I was conned by a sexy woman.

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Public Sex

I am sitting here on my couch having just had my first bisexual experience. How was I so stupid to get trapped into it? More importantly, why did I enjoy it?

My name is Tom. I am 23yo, single with a very strong libido and a cock that constantly needs pussy. Since I began working I have found numerous women, of various ages, only too happy to cheat on boyfriends and husbands for a casual roll in the hay. I have been only too happy to help them out. I have been described as a “root rat” and was only too ready to accept that de***********ion. After all, if a woman wants sex why would I deny their wish?

I had been careful not to dabble with women at work. Careful not to shit in my own nest, so to speak. However I did one time. Her name was Tracy and she had just broken up with her boyfriend and needed a shoulder to cry on. I gave her my shoulder and a lot more. Both of us knew it was a mistake. Me more than her apparently. Fortunately she found a new boyfriend so I was off the hook. Still, she was crazy in bed and it was fun while it lasted.

One Monday I got to work and a couple of guys were all excited over this new woman who had turned up. Apparently she had transferred from another office. I sat at my desk waiting for her to appear from the boss’s office. When she walked out I immediately got a hard-on. Tall, slim with great legs and great boobs. Long blonde hair and pretty as a picture. How was I going to concentrate on work with a Goddess sitting two desks away? Lunch time and we ended up standing waiting to be served. “Hi, I am Wendy” she said. “Tom” I replied, trying to remain calm. That was the total of our first meeting but I lusted after her. All thoughts of not playing with anyone at work went out the window. I was smitten.

As the days went on I tried to “accidently” run into her. Be it at the lunch counter, sitting beside her at conferences or just passing in the office. She always smiled and was pleasant but never appeared to take much notice of me. Perhaps, I vainly thought, she didn’t dabble with workmates. Then one Friday we finished the weekly meeting and she came up and started talking to me. “We always seem to bumping into Burdur Escort each other” she said “that wouldn’t be deliberate by any chance?” “Shit” I thought “was I that obvious?” I just laughed and said she must be mistaken. “Hmm” she said “I don’t think so” but then she walked away. That was at 11am. I deliberately dodged her at lunch thinking that would throw her off the scent. At knock off time I was walking out the door when she appeared. “Tom, I have some files to take home to work on” she said “could I trouble you for a lift?” “Sure” I said “no problem”.

We drove to her apartment. It was in a very upmarket part of town. “How could she afford this” I thought. “Would you like to come in for coffee or something” she asked. “Something” I thought and again my libido was running rampant. We walked in to the apartment and my heart (and hard-on) sank. “Hi honey” she said to the guy standing in the kitchen “this is Tom. Tom, this is my husband Paul”. I was shattered. What was this woman up to? Was she into threesomes or something. I shook hands with Paul and Wendy laughed. “You should see your face” Wendy said. “So this is the guy you told me about” said Paul. “Yes honey. Let’s got into the lounge room shall we?” Wendy suggested.

I sat on the couch and Wendy and Paul sat on chairs opposite. “Wendy, I think there has been a misunderstanding” I said. “You mean you haven’t been trying to chat me up?” Wendy replied “I think you have. Why not admit it?” I looked at her and then her husband. Both were smiling. “Well, ok. Maybe a little” I said, trying to make a joke out of it. “Oh dear. I am so disappointed” Wendy said “I was thinking you wanted to have sex with me. You do don’t you honey”. I was stunned. Sitting there with her husband only feet away talking about sex. “Come on man” said Paul “why don’t you admit it. She is so beautiful. Don’t tell me you don’t fancy her”.

I hesitated and then said “yes I did, I do, but I didn’t know she was married”. “You mean you don’t want me now?” Wendy said, chipping in. I didn’t know what to say. But Wendy had plenty to say. “I have gotten friendly with the other women in the office” she said “one of Burdur Escort Bayan them, Tracy, told me about you. She told me you have a large cock. I like large cocks. I would like to see what you have to offer me”. “So you got me here for a threesome with your husband” I said. “Well not exactly” she replied “you see, Paul is bisexual so if you want to have sex with me you need to have sex with Paul first”. I was stunned. I had never even considered sex with anyone who was not 100% female. “I think he needs motivation” said Paul “show him what you are offering” and Wendy stood up and began to remove her clothes.

I sat spellbound as Wendy stripped naked. What a sight. Her boobs were even better than I had imagined. Her nipples were erect and very prominent. Her crotch was waxed bare, her pussy lips looked so inviting. Then Paul stood up and he began to undress. Soon he was also naked. His cock was maybe 6” long. My ego kicked in. I was bigger. “Come on Tom. Let us see what you have to offer my lovely wife” Paul said, basically challenging me. I stood up and stripped off. My cock had woken up. My almost 7” long and very thick manhood stood proud. “Oh darling look at that” gushed Wendy “Tracy wasn’t lying. She said he was big. Why don’t you suck it while I watch?” And in a flash Paul pushed me back on the couch, dropped to his knees and began to lick and suck my cock.

“Don’t make him cum honey” Wendy said “I want it too”. I looked over at Wendy who was now rubbing herself. I wondered how many guys she had lured into this before me. Although I had never thought about bi or gay sex I was moaning as Paul worked on me. “That is enough Paul” Wendy signed as she orgasmed “change places”. I knew what that meant. I was supposed to reciprocate and perform oral on Paul. Despite my strong aversion I knew that fucking Wendy was dependant on my complete compliance. Paul sat down and smiled broadly. “Oh I going to love this darling” he said to Wendy as I swapped places and stroked his cock. “Do to him what you like done to you” suggested Wendy who now sat on the couch so she could see better. “Yes, that’s the way Tom honey” she said “Take it all. Escort Burdur Suck him until he cums”.

I wasn’t prepared to give Paul a blowjob. But the constant urging by Wendy and her reminding me how we would have sex afterwards spurred me on. In the end I sucked him off. “Swallow honey. Swallow like a good little slut” Paul yelled as he came down my throat. I understood why most women are not enthusiastic about blowing a guy. But I did and swallowed every drop. “Mmm perfect” whispered Wendy “now let’s go into the bedroom. Show me how you lick pussy and then you can fuck me”. Despite being conned by her and then engaging with her husband I relished the chance of having sex with her. Her pussy tasted so sweet and my ego was satisfied as she moaned and squealed as I pounded that beautiful woman. “Harder. Faster” she mumbled as I worked her over. “I am going to cum” I whispered and went to pull out but she wrapped her arms around me. “Cum now honey” she groaned and I exploded inside her. “Yes. Yes” she moaned.

I rolled off her huffing and puffing. “Lick my pussy darling” she said. I looked up and Paul had been watching us all along. He buried his head in her crotch and licked up what I had deposited. “Are you hard again yet darling” she asked Paul. When he replied yes she again ordered me to suck him off. While doing it she in turn sucked me until I got hard again. “I want you again” she said “right now”. I immediately slipped back into her still soaked pussy. I felt Paul behind me and I knew what was coming. I was the meat in a sandwich and it didn’t matter. My cock was buried in a pussy and it felt so good. Paul came first, cum oozing out of my stretched arsehole. Then I came. All the while Wendy was moaning and uttering obscenities. It was so good I didn’t even care I had been used.

It was late and Wendy said I should stay the night. I looked at her naked body and couldn’t refuse. I slept in the spare room and was awakened by my cock being awakened by both Wendy and Paul fondling my cock. Another vigorous bout of sex with both of them and I got dressed and left. So now I am sitting on my couch, my bum hole a bit sore but my cock very happy. I am not sure how to react at work on Monday or how Wendy will react. I am not sure if there will be a repeat performance. I certainly hope so. If being used by Paul to get to have sex again with Wendy again I will do it happily.

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