I Took On A Barroom…

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I Took On A Barroom Out Of Spite

OK. We’ve been friends forever, so I’ll tell you about the most amazing night of sex I’ve ever had. The night definitely turned out differently than I imaged it would, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I just got off the phone with Michael. He told me he had something very important to talk with me about. He wanted to take me out to dinner. Of course, I thought that after nearly two years of dating he was finally going to propose. I know that I’m still only 25, but it just seemed so right.

I wanted to look nice for the moment, so I put on my sexiest black dress–you know, the short-short clingy one. Of course, I expected that things would get romantic, so I wore black nylons, black thong panties and bra, and high heels. I know how he loves me in glasses–he says that they make me look like a naughty librarian–so I wore those too.

I must say that I looked pretty damn hot, with my hair recently highlighted and wearing deep red lipstick. Michael’s eyes bulged at the sight of me. “You look fantastic,” he said. But I could tell that there was something different about him. He seemed detached or distracted. I figured he was just nervous because he was about to pop the question.

And that was pretty much the tone during dinner. After we ate, his face got very serious, and I could feel butterflies in my stomach. “I have something important to say,” he began. “You see, Robin, I’ve loved our time together… but I’m sorry to say it’s over.”

“What?! You’re breaking up with me, Michael! I thought you were going to propose tonight.”

“Propose? No. I’m sorry, but that’s never going to happen. I just can’t go on like this… It’s best for both of us if we end this now.”

“Why? Why are you doing this?”

“Robin, it’s not you really. I’m just not fulfilled in this relationship.”

“In what way? Things have been great! How are you unfulfilled?” By this time we were making a bit of a scene, but I didn’t care. He owed me a straight answer.

“I can’t say here,” he said. “I think we should go now.”

“No! I’m not leaving until you tell me the truth. Why are you doing this?”

“Fine,” he whispered, becoming somewhat angry. “It’s sex, Robin. I need someone who could fulfill me sexually.”

I couldn’t believe he could be so cruel. I thought our lovemaking was great. “What do you mean?”

“I feel like I’m always the one to initiate sex, and when we do have sex, I don’t think you’re into it much.”

Well, that shut me up. We left the restaurant. As we drove in silence, I could feel anger burning inside of me. How could he do this to me? If he wanted something sexual, all he had to do was tell me. I could be sexy. But mostly I felt humiliated and stung by his words. I wanted to hurt Michael right back. I wanted to do something that would tear his heart out, and I wanted to prove that he was wrong about me.

Suddenly I had an idea when we pulled to a red traffic light. We were miles from my apartment. I got out of the car without a word, knowing Michael would follow me. We weren’t in the best of neighborhoods. I walked across the street to a bar where I saw several motorcycles parked outside. Michael yelled from the car: “Robin, where are you going!” But he couldn’t leave his car there and had to park it.

I walked into the bar. It was last Friday night, and the place was packed with rough looking bikers. They noticed me immediately. I could feel them undressing me with their eyes, as I walked slowly to the end of the bar. I ordered a martini, and some guys started talking to me. “Hey beautiful,” one heavy-set biker said with a grin. “What are you doing here; lookin’ for trouble?”

“Maybe,” I said, smiling back. I couldn’t believe what had gotten into me. I even hiked my short skirt up a bit so they could see more of my thighs. I leaned into the bar slightly, arching my back and sticking my butt out. I saw the man chatting with me stare directly at my deep cleavage.

“Robin, what are you doing?” said Michael, grabbing my arm. “We’re going know.” I resisted, and the guys at the bar stepped in.

“Hands off, buddy,” the biker said. “You looking for trouble?”

“No, she’s here with me,” Michael said. I could tell he was out of his element with these guys.

“No I’m not,” I calmly said with a smile. “This is my ex-boyfriend.”

“She said she isn’t with you, so step back, Jack!” Michael was put into his izmit escort place; he sat on a bar stool and looked at me dumbly. I knew he wouldn’t leave me in a joint like this. He ordered a beer and kept his eye on me.

I strolled away from Michael and sat near the pool table, hiking my dress even higher, which gave the pool players a perfect shot at my panties. Every man in the bar was looking at me. Even though I was teasing these guys out of spite, playing the part of barroom slut was getting me so wet. The guys kept buying me drinks. And I kept making innuendos. “Are you having a hard time concentrating?” I said, teasing a man after he missed an important shot.

“You want to play, little lady?”

“I’m not very good.”

“Oh, I bet you’re good at a lot of things!” The men laughed. I did too, making sure to jiggle my C-cup breasts. I grabbed a stick, but I was more concerned with my form than my pool playing. I’d drop my chest close to the table and stick my bum out. “I missed!” I pouted.

“I’ll give you a quick lesson,” said a guy who must have been 6’3 and well over 200 lbs. I watched Michael’s face, as the man wrapped his arms around me, showing me how to hold the stick. “Now get close to the table,” he said.

“Like this?” I said pressing my bottom into his groin; I could feel his cock growing. We hit a ball into a pocket, and I acted very excited. “Yay! I got it in the hole!” I exclaimed jumping up and down. My boobs were almost bouncing out of my dress. I started really playing and making some shots. It was getting late, and I was thinking of a way to really get to Michael, who was still brooding at the bar.

“Oh no!” I said. “I just realized that I’ve been playing pool this whole time!” I knew they didn’t mind watching the show one bit. “I suppose you guys usually bet on games, and I’ve been just goofing off. I’m so sorry.”

“No problem, sweetie. We can play anytime.”

“Well, since you guys usually bet on games, do you want to bet on a game with me?”

“Sure. What are the stakes?”

“I don’t know; what do I have that you want?”

“OK,” he said with a broad smile. “If you loose, you strip for us.”

Hearing us, Michael’s eyes widened; then he frowned at me, shaking his head.

“Sounds good to me,” I said.

After my playing partner broke and sunk nearly all of his balls, I missed my first shot. Then it dawned on me what I was doing. Oh my God! Can I really go through with this? Can I really take my clothes off for a bunch of strangers? One look at Michael shifting uncomfortably in his seat, and I knew what I had to do.

The guy sunk the rest of his balls and his friends applauded and hooted. “Take it off honey!”

“No you don’t,” yelled Michael. “That is enough! We’re leaving!”

“The hell she is!” said my pool partner, shoving Michael. “We had a bet, and she’s not leaving with her clothes on, pal.”

Suddenly I had a lump in my throat, seeing Michael stare at me helplessly.

“Put some music on for her!” Someone put on a slow, sexy rock song. The men gathered in a circle around me as I stood awkwardly in the center of the barroom. “Shake it, baby!”

I almost ran right out of there, but although I was frightened, I was also excited. My pussy was drenched now, and I knew this would kill Michael. I started to slowly roll my hips to the rhythm. The men chanted me on, and I gave them a sexy wink. I turned away from them and spread my legs slightly, hiking my skirt over my bottom. I looked back at them and gave my bottom a little spank. “Ouch,” I said with a pout. I bent at the waist as I peeled my thong down to my knees and let it fall to the floor. I pinched my cheeks apart, giving them a perfect view of my shaved, wet pussy.

Slowly I turned to face them. I wasn’t at all nervous now. I danced toward them as I unzipped the back of my dress. I let it fall forward; then I eased it over my round hips and let it slide down my long shapely legs. Now in nothing more than a bra and stockings, I peeked at them over my glasses. I could sense their anticipation of seeing my breasts after they’d been staring at them all night long. I unclipped the back of my bra and held it cupped over my boobs for just a moment. When I took it off, my nipples were standing fully erect, and the men’s howls and cat calls filled the room. I never knew I had this effect on men, and I’d never felt so sexy.

Michael stood with his mouth yahya kaptan escort agape at the sight of me dancing naked in front of perfect strangers. The song was winding down, so I wanted to end it with a bang. I danced to the pool table, and leaned against it. I gave myself a brief spanking; then I sat on the edge. I spread my legs wide and opened my soaking wet pussy lips. Without thinking of the consequences, I slipped my middle finger into my pussy. “Oooooo,” I moaned. Completely loosing myself in the moment, I kept masturbating, working two fingers deep inside.

Finally the song ended, and I eased myself up. I felt dizzy and weak in the knees. One of the men walked up to me and took off my glasses. Then he kissed me hard. I didn’t resist. I was so aroused, I guided his mouth to my breast, and he grabbed my butt firmly. He gave me a sharp spank, and I moaned loudly. “You like that, huh, baby?” He bent me over the pool table and continued to spank my ass. “I knew you were looking for trouble.”

I’d never liked that sort of thing before, but it sent me over the edge. I couldn’t take anymore, so I grabbed him and shoved him to the pool table. I quickly unfastened his pants and pulled out his fat cock; it was much bigger than Michael’s. Holding the base of this stranger’s penis, I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. As I eased my full wet lips over it, I felt someone peel my bottom cheeks apart. “Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!” I moaned in excitement as someone behind me was eating my drenched pussy. It was torture. I’d never wanted a cock inside me so badly–not even Michael’s.

I jumped on top of the huge cock I was sucking. I straddled it, and forced it deep inside of my pussy. I was already nearing climax. I jumped up and down on that fat cock, while the men in the bar cheered me on. My swollen boobs were bouncing, as the guy beneath me got the fuck of his life. “That’s it baby,” he said. “Get your pussy off!” He spanked my ass, which I loved. In short order I called out: “OH FUCK YEAH! YEAH! FUCK ME!” I’d never had such a strong orgasm.

“Oh, yeah!” the man said. “A little more, baby!” I pumped on his cock furiously; he took hold of my breasts and pulled them down to his face. He bit and sucked them as he exploded huge amounts of sperm deep inside of me. I rolled my hips into his cock, milking the last drops out of him. He rolled me off of him. “Boys, I think this hot pussy just got started!” he announced. Someone bent me over the pool table and slid his cock into my used hole. Soon he was humping me fast, and another guy gently pushed my hair from my face as he displayed his erection to me. With one hand I pulled his hips into me and took him into my mouth. I sucked him while he pinched and played with my erect nipples, which sent a tingling sensation down my spine.

The man in my pussy squeezed my ass, and then pressed his big manly thumb to the opening of my anus. He rubbed it near my wet pussy and then slowly worked it into my ass. The sensation sent me into another climax. With his thumb all the way in, I pushed my bottom into him forcefully. “You like that, huh?” he said, giving me a spank. I must have been working the cock in my mouth well because he came at the same time I did. I only begrudgingly would swallow for Michael, but I was so turned on that this guy’s cum tasted delicious. I sucked the last drops out as I came hard again. “Oh, Fuck yeah,” I cried. “This is the best fuck I’ve ever had! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me anyway you want! I want all of your big fat dicks.”

I knew this must have humiliated Michael, who was always so proud of his sexuality. But it was the honest truth, these guys could fuck!

“Well in that case, I’m going to fuck your tight little asshole,” said the guy behind me.

“Do it,” I purred, looking back at him. “No one has ever fucked me there before. Fuck my ass with your big dick!” It was also the truth. Michael had tried once, but it frightened me. Even though I was petrified of this man’s fat cock penetrating my anus, I wanted Michael to see someone else have it instead of him.

He slowly pushed the head of his cock into my puckered virgin hole. I began to squirm, but he held me down. I knew right then that he wouldn’t let me back out now. I swallowed hard and arched my back so everyone could tell that I was willingly accepting his cock. Taking a deep breath, I shoved my bottom into him until my cheeks pressed firmly gebze escort against his hips. “Aaaaaaaaaaaah!” He spread my cheeks apart so he could work the last inch of his rod into me. Then he pumped it in and out, slowly at first. Soon he was slamming into my butt; my once tight rectum stretched to swallow him whole. When he was fucking me full force, I looked over at Michael as he was licking his lips. I could tell he was getting aroused.

“Someone please give me a cock to suck!” I begged. Immediately I my lips were pleasuring another prick, while the guy played with my tits.

The man invading my rectum reached under my hips to rub my swollen clit. Another orgasm was fast approaching, and I bucked my bottom into him as he slammed me. I could tell that the dick in my mouth was almost ready, so I moaned and purred while I sucked. He pulled out as he came, and streams of sperm bathed my lips and chin. Just then I had a fantastic orgasm. “Oooooooo! Aaaaaaah! Oooooo! Yeah! Fuck! Hold that cock inside my ass!” He drove it deep inside of me and continued to stroke my clit. I climaxed with a loud scream of pleasure. “OH! FUUUUCK! OHHHH! AAAAAAH!” The guy could take no more as he fired a huge amount of cum inside asshole. He pulled out, and I could feel his sperm dribble out of my anus and down my crack.

I lay there for an instant, and they must have thought I had had enough, but I walked to the nearest guy. He was sitting. “Take it out,” I ordered. “I’m going to ride you.” (And Michael thought I couldn’t me assertive!) He pulled his pants down, and I saw his cock standing to attention. It must have been 11 inches long. I straddled over him, slipping his cock easily into my pussy. I shoved his face into my breasts, which he pressed together and squeezed. He was really working my tits, and I nearly felt like coming. I knew Michael was now standing behind me, so I stood and turned to face him. Looking square into Michael’s teary brown eyes I stepped backward and squatted over this stranger, who reached around and squeezed my breasts. I held the base of his cock and pointed it at my swollen rectum. The man yanked me down by my breasts. I never broke eye contact while this man pushed his dick into my asshole. I just moaned and bounced my ass up and down on his hard-on. “Ouch, that hurts sooo good! Someone could fuck me here,” I said pointing at my slick puffy pussy. Michael started to step forward, but a larger man shoved him aside. And he slipped his prick into my warm moistness.

“Oh yeah, babe, you can sure fuck,” he said. He sucked on my tits, fist one then the other. “You’ve got fantastic tits, honey!”

“And a great ass,” exclaimed the man behind me.

“But I still need more cock!” I called. Another fellow exposed himself, and I gave him a great blowjob. I then reached my hands out to two more guys, and pulled their pricks out. There I was riding dicks in both my ass and pussy, while I blew one guy and jerked off two more. Before tonight I would have thought this was impossible. I bounced up and down quickly now, as another orgasm was near. With a fat cock in my mouth, I moaned loudly while my body quivered in excitement. “MMMMMMMM! MMMMMMM! MMMMMM!” I was coming again. The cocks I was riding couldn’t take anymore. I felt their boiling liquid fill both my gash and ass completely. I pushed myself into them then swallowed three big gulps of sperm as the dick in my mouth gave me a drink.

I was nearly spent, and could hardly move under my own power. I walked right past Michael to the pool table, and leaned my torso atop it. I stuck my little bottom out into the air, reached back and spread my cheeks far apart. “Last call, boys!” I yelled with a smile. Several men took turns pumping my pussy and asshole. After a long while, I looked back to see that I had fucked the entire bar. I’m sure several men had seconds. My holes and backside were covered in sperm, as was my face and breasts. Michael was sitting alone at the bar, so I nonchalantly walked up to him.

“Are you finally ready for your turn?” I said, rubbing my hands over my sticky breasts.

He frowned for a moment, but then he said, “Hell yes.”

“Did you like what you saw?”

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen!”

“Take it out, baby,” I cooed.

He exposed himself, and I bent over, giving the head of his cock a long open-mouth kiss. I stood back up and stared at Michael’s beautiful face. “Consider that your kiss goodbye. Suddenly, I realize you’re not sexually satisfying to me.”

Several men laughed at Michael’s humiliation, and he slunk red faced from the barroom.

So I haven’t been back to this bar since, but I’m going tonight. Do you want to come?

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