best for the both to be in the same college to live together in a rental house where we could fuck as much as my balls could give and her pussy and ass could take, if we were not to wait for the summer, fall, Christmas New year and other get together times.

The End. Your comments please. AWC April 9, 2021

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